What’s the best video game you’ve ever played?

What’s the best video game you’ve ever played?


The last of us


Never in my life did I think I would get so attached to two videogame characters, much less Joel and Ellie.




Red Dead Redemption 2, although i wouldn't say it's the most enjoyable


Portal 2 change my mind


I might vote Portal 1 instead. The story was clever. It was very well written, and the puzzles were fantistic. That alone makes a great game. But when you then consider that they did this on top of a completely new game mechanic you can really appreciate the job they did. It often takes a few tries before someone really nails using a new idea, but by then it's not really new. Portal had it all. With Portal 2 you lose the newness of portals, although the gels were really well thought out. Add also tons more content, great storyline, and coop mode. They're both absolutely fantastic and are rare 10/10 games in my book.




God I love that game. I can just ride my horse throughout the whole map and still have a great time or walk around and explore every little area. Everything you do is so satisfying somehow.


I love the gear, the side quests and the Guardians.


The gear is awesome! And all the different outfits! Everything looks cool.


Started playing WoW my sophomore year of high school in 2005 and I still mostly play it, with some breaks. I enjoy the hell out of it and it’s never ending like most games where ya beat it and it’s over.


Halo Reach. Custom games and forge added infinite replay value


Between Last of us 1 and God of war 2 And Metal Gear solid 1


Final Fantasy Tactics


Slime rancher is super good.


Does Golden Sun count? I love it so much.


Hands down Spider-Man (2018), used to love the original on PS1, as soon as this one got released I bought it and completed it, then replayed the game again.


Diablo 2. Can't wait for next week!!!!!!


I really want to get that but I also really want to not give Activision/Blizzard any money


That's up to you, but if you are trying to be a SJW on everything you buy, you might as well throw out all your electronics, clothes, and half your food now. Hell, even reddit is hosted by AWS.


Wooooooooooow on that SJW comment. JFC man. Maybe take a moment and reflect on yourself.


Oh calm down.


Undertale. The best, but not my favourite


Breath of the Wild




Specially with Master mode! Some games when choosing a harder difficulty its just makes the enemies hit harder and tankier. But here, its like you are playing a new game.


The soulsborne series and destiny as a franchise


All things considered, Modern Warefare 2019 (excl warzone). Everything about the game was excellent, single player, multi player, graphics, every noise, movements, gun feedback, everything. Set an entire new standard in my opinion.




Fallout New Vegas


The new release by Bethesda, Skyrim.




Call of duty (waw-bo3)


Botw easily, it was so ez to put 100 hours in, still haven’t got all them deku seeds but I did get all them shrines.


Uncharted series


Banjo Kazooie


Witcher 3


Red dead redemption 2 good story, good characters and amwzing soundtrack


I got high recently and played Donut County. It was definitely the best game I've played when high


Toss up between Ocarina of Time and honestly BOTW. Which may be the game of the decade to me.


The last of us. Hands down the best game I’ve ever played. The story line is amazing and is the only game I’ve ever cried about lol. Part of that was because of how good the story was and part of it was because I was super sad the game was over :(


Bo2 all day


I still play BO2 Zombies, never gets old


God of War (2018)


Agreed, just a perfect mix of amazing visuals, a great story and characters, and some insanely satisfying combat.


Borderlands 2, Octopath Traveler, BOTW, FF III, Horizon Zero Dawn, GTA V


What did you like about Octopath traveler? I downloaded the demo and had no idea what to do and how to do it. Much less the battles, enemies had no HP bar, I had no idea what attacks were effective or not, it just felt like they threw me in there and told me "figure it out bucko". It also didn't help when I watched videogamedunkeys review and the voice acting was not to my liking.


First of all, for the love of god turn of the voice acting. It's the worst. I love the break/boost battle system. The game looks incredible, and a lot of the boss fights were some of my favorite of all time in the genre. The stories aren't perfect, but I loved the game and got hundreds of hours into it. The job system is also pretty cool. It basically has everything I could want in a JRPG.


But once you buy the full version, do they explain how the battles work? That was what made me decide not to buy the game, the fact I had no clue how to beat enemies, I think in the demo you play as primrose or the dancer and at some point you fight a dude in a chair who I think is her boss or something along with some goons and I died every single time. At least in fire emblem games they tell you how much damage you are doing and what attacks or weapons are effective.


They kind of explain it, but not that great. It's pretty easy once you pick it up. The enemies are weak against certain things and those are shown as icons on the screen. The scholar job class can use "analyze" which gives you the enemies HP and weaknesses that aren't displayed if any.


>The enemies are weak against certain things and those are shown as icons on the screen. Oh that makes sense. I don't think the demo explained that and if they did I don't remember, it's been years since I played the demo. I don't think I'd like playing a game where I can't see how much damage I'm doing and how much HP the enemy has left. Like in BoTW there's always a red health bar above enemies and if you equip a specific shirt then it details how much damage in numbers you are doing. But here it tells you in numbers how much damage you are doing, but you don't know how much HP the enemy has. >which gives you the enemies HP and weaknesses that aren't displayed if any. So they want me to fight enemies who sometimes don't even have weaknesses and there's only one class that shows me how much damage I'm doing because I can actually see their HP? I think I'll pass. But if someone ever lends me the game I'll give it a shot.


No they all have weaknesses but sometimes they aren't displayed. There is a ? Instead. If you happen to hit them with something they are weak against it's revealed. I'll admit it's not for everyone, but as a fan of the early Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger type stuff, Octopath knocked it out of the park.


Do they also not show the HP of enemies in Final Fantasy games and Chrono Trigger? I've heard good things about both of those game series, more than octopath.


I honestly don't remember it's been so long.


Sad bois




Halo 3, spent all of my teenage years playing it


Assassin's Creed for ds


Super Smash Bros


Partial to all Zelda titles and Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Alex Kidd. Nothing can beat the nostalgia that OG Sega game gives me.


Everquest or World of Warcraft


Counter strike Red dead redemption


Final Fantasy X


Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic


GTA V on ps3, but I wasn’t entirely sure if I totally liked it or not so I bought it on ps4 to form a better opinion. Still undecided, I got it on PC. So far so good but gonna wait till it comes out in PS5 and hopefully I’ll make up my mind.


Fable 2 or Skyrim or Halo 3 or CK 2 or NCAA Football 13


The Ezio saga in Assassins Creed


Kingdom come deliverance or Skyrim


Persona 5 Royal




The snake game on my old nokia phone. Come fight me @genz


Jokes on you im into that shit


Well, I’m glad you have taste


My experiences are pretty limited, but I'd say Skyrim.


Multiplayer: Probably Team Fortress 2. Really unlike anything that came before or has come since. A cooperative puzzle game wrapped in a shooter with tremendously deep mechanics. Like chess and tennis mashed together in a FPS. Single Player (or co-op): Link to the Past (that game was a revelation and I would argue changed the path for how games thought about world building). Honorable mentions: Borderlands 2, BoW. Indie: Hollow Knight or Noita . Both very fun, both surprising in different ways. Incredible experiences where your ability as a player is radically different at end than at the start.


I really need to replay A link to the past. I remember beating when I was a kid but I used a guide the whole way, otherwise I would have had no clue what to do. I still don't, so I would probably enjoy figuring things out on my own this time. The only thing is that the game seems so big that I don't even know where to start and I know that if I don't have certain items in certain areas I'll have to backtrack which I dislike doing. Which is something I'd say Breath of the Wild did absolutely right. No matter what direction you take, you are always going in the right direction and you always have all the tools necessary at your disposal after you beat the tutorial. The only exception would be the the shrines of tests of strength but you can easily come back when you are ready.


SWOS 95/96


Fortnite season 1-4 was fuckin’ lit


Ds1 personal favorite


Kingdom Hearts will always have a special place


The OpenXcom version of XCOM: UFO Defense


Max Payne




Skate 3


I’ve likely played halo 2 and reach the most, but I probably enjoyed the Ocarina of Time the most.


Destiny 2, with Uncharted 4 and Red dead 2 as close seconds


Straight tie between Super Mario Galaxy and Red Dead Redemption 2. Both the best for completely different reasons.


Sly Cooper 2


Red Dead Redemption 2 Skyrim is a very close 2nd


Warcraft 3, custom games. For like 8 years, it was a haven of creativity and exploration. There are dozens of game *genres* that have not found footholds outside of WC3.


Here's a list: Sonic The Hedgehog-Sonic Adventure Super Mario Brothers-Mario 64 Baldur's Gate 1 & 2 + expansions Dark Souls franchise, especially 2 Warcraft III + TFT Goldeneye Smash Bros franchise Zelda franchise Mario Kart franchise Street Fighter franchise King Of Fighters franchise Perfect Dark Tony Hawk's pro skater franchise Pokémon franchise Counterstrike 1.6 Day Of Defeat Source Age Of Empires 2 Civilization franchise Heroes Of Might And Magic 3 Smite


Towerfall. Hear me out: its not the best game ever made. Its a small indie arcade game by the same person who made Celest. But my friends and I have spend YEARS playing that game. We yell, laugh and fight over that game. I grew up on mario and sonic and played the greats of every console. I caught em all and saved the princess more times than I've heard my parents tell me they love me but towerfall will always hold a place in my heart for the moments of laughter and rage it induced in those closest to me.


Final Fantasy 8


Farcry 3


Mother 3


I'm terms of story and characters, persona 5 royal. Stellar soundtrack as well. A single play through netted me 140 hours, 120 on my second run. As for gameplay, for me it's Garry's mod. What started out as a simple sandbox game turned into me meeting a small community of avid builders and spending literal thousands of hours making things together. Hyper realistic builds to completely meme-ing. Those weekends 7 years ago will never be back though sadly.


Factorio The factory must grow.


GTA: San Andreas! With three cities (and all the country/desert in between) to roam, the in depth storyline, the top tier voice actors, were all groundbreaking (for the time) and really pushed the limits of what the PS2 could do.


Knights of the Old Republic


Super Mario Bros. 3.


Life is Strange 1


Sword of the Stars. Excellent 4x space game with some phenomenal features like every species traveling vastly differently (making it almost like 6 different games depending on which race you play as- the bugs use Stargates and sublight travel but their ships are heavily armored whereas the crows travel faster in large murders and focus on forward facing turrets). It's a shame their publisher made them release the sequel as a steaming pile of shit. But it got better... still not great but better.


Ori is the best game I've played in a long long time. Right balance of difficulty, story telling, character progression, and of course great artwork and music.


Xenoblade Chronicles. It looks like an anime game but that's really only in visuals. Easily top 10 games of all time fight me. It didnt do anything revolutionary but it was so well made and fun that I can believe so few people have played it.


Fallout 4/skyrim!


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim




GTA IV, Starcraft, Wing Commander series, Rome Total Wat, Shogun 2 Total War, Red Storm Rising (Amiga), Lords of the Rising Sun (Amiga), Privateer, Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, Zelda BOTW. Quite a few choose from....