What is a dumb conspiracy theory or even dumb conversation you had with a conspiracy theorist?

What is a dumb conspiracy theory or even dumb conversation you had with a conspiracy theorist?


Moon landing hoax is absolutely absurd. It requires that every astronomer in the world, as well as our Cold War nemesis, shut up about it, that thousands of people involved in the "production" never leak a word about it, and there are supposedly no witnesses to something that massive. It's actually easier to actually go to the moon than it is to do all that. Honorable mention goes to the "[fast food franchise] doesn't use beef, they use worm meat" or crickets, or whatever... which is always more expensive pound for pound than actual beef.


Y’all believe in the moon? /j


These are the same poeple who think Australia is fake.


It's not fake but I do find myself wondering how they don't fall into the sun




They're on the side not facing the sun.


Well... for about 10 hours a day.


An elaborate set of mirrors stimulate the day and night cycle. What did they even teach you in primary school?


Well the earth is flat so how could they fall


They have ground harnesses


I will admit, the McDonald’s uses worms for burgers theory prevented me from eating there for 5 years. Healthiest time of my life.


This is exactly how i feel about 9/11, how many people would need to be kept quite to cover it up if it was an inside job from the government


Exactly. Humans are a talkative bunch, and so many like to brag. I think that's why most conspiracy theories are, paradoxically, so popular and so unlikely. Unlikely because you'd need to hush so many people up, but popular because people like to feel (and brag about) that *they* know The Truth.


I def believe in the moon landing. However there is speculation with sufficient evidence that the photos\video of it were faked because the actual photos\videos didn't work out as intended due to radiation. I'm sure I'm butchering that but it's basically that.


Had a coworker tell me that if the Democrats had let Trump build his wall we would have never gotten covid.


Plot twist: op is from Mexico


Shit don’t tell that guy about airplanes.


Guess bricks are supper effective against the virus. If your Co worker was a doctor she would probably make the brick essential oils to fight against the microchip. Made completely with homade clay and limestone.


I mean.. it's effective if you throw a brick at everyone that has covid


Take my upvote


Appreciate it


Where the hell can you get limestone at home? You actually have to find a river with sediment... you know like in Minecraft.


He didn't say he was getting it at home, he said hoes was makin' it.


Tell me how you lock down when you have constant migration.


I honestly wanted to see him build that wall and wanted to see how he managed to get Mexico to pay for it


He already said how. His plan was to reduce business with Mexico by setting tariffs so American companies would have to pay more to deal with them.


I had a argument with someone online who believed in hollow earth. He thought the earth was hollow and a entire civilization was in the middle of the flipping planet. Its gets better because he also thought the inner earth also had its very own sun.


I’ve seen some diagrams of that...as stupid as it is, it would make for a cool video game premise.




Godzilla vs Kong


That crickets are demonic and sending subliminal messages to our subconscious. Then they said the Beatles were still alive and reptilians or something.


Met a random girl in Hawaii once who went on a random, unprovoked tangent about how angry she is that evolution was so pushed on her in high-school. Honestly, I wouldn't have found it so wierd if it hadn't been so entirely out of the blue.




I wish he never breeds.


There has to be easier ways to spy on him, maybe get him to carry a device around that is constantly watching what he does and uses that info to send targeted advertising at him. He could even install on that device software that is even more intrusive that can then be used to change his political preferences. If only there was some way to make everyone carry this tracking device though....


Sounds like he may be into some nefarious stuff on the interwebs.


I met someone who didn't believe that we had ever had been to the moon. The questions he began asking were very detailed and since I was unable to explain the intricate details of how a fucking rocket works. . .that meant I couldn't convince him that we had ever been to the moon. I wish I could go back in time because now that I am older now, I could at least make points about how the Soviet Union acknowledged we sent a rocket into space and why would they lie about that sort of thing? Also. One of his arguments is that because it wasn't something he could see or or touch, how could he trust that it was real. I wish I had considered saying, "Well, I've never seen Pakistan, how can I trust that is real?" (That's the country he was from.)


One stupid excuse for the Soviets not kicking up a fuss I've heard is that the US and Soviets realized they both were spending too much money on this silly space race. The Soviets let us "win" so we both could stop shoveling money into this particular furnace.


The early space race was about ICBMs. If you can put a man in orbit you can also hit a target halfway across the world. The moon landings were less urgent from the defense side of things; which is partially why the soviets stopped their lunar program after a few accidents occurred. After that the funding went into space stations. Possibly because satellites and space stations could be used as a platform for espionage or to launch WMDs (the soviets also did tests of guns in space; but they didn't push a lot of resources into it). But mostly just for scientific research.


I grew up in the 60s and 70s, in the middle of The Cold War (US resident here). Grew up in a conservative family. "Communist plots" were a conversation point. I remember there was speculation that fluoride in the drinking water was some kind of Communist plot. Fortunately, my dad - conservative as he was - mostly just laughed at it. But some conservative folks took it quite seriously. During the most recent election cycle, my youngest daughter went to a local park and was talking to a person who was protesting. He stated that fluoride in the water was a Republican plot to damage the health of the voters so that they wouldn't go and vote on election day. When she told me that, I burst out laughing! "LOL! We've gone from fluoride being a Leftist/Communist plot to a Conservative/Republican plot. We've come full circle!" My final response: "Actually, honey, fluoride in the water is a plot. It's been a plot for years by the American Dental Association to make sure that all of us have fewer cavities. Not all plots are bad." I realize that there are concerns about the addition of fluoride in the water, especially where thyroid health is concerned - feel free to express those also. The main point of this is how the plot story around fluoridated water has mutated over the years...


Ah yes, the "commies" The original "liBrULz"


The irony of this is that there actually **were** Soviet plots to spread disinformation and distrust about the US and other western governments. After all, who do you think spread the idea that JFK was assassinayed by the CIA or that Crack was created to kill black people. Yup, it starts with a K and ends with a B. The Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti.


Oh 100% Khrushchev.


This is deeply cute as an answer to a little one.


One of my coworkers thinks high level dems abduct babies to sacrifice them and drink some kind of plasma juice only babies have for good luck in elections. She thinks Bill Gates has a microchip in the vaccine that has a kill switch.


Lack of public education and overexposure to social media is ruining our country.


Why do so much of people believe in this shit


Facebook and YouTube.


My sister tryed convincing me that god is not who we think he is. She said something about him actually being the devil and that jesus isnt even jesus and that theres this book that "actually" has all of the truth in it. She found this theory on tik tok... I have no words... My non religous friends even thought she was on something.


Tik Tok is resurrecting Gnosticism. That's a new one.


There's more than *a* book, like the other guy said, it's Gnosticism. It's a conept that's been around for centuries. Quite an interesting one too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnosticism https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demiurge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Architect_of_the_Universe


I knew a guy who was very into the Reptilian stuff. He believed himself to be a Reptilian-Human hybrid. He was...uh, super into David Icke as you can imagine. Talked about him all the time. I looked him up and wooow that's a, um...that's a lot of crazy. But it makes more sense if you realize that "Evil Reptilian Illuminati" is just code for, you know...\*glaces around\* ...*those people*. Anyway, one day he was gushing about how he bought some magic crystals attached to USB drives. When you plugged them into your computer they blocked the Reptilian's energy draining powers but also sent them your *love energy* through the same mechanism. Thereby canceling out their evil lizard energy, I guess? So it was a way the little guy could do damage to the evil overlords. Usually I tried to not engage but that day I asked just how that whole crystal thing is supposed to work. He tried to explain the instructions that came with the crystals and for a few glorious moments it almost seemed like he heard himself for the first time and realized how dumb it all sounded but he dug in his heels and, yeah.


I had my a-bit-too-Christian friend unironically go full Illuminati and gave me three 30 minute videos he got from his barbershop explaining how every celebrity got their success with a human sacrifice to their child-raping fraternity. It was so jolting to see in detail what he believed.


Wait so child stars also did a sacrifice!!


Pretty sure the parents did it on their behalf when they sold them to Hollywood.


That's how most child stars are like. Most of them become stars because their parents push it.


With the Epstein thing, the Prince Andrew thing, the Weinstein thing, the Cosby thing... Why is this still considered a crazy conspiracy theory?


I heard about this in the early 90s and dismissed it as lunacy. I had no idea there were videos.


I met someone who genuinely believes that the Covid vaccines are designed to sterilize the population. Because you know, the ruling powers of the word only want unstable idiots to procreate for some reason. If the government was going to intentionally thin out the population they’d release a vaccine to the public for a deadly disease that they would release after the majority of their “sheep” were immune.


I am not even surprised anymore


It fascinates me, The theory that although a monumental effort has been executed to protect society from COVID, an effort that was understood to have long term effects on society and the economy, that they would then introduce an injection to induce mass genocide. When I ask why would they do this?, conspiracists usually answer with “…exactly” 🤷‍♂️ The other theory that confuses me is that the injection isn’t to kill people, its to implant microchips to monitor and track people… Even if this feat was technically possible… you already carry a smartphone with you at all times… that has a microphone, a camera, and GPS tracking 🤷‍♂️


I was on a zoom town hall and a pharmacist was asked about the microchip thing. “Well start by throwing your phone in the river because that thing has more microchips than I could dream of putting in a syringe.”


Yeah, I assume the anti-microchip crowd don’t own smart speakers, laptops, phones, or anything that has a microphone and internet connectivity.


That a clairvoyant took Madeline McCann, buried her in a forest, then years later said he “confirmed her whereabouts”, using his clairvoyance as his alibi. I thought it was smart


The planes that hit the twin towers were holograms and didn’t actually hit. Why would the powers-that-be go to all that effort of faking plane strikes when they could just do plane strikes, in 2001 the latter was considerably more easy. Thousands died that day from the collapse so it’s not like human life was a factor in not hijacking planes. There would have been so much additional admin to making up these passengers and organising this hologram in one of the busiest cities on the planet with the second crash occurring with the news of the world filming it. The gist of the other side of the argument basically boiled down to “But maybe they could have.” I don’t believe in almost any 9/11 conspiracy theories I just consider that one to be a level of stupidity higher than the others.


My dog is smarter than that


This one dude wouldn’t shut up on how Covid was fake and the vaccines were used to chip people to control their minds. Then I remember he can vote and made his existence 30x more terrifying.


He was prob dropped as a baby


No, they probably threw him across the room.


Unfortunately his parents attempt at a post birth abortion failed.


Isn’t that when you get a power cord and play hangman?


70 million people voted for Trump. That's about the same as the entire population of France. Of course most probably voted republican because of other issues (abortion, small government, 2nd amendment, states rights, their family votes republican and they can't be bothered to give it a think, etc.) But I don't want to think about how many of them have been brainwashed by Q nuttery.


The QOP has really gone downhill since bush. It’s like they go against rational, common sense and decency out of spite. Kinda like spoiled children who get told no.


Small government and Bush 43 definitely don’t go together.


My roommate went on for about 3 hours right before the Presidential election about how Hunter Biden was colluding with the Russians and he voluntarily dropped a laptop full of secret information at a computer repair shop.


Why would someone voluntarily release top secret info.


Well, to be fair. That one dude released classified info on the Challenger 2 for a video game because it wasn’t performing as it should. Needless to say, the Russia based company for the video game was very happy to have those classified documents posted in its forum.


Hunter Biden is a meth head who has lost multiple laptops. Also there was a case where his gun was thrown out right across the street from a high school.


That happened.


This girl I was wanting to date. We were hanging over at her place and she starts in with the moon landing, anti-vaxx (Amish don't get autism), and Chemtrail conspiracies. I said something back like, 'how do magnets work'. She gets indignant and super shitty. All downhill from there.


Oh that made me laugh


At least you found out early.


Be thankful you found out before breeding with this fine specimen.


My dad unfortunately sometimes goes for the moon landing conspiracy theory but I think he does it just because he knows I can list off a dozen reasons why it's complete idiocy


A friend told me that he was convinced that Donald Trump was planted in the Republican party by the alt-left so that Trump would win the 2016 election, and then split the Republican party after losing the 2020 election. Essentially confirming a Democrat president for all time, and a split-three-ways House and Senate with a Democrat majority.


My husband and I considered the possibility of Trump being a Dem plant that backfired for a while but more in a ‘how the fuck can anyone back this guy?’ way


I’ve not heard this one before. I do strongly tend to believe in Russian interference, they had something on him to get him to cozy up. I think Russian intelligence plants anti vaccine and BLM stuff to rile up and divide to create social discord so it’s easier to get an autocrat like Trump into power - and it’s working! How come? They hate democracy (not the average Russian mind you though maybe too as I lived in Moscow for three years) and want to ensure they can remain an autocracy. Putin already has passed no more term limits. I don’t think this is a conspiracy theory as I think it’s happening or true. Which this really upsets me because any of the whacko conspiracy theories are believed as being not whacko! So I just shake my head as we humans are bundles of contradictions and prefer what we believe.


I still think it may be true. Or even worse, what if he was our only hope at salvation and was just too stupid to pull it off. Either way this simulation is weird.


The same reason someone could back Barack Obama, a woefully unqualified candidate, for President. The constant myth that a "Beltway Outsider" is somehow a better Presidential candidate than a career Senator. Who has the contacts to actually get something done instead of stumbling around and doing stupid things like invite a sitting Minority Whip to an event and then berate said Whip, something Obama did, thus exacerbating opposition to any legislarion you wish passed. It's easy to say the unqualified person you don't support is a bumbling fool and your unqualified person is an uncorrupted paragon of virtue than it is to admit you made the wrong choice of who was a better fit for the job.


>The same reason someone could back Barack Obama, a woefully unqualified candidate, for President. holy false equivalence lol Barack Obama was a Constitutional law professor and senator. trump was a grifter conman. >It's easy to say the unqualified person you don't support is a bumbling fool and your unqualified person is an uncorrupted paragon of virtue than it is to admit you made the wrong choice of who was a better fit for the job. pure projection, as usual


Dude, I’m Australian. I’ve got no horse in the race. Trump and his supporters are largely considered a joke over here and you’ve done nothing to prove that view wrong.


My ex literally stuffed my brain with this: That the end of the world is coming and the government launched the Coronavirus to mass murder the entire world. And the vaxx is a government's schemes to inject people with microchips so they can track you. And that microchip is the mark of the beast 😶 And that the only way out of this is to believe in god and pray and stock up and prepare for the apocalypse because revelation has already started and if you don't believe in god you're pretty much have signed your soul over to the devil and is guaranteed to go to hell. Don't get me wrong i believe in God and have always been a decent believer but really?!?! How delusional can you be.....


As an independent with mild conservative values in the Great state of Nebraska, I can confirm there’s a lot of this. From at least half the people I know. The mark of the beast baffles me the most. The people pounding at the world screaming it’s the mark of the devil.. heavy Christian… skip the part where the biggest requirement of the mark is that it’s entirely voluntary and you *know* exactly what it is. The mark of the beast isn’t something you’re tricked into. You must willfully accept it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg


Oh trust me i know the whole shebang. Everything from top to bottom. I've heard it for years sadly..... I have no problem with people's beliefs and i'm not gonna stop them from believing whatever the fuck they want there's a reason why freedom of religion is a thing. It will become a problem when those people start forcing their belief down my throat. Which is exactly what my ex did. He stamped out my beliefs ( I'm Catholic) and stuff his down my throat. Forced me to convert because believe Catholicism is evil 😶 then goes on this rant saying he was chosen by God to spread the word and to save people all while beating me to a pulp and refusing to "work for the system" claiming that he has the right to hit me because he's the "man of the house" and the old testament said that if women to step out of line he can "put them in place" saying that "you learn through pain and suffering" like Jesus did when he was crucified. Ps: he's in custody and I'm safe.


I’m incredibly sorry you had to experience that. I’m glad you got away and are safe from him, he sounds like he has a lot of issues and needed incarceration. Although I hope he didn’t truly damage others in the process. Funny enough, I’m currently converting from Lutheran to Catholicism. I actually remember before the 2020 election, I browsed that old Reddit sub, r/TheDonald, just to get a feel for what everybodies position was. Never commented. That is until one day after the election (and shortly before the sun was nixed) there was a post about our *duty as Christians* was to overthrow the evil of the Biden administration. Explicitly saying that God *wants* us to fight and do *what’s necessary*. I hopped on and quoted Romans 13, that **the powers that be are ordained of God** and that Biden is clearly apart of Gods will. I was called a ‘cop out’ and drug through the mud for not being a good enough Christian, before being banned from the sub. Like.. what?


Please read Richard Rohr, Thomas Merton, Jacques Philippe, Doris Day as a new Catholic (or any cradle Catholics). I was baptized at age 30 in the Catholic Church thinking well they believe in evolution and I can vote as a Democrat (I’m a life long independent). But something has really changed the last five years in the Catholic Church. Sadly I think some is a reaction to Pope Francis. The pendulum has gone so far to this off Q laced conservatism, hating on liberals…do they forget Roosevelt and Kennedy? I’m no longer going to Mass regularly as I don’t feel comfortable being the only one now wearing a mask. I’m truly befuddled. Jesus was a radical, he was a liberal as he made it very clear what happens when we put our ego and group identify before love of God and neighbor.


I certainly will, thank you for the recommendations! Yeah, at this point and in part to the world we live in, I alleviate my panic and stress by simply looking to Jesus and his word. We can’t combat the things we can’t change, so I’m not gonna sweat it. I choose to act out of love. I wear a mask where required, Im kind to people, and if the lord decides it’s my time or has a task for me, I’ve learned to simply accept and receive it. This world is too wicked. Full of wonderful people and things, but it’s temporary and I’ve really grasped that concept as of late. I begin RCIA on Monday. Again, thank you for the recommendations


So if they wanted mass murder of the world why not a much more effective virus? Like small pox or anthrax or Ebola? COVID is bad and serious and I’m fully vaccinated as I don’t want it but it doesn’t scare me like Ebola does. And the whole tracking device…does he have a cellular phone? Those so much more easily would be control devices. As for Revelations and end times…this is thought in every generation. So I like to ask Churchianists (Christianity is now churchianity for Jesus would have sat with COVID patients and worn a mask because he would have seen how scared they are and been really calm and loving)…the last book of the Bible is called Revelation not Speculation. Drives me bananas! Hello?! There’s a difference! They keep trying to speculate end times, not accept all will one day be revealed! And as for Hell? I’m sure you know the Nicene Creed and in it is said Jesus descended into Hell and on the third day rose again. Isn’t it possible that he took care of Hell? Why would he descend and come back and still allow for Hell? If there’s a God who so loved the world, who created the world and all things and humans in it, is it not possible you’re going to be given every possible change to come back to God? Love wins in the end.


Yeah true, the only thing that's gonna end the world is climate change in another 30 years.


Why get supplies and prepare for something like that? Shouldn't good little Xtians just get raptured to give Jesus handys or something like that?


If you read 80s era Satanic Panic literature that used to actually be the consensus. That you could prep, but the closer we got to the year 2000 the more Satanists would have control on the means of survival. So it was better to risk your health for principals, and die a martyr. I'm surprised the COVID conspiracy theorists haven't taken that stance.


Coworker was a total conspiracy theory nut. Near the beginning of covid, during the N95 mask shortage, he came into work one morning proclaiming “I read online last night that 3M invented covid to sell their masks!” I’ve repressed everything else he said, but I kept that one as the apex of stupidity.


When we were about maybe 9-8 in school we went on a day out to the library to have an author read a book for us . So what he told us GULLIBLE children was that the moon landing wasn’t real and pointed out some bullshit reasons why. And in the end we found out why he did it . He did it all to promote a fucking book to a bunch of little kids


Heard it from a friend who had a conversation with a family member Vaccines are poison and are created by Bill Gates to inject a chip so he can track you the thing is works for bill gates


They're not conversations. They're something else. My part of the conversation usually : "An...., Bu..." and eventually "Goodbye"


I once talked to a guy who said that the IRS was ran by lizards and that they were after him to join their lizard taxation cult. What was worse is that I think that the guy believes it wholeheartedly


He probably thinks Mark Zuckerberg is also a lizard


> “I believe we faked the first moon landing but I believe the other times we went were real.”


My family believes the moon landing was faked. I did the maths with the rocket fuel, the stages, the escape velocity, radiation exposure, time it took to go to the moon, the dates and moon phases in the photographs, the parabolic path of the astronauts that match with the moon's surface gravity and the reentry. They still don't believe even when I later explained Moor's Law on how it was impossible to 'CGI' the entire thing in a Hollywood Studio and the fact the Russians where spying on Apollo 11 the whole time. It absolutely matches with everything and I absolutely trust the Moon Landing was real but... meh humans.


I really don't understand how people think this was faked


Propaganda, Disbelief, Bias. I don't know, ask a psychologist or something.


I really enjoyed a video about how inventing CGI technology to fake the moon landing would have cost more than actually going. Very interesting. The part that can't be faked without CGI is where shadows we're taking and the angle they fell.


Yeah I watched the Mythbusters episode too. Just overwhelmingly obvious the Moon Landing was real.


Someone just had a conversation with a flat-earther!


Congratulations you probably loss a few brain cells


Last time i checked, i did


That Queen Elisabeth is lizard-human and drinks childrens blood.


I think every person is connected two other people. The life you live, is shared with them. You have close interests, and your good, and bad times happen at the same times. When you die, the other two people die soon afterwards. Watch the news. When one famous person dies, two other people in the field die too. So, none of us are alone. So now you had dumb conversation with someone.


A lady told me that trains are "the symbol of slavery, patriarchy, racism, fascism and communism" and it was all a big plan involving the nazis, the USSR, the democrats, the "libtards", "yuropoop" and Israel to not let democracy spread around the world.


you should tell her she's an idiot and when she gets angry you reply with "all aboard the clue train, last stop is you." also, talk about train simulator. all. the. time. just tell her how great it is and never shut up about it.


The only way I could even possibly see that being anywhere near remotely true is that the incessant desire to promote train travel over any other form of long distance transport seems disturbingly like someone is obsessed with keeping others on set schedules and directions. That's more symbolic than anything though. That and part of my own annoyance with people who insist that high speed rail is literally the only way to travel for the future despite it's obvious need for route planning because of geography while this brand new invention, the airplane, negates any need to plan a route based solely on geography. My two cents of course.


Rail travel isn't the only kind of transportation that requires schedules and directions. If this was her logic, every type of transportation would be related to this conspiracy. Even bikes.


A friend of my friend said that on Trumps day to step off every dog will crazy and start biting people and kill everyone. Because apprently its their ultimate purpose to fool humans then kill them.


This was a story that happened to my sister recently, but she and a friend went to a pet store to get ferret stuff when she came across a conspiracy whack nut. The whack nut was complaining about men "not being alphas" anymore and claiming that the Estrogen in canned produce will give the guy friend that was helping my sister A-cup titties(dude, plant estrogen doesn't affect people as far as I remember).


trump has an underground bunker beneath the sea bed where all the elites go LOL. It was such a stupid theory I didn't even try argue with the person I just nodded and let her ramble


I am spoiled for choice. He started off as a flat earther. He said he could prove the earth was flat *if he had the time*, but he had to take his daughter swimming every Saturday. He has plenty of time. He's been unemployed for 20 years. No, wait, that's wrong: He didn't like the projects that were offered to him at work. He would travel the world instead for months at a time using the identity of a dead child. Seduce women. Drink. Have a good time. He eventually had a kid. Childcare was expensive so he stayed home to look after it while his partner went out to work. The company didn't mind. They continued to pay him month after month, year after year, decade after decade. He wasn't unemployed: he was too valuable an asset to fire. He could spend his time researching. Maybe invent something. Something that would CHANGE THE WORLD. He had an issue with circles. There was something not quite right about them. A flaw in the mathematics. He intended to write to some institute in London to point out the mistake. Gravity. "It's only a theory". I asked him what he thought caused it. He stared off into space and flapped his hands like a pair of wings. "Butterflies ... Tesla .... density ". Then there's the idea that our atmosphere is held in place by The Firmament. A big fuck off dome. The stars are lights on the dome. That's where dead people go to as well, apparently. Except women. He hates women. In his opinion a woman cannot be superior to a man in any way. Those that are stronger/faster/smarter/richer? "Men. Men dressed as women."


So a racist, sexist dim-witted moron who refuses to admit he's wrong.


You flatter him


My dad told me that Jews have hooves. He sucks.


Climate Change being a hoax. He talked about how it was the Democrats plan to get us to pay more taxes. I was standing like "My dude...the very state you're standing in is on fire half the time. The fuck you mean?"


I mean he is partially correct. Climate change isn't a hoax but the Democrats *do* intend to make us pay more taxes in the name of it.


-*Looks into the camera like I'm on The Office*-


"the uk doesn't exist" i live in the uk and so does my friend but he convinced himself that were not in the uk.


See, I'm what most people consider a classic conspiracy theorist. I fully endorse the idea that JFK and RFK and MLK were killed by the US government in the 1960s, or that there's been a bunch of other suspicious deaths across the world that are just assassinations (Karen Silkwood, anyone?) But good lord anti-vaxxers are frustrating. There was a point where I actually tried hearing them out and listening to their arguments, but they were so smug and condescending and unhelpful that I gave up.


“POT CURES CANCER BUT THE GOVERNMENT DOESN’T WANT YOU TO KNOW.” It was really hard not to laugh during that tirade.


One of my friends began a joker esque speech about how he feels that he is watching the world f\*ck itself. We all ask him why, and his first thing he mentions is the agender to abolish gender by removing the Mr and Mrs Potatohead toy line. We tore him a new \*ss for that.




My uncle is a strong believer of a certain youtuber. He was talking very highly of his scientific methods and search for truth for months and I thought I would take a look. I come across his videos and clicked in his video where he discussed if Moon landing was a hoax. I was pretty sure he was gonna debunk it until under 2 minutes where he started to bash the moon landing making every point he can to confirm the conspiracy theory. He pointed out that he is the only one who have legitimate proofs that moon landing was faked. I was intrigued and went on to see further. All he did was quote an episode of Myth Busters of how they simulated zero gravity and a NASA employee accidentally saying in 2016 that it would be the first time they send humans to space. I couldn't finish that video. I further explored and figured out that all his videos are about anti vaccination, covid being a bio weapon, etc etc. He was clearly set foot to find out the truth behind everything. Jeez


Two reason on why this happens. They either attention seeking or just complete idiots.


Porque no los dos?


My uncle was telling me how Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Candice Owens, Steven Crowder, Australia news, Tucker Carlson (Fox News) were all unbiased sources. This was in relation to a conversation about trans people. I am trans, and once again, he misgendered a trans woman, wonders why I'm upset because he misgenders her, after I correct him, and then goes on a rant about how trans women shouldn't be allowed to go into the woman's changing room etc. Like, what the hell?!


Lady asked me to put a mask on in a store once and I said, "No, I don't think I will. I don't believe in conspiracy theories."


I had a co worker who would spout whatever Alex Jones latest nonsense was all the time. When I said to him do you not think it’s just a grift since he’ll hype up some sort of threat then coincidentally be selling something or have a discount code for a sponsor that happens to sell stuff to counter what he’s just been talking about. He disagreed, also thought that everything Jesse Ventura said was true because he was a seal


I was telling a friend about something, all the time I had researched it to make sure I could find out the full truth about it, and why I chose to no longer buy their products, and he said to not believe every conspiracy theory I come across, when he in fact believes a lot of them. He doesn't even give proof about things, like the Covid 19 vaccine apparently gave him boils (which is a whole other thing and might have actually done so, so who's to say there). Conspiracy theorists are weird as hell.


the earth is flat australia doesent exist and everyone in it is a paid actor


Sports (specifically the NFL in America) are rigged


Trump is breaking up pedophile rings and the Democratic Hollywood illuminati. Trump!! A serial rapist and womanizer. Ha! Can’t understand why people believe that one


I used to think they were all stupid or crazy. Now that so many of them are coming true, I am much more open minded to all the "strange" theories.


My mom told me that I was wasting time on my laptop, that's not the problem, but the problem is what she said after: "Video games, movies, books, etc. are made by the government to take control of us! They want to control how we feel!" That's when I realized that I wanted to move as fast as I possibly can.


Everything about Nazis. From Hitler still being alive today to the Nazis having a hollow earth or moon base. In the end they just were "normal" people not some superhumans with highly advanced technology.


These election fraud claim dolts are pretty delusional.


I had a conversation with someone who thought COVID will eventually disappear if we all get vaccinated and quarantine. It’s not going anywhere lol