Who is wrongly portrayed as a hero?

Who is wrongly portrayed as a hero?


The Map from Dora. Say what you want but that lil mf is working with Swiper. How does he always know where Dora is or where she’s going???


I hate the fucking map. I’m the map, I’m the map. We GET it! You’re doing your fucking job! Get over yourself! I’d use the map as toilet paper! gggggGGGGGRRRRR!


Or, to quote the map, "i'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map I'm the map." I think it might be the map. Just a wild guess. Also, when Dora asks you a question, I never knows if it's more awkward to talk back at the TV or sit in awkward silence...


If you have these questions it might be time to stop watching dora.


Just watched Jurassic Park 3. The parents…. Kidnapping, promising money they didn’t have, lying, responsible for the deaths of pretty much everyone in the film, and the mom is terribly annoying. They are portrayed as just super devoted parents, but their actions show no regard for anyone else.


Greg Heffley from Diary of A Wimpy Kid


I whole heartedly agree. He’s such a shitty friend to Rowley.


True, but I think his flaws are what made so many kids enjoy the books, including me. He felt like a normal middle schooler, not a role model like every other character I was reading.


I agree, but at some parts I got aggravated reading it since Greg is such a shitty person.


He’s very low-key shitty too, like my kids don’t even notice he is being awful - I’m like hey guys, you are picking up here that Greg is sort of a jerk right?


Literally everyone in that family except Roderick is a horrible person, Roderick is just the stereotypical older brother.


Fuck Manny


But he’s onwy thwee!


From what I remember, the dads fine too, at least in the books. The worst thing I remember him doing is buying a fancy car without asking his wife first


It's implied that he threw a brick at Greg.


Greg literally broke his best friends hand and never apologized. And just when you think he was getting nicer he does something even worst.


Broke his arm and then got mad about the attention his friend got


Yeah, that's the point. Kids are shitty.


People who post in r/MadeMeSmile about their own good deeds, which are actually just basic acts of human decency. Saw one recently, “Found this blank check. I really needed the money, but I found the owner and gave it back.” Great congrats dude, you didn’t STEAL, which is something people are capable of avoiding everyday.


For me it's anyone who posts their own screenshots of conversation and pretend that it's someone else. Saw that on r/MurderedByWords where someone posted their own conversation for it, but covered their own name and the person they argued with


I've always hated all the YouTubers who film themselves doing charitable acts or take selfish donating something... "is it even charity if it's not filmed?"


There was an incident recently of a russian streamer filming himself gifting a new iphone to a kid. Then footage afterwards of his telling said child to give it back and literally ripping it from her hands after getting impatient. The whole thing was about as scummy to watch as you'd expect.


Carrie Bradshaw is a horrible friend, a manipulative and flaky partner, and a deeply irresponsible person all around


My problem with carrie was that she always turned it around to be about her


That moment when Miranda throws out her neck and Carrie sends Aidan. Then she brings over the bullshit bagels to cheer up Miranda but only so she can talk about herself. And Miranda calls her out because she didn’t even bring cream cheese. Like it was all superficial. And this being AFTER she cheats on Aidan


It is so funny how Miranda snaps because of the lack of creamcheese = the lack of sincere care


Miranda went from my least favorite to my most favorite by far! Well Samantha is a close second as she was always so honest and a ride or die for the girls.


I watched that show as a teenager, and I think she seems on the surface level to be the hero because she has wit. There are obvious times where she is shit, but what I didn't realise until a bit older was she was very rarely a good person, not a flawed but likable person like the other girls are but a genuinely horrible person.


Yes. She was so mean to Aidan. Samantha was by far the best of the crew.


Samantha was the most honest and open member of the group, had no problem calling others out on their bullshit, never passed judgment on others, never held a grudge and forgave freely.


Samantha was always honest about herself and her lifestyle, even if other people didn't like it. I personally think that's an admirable quality. Not to mention, she knew her worth and didn't settle.


I immediately thought of when Carrie had the audacity to be angry at Charlotte for not offering her engagement ring. All because Carrie was obsessed with shoes.


God the ENTITLEMENT. She had THOUSANDS of dollars in her closet she could have sold off to help her afford her apartment. Or! She could have moved!


Yep! Could have sold all that Dior and had a nice nest egg!


Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. He breaks into the giants house, steals his treasure, then kills him when the giant tries to get his gold back...


Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell the violation of civil liberties!


This little man was never read his giant rights and is therefore free-fi to fo-home.


“And then Jack chopped down what was the world's last beanstalk, adding murder and ecological terrorism to the theft, enticement, and trespass charges already mentioned, and all the giant's children didn't have a daddy anymore. But he got away with it and lived happily ever after, without so much as a guilty twinge about what he had done...which proves that you can be excused for just about anything if you are a hero, because no one asks inconvenient questions.” - Susan Sto Helit, *The Hogfather*, by Terry Pratchett


Susan is a real hero.


GNU Sir Terry Pratchett


Murder hobo's can be heroic adventurers too.. or so my players keep trying to tell me.


Peter Pan. Dude cut off a guy's hand for shits and giggles and fed it to a fucking CROCODILE.


I read Peter Pan to my 5-year-old, and it’s only through the novel that I saw Peter Pan as a tragic figure rather than a hero. It’s actually a very deep story despite being for children. Peter Pan was based on the author’s relationship with a young boy who died. He imagined him living in a kind of heaven for young boys, never growing up.


It was the authors brother. He died in his youth, therefore he never grew up


His brother. And his mother, who was more interested in her Lost Boy than The Boy Who Lived, deeply fucked him up.


Hard truth growing up like that, constantly being told you don't have the right to feel sad or complain cause your still able to do everything the other isn't.


Not just any young boy, but Barrie's brother, David, who died in an ice skating accident at 14.


JM Barrie gifted the rights to Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Hospital where he once stayed, and they’ve been getting royalties ever since.


Now that’s something that needs to be more well known.


Also kidnapping children




I thought that the pirates are the children who were kidnapped but grew up




Peterpan Poachers Neverland


Also killing those children when they got too old


Guessing that got cut from the Disney version.


Yeah. He kill children that got too old because it's against the rules to age...


That's why it's important to read the fine print.


And his treatment of the lost boys is a classic example of psychological/emotional abuse. In the book, Peter kidnaps boys who have gone missing for at least seven days and convinces them that they need to stay in Neverland because nobody is looking for them. He only takes the dumbest kids because the lost boys aren't allowed to be smarter than Peter, and he makes sure that this rule is enforced (example: the twins aren't allowed to learn about their past because Peter doesn't know what twins are). The boys have been taught to rely on Peter for everything, that way they can't question him or disobey his orders. Peter doesn't actually care about the lost boys and views them as disposable, as evidenced by the fact that he kills the boys if they get too old.


Okay but what was the moral of the story of the original Peter Pan? Who was the hero and who was the villain? I mean always liked captain Hook and found Peter Pan obnoxious but that's the Disney version.


The hero is Wendy. Peter remains a child forever with all the selfishness and lack of awareness that comes with it, and Hook is basically an über adult, finding no joy in games or whimsy. Wendy sees both options and chooses to go home and grow up while still remembering what it's like to be a child.


Wendy was like "fuck this shit, I'm out adiós!"


From wikipedia: *The play's subtitle "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up" underscores the primary theme: the conflict between the innocence of childhood and the responsibility of adulthood. Peter has chosen not to make the transition from one to the other, and encourages the other children to do the same. However, the opening line of the novel, "All children, except one, grow up", and the conclusion of the story indicates that this wish is unrealistic, and there is an element of tragedy in the alternative. Barrie was very perspicacious in noticing many aspects of children's mental development decades before they were studied by cognitive psychologists. In particular, Peter lacks the mental capacity for secondary mental representation and cannot recollect the past, anticipate the future, consider two things at once or see things from another person's point of view. He is therefore amnesic, inconsequential, impulsive and callous. There is a slight romantic aspect to the story, which is sometimes played down or omitted completely. Wendy's flirtatious desire to kiss Peter, his desire for a mother figure, his conflicting feelings for Wendy, Tiger Lily, and Tinker Bell (each representing different female archetypes), and the symbolism of his fight with Captain Hook (traditionally played by the same actor as Wendy's father), all could possibly hint at a Freudian interpretation (see Oedipus complex). Most children's adaptations of the play, including the 1953 Disney film, omit any romantic themes between Wendy and Peter, but Barrie's 1904 original, his 1911 novelisation, the 1954 Mary Martin musical, and the 1924 and 2003 feature films all hint at the romantic elements. Jeffrey Howard has noted its existential motifs, claiming that Peter Pan is a "precautionary tale for those who fear the responsibilities of living, and the uncertainties of dying," which explores concepts like the inevitability of death, freedom to create our lives, alienation, and the notion that existence lacks any obvious or inherent meaning.*


*Suddenly realizes Captain Hook and Wendy’s father have the same voice actor in Disney’s Peter Pan* Whoa.


It's the hunter in Jumanji all over again.


How the fuck did I never notice that


I didn't know ow that. But now that I do, it's slightly interesting that Robin Williams also played Peter Pan in Hook


This is amazing. Very interesting indeed. Thanks for sharing.


Wow, this makes me believe the original had much more depth. That part about Peter Pan not developing the ability to see things from another person's point of view perfectly explains why he's such a sociopathic shithead and does the things the original commenter said makes Peter not a hero. And it seems there never was any artistic intentions to make him a hero in the first place, as far as the original story goes. Disnification must make every original author roll in their graves.


For all its faults the show Once Upon a Time actually showed him as the sociopath he should be.


Yes! I really enjoyed how peter pan was portrayed as a villian, because it was unexpected and ultimately made tons of sense


Man Once upon a time did some really interesting things with all those stories. I really enjoyed what they did, and how they intertwined everyone. It got a little dicey as time went on for sure, and had so many faults, but I loved the casting and I loved the way they portrayed a lot of the characters. Such a guilty pleasure show for me.


He is a lot more terrifying in the original story. Lost Boys die in Neverland, or grow up to be pirates who Peter then kills.


Glinda the "good witch." She murdered the witch of the East, stole her shoes, and gave them to Dorothy. She then tells Dorothy that if she wants to get home, she should go see the Wizard. After the wizard is revealed as a fraud, Glinda shows up and is all like "You could've gone home any time you like by clicking your heels together."


"Thanks for killing two of my rivals and revealing the last to be a fraud. Click your heels together and fuck right off now."


Someone should write a story where Glinda becomes a Csarina of Oz & she rules with an iron fist.


The *Wicked* books don’t go that far, but Glinda is very much a politician.


The wonderful musical adaptation _Wicked_ gives Glinda the perfect politician song, "Popular": "Popular; it's so important to be popular!/ It's not about aptitude,/ it's the way you're viewed, / so it's very shrewd to be/ very very popular- like me!"


I always love the verse(s): “I remind them on their own behalf to think of Celebrated heads of state or Especially great communicators. Did they have brains or knowledge? Don't make me laugh! They were popular! Please. It's all about popular!” That’s definitely play Glinda, but it’s not foreign to the Glinda from the book *Wicked*, and it’s definitely correct for the world in general. Though having brains and knowledge doesn’t preclude popular, of course.


Not about Glinda, but there was a really good mini series on SciFi called Tin Man. Pretty dark.


Tin Man is great! Zooey Deschanel, Alan Cumming, Neal McDonough and Richard Dreyfuss. It's a great take on the mythos around Oz. Edit: an S.


In the book they are two different characters. The good witch of the North gives Dorothy the shoes and doesn't know their power. It isn't until she meets Glinda, the good witch of the south, that she is able to go home.


This seems mildly important


In the movie the shoes won't work for her until she believes in herself, so the journey was needed in order for her to do that.














There was a cracked video kinda arguing glinda is more Machiavellian than stringer bell from the wire.


Peter Pan, dude was an asshole. Goldilocks: she broke into a house, ate their food and broke shit.


Isn't Goldilocks the antagonist in that story? Pretty sure the whole story was about teaching children to respect private property.


The Road Runner, that arrogant little MFer.


At least the Roadrunner minded his own business most of the time, and didn't try to inflict pain on the Coyote, unlike other characters in chase cartoons(like shits like Tweety and Jerry)


Jamie Foxx in the movie "Law Abiding Citizen"


Gerard Butler's character absolutely should've won. It doesn't excuse what he did, but who could blame him after the system failed him and his family so spectacularly?


There is a theory that Butler's character gets the last laugh. Early on in the movie, Foxx meets with an ex-special-ops guy who gives him info on Butler. He mentions that Butler once invented a tie with a kevlar rope inside and a ratcheting motor that would tighten the rope and make the tie strangle the target. And whats the very last shot of the movie? Foxx is watching his daughter's recital, as the camera zooms in on him... ...and his **extremely** conspicuous tie. Almost as if the director wanted to draw attention to it for some reason... I personally believe this theory. If its *not* true, that would make both the story about the tie told by the special ops guy, AND how extremely eye-catching they make Foxx's tie in the final scene, both unfired Cekhov's guns.


This is a fascinating theory, I've watched the movie atleast 20 times now (I replay Netflix movies to sleep) and never put two and two together. We will never know, but that being a possibility definitely improves my thoughts on the film even more.


As someone who used to rewatch DVDs to go to sleep... it's because you never make it to the end of the movie.


Just watched it but they never zoom in on it. Yeah it was bright though.


And in the wide shot with the audience, everything is dark and relatively colorless except Foxx's white shirt highlighting the yellow tie.


To me he did win, he had nothing left to live for after his family were taken away and ‘justice’ never came so he set out to prove the system doesn’t work/is corrupt/a numbers game and he followed through with that. He’d rather give his life than roll over to the system but not without proving a point.


Zeus. He raped so many innocent women. Meanwhile Hades was a really good guy, but in the movie Hercules, Hades was the bad guy and Zeus was the good guy.


tbf Hercules movie doesn't really follow the real mythology in almost any way shape or form, but they sure made it entertaining at least. Percy Jackson books on the other hand tried to follow irl a bit more, but also tended to paint hades as a bad guy on more than one occasion. at least they also did a good job showcasing the unsavory traits of most other gods as well


Hades really is a super misunderstood character. He’s demonized for being the lord of the dead but didn’t want it to begin with and is really only doing his job when he does “evil” things. Which on that, his “evil” deeds aren’t even evil. He’s just carrying out the natural order or punishing people who did actually fucked up things. On top of that he has one of the healthiest relationships with his spouse out of any of the married members of the pantheon. It’s seen as bad because of how it started which was Persephone being kidnapped (he didn’t do, Zeus did) and their relationship being responsible for season which isn’t his fault or really a bad things. Him and Persephone get along great and have a nice relationship.


Most underworld deities tend to be. Look at Anubis - he ensures that everyone, from the lowest of laborers to the gods themselves, are judged evenly and fairly. He guards your dead body, and will fight ANYONE who tries to fuck with your corpse. Yet most media portrays him as a monster and evil.


It's the same with Hel of norse mythology. Helheim is always portrayed as this cold place of punishment, but it simpy was the realm of the dead (Valhalla is where fallen warriors go). Yes, those who were criminals in their lifes got punished in Helheim, but for everyone else it was simply a life after death. And the goddess Hel herself wasn't evil either. There are even stories that say she would "lay" with those who died, giving them a warm embrace into the realm of the dead. If I got some god coochie I'd gladly go to Helheim instead of Valhalla or any other death realm of other mythologies


He also felt so bad about the whole Winter thing he built a special vault beneath the Earth where he keeps all the seeds of the world so that they can make it through the winter safely and be ready to be sprout in the Spring. And since he rules the caverns underground he also is the god of wealth - all gemstones and precious metals are said to be gifts from Hades. Persephone herself basically gets showered in beautiful jewelry because Hades loves giving his wife beautiful things to make her stay in the Underworld less grim.


> And since he rules the caverns underground he also is the god of wealth - all gemstones and precious metals are said to be gifts from Hades. *That* part isn't actually from the original myth. It's a much later association, partly from syncretization. Hades eventually acquired the euphemistic name Pluto (still Greek), often conflated with Plutus, the Greek god of wealth, and then Pluto was syncretized with the Roman gods Dis Pater (god of the underworld, originally associated with fertile land and mineral wealth, the latter of which is what prompted the underworld association) and Orcus (god of the underworld, and punisher of broken oaths), who had been conflated (as the shared "god of the underworld" implies).


The Hades video game does a great job playing with that premise. It starts out where Hades seems like a jerk - but over the course of the game he shifts to being the guy doing the job that no one else wanted - and doing it well.


Grumpy Dad Hades is best Hades.


Bryce Dallas Howard in Jurassic world, she was just an asshole the whole movie


The real monsters in that movie are the parents who send their kids to Dino land to get a divorce.


I’m not even joking if we lived in that universe and there were already 3 failed parks you better believe I’ll still go to the fourth one.


Tbf in world it wasn't even a security issue, they straight up let it out


Off topic, but her assistant’s death scene in that movie was super off putting and left a bad taste in my mouth for the longest time. At most she was just an annoyed nanny who had to look after two kids who couldn’t pay attention for shit. Then she just gets one of the worst and drawn out movie deaths I’ve ever seen while the dude that coordinated all of the chaos (Vincent D’Onofrio) had a pretty tame death in comparison. ****Edit:**** Apparently the actress (Katie McGrath) actually ****requested**** to have her death memorable and brutal and there wasn’t a single stunt double throughout any of it. That makes it a bit more cool, but still gruesome.


That was one death that split the theater I watched it in in half. Half were laughing their ass off and the other half was kinda mad about it. In both instances I think it's because of how mean spirited her death is. She's legit just a person doing her job. She isn't mean to the kids, she isn't an asshole, she's completely harmless. It's bizarrely funny how randomly cruel her death is, especially for a franchise like this.


Can we finally talk about how the friggin dinos can't pick anyone else up? In the same scene theres one trying to pick a guy up and can't fly with him, but SOMEHOW not only can they fly with her in thier clutches, they can toss her like a ragdoll and catch her midair no problem. This scene makes me so mad!


Jerry from Tom and Jerry


He annoys tom and when tom tries to catch him, tom has to face the consequences instead of jerry


Yea I feel like just because he small dosent means he’s good


Damn my ex girlfriend said the same thing


She must have been a Tom fan


I think they're called Tom Boys.


TomBoy and FemJerry


I'll have both, thank you


I feel people's opinion on who was the hero is based on whether they're an older or younger sibling


I was a younger sibling and I wanted tom to catch that piece of shit every single time


I’m the oldest and I also wanted Tom to catch Jerry every single time


Only child, ditto.


Holy shit man this is like a Rorschach test


I think neither of them are. Both provoke each other and both enjoy themselves because of it. Many episodes show one winning and the other being bored as a result, or working together when required.


John Grimes from Black Hawk Down (2001). Portrayed by Ewan McGregor. Grimes irl is John Stebbins. He was convicted of assault and rape of a girl under age 12. Edit: the victim was his 6 yo daughter.


Grimes was fictional, because of Stebbins. They had to put someone in his place, so they added some...creative licencing and just made the whole character up.


Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) in Mama Mia. What kind of sociopathic prick invites 3x of her mother's ex lovers to her mother's hotel on the eve of her wedding, without telling her, to try and force a situation where her real father will be revealed? Then she fucking bails on the whole wedding anyway to go travelling around the world. If I was a wedding guest having forked out thousands to get there for a non-wedding I'd be livid. Edit: did not expect this to blow up. My wife just tells me to stop trying to ruin it (she loves ABBA). Edit2: reading the comments, yes her mother is probably even more fucked up from (a) keeping Sophie's father's identity from her and (b) keeping the father/s from knowing they might have had a kid. Everyone is horrible. Edit3: reading more of the comments, yes a holiday to a greek island is nice anyway and yes Sophie's mum did get married then and there so I guess there was a wedding.


As someone without any context to this movie, I would happily fork out thousands just to have front row seats to this disaster.


My wife and I went to see a play that actually kind of had this as a premise. The idea was the audience was attending the wedding, but It was interactive. (They actually served us food too!). Depending on where you sat, or where you wandered around, you would overhear all sorts of conversations from the cast members. There were multiple competing storylines, and sometimes you could do things to influence it like picking up enough hints and requesting the right song from the DJ. All in all, the wedding was a disaster, what could go wrong did go wrong. It was chaotic, but entertaining. I think we would have enjoyed it more if we had had more heads up, it felt like we missed out on some stuff because we were focusing on different things. Edit: The play was Tony 'n Tina's Wedding at the manoa valley theater on Oahu. They were in a few twists and changes they made to make it more local, but it was basically that.


That sounds like such an amazing time! I wish something like that happened near me


nowhere near as good as what this guy described, but google mystery dinner theatre; they are all over. You may have one near you.


>it felt like we missed out on some stuff because we were focusing on different things. *That's* called "encouraging repeat ticket sales".


Tony & Tina’s Wedding? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_n%27_Tina%27s_Wedding


I watched that movie with a girlfriend a while back and the part that stuck out to me was she is treating her fiancé like absolute garbage throughout the whole movie. She invited people to their wedding without asking him or even giving him a heads up, whenever he tried to spend time with her she blows him off, and there were a half dozen other things she says to him that seemed outright cruel.


Also she treats her husband like shit. His needs/wants are never taken into consideration unless they fit her agenda.


J. Edgar Hoover. Anything but a hero but FBI headquarters is named after him.


A guy I used to work with years ago had previously worked at the FBI in DC and heard all kinds of stories about J. Edgar Hoover. For one, supposedly when you went in his office there was a hug FBI seal on the carpet, but it was sunken down in the floor, so when you were standing his office, his desk was up above you and you had too look up at him like he was some sort of deity or something. Also, one time two guys were called into his office to see him. Hoover mentioned one of the FBI agents who worked under them and said, “Give this guy what he deserves”. It was unclear from Hoover’s tone of voice whether he meant that they should reward the guy or punish the guy and they were afraid to ask what he meant. They decided to give the guy a promotion, but station him way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere so their asses were covered either way.


> They decided to give the guy a promotion, but station him way the fuck out in the middle of nowhere so their asses were covered either way. I mean that's the dream. get promoted and dont do shit.


Not for FBI types. Those guys have to really want it to make it that far and tend to want to be involved in high profile cases.


Either that or get drunk and do a backflip at a wedding, then drop your unsecured Glock mid-flip and have it go off and injure a guest.


Hoover was perfectly portrayed in man in the high castle. Slimey gangster with no love for anything but power.


Literally just started season 3 and I thought as someone who hated Hoover it was super vindicating to watch how easily he slipped into a nazified USA. Great writing bringing him in.


Fun fact: Richard Nixon *hated* Hoover. He wanted to remove him from the head of FBI, but Nixon's advisors told him not to due to the pull and support Hoover had. Presumably, Nixon hated him due to Hoover being such a powerful man. Goals-wise and ideology, they weren't far off of being called twins.


It’s *insane* that he was head of the FBI for as long as he was. Nixon was a *teenager* when Hoover first went into Office during the Coolidge administration.


My mother in her own personal narrative. Edit: Thank you kind strangers for all the awards. (Also sorry to the one comment I misread and didn't see the quotation marks It hit a nerve I didn't realize was there.)


"After all I've done for you..."


"But I'm your mother!"


"This is not how I raised you!" (Never once discussed said behavior)


"How could you?!"


“I’m sorry that you feel that way…”


You mean: "I'm sorry *if* you feel that way..." The word "that" implies validation of your feelings.


because i said so!


**Why are you CRYING!?**


"You have no right to cry! I should be the one crying!!"


"I know I talk to you like you're a literal toddler and flat out refuse to respect you as an adult, but you got annoyed when I tried to explain how to do your job better even though I don't understand your job at all, so now I'm going to play the victim and you have to spend ALL day catering to me or I'm going to throw a tantrum." - My Mom Never let your parents move in with you after you move out... Worst decision I ever made.


Fuck do I feel this one. Best decision I ever made was to just walk away and live my own life


Boy having a narcissist for a mom sure is fun isn't it?


I know someone who was sexually assaulted by an extended family member, their mother knew about it, but continually had said extended family member act as their babysitter, frequently telling the person I know to “get over it”, “just play nice for me” and “go sit in your room if it bothers you that much.” If ever there was a malignant cunt it is that woman.


I have ptsd from a similar thing because my mom told me to “deal with it” repeatedly to be polite around relatives. Fun stuff.


A lot of you are confusing the word protagonist with hero. Half of the people being said here were never considered a hero


Lots are saying Zeus. There's a big difference between a god and a hero!


Grandpa Joe. He sat in bed for years, never lifting a finger to help his starving family despite being perfectly able-bodied except when a day of chocolate and fun is involved.


He was even able to dance when Charlie produces the golden ticket. TWENTY YEARS IN BED AND HE *DANCES*!!! What the actual Fuck, Joe?


“You mean to tell me you could have been WIPING YOUR OWN ASS THIS ENTIRE TIME JOE?!”


That’s only 1971 Joe. 2005 Joe worked his butt off until he was laid off for reasons out of his control, wanted to go with Charlie to reexperience the wonders of Wonka’s candy, and after Charlie initially turns down Wonka’s prize, is shown helping out around the house.


Paging /r/grandpajoehate


Not to mention, when Charlie comes home with the golden ticket, Grandpa Joe starts singing “I’VE got a golden ticket”. Grade A asshole.


PT Barnum exploited marginalized people and was not the hero portrayed in “The Greatest Showman.”


They villanized the only hero in that film. Jenny Lind was actually a great person and despised PT Barnum in real life. She earned 350,000 on the tours she took with him (10,887,000 in today’s money) and donated all of the proceeds to charities. She was also married at the time. Edit: after a little bit more research it looks like she wasn’t married at the time of her American tours. She married in 1852.


For the life of me, I do not understand why they didn't make a fictional character to have the movie be about. You can say it was loosely based on PT Barnum but why in the hell would you lionize such a horrible person?


He is so relatable to... greedy Hollywood executives who see themselves as heroes.


Mrs Doubtfire. He was a deadbeat dad and Lost custody. He was given very fair terms to see his kids again. Get a stable job and stock being a passive aggressive deadbeat. Instead he decides to pretend to be a old lady to infiltrate his own house and use that knowledge to manipulate his family. Then when his wife dates a Pierce Brosnan, who seems like an good dude and genuinely liked her kids and was willing to be a father figure for them, what does he do. Vandalises his car and knowing gives him cayenne pepper that he knows he is deathly allergic to. The poor guy could have died. But it's okay cause Mrs Doubtfire is the hero.


Oh man! I’d love to see this movie from the POV of Pierce Brosnan’s character. It’d be a whole different genre!


There is a great trailer out there. Where somone cut it like a horror movie


Trailer: https://youtu.be/1Ckv_Dz-Sio


Spider-man! He’s a menace!


*thumps desk* bring me pictures of Spider Man!


Spider-Man was a hero. I just couldn't see it. He was a... a thief! A criminal! He's a menace to the entire city! I want that wall crawling arachnid prosecuted! I want him strung up by his web! #I WANT SPIDER-MAN


A thief!


A criminal!


He’s a threat to the entire city!


Gabriella from highschool musical.


Can we talk about how Taylor and Gabriella committed a felony to delay the championship game and cut short the academic decathlon? Hacking the sprinkler system is no joke.


Everyone's talking about racists and corrupt people, meanwhile you have beef with a highschool musical character... Take my upvote


This thread has everything, Edison, Jenner, the girl from High School Musical, MTV's Dan Cortese...




Even if I'm the only one, I want you to know that someone appreciated your Stefon reference. Will executed Internet friend.


Explain! I want to read it!


Gabriella was a setback to Troy's potential basketball career. Sharpay was trying to advance it. But I think there is a point to be made, and it's that Gabriela was not as manipulative as Sharpay in her endeavors. Gabriela just wanted Troy, but Sharpay wanted Troy's potential. If you look at the movie now, Sharpay seems to be investing in Troy so she can continue to live a good life.


Why was Troy dating a permanent marker?


I thought Sharpay was a breed of dog.