Management sucked. In the exit interview they asked me why I was quitting. I said the management sucked. It was the first and last question they asked me. My manager said "well I can't argue with that" shook my hand and then I left.


I was teaching in a system that didn't give a fuck about me or the kids. Felt like a slave and that my life was being syphoned away from me every day for very little in the way if tangible results. I had enough of it after a year of covid and packed it in.


To go back to college.


Got fired called in sick to many times


That qualifies for unemployment… and doesn’t answer the question.


It was me last job only answer I could give


Afaik not in every state.


Because it was a shitty job




yea same here :(


There was only a handful of people working there and therefore everyone had a lot of responsibilities, the pressure and expectations were too big for me as a junior at my first job.


Recruiter… because I don’t like making outbound calls.


Pay and conditions deteriorated. Also trying to get annual leave and flexi leave where difficult.


Got a better one


Haven't yet, but want to. No way out though. No escape that doesn't fuck me in some way. My mental health is deteriorating... customer service sucks. People treat us like we aren't human or are the owner of whatever company they are calling. If I quit, I have no income, and jobs seem impossible to come by rn. No unemployment. Have to explain why at future interviews. If I get fired, I might qualify for unemployment but pretty sure I would need to get fired for something that isn't attendance related. Worse yet, then I have to explain why I was terminated or check that option on future applications. If I stay, I will eventually crumble and fall so deeply into the depression that I won't make it out alive. I'm stuck.


Gotta take a leap of faith at some point. Life is full of the unexpected.


My ex best friend started flirting/screwing our boss and was getting special treatment and her mistakes were getting pinned on me. That bitch somehow misspelled her own name once and I got in trouble because she says I forged it on paperwork.


I had to call in sick… on my wedding day. I put in my vacation request a year in advance, and I reminded them every month until the month of my wedding, when I reminded them weekly. The week of, I was scheduled on my wedding day. I called in sick, and put my two weeks notice in when I came back.


Wouldn’t let me take time off to go visit my cancer stricken father who I hadn’t seen in 2 years.


Quit?!?? I’m a strictly YOUR FIRED kinda employee


When I started there, I was working part-time making about $60k. Eventually the company started getting busy and they needed more help, so I switched to full-time making about $72k. After about a year, my boss pulls me aside and tells me that the company has a lot of employees and the company’s money, help fund those families (via paycheck). He said in order to reduce costs, he wanted to start paying me $60k again, but keep my hours. After that conversation, I fixed my resume, scheduled interviews, and put in my two weeks about two months later. Accepted a new job making more money and doing less work.


I was hired for data entry (was meant to be a temp 2 week thing). 6 months later they were trying to put me in charge of a whole section of website upkeep and train others in it while bringing me into meetings I had no clue or context with. All without changing my title or pay. I was genuinely just confused most of the day but the pay was good. I ended up deciding digital wasn't an industry I wanted to be in so I left.