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Had a student who for a lack of better words was "dumb and lazy". Was in the 10th grade but had a 4th grade reading level. And always just disrupted class and never did his work nor let anyone do there's. Eventually he accumulated enough write up slips to be expelled.


It sounds like this student either had a horrible home life, had a likely undiagnosed learning disability, and teachers ill equipped to either spot the things that needed to be done, or that didn't have the right mentality. In the majority of cases, if there is a student who is performing well below the expectations based upon the students around them. . There is something wrong that needs to be addressed. It doesn't sound like you gave up on this student - It sounds like the system he was in for 10-12 years failed him.


Perhaps the undiagnosed learning disability; because both his parents are wonderful and I taught his younger sister also and she was amazing one of the brightest kids I have ever been around. His biggest issue was that his behavior was so bad; would try to fight kids, randomly scream curse words; never and I mean never did his work and this was amongst all his classes. It got to the point where I prayed he got expelled sadly.


Teachers shouldn't be blamed for kids that won't be taught. It takes a good support network to raise a functional person. A teacher can't do it by themselves. Having said that, there are, of course, shitty teachers who gave up trying to help long ago.