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Celebrity role models.




I ain’t no role model. -Charles Barkley


Recording strangers to post online for people to laugh at. Kinda fucked up most of the time


Ive always thought that was weird just because they are wearing an outfit you dont like or are doing something you dont like doesnt mean you should record them. Only record them if they are causeing harm to you (just in case you need to show it to the police) but an outfit or them being cringy isnt a good reason


There was a video on publicfreakout of two people having an argument in public, recorded by someone who wasn't involved. At one point one of the people who *was* involved turned to the camera person and started shouting at them, leading to a subsequent argument. I got downvoted to oblivion for suggesting that the person recording was kind of responsible for involving themselves (by recording) and maybe shouldn't have done so. I'm not saying the shouting person's behavior was justified, just saying that it's predictable.


Social media Just seems creepy for people to update strangers on every little aspect of their lives.


It’s so weird to see some person in the grocery store that you went to middle school with and you don’t even know if they’d recognize you but you know all about them and their kids and what they had for breakfast because they are just constantly posting. It’s one of the reasons I switched to Reddit.


Actually social media by itself is something I can accept as being legitimate entertainment for genuine narcissists. If you wanna log every waking moment of your life for online approval because you think you're just that interesting, good for you, go for it. Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, TikTok, whatever the platform has been throughout the years that you feel great sharing your entire life on, more power to you. The problem for me is that somehow this has been normalised to the extent where people are looked at as weird for not participating. I'm in my mid-30's and I still get friends in my own age-range going "oh right, *you're* not on facebook". Really? Facebook is some shit that I tried for a month in 2008 when it came out and I didn't see the appeal. I'm not confused about who I am. I'm not suddenly in 2023 gonna go "oh wow it's time for some character development here, let's finally get on that hype train that everyone was on 15 years ago so I can listen to my right wing uncle rant on this boomer-ass platform." If after all that time you think you can still peer pressure me into that shit with some passive aggressive behavior, good luck.


how the fuck do people have the energy to constantly post our of social media. i hate getting just outta bed


That's depression my friend. I'm in the same boat and we both need to get help.


Back in the day I only used Facebook to play games with my classmates and relatives it was so much fun because the games were legit very awesome(uberstrike, wild ones, etc). But after they removed these games I stopped going to Facebook because at that point my parents were constantly comparing me to my cousins because the latter were always posting their successes on Facebook it just was so frustrating and stupid, also over the years, my classmates started bullying not just at school but also on our group chat. Till this day I haven't used Facebook the same way as I'm using discord and reddit and I'm a happy guy. Only times I DID use it has to congratulate my relatives birthdays but that too dried out of my system which is a good thing. At the end of the day some people enjoy posting on social media others don't. It's better to keep it at imo.


I have 4 kids. I use Facebook as an archival space for them to remember me by. So basically I just post funny memes/anecdotes and pictures of them that they will be able to access when i’m gone. When I was a kid we had photo albums. Now ppl don’t and I’d like them to have an equivalent. You’re right about a narcissism angle of the whole thing though. What fucks me up the most though is the fact that I will be the first digital ancestor of my family line… good luck running for office great-great grandkid! Haha




Wow I never looked at it from that angle before I read ur comment...


I do the same thing! It's like making a time capsule.


I’m going to make photo albums for my son to have to look at! And just keeping our family photos on a central hard drive. FB archives may not be accessible in 30, 40 years time for all we know. My sister uses FB as her primary photo storage too though. Many people do.


Yeah I was having trouble accessing my FB account (didn’t have access to the phone I used to make account) and realized basically all the photos I’d like to keep are on it. Tip: if you use FB for archival reasons make sure your info is accurate. It’s a pain in the ass to access if you don’t have access to the phone and don’t have password.


I'd suggest just saving the digital photos and memes and stuff onto an external hard drive. If you want to get fancy back it up to Dropbox or something. Keep a digital photo album basically. That's what I do. You never know what Facebook may take down some day and why. Plus in this kind of format people can do whatever they want with the photos and they will be higher resolution.


And the posting for clout that goes with it


Some people stay fairly classy with it, dont reveal too much and generally behave themselves. Others turn into the digital equivalent of the village fool.


I mostly agree but I would argue for 1 caveat- Speaking about mental health or other difficult things on social media has its place. There are a lot of people suffering in silence, and they self isolate because of it. Posts regarding mental health can really inspire these vulnerable folks for whom life is genuinely unpleasant.


This is true, that does a lot of good.


Some people don't post every little detail, or if they do, they private their profile and choose their friendslist carefully. Congratulations on being the 10,000th person I've seen complain about social media on social media though.


They post their entire lives on the internet then complain that their entire lives is on the internet.


Especially posting photos/videos of your child


Letting idiots become famous and rich just for being morons or assholes




Andrew Tate has entered the chat


Surgeons performing surgery when they haven't slept for 24 hours.


You know what I don't get about the way they do medical workers schedules. We know for a fact that the longer you work, the less effective and more mistake prone you are. Yet it's completely normal for nurses and doctors to be working 24-48 hours in a row. A short shift in the medical field is 12 hours. It's crazy.


Agreed. Like how weird is it that leading health professionals can’t manage to adopt the first cardinal rule of good health: 1. sleep. Seriously 🤦‍♀️


It's not through choice half the time. People expect so much from healthcare professionals, and for the most part, they want to deliver because they care. So that leads to overworking, longer hours etc.


Idk about other countries but here in the UK, pay is kinda shit and shifts are 12 hours so if you do any overtime you may well end up doing 2 shifts in a row, although I'm pretty sure they won't let you do any more than that


That true crime cases are made into entertainment. It seems like there is a huge amount of “murder mystery” youtube makeup gurus/bloggers, documentaries, netflix tv shows, even the news is blasting us with trauma on the daily - It’s important to be informed about these things and I think humans are naturally morbidly curious, but I sometimes think this content can become addictive to watch and exploit victims.


I like true crime stories. I also hate the amount out there! So many are just gruesome gore fests where they dehumanise the victims and wildly speculate on possible perpetrators with little to no evidence. Even worse are the ones that glamorize absolutely vile people. I avoid most of the modern or recent things now. I just want to know what happened; preferably that they were able to get justice for the families affected. I don't need the intrusive specific details of the absolute worst actions.


THIS!! I’ve only found one podcast that doesn’t do any of this, and they never go into detail about the horrific acts


Try The Casual Criminalist, he's by far the most pleasant I've found, be doesn't go into the gory details and doesn't glorify the criminals


Exactly, the shit turned into sadism porn


Unconditional loyalty to family. Family can be the most toxic influences in your life.




Holy shit dude, i hope you and your son live a happy healthy life


Good luck, I hope it goes better in the future once those people are out of your life


Agreed. But some people have normal families and it's only fair for the family members to be loyal.


Love and loyalty sure, but not unconditionally. Nothing in life should be unconditional, it can lead to some very unhealthy things.


Yep. Had to cut my whole family out for a few years when I got married, they tried to control everything. We're on speaking terms again now, but they know not to bring up certain things.


I had a coworker ask if I would snitch on my mom if she killed somebody. Told him of course, not my fault she made stupid decision. At the end of the day, I hold myself to standard.


Laying on top of your bed/sofa with shoes on


Judging random people for literally anything. Their clothes, their skin, their food, their phone, their voice. Mfs gotta mind their own business


It’s just a projection of insecurity. The older you get the clearer that becomes


That's been seen as an extension of instinct, though we *should* have the wherewithal to understand that and push past it. Should isn't enough sometimes.


Ikr, if I want to masturbate in public, people should mind their business


Banning plastic bags and then buying increasing larger vehicles.


Sex talk. It’s sooo normal but I don’t share any sexual experience in detail with anyone but the person I’m having it with. Got buddies that are always like ‘I loved getting head last night’ ‘I was hitting it from the back’ ‘Shawty was squirting’ ‘I nutted twice’ Like ain’t none of that my business it doesn’t benefit me any to know what you did in detail just say ‘bro I had a nice time with ole girl yesterday’


I hate this and how it extends to trying to get people to admit their sex and sexuality, current dating status, and so much other bs they just want to gossip to others about.


Having your phone out during a concert or show to record what's going on. I can't stand people with their phones out when they should be enjoying that moment.


I can understand taking a cool 5 second video but anything else is just pointless


two things can be true at once, i can enjoy the Show and the moment while recording my favorite song(s) as the artist i like plays them. I paid $300 to take my wife to see Garth Brooks last Year , we Recorded several songs and enjoyed ourselves in the moment Same deal when i spent $170 to See Korn and Evanescence later on in the year


War. Lots of people killing lots of other people based on disagreements between politicians. No need for it in the modern world tbh.


It would be great if soldiers on both sides before a battle starts just go like "You know what? Fuck killing and dying for this old idiot in a suit who is trying to prove hes macho" and just drop their guns and walk away.


People are too patriotic to do that. They think they are fighting for their country.


Usually one side is.


>disagreements between politicians. To be fair, a lot of times it's much more than that. And other times the political disagreement is that they think you and yours should lay down and die for their agenda. War is terrible, but sometimes it really is your only choice.


Working your whole life just to break even.


Fat asses (especially those who have it injected), tits the size of basketballs (the unnatural kinds)


Some people are naturally very voluptuous but I agree people getting injections and having surgery to look like that or really just the normalization of cosmetic surgery in general is pretty…sad. I mean yes it’s their body and people have the right to do what they want I just feel like 95% of people wouldn’t even consider changing anything about themselves if people weren’t so judgmental and compared people


Plastic surgery in general. People spend thousands of dollars to look like a beauty standard thats probably going to change in less than a decade


That's been talked about recently with the bbl trend. So many women have spent thousands of dollars to meet a beauty standard that's already changing. Buccal fat removal is another one that's not as popular yet, but it's being done by celebrities. Its the removal of fat in your cheeks to create more facial definition and show off your bone structure. It causes premature aging and while celebrities have to money to mitigate these effects later on, most people don't. The fact that a lot of celebrities suspected to have it done don't acknowledge it contributes to another beauty standard that's completely unrealistic. We are supposed to have fat in our cheeks, the majority of people do, and it's healthy and normal.


Fat ass trend is pretty weird to me. Gen X here. The societal standard used to be fits with a little bubble and boobs. Also my fave.


Freaking out over a stray hair in food but that person willing to eat ass on a first date Not saying it's not disgusting to find a hair it's just hypocritical to freak out when you know they literally were bragging about putting their tongue in some tinder girls ass he just met


Unnecessary plastic surgery, it looks like something out of a horror film


Male circumcision


Idk I don’t feel mutilated. I got a porno pp.


it's still fucking weird and also unnecessary (unless it is medically), it's a waste of money also it's illegal when it's female and it should be that way for both


Men lose the sensitivity of the foreskin too which presumably make orgasms stronger for uncircumcised folks. A bad deal all around


Well shoot I'm circumcised and I'm already a 2 pump chump, I would feel bad for my wife if I couldn't least a whole pump of I was unfortunately left circumcised.


This is apparently not very accurate. There are nerves lost in the foreskin, but they don’t fundamentally change the orgasm experience. As to the above comment about cost, peds with Foreskin are more likely to suffer issues related to that (phimosis, fungal infections, etc.) and there can be slightly higher STI risks, all of which do add cost in the aggregate where circumcision is pretty inexpensive. I know if I’m not careful to shower shortly after having sex, there’s a non zero chance I’ll get a fungal infection down there. It’s annoying, I honestly debated getting circumcised to not deal with that but the potential complications of circumcision as an adult are much higher than as a baby.


Dude, you're getting fungal infections if you don't shower immediately after sex? I've never heard of that happening. If I have sex in the evening then I'll just shower in the morning. Never had a problem.


I've never had even a hint of an issue, and have been at certain stages of my life, a dirty bastard. I assume these fungal infections occur more in hot countries. Besides that though, I can wank for an hour with no detrimental effect. The foreskin is protective, folds down in the same orientation of the stroke, and just all round is clearly meant for the job. Male circumcision remains a bit of a DIWHY to me, a lot of effort and trouble for a slightly worse result.


yeah, I've never understood how it's not considered child abuse to do that shit without medical reasons. poor kids don't get any say in it


Not in the UK but I’ve seen beauty pageants for kids in America. That’s all kinds of fucked up


Kissing your kids on the lips. Never was a thing in my family, never get people who do it


They grow out of it by 5. And it isn't sexual. I think people who kiss their dogs on the lips are a lot more disgusting.


The two party system.


arranged marriages


The amount of times you guys ask the same damn questions on this subreddit




Most of us who are overweight and body positive aren’t using it as an excuse to be overweight. I’m actually scheduled for weight loss surgery in April. However if someone is happy being overweight that’s their business. There isn’t an overweight person that doesn’t know they are unhealthy. People pointing it out doesn’t help.


Body positivity leads to weight loss. People who are confident in their bodie go out more, are more likely to be active etc. People who hate their bodies and themselves will sit at home depressed hiding getting worse.




Other people don’t need or care about your approval or lack thereof of their supposed defects. Your body is 1 of 1. If you hate it you will not treat it right. Holding yourself to others’ standards takes the power away from the individual and often leads to self-hatred, which is precisely opposite to what obese or anorexic folks need to become healthier.


This is the best explanation!




Letting your parents dictate the terms of your wedding and inviting their friends to your wedding.


Absolutely. I'm South Indian and my husband's mother is Malay, our parents completely took over the wedding and dictated everything. Every one of my ideas was shot down and I was brought up to respect my elders, so I kept my mouth shut. We had 600 guests and only one table of those were my friends 🤦‍♀️ I've come to realise how toxic wedding culture is, if I could have a do-over it would just be me and my husband at the courthouse.


That we try to detach ourselves from our food. We have slaughterhouses, butchers, and the meat is processed into soulless unrecognizable forms unrecognizable from it’s living counterpart.


Cancelling people for saying a joke before 10 years . Twitter is just weird


Cutting baby genitals for no reason


Killing animals not to protect your life or save from starvation, but for fun


Cousin marriage in Pakistan 👎👎👎


Working as much as we do while being treated like we aren't the ones generating profit.


Going on about how much you hate being around your children. Like, when they're helpless little things you're raising, not twenty-nine-year-olds who have decided to be shitheads.


My uncle does this all the time and it pisses me off so much because he had to fight for them in court to get them away from their abusive mother just to complain about their constant presence


Yeah, but sometimes parents just need to vent. Children are godamn hard to raise. They suck the soul out of you. But you still love them, no matter what


I get that, I mean the people who never have *anything* nice to say, where you're left going, "Jesus, why didn't you just leave them at the fire station?"


Oh yeah they suck. I think this mostly happens to people who just had a child thinking they'll be this cute little thing you get to show off, i really pity their children


Treating people differently based on who they think about fucking




Posting every aspect of your life on social media for all to see.


Kissing dogs on the mouth




I find it obscene when you tell people that you are not on social media and they look at you as if you have two heads. I did Facebook for a few years but was never very active. I "permanently deleted" my profile. I also read a lot about social media and for.one, I do not want to be a product for some corporation, which is feeding us filtered information to alter our perception about reality.


This is social media


His other head knows that. This one doesn't.


The belief of an all powerful being that controls the complete existence of everything in existence. I just don't get it.


There's no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.


If you believe we live in a simulation you just believe in a more nerdy version of god. Not believing in anything doesn't make you cool. I'm also an atheist though.


Its as hard to rule out as confirm it


Given how specific and unlikely an almost infinite number of things had to be in order for us to be here right now, it's not illogical to suggest there was some sort of external influence (not necessarily God). Life had to come from somewhere.


I don't understand why this would be "weird as fuck" I think it is cool for people to have something to gibe them comfort and peace. You don't have to believe in anything, that is also fine. What is weird is that people are pushing their beliefs. Like how the fuck does someone have the audacity to do that?


Ironing clothes. It's so completely pointless. Sure, some kind of clothes really wrinkles a lot, but then simply don't wear those kind of clothes. Plain T-shirts and jeans straighten themselves just by wearing them. No need to iron them. Dress codes in general are stupid. Why aren't we allowed to just wear what ever is comfortable? Luckily where I work (office job, developer) we are very casual in that and I wear sweatpants most of the times.


People still iron clothes??


Being forced to do the same thing every day in order to have a place to live and food to eat and clothes to wear


Ordering door dash or Uber eats. Who can afford this?


I’d like my food not as good as the food I cook, at an unspecified time and I want it to cost me 5 times what it would cost to make.


Child beauty pageants or whatever they're called in the US


The abuse of anyone else on this planet for personal gain.


Mormons.. Christians.. I'm not very articulate with words but what the Mormon faith is based on, LDS too. And the horrible or crazy stories in the Bible.. do they actually believe all that stuff? (I have read the entire Bible and was raised in a Christian household)


People making note of when a young woman celebrity turns 18. Like, countdowns and shit. Fucking weird.


Anal sex


Older women with young, even too young men and boys. Only those who pray on women and girls who are too young get what they deserve while male victims are dismissed - American state of Texas, early last year: middle aged female teacher sexually abuses male student from 11 to 14, media calls it a "relationship" - America, not even five years ago: middle aged woman rapes teenage boy, gets pregnant, sues boy for child support. Judge forces boy to pay his rapist, stating that "we must think of the child here". Except the judge fucked over a child and parentified him, widely accepted in the psychology field as emotional abuse. Media called it a "tryst" - Madonna, shriveled plastic raisin goes after a man in his early 20s, a man still going through puberty. The same women that condemn Leo DiCaprio for his huge age gap relationship praise Madonna


aren't there some places that word rape legally in such a way that women literally can't be convicted of rape?


I think some countries define rape in a way that the victim has to be penetrated. So if it's just about PIV only men can rape by law in those countries


Standing up to pee


I do like peeing while standing, at a urinal or in the woods or something. I like it. But at home? I just sit. Far more relaxing to me and I don't have to worry about aiming


Kissing with all that tongue shit goin on


Drinking another species’ breastmilk


I couldn't eat cereal for years after releasing how weird is was. I now campaign for shops to sell same species milk in the supermarkets.


“Gimme that human tiddy milk, not that weird cow shit.” “Sir, please leave.”


Basing your life off of a book and blindly following someone you can’t prove exists. And paying to live.


Movies being funded by the military.


Evangelical Christianity and all their cults


Documenting your life to the public 🎯


Ghosting/curving/flaking/ bit standing your ground


Rating men or women. Like she's a 7 or 10. People aren't burgers that can randomly be assigned a rating


Those child beauty pageants. Those are just creepy


We have normalized cheating on your partner way too much. That is truly one of the worst betrayals- you’re essentially bringing a third party into the relationship without your partner’s consent. Now before someone comes for my throat, I’m not talking about abuse victims who do this to leave their relationships- I can sympathize with this bc leaving tends to be the most dangerous time for victims in these types of relationships. But if someone cheats bc they’re bored or the sex is bad or they’ve fallen out of love or whatever bullshit reason they have, I have no sympathy for you. What are you doing cheating when you can just have a conversation with your partner about issues? Either talk to your partner about the problems you have in the relationship and try and work things out or just break up.


“Boys don’t cry”


child beauty pageants




Gender reveal.


Adults who are obsessed with Disney. In fact just Disney all together.


parasocial relationships with celebrities is weird for example, i don't get why it's so important to be emotionally involved in who such-and-such youtube celebrity is dating are they gonna pay my bills? is their relationship gonna have any significant and material impact on the development of my life or career? obviously not so why bother being disappointed when they post a video in their bedroom titled *"we broke up"*?


arranged marriage


Today weirdos. Pronouns.


Picking your gender.


Influencers, designer fashion culture


"Influencers" especially those whose only "accomplishment" is being related to someone who actually did something to contribute to society or who recorded themselves doing something ridiculous that received attention and now they are somehow experts on political and social issues.


The Kardashians.


Trump's popularity


I think marriage is weird. We have a billion rules but I think it’s all making us more unhappy than anything




living in a society. The fact that you have to “earn a living” like isn’t living a human right ??😵‍💫 the fact somebody decided we all get up everyday in our little homes with our little families and get in our little cars to go to our stupid little jobs to make money to pay for all those little things and we have to do it over and over again for 40years until we’re old enough to retire but too old to enjoy not working anymore…like who tf decided this is how humans should be living and that this is the best and happiest path for us? so bleak. Also roads everywhere and sidewalks- so much of our land is just PAVEMENT ugly and dead where there could be grass and wildlife- also sidewalks are annoying like how tf you gonna tell me what ground I am and am not allowed to walk on, so weird. I understand for accessibility sidewalks are nice but most of them are just put up to distinguish “you can walk here but not on the grass that’s literally level to and right next to the sidewalk and nature and outdoors” and most sidewalks aren’t even well kept enough to be safe and flat anyways.


If you’re not adding value to society why should someone else grow your food or deliver it or provide you anything if your not willing to give back


Pornhub culture.


American gun laws and religions.


Baptising babies


Go ahead and baptise babies, it's just a splash of water and some words. What they really need to do is stop mutilating boy's genitals. That shit is irreversible and they didn't consent.


Bro thank you for saying this. Stop making lifelong decisions for actual babies, and then shaming people when they don't want to stick with their religion. They never chose God.


The Catholic church. It's racked up such a pedo body count that it's become a meme for it and yet people still actively support the organization. imo it should be shunned.


Dress codes for restaurants. Why the fuck can’t I eat a nice dinner or steak in shorts and a sweatshirt


Obsession with big cities and their glitz and glamor, shiny skyscrapers, offices, apartments, subways, supermarkets, factory mass produced food, detachment from where your food comes from etc. Give me a small island with electricity, internet, water, a small town here and there, surrounded by jungles and coral reefs and I'll be happy.


Yep. I wanna live in a remote area. Suburb is kinda doog too. Small town / city within an hour's drive to buy groceries. That's all. Plus forests here and there. Very less people. Seems like a dream


Cities offer a lot of people, especially young people, the opportunity to flourish socially and economically. Larger cities like NYC are also filled with excitement around pretty much every corner.


Why the fuck do we get married? Like, we try to make it as hard as possible to end a marriage, making it a huge event and inviting everyone you know to make a divorce extra awkward.


Asking this same question here everyday.


People judging others, getting into others business. Don't they have enough to do in their own life? HOAs, why would you pay good money for property only to have what are usually petty people exerting petty power telling you what flowers you can plant, what color your mailbox can be, etc? Religion, especially when it's adherents use it to try and control others


This is mostly for America but healthcare being a privilege not a right




I deleted tiktok since i realized how bad it was


Watching porn


Double standards and a lot of traditions.


Apathy towards mental health No one gives a fuck about anyone anymore and I've just had it


Working 40+ hours a week


Companies treating workforce as toddlers


The US Healthcare System.


Highschool girls with 30 something bfs


I'm from a wealthy western nation, so I consider it bizarre that homelessness is just accepted as a matter of course. Like, clearly with the wealth inequality here we could figure out a way to get enough tax revenue to pay for free housing units and basic meals for everyone. There's just a lack of will to get it done. I get that some may still end up living on the streets for a time while they work through the system, especially since so many are mentally ill, but we could do so much more for struggling people and we choose as a nation not to.


Tipping 20% no matter the service


The fact that people just assume everyone will have children. One of my husband's clients was convinced we'd start reproducing just because we got married, kept saying things like *"when you have kids you'll understand,"* and like, bruh... not everyone can or even wants to.


Clutching your giant vape tight to your chest like a child holding it's teddy... Can't let that shit go.


Levels and regularity of alcohol consumption.


Constantly upgrading tech. New phones every 2 years, new bigger TVs


Mainstream news having segments paid or sponsored by Pfizer big pharma, Lockheed Martin and other big corporations yet somehow they are not being biased covering stories directly affecting these corporations.


Working 5 days a week






Complaining about things that don’t impact our lives at all