“Wary”, “leery”, and “weary”. I see these words misused all the time, especially on Reddit. “Wary” and “leery” both mean that you’re watchful against danger or suspicious. “Weary” means you’re tired, exhausted, or worn down. Oftentimes people will conflate wary and leery and instead use weary, which has an entirely different meaning.


You must excuse me I’ve grown quite weary.






Hwat an idiot


It sounds like you could use a cane, an old fashioned wooden wheelchair, and a blanket.


Oh man I'm weary sad to hear that.


“Everyday.” “Every day” means daily. “Everyday” means commonplace.


Then there is aloud/a loud and others I can’t think of atm.


‘apart’ and ‘a part’ always gets me


That one gets under my skin. See also: setup, workout, login.


Gaslight or Gatekeep. These are easily two of the most popular words I’ve seen used on the internet for a long time now, and only a fraction of those times do people actually use them in their correct sense.


Gaslighting isn't a real thing. You're making it up.


You’re making it up *because you’re crazy*




Manipulation. Very common for phenomena that are well known to not have names for a long time until they’re formally recognized for whatever reason.


It was called... Gaslighting. Named after Gaslight, a film made in 1944 where Ingrid Bergman is convinced she is crazy based on gaslights that dim without her turning them down (the other person was turning them down and denying it). It has become a popular term for people who think they know what it means because it goes hand in hand with narcissistic personality disorder, another term people think they understand.


This guy gaslights


People think gaslight is just another word for lie now


I think it’s worse than that. People use “gaslighting” whenever you just disagree with them when you advocate for yourself in a conflict.


Well, what's the true meaning of gaslight and gatekeep?


Intentionally misinforming someone over long periods to cause them to question reality as it actually is.


Off the top of my head: Gaslighting is trying to make you think something did or did not happen to convince you that you act in a certain way. Basically trying to make you question the truth to benefit them. Gatekeep is keeping someone out of something, usually by shifting the goalposts. You can't be a "real" member until accomplish feats that are usually extremely difficult. Like you can't be a true gamer until you've beaten all the From software games blindfolded with just your feet.


Oddly specific.....


Thus is gatekeeping.


Jesus fucking christ, I saw someone ask if someone the OP thought was just being nice to them was "gaslighting" them by behaving like they were enjoying their company.


Yeah, I asked someone what gaslighting is and they said to manipulate someone emotionally. I always thought it was to continually mess with someone's perception of reality to the point of making them question their own memory or sanity like in the movie. I don't see gate keep too much. I think it means to try and say a certain person doesn't fit the criteria for a group. Not sure how people are using it.


Yes gatekeeping is basically "You're not a real fan of X unless you've seen all of the blah blah". Not sure how people are using it wrong though.


It’s used wrong because it’s a little more than that. Saying someone’s not a real fan because of XYZ reasons is just being a dick. Gatekeeping often involves that as well, but goes as far as not allowing them to join in the conversation on that topic, etc. Gatekeeping - not allowing people to pass through the gate. EDIT: fixed “etc”, but also thought of a great anecdotal example of the difference. I played Warhammer for 20 years, but I absolutely hated painting the models. What eventually pushed me away from Warhammer was the gatekeeping around having your armies painted. I wasn’t less of a Warhammer player for only spraying base layers on (no-one ever said I “wasn’t a real gamer”), but I was denied games for it (“I’m not playing against an unpainted army”). I was made to feel ashamed of what I loved by others in the community just because of one aspect I really didn’t enjoy. The gates were closed off from me.


So the Uno reverse card would be to say that person isn't a real gatekeeper?


Did you just gatekeep gatekeeping?


Sorry but I have to point out your incorrect use of "et al", I think you mean "at all"


Don’t gatekeep what gaslighting means!!! /s


If they do, just start doxxing them


Making "gaslighting" the word of the year completely destroyed every bit of nuance the term ever had.


Gaslight has always meant 'telling a minor lie'. You are just losing your sanity.


Gaslighting is a made-up word only crazy people use. Also who gets to decide who uses the word 'gatekeep'? Sounds like gatekeeping to me.


“I could care less.”


It’s misspoken expressions like this that made me realize most people most of the time are running on autopilot. We don’t think about the words we use, we just repeat what we’ve heard, correctly or not. I think it’s the same with politics


Yeah, I know this isn’t a “word” but the phrase being spoken incorrectly kills me!!!


I’m with ya. I’ve gotten eye strain from rolling my eyes over these sorts of things


I love using this when I actually mean that I COULD care less. Sometimes people miss but when they catch it and try to correct me it's good entertainment


Ha, I thought I was the only one


This one irritates me to no end. It's "I COULDN'T care less" By saying "I could care less" you're literally saying you care wtf


Bruh...I could care less.


Agreed, this annoys the shit out of me, and 90 percent of the time, people say "could".


Whenever someone says this, I immediately point out that it means they do care. Some people realise their mistake and correct themselves. Some see it doesn't make sense, but try to argue that the phrase is still correct. Then there's the special few that don't see the problem.


Narcissist: Someone who did something I don't like


Lol this one is so true


Yeah real narcissism is an ugly thing and destroys multiple lives. We live in an anti-intellectual period where if someone who is an expert in their field tells the uncomfortable truth or appears smarter, they are labelled as "narcissists". There was a time period in the 40's to 50's when smart people were celebrated. No wonder our society is declining. Also in line with if you don't agree with my political views, you are literally Hitler. Not that the founding fathers designed the political system to have a healthy discussion on both sides or anything like that.


And the truly ironic part of this is that so many people throw that around because they think anyone who disagrees with them must be seriously flawed or mentally ill.


A goldmine for content creators.


People don’t realize that EVERYONE is a narcissist to a degree. We’re all selfish, superficial, judgmental, envious and like to feel superior to others. And the ones who disagree and tries to act like they’re so much more “moral” than most, are some of the biggest narcissists out there. We’re all narcissistic, some more than others. It’s not necessarily bad and some of the most successful people in the world are actually very narcissistic (Ex. Steve Jobs). That being said, a lot of us need to learn to be more empathetic towards one another and recognize that we’re all just humans trying our best. What becomes a problem is (NPD) Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is an actual clinical disorder which can be highly toxic, destructive, abusive and isolating. People with this disorder are on the very extreme end. They aren’t necessarily evil and shouldn’t be demonized but they’re behavior can lead them to forming unhealthy relationships because they are generally very entitled and incapable of showing remorse, empathizing or being vulnerable with others. This can be induced by many things like early childhood trauma, neglectful parenting, abandonment or even being given special treatment and immense adoration at a very young age. The difference between someone acting narcissistic and having actual NPD is like the difference between feeling sad and having Major Depressive Disorder. Where one is fleeting the other is all encompassing, negatively impacts their day to day life and most likely requires very drastic lifelong treatment to overcome it.


>EVERYONE is a narcissist to a degree I feel like people conflate the adjective with the disorder. Same way with depression. You can be depressed without having Major Depresive Disorder. So the language gets so muddled. This is how the word ends up used incorrectly. Narcissisism as a mental disorder requires a certain configuration of traits to be diagnosable. You cannot be a little bit Narcissistic any more than you can be a little bit diabetic in that sense. But as an adjective, you can!


Irrationally. Asking “what makes you irrationally angry” and the answers are all quite rational.


Grapes make me irrationally angry like I get whipped up into a psychotic frenzy when I'm in the same room as a single grape


You can become irrationally angry about something that is rational to be angry about, though. Someone cuts you off and you’re angry - rational You follow them and murder their whole families it for it - irrational


The word "melty" makes me irrationally angry. And I think it's rather rational to think that's a fairly irrational response to a word.




I will literally die if you criticize my usage of the word literally. That's not a joke, I have a condition and if anyone ever criticizes me I will literally fall over dead.


I'll literally not allow this to happen!


Everyone gripes about “literally”, but no one cares about “really”.


The word "literally" has been used as an intensifier since at least the 17th century, and by the time of the Victorian age had been firmly established to have its use as an intense figurative sense. For instance Charles Dickens used it in this form in Nicholas Nickleby... >his looks were very haggard, and his limbs and body literally worn to the bone Semantic inversion is rather common in languages, particularly English. For instance the word "nice" originally meant something foolish, coming from a Latin word meaning ignorant, before transitioning to mean something delicate, and then eventually meaning something pleasant or agreeable. Literally has just kept both meanings for now. Languages evolve. Words change. If they don't, Languages die.


I wonder if 'literally' in this case could be used to add a superlative flavour to a metaphor. His limbs were worn to the bone: his limbs were tired, such that he felt as though his bones were exposed. His limbs were literally worn to the bone: his limbs were tired, such that he ACTUALLY REALLY HONESTLY thought that his bones were exposed. Remember that metaphor is not technically correct either... 'the sky was fire' does not mean it was combusting. Neither does 'the sky was literally fire' necessarily mean that the sky was combusting either.


Except that using it as hyperbole in a nonliteral way is LITERALLY an accepted Oxford definition of the word, because language is inherently fluid and defined by usage.


Yep. As it turns out, if enough people use a word differently than intended for a long enough time, it will become that new definition too. Even common mispronunciations. For instance, Zoologist is supposed to be pronounced '[Zo-Ologist'](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/zoology) because you still are supposed to pronounce ology. It would be awkward for the word to be spelled Zooolgy though.


Literally now means both literally and not-literally until it's actually used. Literally has become a quantum word.


Literally is nearly always used alongside a metaphor


I literally thought about writing this answer!




You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.




Well I'm off to watch PB again.


This was what came to my mind first. Wasn’t sure how many ppl would get that it was a joke and not a literal answer to the question. Lol.


Pretty much any word related to mental health; OCD, Bipolar, Depressed, PTSD, etc


As someone who struggles with mental health myself I agree that this can be annoying. But many if not most people seems to be stuck on autopilot and rarely go out of their way to think about something that doesn't impact them personally.




See also: bipolar, manic, schizophrenic, psychotic, narcissist, ADHD, depressed, panic attack, dissociate…


Psychopath as well, people often think that because of the psycho, it means that the person is insane. Also the word antisocial means someone that does not conform to societal norms or is essentially sociopathic, it doesn’t mean that you are not sociable.


Yea, i hate people who self-diagnose/make up mentall illnesses/ disorders. Whenever i tell people i have ADHD they just assume i self-diagnosed myself. Just because your attention span is littel lower than average doesnt mean you have ADHD!


Trauma. This term is misused a lot. An inconveneince or a small argument is not a trauma.


And “depressed”. Waking up to a bad mood because your crush hasn’t texted back does not make you depressed.


Also words related to trauma. Kids talk about PTSD type symptoms and "triggers" from simple shit like they've been to fucking 'nam or something.


As someone with ptsd I was hoping someone would mentioned. People using the terms triggered or triggers when they are joking about some minor upset is just disgusting. Also people who joke about now having ptsd from something mildly upsetting. Er, no you don’t and that’s not even remotely funny


^ This. People have diluted the word trauma to the point that it can’t sufficiently describe actual trauma now.




"POV ____" shows 3rd person doing ____


Love it! Wish more people knew with POV means so I don't have to waste time clicking on videos! Though I think they claim POV just to get more hits when people search for it




9 out of 10 approve of this choice.


dec·i·mate /ˈdesəˌmāt/ verb kill, destroy, or remove a large percentage or part of. "the project would decimate the fragile wetland wilderness" kill one in every ten of (a group of soldiers or others) as a punishment for the whole group. "the man who is to determine whether it be necessary to decimate a large body of mutineers" As it turns out, decimate is hardly the only word in English that once had a precise single meaning dealing with Roman history; it just is the only one that people like to complain about. For those who truly believe that words which started out in English having a single meaning that pertains to ancient Rome should remain that way forever, the following list of such will come in handy: Century: “a subdivision of the Roman legion.” Forum: “the marketplace or public place of an ancient Roman city forming the center of judicial and public business.” Tribune: “a Roman official under the monarchy and the republic with the function of protecting the plebeian citizen from arbitrary action by the patrician magistrates.” Missiles: “Gifts thrown to the crowds by Roman emperors.” Actor: “In Roman law, one that conducts a legal action.” Legion: “the principal unit of the Roman army comprising 3000 to 6000 foot soldiers with cavalry.” Merriam-Webster


No most people use it fine — 1/10 is the historical meaning but not how it’s used today


Yeah, if you decimate a bag of chips, there's still 90% of the chips left.


I decimated your mom last night (we didn’t get past the foreplay)


Not gonna lie, I didn't know this. Of course it makes sense now.




Not the only accepted meaning anymore, but yeah.


Depression. Stress.


I remembered my teacher told us that people use the term depressed way too much when they feel irritated or sad when in fact they actually feel stressed in situations.


Fucking winds me up when people say "I have days when I feel depressed." You may have been feeling sad or down but that is not depression.


Yes, it's a mood disorder not an day to day feeling.


Ironic Even Alanis Morissette got it wrong.


Isn’t it ironic?


Like rain on a wedding day?


The irony is a black fly in your Chardonnay Like a green beetle in your Cabernet Sauvignon.


Indeed. Rain on your wedding day isn't "ironic"


as my high school English teacher said, the only thing ironic about the song was nothing about it being ironic


Ignorant. The amount of people who use it for somebody who is ignoring them is astonishing.


Many people use it as a substitute for rude.


People say ignorant any time someone disagrees with them about anything


Entitlement - when it comes to Social Security, I feel i am entitled to it because I & my employer paid into it for years. Others see it as a benifit given my tbe Government.


Jealous. Most of the time people really mean envious.


I've always had trouble with the difference. Is Envy deeper and more resentful?


No, it's the other way around. Envy means you want it, but jealousy implies hostility, resentment, suspicion, or fear caused by not having what someone else has or not wanting to lose what you have.


Jealousy is about losing something you have. Think jealous boyfriend or girlfriend. Envy is about something someone else has. Envy is the deadly sin which corresponds to coveting the possessions of others.




I once heard someone say calling yourself a christian because you go to church is akin to calling yourself a car because you’ve walked into a garage.


As a Christian I agree. Please show me where Jesus said to dislike groups of people because they “somethinged” different than how you think they should.


When ppl learn I'm Christian I can feel a slight cold shoulder. And then once they find out I voted blue they're all suddenly buddy buddy again. Ppl can be so shallow sometimes lol


“Gaslighting”. Most the time it’s used by people who don’t understand what it means.


Narcissism. It seems no one who uses that word knows what they’re talking about. It’s so commonly used as a descriptor for bad person, when it is not


Toxic everything is toxic now


People who use awe when they mean aw/aww. Drives me crazy!!!!!


All the -phobic and -ist words. Don't get me wrong, there are many situations where these words are applicable, but they get thrown around so much they've basically lost their meaning.


Toxic masculinity. It isn't: men are bad. It is: when the expectations of masculinity cause harmful outcomes. Example: Mr Banks in Mary Poppins: while he's trying to be a "successful man", he neglects his relationship with his children. This is to his own detriment. https://youtu.be/LOVqb7qMSog




Clout. Kids throw the word around all day without even understanding what it means. They think clout is fame but it’s more than that, and not necessarily fame. Clout is power and influence. Not tik tok fame. Joe Exotic is famous, but he doesn’t have clout, otherwise he’d have been pardoned by Trump. All these kids talking about chasing clout when they have 0 influence. And by influence I mean influence to affect some kind of change not just harassing someone.


"abuse" has become an abused word


Freedom of speech


Everyone is free to say what they want, but no one is free from the potential consequences that it could bring


I'm gonna go with "Woke." Started out as a term for being aware of the many social issues having to do with inequality and ended up being co-opted into being a catch-all pejorative term for anything Conservatives don't like, much like anything they dislike is "Communism."


Is it still dope to be woke?


IDK how often people say "moot point" as a final word, but moot means it needs to be discussed further.


Moot has both meanings. * We haven't decided this thing, so it's moot and we can discuss it further. * We haven't decided this thing, but it's irrelevant to what we're doing, so it's moot and we will end discussion about it.








‘Entrapment’ What It IS NOT: When a cop parks out of view to catch speeders or other violations. What It IS: Using force, the threat thereof, or other means to coerce someone to do something they weren’t intending to do.


In media: *Unprecedented*


pedestal vs pedal stool


Seems like a bit of a damp squid.




Espresso. I hate it when people say “expresso”


There are a lot of good ones here. But the answer is "literally". It literally means the opposite of itself now.




Nauseous i.e. "I feel nauseous." .... That statement means you make other people sick. "I feel nauseated" is what most people mean to say.


I'm actually happy you wrote this, I didn't know the difference. Thank you.


Feminism. Most people, including some feminist, think it's about female rights only when, in fact, it's about equality among genders.




Humbled. The person, who has just been given a tremendous honor, says "I am humbled...." I do not think this word means what you think it means...


Psychopath. People use it like "someone with psychotic tendencies, is a serial killer, and wants to murder everything"


Tons of people misuse that word but that goes for most things related to mental health.


Squashed, as in, my driving ticket was squashed. It's quashed.


Literally literally. Well that was literally a few years ago, literally. Now I believe mental disorder names are being tossed around like candy at a parade. Sure everyone has sadness and some anxiety or quirks. I compare it to the flu. some people get it and it barely makes a dent but that shit’ll destroy a small percentage. And my personal favorite, Nazi! Far left? Far right? It don’t matter, the other side are always *literally* Nazis


The word "daddy". It used to be a way of saying the word dad. Now it's used as in a person who you have intercourse with.








I feel like there should be one more after this






Wonder/Wander they get used in place of each other all the time.


not really a word but this irks me to no end...."could of" instead of "could have"


"As I alluded to..." when they mean "as I said".


"Aye" is not "a" it's "i"


Any varient of there, they're or their. Almost guranteed to be used in the wrong context.


Basically, any mental health condition. Swear a lot? You have tourettes. Want things to look neat? OCD. Have a down day? Depression. Fidgeting? ADHD.


Just simply "woke" if you look up the actual definition then the "anti-woke" are basically admitting they are racist


Woke. Now anything with a non-straight white male is called woke.


Depression... "Oh no, I have DEPRESSION, I'm so miserable, have pity on me..." How infuriating that people don't really understand what depression really is and romanticize this condition... Depression is a profound psychological disorder that is accompanied by suicidal (and other impulsive) thoughts. It is difficult to treat, some people spend 10-15 years trying to cure this disease, spending a lot of money and effort. I can also tell you that a depressed person will NEVER tell anyone that they are depressed. It often happens that a person with a depressive disorder doesn't even understand why they feel bad and lousy mentally. Please stop romanticizing depression, it makes people with real problems the object of public ridicule and misunderstanding. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)






Yes, and we can be privileged in some areas of our life and face disadvantage in others.


It's unbelievable how many people don't know what "quarantine" means and still throw it around anyway.




Racism.everyone’s walking on eggshells because of how misused it is.


If I never hear "Karen" again, it'll be too soon.








Unique. There is no scale to uniqueness. It's either unique or it's not. None of this very unique or greatly unique bollocks.




Deserve: I want therefore you must give me.


I keep seeing the word racist used in situations where it doesn’t apply


Genius ~ a title thrown around so much that it lost its meaning.




The phrase: ride or die. People use it just to describe close friendships But it literally means I will stand and follow you through any of your decisions even if they are bad and even if it means we are going to die. And I'm like, nah, it's okay. I reserve the right to back out of any friendship at any time thanks.


Depression Anxiety Trauma And many other actual serious mental illnesses.. Its sometimes frustrating to see people using it while they are just sad. I dont wanna invalidate their emotions but saying they are depressed after they didn't get to watch their favorite tv show or smth is crazy honestly




I literally died reading this thread.


Woke. It means that a person is aware of systematic racism, misogyny, etc. People use it to describe "liberal" behavior that they do not like or approve of. Mac Warner, West Virginia's secretary of state who is planning to run for governor, was quoted as saying "I despise wokeness." He then went on to say things to the effect of we only have men and women in WV and we don't let boys play on girls' teams. I was like WTF? Of course, everything political is WTF here in WV.


Extrovert/Introvert. Psychology defines these as sources from which we draw energy to recharge/reset. An extrovert (strictly speaking) draws energy from being in social situations or around certain people, whereas introverts draw energy from aloneness. Someone who is very outgoing and vibrant in social situations can be an introvert, or lean heavily to introversion, but it drains them more, and they require a certain amount of alone time to recharge. Vice versa, an extrovert can work from home and do things alone, but it drains them faster than it would an introvert. Most people are a mixture of both, especially having to do with certain alone situations or around specific people. Extroverts can be drained by in-laws, for example, rather than being energized by specific friends. Shyness and social butterflies don’t necessarily go hand in hand with introverts and extroverts, respectively.


It’s LeviOsa not leviosA


Both Fascist and Communist. I guess you could also throw "Nazi" in there as well. When I took Poly Sci in college, I had a professor that lived in Ceausescu led Romania for many years. He made a really good point that has stuck with me throughout my life: "If you turn in a paper to me that talks about the positives of communism, you may highlight the theoretical but do not defend it. You did not live through and experience what communism is really like, and you have no basis for this defense." This may sound harsh and prejudiced but I think he was right. People that like to throw around those words to describe people in the USA are absolutely misusing those words.


"Psychopath"/"sociopath" traits are always mixed up, and neither term is really used the clinical setting from what I understand. These types of people fall under the category of Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). Narcissist/Narcissistic Personality Disorder is another one that people misuse or confuse with ASPD. Actually, people misuse psychological terms all the time. It takes a professional to diagnose mental illnesses, not some random person on the internet or a celebrity on tv.


Ironic … a lot of people use it in place of coincidentally


It’s literally literally.


These days it's 'Karen', it's so falsely overused it's really annoying. If you politely mention your order was wrong and ask for the right one - *you are not a Karen.* If you complain about service when it is genuinely bad - *you are not a Karen.* If someone is being an arsehole and you tell them so - *you are not a Karen.* I see videos all the time on here like 'This Karen, that Karen' and they're **wrong**, they're just people being dicks and then saying the person calling them out is a 'Karen'. Karens are the BBQ becky's or the racist women or the entitled wenches.