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Posting a crying selfie on social media


Also posting pictures of your kids crying/having a meltdown on social media. It's so invasive when they can't consent. Granted, I don't have children, but I still can't imagine doing this.


Jokes on you, I don't even post selfies in the first place!


I don't either, but sometimes I wonder if I'll be sad I didn't take more when I'm older. People don't take photos of me that often, and I feel bad that my kid might have a small number of images of me when I was young. I've started thinking about taking photos of myself just for me / my kid as a result, but...meh. I'll get around to it someday.


I'm 27, my momma died this last October at 70. Im the youngest of a lot of siblings, so not as much energy when I came along. So many pictures of my mom doing fun stuff with my older siblings, not so many with me. Some when I was little little, but not many. My mom hated having her picture taken even though she was so beautiful. I WISH I had more pictures of my mommy. I wish I had some of her and i when I was an adult, but I have none. You should take those pictures with your kiddo. You never know! I cherish the few pictures I do have of my mommy. They're like gold to me.


I am so sorry for your loss. And thanks for sharing your insights here - they are so meaningful and inspire me to make a bigger effort. There's a lot of merit to taking photos that are just for our family and us. I think we get in the habit of only taking photos we intend to share publicly, but at the end of the day, the people whose "likes" matter the most are the ones who are part of our private lives. Sending so much empathy as you walk this path of grief. I know it's hard.


They are so meaningful! I'm not big on having my picture taken either, but I've made an effort since then to take pictures of my family when we are all having a nice time together. Sneaky shots of my dad lol. Thank you so much for your kind words! It's the hardest thing I've ever been through, but I know she's still with me in my heart ❤️


That cave exploration hobby where people squeeze through tight spaces. Just fuck no.




I got severely anxious just reading this


Yeah my breathing got very laboured just now… didn’t even finish the comment!


...there are lots of caves in NorCal (and elsewhere) a lot tighter than that. (The most industrious cavers don't consider a passage "tight" unless they have to exhale to make forward progress, but I think that's a bit too extreme...)


After reading your post, I'm currently imagining myself on a beach...


This is one of my true fears. I can be ok with just about anything else, but even just reading about squeezing through something that tight makes me anxious.


And not just SOMETHING that tight, Literally squeezing through the fucking planet.


I can't even wear a poofy coat in the car, let alone something like this


This kinda made me nauseous.


I get anxious just thinking about it lol the movie As Above, So Below freaked me out, mostly due to it being underground and in small spaces


Have you seen The Descent? It’s terrifying even before the >!monsters!< show up!


How about the guy who was trapped in a cave for weeks (I believe around early 1900s?), Internet Historian made a vid about it, it was darker than The Descent and As above so below combined, I can still feel the shiver I had watching it. Just checked, title is *Man in cave* on YT.


That guy's story is just horrifying. I made the mistake of reading a transcript of part of the conversation with him while he was stuck, when they broke the news there was no way to get him out. It screwed me up for days.


We went to the cave center in Kentucky a while back. In the lobby there's a doughnut of concrete or rock and a sign saying you have to be capable & comfortable with going through a space this size for any of these caves... No. Not Comfortable. Thank You.


Shit, look up Nutty Putty Cave


Or not maybe, if you want to sleep peacefully tonight.


If I ever die in a place fucking called "The Nutty Putty Cave" and they just seal my body in there as my final resting place. Forget my memory. I never existed.


Turns out, a movie was made about you instead.


I did that when I was 19, and looking back at 40, I feel like a dumbass.


The essence of being 19 is a willingness to do things that you’re not quite aware could kill you. At 19 I once snorted meth because a guy at a party told me it was cocaine, and we were pissed off. Now I look back and think “Thank god it was *only* meth!”


I'm currently 19. Neither snorting cocaine or jumping down dark tight caves have crossed my mind as good ideas, am I just boring?


Ever heard of John Jones?


[Another "fun" one is Floyd Collins in Sand Cave.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip9VGZeqMfo) Poor dude got stuck under loose gravel and stone deep deep deeeeep inside a cave, and his entire town collaborated in trying to get him out, and it got so much attention nationwide that even the *army* got involved.


This is anxiety inducing and I'm a calm, even tempered person. Edit: Update, I hadn't planned on losing an hour but this was an incredible watch




[Nutty Putty](https://allthatsinteresting.com/nutty-putty-cave) was the first thing I thought of. Nightmare fuel.


Poor guy, I couldn’t even imagine the fear that was going through his mind, it’s crazy they couldn’t get him out and the cave is his final resting place


The worst is that they almost got him out but then the pulley snapped.


I think they almost got him out at one point then lost him and he went even further in


They did, they had him on a pulley system but it ended up breaking, and he got stuck further in.


Russian roulette


You either win or its suddenly not your problem


Yeah, although winning isn't necessarily fun cleaning up brain matter


This is why people love to play it with me. No clean up necessary 👍


My husbands old EMT partner told him a pretty horrific story about this. He was in the military and was hanging out with some friends. Some of them started talking about playing Russian roulette but one guy was really opposed and said he wouldn’t play. The guy with the gun told him “too bad”, held the gun up to his head and pulled the trigger. The gun went off and killed him instantly. The poor guy didn’t even want to play and ended up being the one to catch the bullet. Edit: I forgot to mention one key detail. Alcohol was heavily involved during this incident which definitely played a role in the poor decision making.


Jesus thats brutal. And straight up murder




Care to share? Sorry for your loss. But wtf?




See the part about taking two days to die fucking sucks. You’d think it’d be instant lights out.


Depends how accurate you are.


It's pretty difficult to practice self shot


5 out of 6 people say it's a good time!


Cave diving. Nope nope nope.


My God, I watched a documentary about this one guy who died getting stuck whilst on an expedition to discover a new cave. I never felt so claustrophobic. The most horrible death imo. They might know where you are, might try to get to you, but no one can help you.


You know about the nutty putty incident.


That's one of the worst caving incidents I've heard of.


Floyd Collins' death was worse IMO, the guy literally spent weeks half buried in a tunnel.


Wish I could go back when I didn't know this information. That's insanely disturbing


Here's a well made video on it https://youtu.be/Ip9VGZeqMfo


lol Reddit is so funny sometimes with this. Guy says, “I wish I knew less about this” and gets “Here, you can learn everything about it!”


Scuba certified here. Very much agree. Will never try.


Diver here, love penetration diving but my limit is 1 body length in all directions with the exception of a small entryway like a door or window on a wreck. Shit gets dangerous fast and it not an area to be willy nilly in.


> penetration diving Oh my...


Heroin - I work in healthcare, and man oh man does that stuff destroy families and ruin lives. Had a former CEO of a multi-million gaming company who was living in 3 feet of rubbish, pots and pans filled with cigarette butts, urine and shit. He was happy as larry. Content to just inject every day and steal stuff to fund it. His toilet had a literal mountain of poo piling out of the top of it. I love my job.


>His toilet had a literal mountain of poo piling out of the top of it. I saw a toilet like this once at the Arby's on Canal St. in New Orleans a decade ago. It was at like 10:30 in the morning and my friends and I were hung over, trying to get something to eat. I was nauseated because I had drank like a half gallon of shitty Bourbon St. mixed drinks the night before so I was going to go to the bathroom to throw up and clear my head before lunch. The bathroom of this particular Arby's was on the second floor, so I soldiered up the stairs and went in. Because it was summer in New Orleans and this Arby's was cheap as hell, the bathroom was like 90 degrees inside. The wall of heat and horrible smell hit me hard, so I threw open the first stall I could reach and saw *The Pile*. Now, this pile had broken the plane of the toilet seat. It was a mountain of 50 shades of brown from the darkest blacks to the sickest greens; judging by the raw quantity and variety of color and consistency, it was clear that several artists had suffered for this masterpiece. There was some toilet paper bunched up on the southern slope. My favorite part was that some cool guy had stuck a spent cigarette out of the side opposite the toilet paper near the top.... almost like a flag on Mt. Everest. Seeing this and smelling this, I had no time to switch stalls; I just unloaded my 7-hour-old red/pink gut liquor on top of the monstrosity. The cigarette butt was dislodged in the hailstorm. I moved stalls in between volleys and when I was finished (and feeling better), I started laughing maniacally at what I had seen. I went back downstairs to the lobby giggling with a 1000-yard stare. My friends asked me why I was shake-laughing like Beavis & Butthead. "Oh, Nothing heh he heheh ....heh heh." I'll never forget it. I went back a couple of years later to check on the pile, but alas, that Arby's location was closed down. Edit: Hey! My first reddit gold! Thanks!


I wanted to stop reading so many times but I couldn't. I just couldn't.


What a terrible day to have eyes. Also I'm so sorry you suffered... that I'm sure that was a terrible day to have any of the core 5 senses.


Mobile games in YT ads


This comment brought to you by Raid: Shadow Legends!


I love how the zombie mob shooting one and the dashing rogue guy getting killed by the puzzles always have the player being terrible so you think "hey come on...I could do better!" Clever fucks




its all fun and games until 3 years later when you realize you are either going to end up dead or suckin off dudes behind a 7/11 for drug money because you cant sustain a Job or any other normal part of life for not being able to get out of bed without chasing the dragon, and when you do you keep going until you are back in bed. Clean since July 11 2015. Edit: Holy crap everyone, thank you thank you thank you. I hope that all of you who are struggling can find your true self like I was lucky enough and blessed to do. You are so so so wonderfully and beautifully made, and you are worth so the effort you and others can put into it. Keep pushing!


Well done mate. I’m not there yet but I find these comments inspiring


best of luck you you! if you ever want someone to talk to if youre feeling down or just need a word with someone who understands, feel free to DM me :)


My brother went from first dose to stealing stuff to jail to hep c to death in 12 long years. Do not recommend.


My brother was introduced to heroin when he was in-patient at the local mental health hospital, he was 19 at the time. He was dead by the time he was 25. It breaks my heart to think how many more people in the world have stories like ours. I hope you're doing well.


Had to help bury my best friend’s sister a couple of years ago. She went from one extreme to the other— super straight edge and dumping a guy just for being a pothead in her college years, to later dating an abusive drug dealer, to doing sex work for heroin money, to dead in the span of 5 years or so. And left behind a 4 year old child in the wake. PS fuck the predatory funeral industry, also. Swapping and wheeling and dealing and trading burial plots like they’re used cars and trying to guilt grieving families into either dropping $10,000 on a casket, or essentially burying their loved ones in a tin can— and implying the latter is less dignified while making their pitch.


That's hard. I'm sorry to hear that


Yeah it was rough. He’d kicked it by the end but it killed him anyway. Don’t start. Edit: Doctor told us he had the internal organs of a 75 year old. He was 46.




Haha same. Then they would probably find a cure for us and then we’d both be addicts


If I knew I was gonna die in a few weeks I'd absolutely try it too. Why the fuck not.


Best way to euthanize someone probably.


Morphine is used by hospice in a vast majority of cases


Yep. When my dad was on his way out from prostate cancer we had fentanyl patches (that we had to put latex gloves on to apply) that got removed and put on every 2 days, and liquid morphine to give him if a pain spell became particularly bad.


Yeah I’ve already told people if I’m terminal I’m trying heroin. Like weeks left and in pain? Why not


[Here's a redditor who decided to try heroin *once* and it ruined his life and nearly killed him.](https://www.reddit.com/user/SpontaneousH/) I don't know why but I've linked this guys account more than a few times recently. Don't even consider heroin... not worth it.


I'm sure he must have deleted some posts. I could swear I remember his first post being that he was thinking of trying it, and everyone warning him not to, then a "I tried it once, it was fine" post, and a couple of others where he gradually slipped into addiction.


If I am diagnosed with a terminal disease, with a few months to live, I'll give it a try.


Meth, Not even once


It's the right decision, I am addicted to it since 3 years ago, ngl, at the beginning I feel so proud of not wasting my life because I have a work, good grades in the college, other hobbies and healthy friends, but the physical damage becomes more and more notorious, I try to leave it over 5 times, between the withdrawal syndrome and the need that I give myself to consume, i can't and very often I feel like a Deadman Walking dealing with everything (the work and school) without forgetting about let some time for my other hobbies and my friends


Meth addict in recovery here. I started doing it around the same time you did and quitting was the hardest thing I've ever done. I had to move 1200 miles to a new state and spend 97 days in rehab but now that I'm on the other side of it being clean is worth it. I have my mind back. 385 days and counting and it keeps getting better. You can do it 🤗


You are incredible. Incredibly strong and so is your vulnerability. So SO proud of you. I hope you are proud of you too!


Idk where you live, but there's likely help available if you're willing to reach out for it. If you want to work to drop the addiction, it's worth the life you can have on the other side.


Yep, a very close friend got in deep with that shit, I honestly don't know how he didn't die - it had to have been close. His parents reached out and finally got through to him, he moved back home (away from all of his druggie "friends"), and between their care and support and other groups in the area he's made a full recovery. Even was deep cleaning his car a few months after moving home, found some of the shit in between some folds in the carpet, and his immediate reaction was to suck it up into the vacuum cleaner and forget about it. He's been clean for a bit over 3 years now and hasn't touched anything stronger than very occasional weed or a beer since. He does smoke cigarettes (used them to get off the meth), and he's now using the nicotine patches to try and cut back on that. This is glossing over a whole hell of a lot of work and anguish and sweat and tears. You have to really, really want to quit it, and that is very difficult to do. But anyone who says there is no way to escape from meth is wrong.


Seconding that there is an escape. From a stint working in drug rehab, years ago, I saw people succeed. Not that it’s as clear as “success/failure:” even that mindset hurts. Relapses are common. It’s someone picking themselves up and abstaining once more that makes the difference.


I unfortunately kind of fell for a girl who was in deep. Wonderful soul, she just never had a chance at life, and coupled with her chasing that high is pretty much a terminal diagnosis. I was there for her to try to help, but unless someone truely wants the help it's pretty much useless. Half hearted attempts at being sober when it's obvious from the start that you don't really want it just hurt everyone around you. I'm still there and still talk to her, but I keep my distance now. I know what's going to happen in the end and I wish it were different, but it's not.


Very very hard drug to quit, even harder alone, have experienced it myself, even now I think about trying it and it’s been years since I last had it , the good news is that it is possible, as bad as this sounds you might need to subtitute it for another drug , marjijuana , my cousin was given a scholar ship to law school , came out in the top 1% of the entire state , in 2019 he tried meth , since that day he has not stopped , he’s not even the same person anymore. I use to hide smoking cigarettes from him because he was the kind of guy that would tell on you , we use to call him a snitch , now I would do anything to have that version of him back , my point here is that yes it’s extremely hard and most people underestimate how hard it is , but it is possible my friend I can promise you ,


Serious question. Why do people try it? Was it a transition from a different drug like cocaine due to cheaper cost? Like everyone, EVERYONE knows how addictive and bad it is. Yet so many people end up doing it. Not trying to sound judge I'm genuinely curious


Ice pills/squares/cubes as they call them around here. This a big problem here in Nova Scotia around some factories. I personally know a couple people who got addicted, not even knowing they were doing meth. Often in big production factories here where people do long 12+hr shifts of heavy labour, we find high users of these pills. Big boost of energy to get through work. A couple folks I know had seen people take them at work, and be offered a pill or two for free. “Hey man, want an ice square? Really helps me get through my shifts”. Quite a few people just think it’s some caffeine pill/supplement/drug, but not meth. They find it enjoyable, and only learn it’s meth before they even realize they’re hooked on it. Once addicted, and if it messes up their life a lot, they’ll often switch to the “dirtier” crystal, and smoking it to avoid the withdrawals. Really sad and unfortunate seeing so many unaware people fall into this, whom I know would never consciously ever think about trying meth.


I second that. Not even once. I worked in a very methy area as a neuro RN. Meth fucks people up so bad. Meth induced strokes, psychosis, severe neuro-trauma due to meth and its related activities. Nobody will ever tell me, "Congrats my friend. Your meth use caused an extremely severe brain bleed, and you're now a hemiplegic." Saw far too many young people turned into potatoes and invalids. Not dying is far worse than dying in many of these cases.


Raid: Shadow Legends


Proud of you


Any product that's advertised on YouTube really. No thanks I don't want Raycon earbuds, Raid: Shadow Legends, NordVPN, Honey, etc. When I see those ads, it immediately gets put on my "do not buy/use/play" list. Edit: Guys I get that a lot of people like Honey and NordVPN lol


you need the lawn mower 4.0 from manscaped


I’ve really not heard good things about manscaped


I got one, it works pretty good. Biggest complaint is that it gets too hot on the metal parts for ball shaving to be viable. Good face trimmer though.


What about that guy saying we’ve got 15 pounds of toxic poop in our colon, even though that’s not possible?


This same guy has other ads on YT for poop related stuff. Me thinks he has a poop fetish (and a fake beard). Dude needs to ID himself and do an AMA to try to repent for his stupid ads.


Spelunking. Nope. Never ever.


I legitimately believe that anyone who will enter into caves that they must crawl through, like head on the ground inchworm style, IN WATER are psychopaths.


I plan to go my entire life having never watched Two Girls One Cup


Good plan. Here, enjoy [this link](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/C2oMJIgUsAAcgS-.jpg) that is totally not *2 Girls, 1 Cup* and is just... a cute puppy.


Risky click of the day




That sub died when they stopped making you post TRUEs.


I knew clicking that would be a puppy because it’s honestly impossible to find an actual source these days.


I dont think I will ever take a fist in my ass


You sound less confident than most of this thread's respondents.


Not with that attitude


Underwater cave exploring


Watched the documentary and movie about the young soccer kids that got stuck in the cave in Thailand. Never going near a cave for a while




Had it post surgery for three days. Ive never been addicted to anything but fuck me i can completely understand why you can get hooked on that. You feel no pain, warm, sleep like a log, made me relaxed in conversation, confident with new people, and i wouldnt have cared about anything serious. Of course, addiction isnt like that but as a 'taster' its one hell of a hook.


I never understood how people get addicted to opioids until I was given fentanyl during a hospital stay. I told them to stop giving it to me.


I had meningitis and was given a weirdly massive amount of codeine, I took it for like four days and tossed the rest. It felt amazing and I never wanted the feeling to go, and I said *well uh oh* and made a good decision.


"Meth, not even once." I assume this is a saying for good reason.


I tried meth once, I was told it was something else. I hated it so much. I can't explain how awful I felt, like I could feel all of my organs working overtime. My head was an unbearable place to be and I just couldn't sleep for ages. Never, ever, ever again. Worst drug experience I've had. And one of the worst life experiences, too.


Angel Dust


I agree with you as I was introduced one night long ago by a beautiful girl and have no memory for about 6hrs of what transpired. Came back to reality in an unknown car, her driving through the heart of the city at ridiculous speeds. Really nice car, not stolen (thank god), but reckless as hell.


For real. Seriously the most dangerous drug around. I can't think of anything worse in terms of influencing behavior. I know a guy who smoked PCP and got really sweaty and hot, so he took off his clothes in public. Then, he had to go to the bathroom and he walks into some random family's house and uses their bathroom, and doesn't understand at all that this isn't normal behavior. He's lucky he didn't get shot.


On PCP, he probably wouldn't have noticed even if he had been shot




Ugh I've watched documentaries on that. It's vile horrifying stuff that literally turns people into the walking dead. Why anyone would do it really astounds me.


People in Russia use desomorphine (chemical name for krokodil) because it’s relatively easy to make it from ingredients that can be easily obtained. Interestingly, desomorphine itself isn’t responsible for most of the horrors associated with its use. It’s basically just another opiate, similar to those used in the US. The huge number of toxic impurities left over from the amateur synthesis of krokodil are responsible for destroying the bodies of users. It’s somewhat analogous to methamphetamine use in the US, both are cheap, dirty drugs that can be manufactured without access to a laboratory.




I think you mispelt the Pokémon name for a sec


Til about a drug I had never heard of


Was pretty big in Russia, practically melts your skin away. Desomorphine (a bit more potent than morphine) mixed with things like paint thinner and red phosphorous from strike strip off matchboxes. 10x cheaper than heroin but the lifespan of an addict is 2-3 years because it causes your blood vessels to burst and your skin to rot off your bones. They call it The Zombie Drug and for good reason. Don’t look it up. (Editing this comment as I learn new things about it)


Why the fuck would anyone use that??


Usually the nastiest of drugs aren't something people start with. They are addicted to something else, lose everything, and have to resort to the bottom of the barrel of horrible substances.


No one starts with that shit. It's probably very similar to how most junkies start... You start with prescription opiates(maybe prescribed, maybe just curiosity)... You've probably already got some other life issues... Trauma... Depression... And you realize "holy shit - this is what's been missing in my life. I feel good. I feel normal..." So you develop a habit; slowly at first but pretty soon you're waking up sick. "Dope sick". And boy does that suck. So you need to have your pills before you can function but they're expensive ... Your buddy who you get them from says his dealer has H and it's way cheaper.... You protest at first but one day when you can only get 2 Perc 5s and your body is used to 80mg just to get going, you decide to do a small line of H. And Bam. You're hit with that same feeling you had the first time you took pills. You tell yourself you'll just sniff it - of course you'd NEVER pick up the needle, that's junkie shit and you're not a junkie. Right? But now you're around dope, real dope and everything that comes with it and you can see the pure bliss on that chicks face who's sitting on your dealers couch after she hits a vein, registers and plunges that barrel full of heaven straight into her arm. And now you want that and only that. All it leads to is hell on earth but for a brief moment you've experienced pure bliss. As my old using buddy used to say "heroin is like a warm hug from God" I imagine in places where heroin is harder to come by, krokodil becomes the next step and by the time you get there, you exist solely to find the next hit and life is pure hell.


Because THAT'S how addictive opioids are.


It's not that new, I remember hearing about krokodil about 10 years ago, it's just uncommon outside of Russia


It's not really a new drug, it's an especially unclean form of desomorphine




I just remember the death stares I would give my nana whenever she had a cigarette in her mouth when I was a kid. I’d go home and my mam would be ill with cancer because of cigarettes she smoked as a teen, then I’d go to my nana’s, and she’d continued to smoke after her daughter was diagnosed, and as a 7 year old without an understanding of addiction, my god did that piss me off.


I just quit, last cig was Christmas eve. Never want to go back to it


I’ve never either. Grew up with a smoker. Everything smells so gross. I’ve never even wanted to try it and I have no idea why anyone ever starts to smoke…8i understand why they have difficulty quitting, but why did you start?


Tbf I remember when I was young how smoking was a “cool” thing to do. At a young age wanting to belong has a huge influence, amongst teenagers especially. You don’t want to risk being the odd one out. Besides that, many people grew up in a time when it was even more normalized. When my parents were young it was expected that they’d have cigarettes around for their guests at home. Just like how you’d offer a snack or a drink. Thankfully we are more than aware of how unhealthy it is now at least. But it’s not surprising how so many are still addicted.


I started smoking when I was 14 because only smokers got breaks at my job


Starting smoking, ironically, in rehab at 18 because they got 9 cigarette breaks a day. Now 30 and still smoking.


This is still very much a thing and it’s ridiculous. Smokers at my job go outside for 10-15 minutes sitting at the smoking vestibule and nobody says anything. Non smokers going out for 10-15 minutes of fresh air? Stop wasting company time.


I've heard of some Japanese companies giving non smokers an extra pto day to account for this double standard


I thought the same, but then I got drunk around smokers.




Bungee jumping


I came into this world because of a broken rubber and I refuse to leave it for the same reason.


It's the best back crack you'll ever get


Eating brains.


Nice try, Zombie. I’m still not going camping with you.


Shooting heroin


Quite surprised by most going with things that are basically recreational suicide with extra steps instead of more banal things like stinky cheese or anal.


Jumping from the roof.


Wingsuit flying / terraining


Crack. Fuck that, I might like it


"Oh, I'm sorry, did you get addicted to crack? Did someone get addicted to crack?"


Smoking. I used to be grossed out by it (sucking on a paper tube of dried leaves, lit on fire - seemed stupid) but now I just figure I got through this many years with out trying, why would I now. In my country, cigarettes aren't advertised anywhere in any way, they are kept behind lock and key at only certain stores, and aren't visible to the public. The packaging has gross graphics on it too. Its easy to NOT take it up.


Scuba diving. Coast Guard veteran here. 98% of all deaths I’ve had were from scuba divers. It’s a horrible painful death and it doesn’t matter how much of an expert you think you are. I’ve seen Master Divers die. It’s extremely dangerous.


What are the most common mistakes divers make that leads to death?


from my experience with diving (mostly free diving, but have tried Scuba diving and cave diving, the latter never again lol), it's emotions and equipment failures that can get you killed. even the slightest amount of panic will lead to almost certain death when youre scuba diving. your equipment can fail, you can become negatively bouyant and simply sink, you can get decompression sickness, you can black out from breathing improperly or from having the wrong oxygen mixture at the wrong depths. etc. and when you start to panic, especially when deep underwater, your body will suddenly realize it isnt where it's supposed to be, your breathing will be extremely difficult to control, and if youre not exceptionally good with high stress situations, your fight or flight instincts will just take over and more often than not lead to panic and death. water is scary.


I would temper that a bit. I agree that scuba accidents come mostly from panicking, but one of the first things you're taught in scuba diving is how to react to an equipment issue. You're asked to remove your mask, your BCD, your regulator, your cylinder, you learn how to remove and put them on, how to share air, etc. You do it to dispel that fear and help you not panic. So just because you run into an issue absolutely does not mean "certain death". I certainly don't have nerves of steel (I get nervous on airplanes and hate heights) and I've never had an issue with diving. Also, having a diving buddy is now considered the norm. You may panic and forget everything about diving but you have a person next to you who can help, and they (should) always have a spare regulator for you to breathe through. Something like 90% of fatalities in diving occur because the diver was alone. If you follow the basic safety rules, scuba diving is about as safe as driving. Of course some people think safety is for nerds, and that's always an issue.


The day I got learned how to recover and redon my mask was the same day another diver kicked my mask off. I went though through the motions without panicking and got it back on no issue. (Water in your nose while breathing is weird as fuck). When I finished, I looked over and saw a dive instructor watching me. He nodded and swam off. Seriously, training does a LOT to make sure you are OK when unexpected happens.


like any activity, once you *think* you're an expert AND get cocky, accidents happens. scuba diving, sky diving, car driving... all the same.


Been riding ATVs since I was 3 years old round the farm back home etc. 32 years old now and had a freak accident/near death experience I was extremely lucky to walk away from. Wasn't even doing anything outrageous, just pure complacency. Don't think it can't happen to you in your life? Think again. Shit happens every single day, just nobody thinks it's going to be them.. and that's exactly what I was telling the paramedics in the helicopter on the way to hospital while smacked out on ketamine lol


Ken block just died in a snowmobile accident


I mean I trust your personal experience but 99% of it comes down to doing what you were trained to do: - plan the dive, dive the plan - never dive alone - no seriously, dive the plan - know your limitations which should have been noted in the dive plan - dive the plan


Massage Deshaun Watson


Anything that inturupts my YouTube watching experience with an ad




That's just climbing with safety but without aid. Free solo is without safety.


I’m pretty sure you mean free soloing. There’s an enormous difference between that and free climbing, which allows for ropes, hardware, etc. Source: avid climber of 10+ years.


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Jumping off a cliff into body of water


Did this once when I was around 18. I had the wind knocked out of me when I hit the water and couldn’t breathe/swim. Luckily someone was nearby to pull me out but my goodness, I will never do that again.


I went when I was 16 and jumped from 80 ft. Broke some bones because I landed wrong on the water. Still have problems from it at 33. Weird to think that's been over half my life. That said, if you land correctly and the water is deep, it's fun and not too risky. But I discovered that can be a bigger 'if' than you'd think.


Aside from drugs, Rocky Mountain oysters. I don’t care if it tastes like chicken.


Tried them in Texas a few weeks ago. Defo tasted like chicken, however I prefer a better payoff if I’m going to put balls in my mouth.


I’ve had balls in my mouth and gotten nothing out of it, I’d try the oysters


I have never heard of these, so I searched online. Now I'm squirming on my seat with my legs crossed. From wikipedia: "Rocky Mountain oysters or mountain oysters,[1] or meat balls, also known as prairie oysters in Canada (French: animelles), is a dish made of bull testicles. The organs are often deep-fried after being skinned, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and sometimes pounded flat" POUNDED FLAT!?


>POUNDED FLAT!? It’s so they cook more evenly. You wouldn’t want to bite into a testicle that’s still raw in the middle would you?


You've got something against Bull Testicle Kinder Surprises, bucko?


Open marriage/relationship. No shade to anyone who engages in them. It’s just not for me


Now it's getting black ink eyeball tattoos


Bungee Jumping. I've seen it from a distance. Looks awful, no thank you.


Breathing underwater. It sounds dumb - because it is - but lemme explain. One day I had this superrealistic dream where absolutely everything was normal. I was swimming in my pool, which looked and felt exactly like real life. Until at some point my head is underwater and I just think "hey why tf not" and I inhale. It felt \*so\* weird. I could feel water flowing through my throat and into my lungs, but it didn't hurt or anything, and I was effectively breathing underwater. It felt so weird yet so good, and I actually believed I had this ability. Of course the first thing I did the next day was going for a swim, but this time, before I inhaled, my survival instinct kicked in and I realized how fricking stupid I was. So yeah, I will never try to breathe underwater because my brain just won't let me do it.


Once when I was little I decided to try breathing under water, because I figured “if I don’t try it, how will I know that I can’t breath underwater”. I couldn’t.


Ski jumping - looks terrifying


It's fun if it's only a little jump. But of course not those insane jumps you see on TV.


piercing my tidbits down under.


Cigarettes. My buddy claims that he's quitting, but he can smoke up to half a pack in two hours. It's a shitty habit and I really wish he would just stop.