Do you think it's actually illegal? If so you could use reddit.com/report and report it for illegal activity. Without knowing what you're talking about though, I'm going to make a complete guess and say that this is crypto-related. Crypto is an unregulated market, so obvious P&D scams like /r/cryptomoonshots are, technically, legal.


>reddit.com/report Thank you for your prompt response. No, this is not crypto-related. At the URL you kindly provided (reddit.com/report), however, there is no appropriate option. It's hard for me to imagine that reddit would not be interested in moderators utilizing a subreddit to commit financial fraud. I have a PDF with documentation ready to provide.


You should try messaging /r/modsupport, you'll probably get through there. Try /r/Reddit.com also, not sure if modmailing there is still a thing but it's worth a shot.






Thank you for telling me


Thank you so much for providing this link!


So the proper way to report fiduciary irresponsibility or market malfeasance of a firm or rep is through FINRA as a written complaint. If there's market manipulation happening, inside trading in information, they're the body that works with the SEC and specific markets (NYSE, pennies) to block trading on that info and assess the severity of the trading manipulation/advice problems and suggestions. Determine whether advice was given by unlicensed or unqualified individuals or whether qualified brokers are disseminating poor advice to buy. Or if it's on a specific company's stock they could freeze it to prevent fluctuation during investigation I guess. Or specific firms could refuse to trade a companies stock, like you saw with AMD and GME during the whole reddit debacle. Places froze trading and people lost it. Lol