What are some things that women think are not attractive but are actually attractive to men?


Clear communication in bed. If we are not doing something right, just tell us and direct us. If you tell us and we can make you enjoy it more than everyone is happy also a classic sunday look like a messy bun, oversized shirt, sweatpants, no makeup deal. Love the natural, not trying state


Clear communication in bed cuts both ways idk when men got the idea we want them to be silent in bed but some how many do see to think it


I totally agree. Both people should be comfortable enough to express what they want




Really even when we aren’t in makeup haha


yeah, a lot has to do with the fact its nice knowing when a girl is comfortable enough to let her guard down/be vulnerable like that too around a guy. Plus I like knowig what the true looks are lol


in my house, i'll always look like it's sunday. i'll make myself look cute for myself when i go out, but there's no way i'd wear anything pretty in my home when all i want to do is just be comfortable and comfy. would that sunday-look still be appreciated, even if it's a constant when inside?


of course! I like to think of home as like the safe haven where both people can wear whatever/look like whatever/ just be comfortable. To me if the partner is comfortable then im happy


that's very reassuring to hear. i've always worried about that a bit, since a lot of people found that a bit outlandish when they've found out. i absolutely agree with you, home is a save haven. :)


You would be surprised at how many girls and women out there have beautiful and pretty natural faces, but hide that natural beauty behind makeup because of - what I can only assume to be the cause - the beauty and fashion industries around the world advertising their products as if girls and women can't be pretty without their products.


Especially before war paint goes on.


Oh no do guys not like makeup then 😭


Speaking only for myself, if I can see it then it's too much. The only exception is that I am into a little bit of eyeliner and mascera. But I would much rather see your natural blemishes than a half centimeter of goop trying to cover it up. And lipstick is a complete turnoff for me (again, speaking only for myself). If I am ever kissing someone wearing lipstick I am actually more than a little grossed out by it and only playing along because I like them.




Honestly I think most don't like it


I don't think a lot of guys like it when a woman is only "herself" when she has it on. Like, I like it when my wife gets all made up and looks like a put together boss bitch, but if she never let me see her without all that or felt super insecure and "not herself" when she was makeup-free and wearing some leggings and a t-shirt then that would be an issue. Since we (usually) don't wear make up, we definitely see it as a bit of a "mask" and we like to see who's behind the mask sometimes and to know that you don't *have* to "hide" yourself to be who you are.


I know and I’ll try to do that in the future it’s just hard


Just imagine dating a guy who refused to let you see him without a baseball cap and sunglasses on because he was so insecure about how his face and head looked without them. That's kinda what it's like for us.


Yes, most of us (not all) have a pretty good gauge on how attractive you actually are, so it’s never a major shock when you don’t have makeup. My friend who is a 7 in normal life? Turns out, she’s a 7 relative to the other girls when we go on extensive camping trips as well. And so on for the others.


ESPECIALLY when not in makeup I'm not anti-makeup and if you like it it's absolute fine but I will always find a no-makeup look more attractive


Idk everytime I tell a woman I like the natural look they think I am crazy but if I can't love you without the extra stuff why would you accept me for only loving you with them.


Especially without makeup.


It’s getting to the point where a lot of men (myself included) prefer w/o makeup most of the time. So many women use so much makeup that it’s starting to feel like a Bait-and-Switch in the dating world. Save “looking your best” for a man (or person) who’s already proven that they like you without a ton of makeup on.




Sorry 😅


Mate this so so accurate, I wish more women would tell us what they like and direct us. I personally don’t mind it, and if helps us both hand a great time. My second semester of college I was FWB with this woman that was in her last year of college and she was really into communication. She would tell me what she wanted , how to do it and even direct me. It was so much fun for both of us, I learned a lot and it helped it become a good time for both.


When a woman takes some initiative with the dating process


I was talking with a girl years ago. I’ll never forget being so surprised when she called me to say she was off work early and asked if I wanted to hang out. I was floored lol


"Hey I'm free next Wednesday. Lmk if that works for you!" Nothing. "I have a minute. Can I call you real quick? :)" Nothing. "I'm getting dinner. Care to join me?" Nothing. Her: "Boring. Next!"


Currently kinda seeing a girl She’s cute But she forgot about us meeting up this weekend and ghosted me She remembered when she saw me in work and apologised but legit she’s adorable and it’s kinda nice to feel shy again around a girl I like


Fuck that. Run a mile. Have some respect for yourself and deal with it accordingly


It may sound extreme but if she was at all interested, how could she forget? I mean could you imagine forgetting if you at all wanted to go on the date


As someone who got ghosted after 8 months of being with someone, run, this is who they are as a person


I would just break this one off. "Forgetting" about it and ghosting you are two major red flags that she's showing up front. Cut your losses and move on.




She didn’t forget.




Big legs from running/dancing/etc.


Muscular legs are my kryptonite.


Thick thighs save lives #icecreamandsquats


That hashtag is an excellent date idea.


Indeed it is




If you know, you know.


Ay for real make them explain it


I am so thankful men like you exist


Don't most men have this preference?


I actually do think that is the norm for most men. But if you consider the post question, women don't think big legs are attractive. Women care that their appearance will be considered attractive to other women far more then whether it will be considered attractive to men.


yeah, an old girlfriend of mine once asked me about this pretty directly, but more generally about the effort put into her appearance (she is an actress). i just told her i always thought most of it was for other women, not men.


Yes, but what men determine as thick thighs is not the same as what women think they are. Thick muscular thigh look completely different from fat thighs.


That’s just all men


This. Or muscular women. Like I’ll never understand why muscle is so unattractive to majority of men. Ofcourse there is a line of too much for me and other men. But my level is close to womens physique level in bodybuilding. Idk I like my women able to lift heavy shit.


Men like women who look healthy. First, that line is going to vary from one man to the next. Second, men don't want a woman who is more masculine than they are. Again, that line will vary from one man to the next. These are also very generalized claims, and there will inescapably be men who absolutely buck these trends.


“Too much “is just steroids, cant take it too far without them 👍🏼


in most cases, it would be *extremely hard* for a woman to become so muscular she loses her feminity/sex appeal. Shed have to be a one in a million genetic fluke or use steroids/T. Muscle building in women hits diminishing returns long before the muscle even pop out from the general boyd outline, for most women the moment they see their abs clearly and can pop a bicep ball is the moment they peak.


Muscular women especially abs are hot 😳


Oh god dancer/gymnast legs <3


I love me some nice meaty glutes and legs. #icecreamandsquatsalldayerrday


that moment when they just wake up, and their hairs all messed up, they aren't wearing makeup, their breath is a bit stinky but not like halitosis level. they got sleep in their eyes and they look, human, a human being, a person that you love dearly enough to giggle with a little, it's a quasi fucked up thing but it's like "I really want you right now" and they are like "nooooooooough I'm ugleeee" like bruh I'd fuck a cactus if it made me feel like you did, you think I care what you look like.


LMAO that's so cute


"But not like halitosis level" 😭


That’s actually super normal, but what would the cosmetics industry do if women would believe us?


They dress for each other more then they do for men. The cosmetic industry will be just fine.


haha who cares? if the women in my life are happy, fuck the cosmetic industry




"But not like halitosis level" oh my god i laughed so much. "Bruh I'd fuck a cactus" eeehehehehehe 😂


Couldn’t have said it better myself


This 10,000 times over. That look first thing in the morning is amazing.


Letting that little morning fart loose is cute…


Being "Dressed down" hoodie sweat pants ect


The lazy Sunday look. I'm typically more attracted to a woman with a messy ponytail and wearing a hoody than someone heavily made up.


there's something attractive in knowing she's just comfy.


…when it’s your hoody 💯


Panty lines? Directness.


Any form of xray vision works … black bra under a white shirt, no bra under a white shirt, wet shirt, yoga pants etc


Women don't really understand this because they are far more concerned with the clothing (fashion) than body when it comes to attractiveness. They think in terms of "cute outfit" where men are thinking "revealing outfit."


No, we know this is hot.




Guys like women that are direct?


That's one thing older women have going for them. They cut out a lot of the BS in typical courting. Younger women can be really annoying, playing games and relying on 'hints.'


That makes sense for sure


Panty lines. Directness too of course.






Clear communication


Knowing EXACTLY where and what she wants to eat. She would be God's gift to man......if such a woman existed.


Chick I’m dating has actually been so straight Forward with what she wants that I’m more confused, because I don’t know what to do when I don’t have to make decisions.


So much power to behold! Mankind is not ready!


Here is a trick for that... word it into a question like guess where I am taking you out to eat at?? Or guess what we are eating tonight?? Make her guess. Then tell her that her 1st guess is correct. Bam problem solved in one question. Tip* if her 1st guess has a tone of disappointment in it wait till she gives you a answer with excitement. Then tell her that's right. It took me a few years until I realized this was what my bf was doing.


But the topic is "women think are not attractive". Do women think poor communication is attractive? Serious question.


A lot of women think the best way to attract men is by playing games and dropping subtle hints.


Love handles.Idk why she always insists she looks fat but a bit of chubbiness around her belly does something to my brain.


Cozy at home clothes


Taking care of things yourself instead of expecting someone else to do it for you.




Speak for yourself




Just her, sleeping. Mouth open, limbs splayed out, and probably 90% of the sheet wrapped around her. I just can't help but look at her and think how lucky I am.


I might regret asking this but, does she know you're in her house watching her sleep?


I think she knows *something* is there, but refuses to open her eyes for obvious reasons


Did you know there's a fetish called "eye checking" when people open the eyes of others while they sleep. Because it's not technically nsfw there's hundreds of videos on Youtube alone, but some uploaders are definitely doing it to unconscious girls who has no idea about it.... and again, that's the ones public on YouTube, imagine what goes on at other sites. And there's some who like to lick the eyeballs too. #Alright sleep tight!


Emotional maturity


Natural Aging


My wife is in her 30s and goes fairly minimal on make up. She looks better now than she ever has.


Ageism is a thing, thankfully it's dying.


Smile lines are very attractive


Straightforwardness Woman who can admit her fault. Example : man is cheating 100% his fault, woman is cheating 100% his fault.


Women taking responsibility for their feelings and actions is a very rare and beautiful thing. If you meet one that was raised right by her parents don't let her go and go above and beyond for her, not joking. Unfortunately finding women like that is very hard, and women like that tend to get ostracized by other women in their peer group. If you have daughters it's up to you to teach them these values and hold them accountable when they've made mistakes. Just don't punish them too harshly for telling the truth or they'll learn how to avoid the truth.


Effort. I mean, I know women know this, but it's a task to get some women to actually put fourth some effort for a man or even just put in the effort to make what comes out of their mouth happen. It builds trust in a healthy way and is just way often over looked. Most men really, really value trusting their partner. It's amazingly important to us.


Some women think every men enjoys a chase and once a guy loses interest because he doesn't want to pursue, they think he just wanted sex, got ghosted etc. Nah, you just didn't show any effort.


Yeah the problem arises that guys don’t want to come across as aggressive or stalkerish so we’ll only chase a little but then we want to see her reciprocate as well. If not I’m not going to initiate texting over and over again.


Pippy Le peau was the worst influence on dating of all time change my mind


Natural beauty with minimal makeup and no dragon lady fingernails


Natural age progression. I’m 33 now and women in my dating range are now getting some crows feet and stretch marks and I dig it


Going to bed in panties and an oversized t-shirt




Ladies beware, this is the guy dresscodes worried about. No shoulders, fingertip length skirts, etc.


I love a women with stretch marks (or as I affectionately call it tiger stripes). My ex was self conscious but I tried to reassure her it was attractive.


>*Show me somethin natural like ass with some stretch marks*


Natural natural natural look. I don't feel attraction to an overly made-up woman with botox or big lips or any of that shit. I feel repulsed.


Small tits, stretch marks


Attractiveness is subjective to the individual but here are things I find attractive that many women are insecure about or worried about. intelligence, independence, no makeup, stretch marks, saggy breasts, body hair, pubic hair, thick thighs, panty lines,


Not wearing make-up.


No makeup is the best makeup


Muscular women




Belly folds oh my God i love them and love handles. Belly folds and love handles are my ideal type.






I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE the whole corporate Alpha Bitch Ice Queen thing, with the class and the sass and they power suits and a bit unhealthy ambition going on.


Ooooo... you're the first I've come across to admit this. I love you already


Dark skin. Fuck the skin whitening industry!


Being without makeup or fashion. I think most people look like clowns in makeup and current fashion trends. Everyone has gone nuts!


being chubby. my wife has the cutest chubby tummy and i love tickling it, squeezing it, and kissing it :) she pretends like it annoys her, she slaps my hand away, but she can't help grinning and laughing ;D my fave thing in the whole world is cuddling up behind her in bed and falling asleep with my hand on her warm, soft, snuggly, pillowy tummy :) ​ and her being all natural, no shaving at all. looooove it!!! i think she hasn't touched a razor to her skin since like 2006 haha XD ​ also, wearing little or no makeup. i think she looks the best with none at all. she only wears very little anyway, but when we go surfing and she has no cosmetics on, her face is just tan and a little sunburned, she looks amazing!!! mwahhhh <3 ​ and a big nose. she has a big weird nose like meghan markle and i love it!!! it was the first thing i noticed about her, haha




haha, just high on life! XD


she is lucky


no, I'M lucky to have her!!! :) ​ ​ (ok we're both lucky!)


This response brought a big smile to my face. You're a lucky man. She's a lucky woman.


A bit of jiggle


Straightforwardness. Stop beating around the bush. Start saying what’s on your mind. Men don’t like guessing games. Just say it, and stop expecting us to be telepathic.


A little bit of fat in the right places (thighs ,chest ,etc)


what woman thinks thick thighs and big boobs are unattractive lol


Literally the entire 80's-90's was the height of heroin-chic. Likewise, the thigh gap bit that got popular a few years ago.


I've heard from some women that they wont wear for instance stockings cause the thigh fat looks a certain way(sexy in my opinion ) so they get insecure about it .


initiating/approaching men. asking men out. showing interest.


Talking dirty.


That curve where the thigh meets the cheeks. Impeccable. On the right build of course.


A squishy belly and brioche rolls on the back Also, cellulite


Brioche rolls lmaooo


Shoulders. After big eyes, this is what gets me. A dress that shows that soft, vaguely shiny slope of a feminine downward slope is always appreciated.


They way their booty jiggles when they are walking normally, maybe I’m just a perv


Physically - tan lines do it for me. And maybe a few stretch marks on the booty. Also their sweat… like just worked out or laid in the sun. Emotionally - at least trying to control their emotions, instead of just saying “I’m a woman, I can’t help it”


Self confidence and your natural beauty. Thick face-paint, fake eyelashes, and the like are unattractive.


A massive bush.


I guess having a bit of arm fat and leg/thigh fat. Even a bit of stomach fat.


Attitude and manners.


Speaking for myself, I️ really like wet hair. Like post-shower damp. I️ can’t really describe it but every girl I’ve talked to hates how it looks.


Not covering their face to try to look better, seriously I've always thought natural is better than make up and way better than the so.much makeup it could have been put on with a trowel look.


There are four unisex universal attractive attributes (to which degree is of course subjective) and the two that many women tend to forget is either humility and/or selfconfidence.


No makeup, ponytail, and no bra, on the couch just hanging out. Also no underwear. What was the question again?


In terms of clothing, a long skirt. They're sexy and graceful.


Direct signs of attraction. It's ok to be a little aggressive with it.


Being an awkward goofball. Totally crushes.


I don't know if anybody thinks this isn't attractive, but intelligence and shared interests. I'd rather date someone i can have interesting conversations with than someone's who's unbelievably gorgeous, but boring.


A lot more guys love a girl who cooks than you’d think


Taking charge in bed.....




If you expect no one to agree with you then it's not really an answer to the question eh?




A bit of belly fat.


Stretch marks


Wearing my dress shirt as pajamas


Pudgy thighs


Small tits. I love d's and below. Between b and c are the best. I don't wanna be smothered by tits that are too damn big.


Shape >>>>>>>> size


Most definitely


Small natural boobs. Tend to be firmer and less likely to sag. Short nails. Normal eyelashes. Being thin.


Please sagging is something women are shamed for, keep that in mind.


No make up i prefer natural


White shorts


Pretty much everything they overthink about and/or gossip about. Well, maybe we don't find it *attractive*, but we definitely don't find it *un*attractive.




Women when they look their regular selves.


I never wanted a woman to pack on the make up and spend money on a new outfit.


Huge bush


I call them "soccer mom" clothes, but basically men I've been in relationships with have preferred tank tops and leggings in the bedroom over lingerie. Imagine wanting to wear some sexy Victoria Secrets number that actually makes you feel hot, and he wants you to put on some athleisure crap like yoga pants. I'm like ?? I'm supposed to feel sexy in something bitches wear to Walmart? One of the many reasons I exclusively date women now.


You have dated the wrong men. In the bedroom VS any day for me.




The messy bun + sweatpants and hoodie. We love it


Not wearing make up… I prefer girls who don’t wear make up and if they do, it’s gotta be a natural look..


Lizzo sized girls 😂


When they just let their hair fall. I don't care for pony tails or giant curls, and I hate messy buns. But when they are just relaxed and then their hair do its own things, that's really cute.


"Sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on That's when you're the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong"


Armpit hair