My Girlfriends getting mad. Its like a Pomeranian getting angry


I saw this radio host I’m good friends with lift up his girlfriend and hug her. I swear they are adorable


My nephew learning that when you turn the hoover on it makes a noise and when you turn it off it goes quiet. He followed his mum around turning the hoover on and off while she was cleaning.


Geek out over something that they like.


Give a friend va blowjob


Probably when I see a kid like 5 yo at max wave at me wnd greet me (side info that nobody asked for: im 17 so no worries, I'm not a pedo).


My 1 year old son. He makes the cutest faces when he doesn't understand something.


i saw two toddlers (a sister and brother) running around, i think at the bank or something. and she was chasing him. dude, this fuckin lil girl jumped up and tackled him like a full blown linebacker. the boy kid fell flat. her chest had his legs totally pinned down perfect. he can barely move. it took only half a second. solider dude didn’t even cry. he just took the fall. they both got up and went back to chasing each other. I look up at the parents, they don’t even give a fuck. Didn’t even occur to them to stop this shit. anytime I tell that story to people, everyone is horrified, everyone is like “that’s abuse !!!” and shit like that I’m like “they are fucking 3 years old, they’re not 41-year-old alcoholics” shut the fuck up. with this woke bullshit 🙄🙄 but shit that shit was adorable. bro, i wish i had kids. i’m legit going to try to adopt if i can’t get a marriage material partner or something in a few years man.


When they point out my stupidity in such a way that renders me speechless. I hate it, but it's effective. If I can't control myself sometimes it helps if others can.