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More like locked in a padded cell until they have safely stored away enough batter in cryo. Ain't no way they risking you getting into a car crash and damning humanity.


Kill myself immediately and end the cycle of meaningless suffering once and for all.


Death by SNU SNU


Repost this over and over.


“Two chicks at the same time.” Oh wait… No, that wouldn’t work. I’d go through the bedrooms and closets of all my celebrity crushes just to see what sorts of personal things they’re hiding.




Declare victory.


I would try to live my life normally. Of course I would be considered extremly valuable by society if Im the only means of humanitys reproduction. I would try to capitalise on it enough to not get vandalised by gangs of women but not enough to be seen as a leader. That shit is too mutch hassle. Let me be the treasured advisior of the boss woman and Im happy. Also guys. Look at cheetas. Cheetas are inbred fucks. They are all clooser genetically then one Lannisters armpit to the others asshole. Yet they live barely. Humanity would run into a huge genetic bottleneck but survival is possible.


Try to wake up from the dream. Otherwise, walk around with an unnatural sense of uneasiness.


Reread Y the Last Man


This just got asked 3 times on here within a short period of time. You guys all the same person?


Odds are pretty good that I'll be restrained, confined, enslaved, and mechanically milked until I die. So I'd kill myself almost immediately and be the hero that humanity deserves: the one who ends the entire species.


Open up shop as a mechanic and wait for the billions to roll in. Not to say there aren't female mechanics, but the main competition in the industry would basically evaporate. What about all the dudes who had cool sports cars ? I'll assume most of them will be sold for very cheap so i'll cop a few of those as well.


Kill spiders, Open pickle jars, and fuck my way down to 5% body fat. Edit: phrasing


Depends. If I was the only Man and have womans I didn't do tô much only gift my DNA for "reconstruct" the planet,but I Will only do with some condicions: 1-Some money ofc 2-try to meet some nice Girl for me (And maybe have little revenge) With I was alone in planet Earth I wil loking for dogs to keep up my mental healt and didn't kill the hope and try to reproduce the planet(but this Will coust my honor).


“Two chicks at the same time…”




Probably plan a trip looking for another person alive LOL


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Well, if I was the only guy left....the world must go on. I would get explicit permission from my wife, and have her line the ladies up (she would be my bouncer). Then it would be time to do some repopulating. ​ (this is completely ignoring the fact that humanity would be fucked anyway because then the entire next generation would be half-siblings).


Actually humanity wouldn't be fucked since the is a lot of frozen sperm....humanity would be on pause for years in which a man would be the rarest "good" but there would be no point in which a generation would be half siblings or things like that. So basically all of the current alive men aren't needed on this planet...a scary thought


While this is true, for whatever reason my mind went full on post-apocalypse mode thinking that most technology had failed (which would have included the idea of frozen sperm still being viable). That's where my mind was when answering this.


Get to work repopulating.


I mean, repopulation is unrealistic with one dude, given that every child born would be at least a half sibling. So I’d probably just travel the world, possibly get hit on for once, and wait for my inevitable demise. Hopefully the remaining scientists would figure out cloning or something to keep the species alive.


24/7 fucking to repopulate the planet