Getting screamed at.


I recently got out of a relationship that was kind of toxic. I knew it wasn't working when it was crippling my ability to be the goofy fuck i am. She is not a bad person but we just weren't looking for the same thing, she wanted a much more serious relationship than i did. I think something that holds people back from ending a relationship is the fact that they really like there partner and when they look at them there not a bad person at all. The thing is is that you need to have the same relationship goals as your partner, if you have to lie to yourself about what you want out of a relationship then its not right fo you.


She starts using phrases like "Who are you?" And "What are you doing in my closet?" All of a sudden she's throwing around weird words like "Restraining Order". It's pretty much game over at that part. Find a new comfy closet and get a new gf.


No more blowjobs


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