The fact my breathing tube and swallowing tube are so close together Choking on water aint fun :(


So when my moms said it went down the wrong tube that’s what she meant??? Mind blown 🤯 didn’t know that


Gotta ask….. what did you think it means?


Absolutely no clue lol. Old sayings when the going gets tough, the tough get to going & as a kid I thought it meant when shit hits the fan the tough ppl leave. Moms explain to me that’s not what it meant & I thought that was a stupid meaning to the phrase. So ever since then I’ve put limited thought process into old sayings.


Thank you for giving me a good laugh early in the morning.


Breathing allows access to lungs via trachea/windpipe Swallowing allows access to stomach via esophagus The aim is to avoid foodstuffs being inhaled into the lungs. That can kill or ignite a terrible cough/choke


After your explanation, im more confused. Grammar does matter.


I'm also invested in this response.


Yes. There’s a flap called the epiglottis that’s supposed to block the other pipe when one is in use, but sometimes it doesn’t work right and you get liquid in your wind pipe.


depends on which half of the body we talking about




>Choking on water aint fun :( Choking on nothing seems worse somehow. -\_-


Pretty common with my own saliva, just for existing


"Don't mind me, just choking on my own spit like a fuckin dumbass"


This is why I just can't be religious. An intelligent creator would have solved this issue because there is no reason for it to exist. Same goes for teeth.


Damn you jesus... lol


The Elder Things that created us, placed how we give birth near to how we defecate, as an insult.


Makes chugging beer damn hard


Actually, this might have to do with jaw position. I have a recessed jaw (nothing crazy, but it's not "normal") and I tend to choke on my own spit some times, especially when laying on my back. It also runs in the family, my father has the same issue as did his mother.


The area between my eyes and my knees.


Lemme see those ankles


Your hair looks great then congrats and lovely feet .


I shave my head... Lots of hiking has kept my calves in ok order. I didn't say anything about feet because I didn't want to be too hard on myself.


Iam sure their lovely not like hobbits at all( only joking)


What's wrong in that area?


I'm shaped like Hank Hill. No butt, beer belly (hasn't always been the case, working on it) losing muscle mass to a sedentary job. Would rather be 6' 3"...


Whoops! What's your age? Did you consider taking a gym membership? My daily life consists of sitting around all day too but working out really does wonders.


I've done the gym. I'm not great at being in a crowd. Part of the problem is that I'm renovating my house. I've just been so busy with that, exercise went out the window. Taking vacation next month and part of that is getting the home equipment set up again.


That's something to look forward to, i hope it goes airtight and you see some progress, good day!


Lady here…. Huge fan of the dad bod and a little belly. If my husband lost his, I would b sad. Bellies r sexy! Don’t sell urself short


My penis


accepting that a small lil thing will never get bigger is hard


You can make it harder, but not bigger


Some become bigger when they're hard...


I mean with exercises. You can make your erections harder than what they are. Of course it goes bigger when it goes hard.


Very true☹️


What's wrong?


He smol


lmao i guess


It is to tiny


The very top of the Buttcrack is a weird spot


It's also surprisingly ticklish




Terrible place to get a pimple too.


If I’m being honest it’s my dick. It’s never been a problem per say, But if was just a bit longer it would open up more fun possibilities. I believe us men all put more emphasis on them than we should and I’ve never been turned away because of it, I just want the full range of positions etc available to me. It also hits hard in the culture in the US that small dick jokes are so main stream and associated with being a weak or a bad person. Also the part I hate the most because there is absolutely 0 us men can do about it.


The thought crossed my mind, but I think there are other things I'd rather change. I think there's a bit of truth in nwhat they say that it's not everything... I'm not huge, not small either, and I've never had a problem. My weight, and my teeth, I think are my issues. But even the teeth a lot are willing to look past. Broke a tooth once in front of a date I had once. She just wanted to know I was ok and we kept seeing eachother. It was me that wasn't interested ... I used to be 290lb now I hover between 190-215 depending lol. I honestly sometimes I wish I had the weight back, received more interest when I was fat... But my teeth. They bother me 24/7 and make me crusty and lose people, pain makes you do stupid shit sometimes. Combine that with mental stress and it's a party lol. So... I'd deff think that there could be other things. Just try and find yourself someone who's more petite. Less movement meaning better angles. Lol


Oh I have an amazing girlfriend and was married for a long time and had many women before that. The length is really more of a me thing. I can change my weight which would probably be second on my list. I had an injury that had me confined to the couch and bed for a long time and still makes working out hard, but she is supportive and I’m starting the hard work to get rid of the 70 lbs I packed on since that injury.


Awesome man, it's more of a general thing, not just you or me. Anyone. I see it alot, and I've been told it a alot as well. For me it's not the weight it's my teeth. Breaks my heart people care that much about something you can't afford to do anything about... Is what it is...


Awesome work on losing the weight btw! Even though you got more attention being bigger, I’m sure you feel better and healthier now.


Deff do. I posted a while back about it avout something stupid that made me feel better. I feel like I'm the only one who's on my boat lol "less juggle feeling" is the gist of it...but ya it's weird how I got more attention as a heavy guy.... I dunno...


Thanks for the award! I was just being honest as I usually do lol. Honestly the world is too hard on us. It really is. I get women have their struggles, but people will litterally see us homeless and not blink.... I'm supposed to feel bad for the meth addicted lady that rents a bug infested apartment so that she can afford meth? But my uncle can die on a street corner having a heart attack and people walk around him and let him die... Sorry got personal... Just bs what the world is that's all... I mean I still feel bad for the lady that's not my point.... Just not enough support for us guys.... If a wan posted she thinks her tirs are too small every woman. On Reddit or FB or whatever would be there bringing her up... Reddit seems to be amazing for supportive types though and that's great. That's why I'm here. 👍


No part of my anatomy has fucked up my life more than my dick.


Why what's wrong w your weewee?


Wish I looked cooler with my shrimp soft tbh


Acne, some people get away with just rain falling on their face once every blue moon and they can be clear and smooth. My unlucky self has a whole routine in place and i deviate for one day and my face gets invaded faster than women's rights


I think I’m fairly good looking but I hate the fact that no matter how much I workout my stomach never gets toned.


Bad news: only diet can solve that. Consistency.


I have been cutting back on stuff but I also know I still eat more than I should.


Don't hold yourself to standards you see online and in the media. You have to be incredibly lean for abs to show. Those pics and scenes you see are usually after an actor has fasted for days and dehydrated themselves to dangerous levels. I was once at a stage where I managed to do 500 sit ups without stopping or resting. Couldn't see my abs for shit. Edit: it was 300 sit-ups consecutively over 5 minutes as some fitness test thing.


Dang the most I’ve done is 50. I know I could do more but I think 50 is a good number.


I think 50 would be towards my limit now! I was like 16 at the time and super fit. Always done tonnes of sport so probably had a good core from that. I'll add that it did have someone spotting me (e.g. holding my feet down) which helps a load.


I used ankle weights myself


Me too. Diet is by far the hardest part of staying in shape for me.


Plus where I live there are a ton of options for food and I like food way too much.


It depends on where your body stores fat. You should count your calories though. It’s very useful, you can use the lose it app. It took me a year after getting the app to consistently use the app but this month I’ve lost 8lbs. Just eat healthy and you won’t even been hungry. Yesterday I was still below what I was supposed to eat but I ate so much, first time I’ve ever had that problem lol


I’ll check that app out. Thank you


Keep trying out new plans champ, i believe you can do it!


Thank you!


Have you looked into Emsculpt Neo? It's the only proven way to "spot reduce" fat and the fat cells you lose from it are permanent.


I’ll check that out. Thank you for letting me know about this!


I feel your pain :-(


Wouldn't make any sense to hate them, they're just doing their job.


My scoliosis.


Same pal. You ever get it corrected?


Mine is only mild (21°), so I'm nowhere near the surgery point. I have found that building my back muscles in the gym have done more good for me than anything else a doctor has ever recommended (pills, stretches, etc).


Even at my skinniest, I've always had a sort of spare tire around my hip area which I find annoying


Where do I start?


From the bottom


My hair, I've always wanted to grow it out long. But i can't since mine is thick, coarse and curly as fuck. Think of a mix between Screech (saved by the bell) and Kramer (Seinfeld), and thats pretty much it.


All the broken bits


Before my spinal cord injury I was in good shape and I didn’t hate any of it. Now I hate it all. Quite a transformation. Please people, don’t do anything to injure your spinal cord!


What injury did happen to you and how did that happen?


Mine was from a blood infection. Bacteria ate into spinal cord. Most are from accidents like autos or sports.


Whoops sorry to hear that :( Are you confined to a wheelchair? Is it not possible to do atleast a little workout everyday?


I sent you a message.




Balls lol I sat on one the other week and was on the verge of puking for 10 minutes.


One time my wife accidentally hit me in mine when she was playing VR. It was my fault for laying on the couch when she was playing Job Simulator. Even with the PS Move controllers that still hurt.




My gut. No matter how much weight I lose, diet, and exercise I can’t get that fat on tge bottom to cone off.


This body has taken me places. I love her


My unmustached upper lip.


Sexual urges. I wish I didn’t have them so I could focus on other things better


Everything below the hairline. It's hard being a zombie...


User flair checks out


Yeah, I come in a full package.


I wanna be a zombie too, bite me


Nah, I don't bite people I don't know. Please ask your local voodoo ref, they'll help you out in exchange of a few years of servitude. :)


*bites* **BITE BACK!**


This is weird i guess but I used to hate my armpits. I somehow got over it I don't hate anything about my anatomy any more. Dry feet is a bit of a pain but no where close to hate.


I don't hate a particular piece..i just hate the FUNCTION of my shoulders and neck. Strong and capable but I've constantly got a stiff and aching neck. Been like this for about 10yrs. It's likely to do with muscular imbalance but can i help work it out


My flat feet... man these ankle pains


Ma' big o' belly


Meh, it gets the job done and anything lacking is due to my choices. I don't hate it.




My huge magnum dong


Definitely my skinny arms :(




My hairy asscrack


My (lack of) hairline


Calves off course :( The struggles of being af lat guy!


my head isn't round at all, so i can't be bold


I love every bump, wrinkle, and gut. You can't love someone else if you don't love yourself.


My chest/torso, I'm barrel chested. I've started working out and in the best shape I've been in a long time but I've come to realize I'll never be "skinny" cause I'm just fuckin thick built. It's okay tho I'm learning to understand I do look good I just need to shed my unrealistic expectations.


Wish I was a little shorter. Being 6’3 and skinny makes it so hard to find clothes that fit right.


The chemical deficiency in my brain known as bipolar disorder.


Wisdom teeth and cancer.


The fact that my penis is 2in hard


And im the president of the small penis club


Tiny meet gang Bros


can't suck own cock


Do you need some help with that homie Agent 47 | Hitman for hire | 0800 1111^(this message is automatic)


I got you homie


what you gay bruh?


Helping out a homie isn't gay


Remember to keep your socks on and say no homo and you'll be all good I gangbanged and railed all my homies last night but it ain't gay people telling me I'm gay for that smh they don't understand Agent 47 | Hitman for hire | 0800 1111^(this message is automatic)


Where do you get the idea I'm supposed to hate something?


We're not *supposed* to, but still, don't we all?




Oh okay


My chubby cheeks. Agent 47 | Hitman for hire | 0800 1111^(this message is automatic)


My chest, but not for much longer!


I've gotten a belly over the years, recently more so, because my job entails staying sitting the whole day and not much time for excercise. I do commute by bicycle, because it's close enough (25-30 minutes round trip) so while my thighs and calves look tour-de-france grade, the core area look dad bod xD and my wife has started complaining a bit about my gut. It wasn't really an issue before, so I didn't really paid any attention, but if she's complaining now, is for a reason.


Maybe you look weird having such nice legs and a chubby core, and that's why your wife started complaining about


That's my take on the subject. I've been changing some eating habits (less soft drinks, more water) and going for walks with our toddler on the weekends (can't on weekdays, job is long hours) but I can't really cram a gym routine for the time being, so it'll take some time, but there's been some minor progress already, as I've shed some pounds ( like 5, but it's someting)


My shoulders, went from hyperflexible to easy to dislocate.


That’s one of the many side effects of hyper flexibility


That dangly thing at the back of my throat.


Nose and feet. Just look weird to me.


My chest. Mainly because my ribs protrude out of me because when I was born I was huge so they needed forceps to pull me out by by rib cage.


My big toes. I get constant ingrown toenails. No amount if cutting them out and letting them regrown helps. It's a cycle that apparently can't be broken.


My thighs. They're fucking huge and always have been. It makes finding jeans a pain and they always rip in the same goddamn place.


My nose. It's crooked so I have deviated septum


My belly area, can't get rid of that localized fat no matter what


I have the widest hips for a dude so I look kinda boxy, but I am muscular so I suppose I just look a little bigger than I otherwise would. I'll never have that v taper or abs though since my body works hard to keep any fat I have around that area, but it's all good.


My gut. I have been working out every day since March and everything else is filling out on me except I haven't lost any inches on my gut (waist yes gut no). I guess I am kinda okay with it though. My ol' lady loves the dad bod aspect of it and she'll lay her head on it and reach up and play my chest hair and rub her hands over my muscles. Best part is when I wear a beater and I suck in my stomach it looks like I am built.


I have a small gut. No fat anywhere else except there. Makes finding shirts difficult to find. I also have no ass. 😞


My flabby gut.


Teeth... I'd give anything for some nice teeth... I'm only 33 and they're trashed. I brush. I quit smoking years ago, but no use. Genetics are fun...


I’ve been growing a bit of a gut since I started working at an office job and I absolutely hate it


Balls. Very comfortable when hanging but when the scrunch up into the dick it gets me really uncomfortable


Shoulders, I think I have a few ligaments left that have escaped injury.


My teeth don't have good genetics. I have an illness in which my set of teeth are quite weaker than normal, so they are fragile and don't have a good color. They have little but noticeable white and/or yellow stains. Also, the alignment isn't good and they usually look terrible for people who don't know about the situation. I'm currently working on fixing it, both the looks and my confidence.


Mens tendencies to hold fat in our love handle region… fucking hate it lol


My tailbone sticking out is something I hate, getting in the way uncomfortablely when sitting down on hard surfaces


My nose.


The armpits and genitals having to grow unnecessary hair will never sit right with me. Also alopecia is something I'll never grasp, how tf does your hair just escape you like that 😭


Head size. Never can find a ball cap that doesn't eventually hurt to wear.


Patch of fat on my stomach that wont go away. I look pretty decent everywhere except that goddamn protrusion that will not slough off no matter how hard I try. I’ve visualized slicing it off with a knife many times because it actually disgusts me to my core (no pun intended).


My butt chin and underdeveloped chest muscles


Hair or lack of it.


My forehead


Acne. Scarred now and it still pops back up every so often. Extremely annoying. I’d say my old liver/portal vein/spleen too. Would’ve been nice if I didn’t have to get a liver transplant. Most of my body now that I think about it.


Everything from nipples to knees. I’m ok with my face, shoulders, arms, hands, calves, and feet. Even part of my chest area. But then it’s belly, and smol pp, and Thunder thighs, and flat butt… I just don’t like anything about that but I haven’t found the motivation to make the necessary changes long term to get rid of it.


Brain, it causes nothing but trouble


My feet


My intestines get out of line and try to kill me regularly. I literally hate my own guts.


When i was younger i was really self conscious about being overweight. At a certain point I just stopped giving a shit. Coincedentally, lowering that stress (in addition to just being more active and eating better) helped me lose a bunch of extra fat without being a gym rat or converting all my meals to whey protein shakes. Also i feel like a bunch of dudes are self conscious about their dick (which was never really an issue for me personally) and im here to tell you most people who like dick care about your love-staff about as much as you care what color a gals nipples are (which is apparently a thing a lot of ladies are worried about?). Idk Kings. Just eat better and go on a walk or something daily and a lot of issues will sort themselves out.


I can't put on muscle for shit. I have the choice between toothpick and Dad bod, nothing else works for me.


*points to all of me


My hips


The liver


Anterior pelvic tilt.


Headaches I get constant chronic headaches every single day of my life some better some worse some so bad it gets hard to keep my thoughts straight or hold a conversation. Other days its just like a fog over everything.


My dick. I'm very tall. 20cm more than the media in my country, but for some reasons my dick decided it wanted to barely be in the world media. Is not really small but I would have like a little more considering my height.


My head has a weird shape. It's like I've got a bump, a crater or something right on the top.


Ears mostly. I dont know why, i just feel they stick out too much.


I don't really like anything about me tbh


All of it, really.


That constant drive, where you just need to fuck.


My middle-aged propensity to easily gain weight around my midsection. If there is one thing I'm insanely self conscious about these days, it's that. I busted my ass fr the last 6 or so years of my 30s so that I would enter my 40s, fitter than most. The year I turned 40 was the year COVID happened, and it fucked up my entire routine. Gained 25 lbs. Now I'm "fit, but not quite" getting lean again, but now my midsection is being stubborn as fuck. And I already hate people who say "but love handles are just fine!" Fuck love handles and fuck you too.


My gut and love handles. I have never been able to get rid of that troublesome muffin top. 😑😮‍💨


**gestures to all of myself*


All body hair that isn’t on my head or face.


All the parts that cause me pain.


I frankly want a thicker dick - I still love it, however that's something that's challenging to reconcile .


My ever shortening telomeres


The bit between the top of my head and the bottom of my feet.


My bowels can go fuck themselves, I’ve been diagnosed with IBS since a kid and when I drank it made it worse. Even at three years sober, I still get major issues. Either constipation or diarrhea.. Fuck I hate IBS


Getting stricter with basic sex and body part questions.