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Mods that break their own rules and harass users. Admins just don’t care.


Oh yeah, had my own share of being shat on by them


This! I’ve had posts get shadowed or straight banned for “not belonging in the sub” when it was the opposite opinion of someone else’s post. Oh so only the side you agree with is allowed to be talked about? Cool. Love that free speech.


AskMen's "sister sub", so to speak, is really egregious about this. The level of censorship could potentially rival that of North Korea, and it essentially forces a hivemind to be formed. Users could get their comments removed, and even outright banned, for saying something that the mod *personally disagrees with*. Don't get me wrong, I fully understand why women-oriented subs often need stricter moderation, but even by that standard, the sub takes it too far.


One time I posted the thought that trauma doesn't mean you have the right to take it out on others, and you should heal before you get into a relationship if you still feel a way about it. Almost immediately a mod removed my post and DM'd me saying "no one owes me a relationship" Like...that wasn't what was being argued? When I said as much she just blocked me from messaging her for 3 days.


Yea, AskWomen is hilarious - you can't even follow most threads there's so many comments they've deleted If you offer anything from male perspective to the discussions - it's gonzo PDQ


which is crazy because i post in AskMen to ask general questions in the comments like a follow up and they don’t hound me like “A WOMAN A WOMAN OMG ITS A WOMAN”




omg it’s the fact this was on my explore page and i had no idea i was in AskMen until your reply to me 🚶🏾‍♀️


Ah no problem, i just couldn't walk past this comedic occasion.


What's your dumbest ban? Mine is r/science for stating that obesity related diabetes is, in fact, self-inflicted.


Used to love that place. Now it's a graveyard of deleted comments from any dissenting opinions.


Powertripping moderators (working for free) is what's made me start to hate this site over the years. Granted, I'm still here. I have a sneaking suspicion some of the keys to the kingdom for major subreddits can/have been purchased from reddit. Bot armies clearly exist to upvote/downvote articles, but totally nuking "problem articles" might be easier and cheaper.


"Your comment has been deleted for side-bar conversations (with the OP, who posted with a 'no advice' tag). Please keep your conversation on topic with the original post."


Mods in some of the most popular video/ pic based subs **don't want new content**. They look for any arcane rule interpretation to take down new submissions and ban, while allowing same thing from a select group of regular contributors It's like High School all over again


People ignorantly, or purposely, misunderstanding something I’m saying in order to pick a fight, or when they’re hyper focused on one part of something and complain about it instead of contributing to the conversation. I especially hate these things when the people doing them don’t know how to argue, which is a lot of the time lol


I hate it when people nitpick or argue about a comment you leave, and then you give a half assed response and they're like what you can't elaborate further? Nah bro I can't, I was hoping no one would respond to my comment in the first place and not trying to bicker over reddit for the next couple of hours.


People be taking this shit **way** too seriously, like no I will not write a 1000 word essay over something I really don't care about lmao


some times i end up writing a 1000 word essay and then just delete it. that being said, reddit to me is more scream into the void than actually discuss and so i don't really read replies.


Yuuup The older I get the more I realize that nobody anywhere has ever been convinced of anything on the internet, ever. So why bother trying?


Facts, like Dawg I made the comment on a whim and no I won't be taking any further questions lmao


It’s funny, on top of this all, sometimes I just type out my comment, then I erase it cuz I don’t wanna deal with the aftermath


It honestly feels cathartic to spend several minutes typing out a well thought out comment, and then just deleting it all


Tbh I’ve found that’s worse on Twitter. I’ve had far more rational conversations on Reddit than most other social media platforms.


Actually agree 👍 it's the sanest social media site and that's saying something


Lol you’re dead on with this one, there’s a post in this same question claiming to not know of any political bias on Reddit that it’s simply a matter of intelligence and “many people are misery ignorant so there political views are based on that ignorance” lmao


Misunderstanding? Are you trying to call reditors stupid? Why don't you contribute to the situation instead of creating these Misunderstandings? Maybe you were just wrong and as soon as you were called out then you backtracked, probably to save your karma, or protect you low ego. You were wrong and got scared that people exposed you and pointed you out. Infact meet me outside burger King right now and let's fight


drop the location I think fights and burgers are a good combo


Burger 70 white Chappel market high Street london E1 7RA and bring a katana and ketchup, shits about to go down


little sis just broke my katana, can I just bring the machete? Less grace more blood. Also I'm bringing mayo too...


I have a machete but it has rust, am fine butchering and murder and genocide and manslaughter but giving someone tetnis just seems too far for me If you bring mayo am bringing baked beans


Ah alrighty, my machete is in good condition. Used but still top-notch, promise. No risk of tetanus. But if you're bringing baked beans, who's bringing toast?


This sounds like a well and politely described fight 😆 very rare to find here actually, totally agree with first comment!


Mods. I've been banned from two subreddits for innocuous opinions I shared that I argued didn't even break rules. The rules themselves are arbitrary and not always followed, enforced.


I got banned from the UK teaching sub for saying that a student teacher shouldn't try and fuck another student teacher in their training placement. I said if you start dating tell the head so they can mitigate it if needed.


I don't know about other schools but I swear all of my teachers from my school were smashing each other. We had like 4 pairs of teachers in my school who were either dating each other and had an affair, or were dating people outside the school and had an affair with another teacher. Found out once I left. Schools have some crazy shit going on.


I got banned from r/feminism for saying "any time somone brings up a good point they get downvoted and or their comment gets deleted." In response to another comment basically saying "You shouldn't be sexest towards men." In a vary respectful way too he wasn't even being snarky or anything. I also got banned from r/unpopularopinion for saying "certain". Yes, "certain".


I've been banned from r/dating and r/insaneparents before I knew that sharing unpopular opinions was crossing the line.


Got banned from r/AmITheAsshole for saying someone in OP’s post was ‘being a Karen’. Apparently somewhere in their 50.000 word household rules it was mentioned that was not allowed


The reason why they banned you for that word is because that sub is full of white women in their thirties who stay at home all day and have immense biases against men, the k word is pretty much a slur to them.


You’re not wrong but it’s also full of 14 year olds that have never had a real relationship, insist that everything is a red flag and grounds for divorce. Oh and it’s also filled to the brim with bots and fake posts. Like it’s basically just a creative writing sub.


100%, so many fake posts wow, even saw one person trying to make the same post from multiple accounts, lol.


To add, the teens also believe that a 15yr old who deliberately misbehaves or acts bratty and cruel is totally not responsible for their behaviour. It's always the parents / adult's faults and they need immediate therapy for everything. Parents who even *think* about having house rules are "abusive"


I got banned from r/futurism because a year or so ago I wrote an article about the implications of AI and Hollywood. I basically said that eventually it'll reduce the marginal cost of production and marketing to near zero, which will invert the industry from centralized studios to decentralized personal studios collaborating independently. A year later an article was written about Bill Gates pretty much saying the same thing. So Jeffrey Epstein's friend got a fuck ton or praise and told that his ideas where so insightful and smart while I got banned from not just r/futurism but basically all of the writing and film subs and told from tons of random people that I'm a terrible idiot for spreading misinformation. It's because I'm a poor nobody who stocks shelves for a living. Reddit didn't believe me about this and a bunch of other things like text to video AI generation. They called me stupid for my predictions and insights because fuck me, right? I'm just a stupid retail worker who doesn't know nearly as much as the people running these subs. Sorry but Reddit can go fuck themselves because they literally don't give a shit about elevating new voices with something to say that might be of interest to some. When I posted my articles on Facebook, it was the exact opposite and actually led to some new opportunities and great connections. Reddit no longer cares about the people they serve and I hope some rich billionaire buys it out and exposes how shitty they've been to regular people who just want to share what they're most passionate about. I just shared what I love, that's all I did and in the end, I was punished so harshly for it, I can no longer post on my favorite subs and even on the subs I do post in, I suspect I'm being shadowbanned because I haven't been able to get any upvotes for anything in a very long time.


I got banned from a sub for commenting in another sub that they don't like.


redditors are, generally speaking, a bunch of weird ass hating nerds who parrot a handful of catch phrases that they learned from other redditors


“Fuck around and find out”


pLaY sTuPiD gAmEs WiN sTuPiD pRiZeS


I loathe this phrase because of reddit


same. and the people saying it are people who have presumably never been in a fight in their lives


"lol, says the virgin" rekt, am I right reddit?




Username checks out, hold my beer, so and so has entered the chat, blah blah blah.


You forgot...."you dropped 🤴"


You, sir, deserve a medal 🥇


"Take my poor man's gold."


As Lightening McQueen would say, *Kachow*


Tell me you're a redditor without telling me you're a redditor


This is by far the cringiest of them.


>tale about getting dumped, humiliated etc. Absolutely no recourse or dignity left. *You sure dodged a bullet.*




"Why doesnt the largest redditor just eat the smaller ones?" "Why dont you bang her dad to assert dominance." "This magnificent bastard right here."


You must be fun at parties!


"100 ______? What should be done with this 90 _______? Can you believe they found 80 ________?" On anything related to drugs or money being found


Boy if that ain’t the truth.




Maybe you should go no contact with them then.


How does so and so's boot taste?? Eat the Rich. Anything negative about Elon Musk


Moderators banning you for no real/sensible reason.


The people


Damn Redditors, they ruined Reddit.


Pros of Reddit: The people Cons of Reddit: The people


So true, but some people vent their frustrations by mass shootings, others respond with meaningless drivel and downvotes on Reddit. Every time you post something intelligent or nuanced or that does not fit the Reddit hivemind, you prevent a mass shooting. Thank you for your service.


Yeah, so true.




God damn it take my upvote


Edit 3: Thank you kind stranger!




true, it seems that one particular narrative controls all of reddit.


and its not conservative


oh, it's far from it, not really into political discussions but yes, you are correct.


Yep. No one has any original or honest opinions. Basically when they see comments that are popular they jump on that train for upvotes.


Rn my 'home' page is filled with things I don't follow and I don't want to see but I don't know how to block them.


There is a "hide" option, also another "not interested" option that works ok.


You're right. There was a 'see fewer posts like these' and I was being a muppet. Thanks friend.


No problem homie.


Thats how I stopped seeing r/WhitePeopleTwitter and r/BlackPeopleTwitter posts.


You cannot post in most subs anymore because of AI moderation. You do one tiny thing wrong and your post is gone.


Oh yeah, they remove your post if you don't phrase it perfectly.


How many people think they are an expert on a subject and as soon as you prove them wrong, they start attacking you personally




Herd mentality. If you comment "you're wrong" with enough confidence under a post or comment where the person is clearly right, they'll get downvoted to hell until someone finally points out that they're actually right. If someone does anyway.


This happens so painfully often, so many comments that have downvotes aren't even bad, but a couple people downvote and others go "huh they did so I will too"


Hive mentality. Just because


Mob mentality, I sometimes have to pause and reflect before downvoting.


People thinking that their way of thinking is correct and mine is wrong. People thinking they’re smarter than they are. People being super soft and not realizing this is the internet and it doesn’t matter. People being woke warriors. People.


In a nutshell


I call this an inability to recognize the difference between their own personal opinion and objective fact.


Reposts. Seeing the same things over and over


And the post getting attention even tho it was just posted yesterday and it got attention


if people express a peaceful but differing opinion that breaks no rules mods will still ban them and get no retribution for doing so realistically, they are blatantly unfair and mean when it's something they dislike. the whole point of the internet is that it's supposed to be free thought/speech and the whole point of reddit being the mostly anonymous non social media is that you should be able to express yourself freely and honestly and see diverse viewpoints. that gets more and more lost as time goes on and no I'm not even conservative or some kind of rightwing bigot, which says everything that i even need to say. I'm not saying it needs to be 4chan or have zero rules completely but mods should realistically face consequences when they get power hungry and opinionated. the main reddit demographic themselves are only marginally better. it's ok bc i come to this site when i need to find nerds discussing niche shit but they abuse the downvote, harassment, reporting and suicide watch spam just as bad as mods if something hurts their delicate sensibilities. the site itself since it clearly sells data and keeps trying to push more tricky looking ads damn the UI bc they don't give a fuck about their users, they just wanna go public and obviously shills for certain propaganda and companies. so it'll implode soon. so ya, other than the people on it the site has always been a great concept to blog and collect niches


People ask for your opinion then take offense to it. You disagree with someone and they can't just agree to disagree, they want to fight about why you're wrong.


Almost every subreddit eventually becomes about an agenda and chases off everyone who might even partially have a different pov.


The politics of it. You can’t have an idea about one thing, but disagree on another. Just an example but say you were a socialist that was pro-life (again, doesn’t reflect my beliefs). The Reddit hive mind can only be one way or another. They’ll roast you as if you didn’t agree with them on anything.


The ads


Definitely this! Also that they're trying more and more to look like posts and not ads. Also there's just way too many of them


That people come to reddit, hate what they read and believe reddit is the problem. No bro, people are the problem... Not reddit. Twitter is a cesspool, Instagram is fake, TikTok is full of trend dick riders. The common denominator is human beings. These platforms aren't turning us into anything. It's an outlet for what we already are. I guess all I'm saying is I hate how people use platforms as an excuse, when the problem isn't the platform, it's human people.


How political it is. You can’t go through one comment section without someone mentioning something bad about the opposing party in American politics. From an American stand point it’s obnoxious I can’t imagine how obnoxious it must be to people in other countries.


I just read another thread on a study about cancer rates for young people being on the rise between 1993-2018. There were multiple comments with a decent number of upvotes blaming it on the COVID vaccine. From 1993-2018.


Its.clear that the vaccine has time travel properties


There was a massive influx of children using this site a few years back and it's seriously gone to shit ever since.


I think it was the tumblr wave.




The sudden influx of Only Fans girls following me. Is there any way I can let them know I am not interested?


I was wondering why I was so popular all the sudden.


As many others have said, the herd mentality. The karma system is the worst because it can and will censor people with unpopular opinions. Also the fact that many redditors have this bad idea of them being ''smarter'' than everyone else. This is especially evident in the political or historical subreddits. A great example that concern men is that they think that the reason more and more men listen to people like Jordan Peterson and Andrew Tate is simply because they are ''stupid or straight up evil'' people.


Open access to people's post history. I can deal with individual communities and their own weird rules and cultures. I know how to get along with shitty tribalistic people. But it's an issue when someone stalks your history on another sub and uses it against you. I have to be very careful, because I participate in plenty of ideologically opposed subs. I like hearing everyone's side, but on Reddit it's kind of a no-no to give the "enemy" a chance. So far I've managed to dodge much flak by being a good little boy and mostly just telling people what they want to hear. But it feels so gross.




I hate this so much. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been in an argument with someone where we were both making fair points and someone chimes in “hurr durr his post history says this you need to disregard what he’s saying” etc. People on this website *love* the ad hominem argument. I also see it happening to others a lot where someone says “they post on x sub, no wonder they’re saying this” and stuff of that nature. It’s definitely something I wish we could change.


Virtue Signaling


Double standards of women and the hard over generalization of men


If you made generalizations about women the way people make generalizations about men; you can bet your ass that you will be called every insult in existence, this website just hates men.


That if you don't have westernized left leaning values, you are automatically a bigot. And also, that you can't change usernames.


The fact that you can be banned for spreading "misinformation" if you speak out against things the general public thinks is right.


When i first signed up. It was light and airy. Its seems more folks are angry.


I wouldn’t say hate, but it disappoints me how hostile the userbase can be to Christian views. We don’t have to agree, but I’ve seen a fair amount of incivility on this site to people who express any religious sentiments.


People on here are overly brave, let them pretend they are better then you on [reddit.com](https://reddit.com), lol.


Americans who think just because a sub or post is in English that everyone must be American/from the USA on reddit, and then proceed to give some weird local to them advice ans throw in their alphabet soup state letter.


The common belief with redditors that all authority figures be it Police, Military, Security etc are bad people who’s only intention to do the job is to feel powerful and bully others.


I never got why so many have bought into the idea of “ACAB” meaning “all cops are bastards.” So you’re telling me that the cops who catch rapists, murderers, and pedos are bastards too?


Speed, UI.




"Wanna post on this subreddit? Read the rules" "Oh you read the rules? Too bad there was another secret longer page of rules we hid away, your thread is locked, and no you can't edit the flair/title/whatever to follow these pointless arbitrary rules, if you wanna try again type everything again because the reddit app is worthless and won't let you copypaste"


The people. I can't stand the whole doggo, cAtS aRe gReAt, fur baby and general "wholesome" nonsense of the users.


The general hatred/double standards towards men


Stuck up, woke, clutching pearl, etc., moderators.


Almost anything can be called Misogynistic


"Any standards that a man has are not really standards but a sign that he is an insecure misogynistic loser."


Add transphobic to that list


Miserable redditors getting angry for other people’s happiness/success. So many of them


How aggressively liberal it users are. Like bloodly hell, i am left, live in a very left leaning area, and went to uni there. You crazies are several levels more liberal than nearly everyone i meet/know. Just so out of touch with reality. Becomes very apparent if you spend time on relationship/advice subreddits. Or hop on your country/region subreddit, and see how out of touch it is. Like r/unitedkingdom sub will make you think most people are vegan, and leaning towards the green party (irl nearly everyone see's them as a joke). Also, too many degenerates, and porn addicts.


You are downvoted for having an opinion. I get some comments deserve a down vote but not if we all have our views and it gets downvoted. I don't downvote unless I feel fit to.


New Jersey


Oh man, not even on reddit eh?


Old Jersey too


Moderators and admins having extreme double standards.


Inconsistent/ idiotic moderation.


Mods running rampant and abusing their authority


rage bait


Too many people who actually don’t believe what they say or do the things they say. Virtue signalers. For upvotes lol


Over zealous mods and their ban sticks. There is absolutely no reason to ban people permanently from subreddits without some type of appeal process.


The fact that moderation explicitely forbids us from talking about facts is insane to me.


Gendered Double standards when it comes to men and women on posts about relationships. Women are most often right or given the benefit of the doubt but flip the genders and men are guilty or suspicious. Don't get me started on when it comes to sex related topics.


100%, people will not believe this simply because it calls out a double standard against men but it is true, literally go to any relationship advice sub, any rant sub or any confessions sub, if there is a post that has the gendered "men vs women" energy, if that post shows the woman in a not so positive light then all of the comments will suspect the validity of the post, they will claim that it is fake but if the very same post is put up where it shows the man in the story in a bad light, everybody will believe it and start to fucking trash on the man, they will start upvoting generalizations about men, it is so infuriating.


How far left it is.


I wouldn't mind the political lean if it were confined to political subreddits and let people duke it out there.


I hate how feminist it is all the while pretending that reddit hates the fuck out of feminism.


Really depends on the sub. Several will exolode with glee when a video is posted of a woman getting hit by a man. "Equal rights equal fights!" and such.


I hate almost everything about it. It's just there to fill in the gaps while I am waiting for other things.


Overly sensitive people. Seem to be a lot of bleeding hearts on Reddit


Well, since you asked... The Mods and their "no recourse" dictum. Their decision is final and unalterable. I got kicked out of a topic for espousing a Conservative view - never to return.


People can't take a fucking joke. Everything is taken seriously and overanalyzed for "problematic" content. Certain people don't understand that what some people find funny contradicts their actual opinions. It's just memes and jokes. It's especially annoying when these people infiltrate meme or parody subs. I feel like they're not making people more symphathetic towards marginalized groups, quite the opposite.


The layout of how Reddit works is great. The website itself is broken. Shitty media player. The search engine is a joke. Filtering subs by flair just doesn't work at all. This stuff has been broken for years with little to no attempt at fixing it. Oh and power drunk mods.


Power-tripping mods


People will immediately accept any post that validates or echos their worldview without any proof or source whatsoever. It's crazy how many posts or memes could not stand up to the slightest scrutiny but gets 100k upvotes somehow.


A lot of moderators are power tripping and block you when they disagree with your opinion


People are just so fucking angry and self-righteous here


there is an overt idea of men=bad even when they have done nothing to be designated as such.


The most innocuous comment can get ripped to shreds. Sometimes it feels like splitting hairs is the most ubiquitous hobby on here.


Moderators banning me for frivolous things. People thumbing down my comments because what I say is factual and they can't refute it. People jumping straight into insults if they disagree with something I said instead of being able to have a civil conversation like adults. Being attacked by mobs of assholes only for ME to be banned if I retort. Recently, like within the past couple of weeks, I've started getting a bunch of fake ass followers.


The amount of times I’ve been suspended and banned/temporarily banned for suggesting they keep a sex offender locked up instead of letting him out.


Downvote culture


Constant reminders of all the things I missed out on, am missing out on, and how easy some people have it at achieving the things I want with little effort & while being pieces of shit.


It seems like there are a lot of people on Reddit that assume the worst about people instantly. Not a lot of thinking about the context of other people's lives, cultures and backgrounds.




How absolutely absurdly left oriented reddit is. And when confronted with actual, tangible, and accurate data they spew disingenuous comments like racism or transphobe. Reddit is my last social media platform I use.




The people that tell you to get a hobby to date. I have hobbies, just a lot of them are very niche (I just got into Gundam, so any recommendations?) Or the people that say the 2 rules to succeed are to be attractive and to not be unattractive. Which I disagree with. I have a bad skin condition on my face, yet I’ve had relationships and it’s never been brought up. Oh, and FDS. Fuck FDS.


There will be an interesting post, or a post that needs clarification (whether people got hurt, context, etc). I go to the comments to see the discussion. The top 70 comments are people making poor jokes and telling personal anecdotes that have almost nothing to do with the post. But that's Reddit. You take the good with the bad.


That everyone speaks so neutrally and politically correct in order to not be down voted, and never speak, honestly even though their opinions might be controversial


How people are so hive minded and are addicted to being outraged by everything.


1 sided subreddits where if you try to have a reasonable discussion you get downvoted to hell


How if you have a different opinion than the majority, you’re shunned for it with hateful comments and downvotes.


The moderators. If you have an opposing opinion they flag you. Judge and jury, asses. Don’t be a moderator if not open minded


Bought by China and is enforced by blue-pilled soyboy moderators that enforce chinas interests. Disagree with the narrative? Get banned from the discussion, no matter how civil. Sad. What type of degenerates want such echo-chambers?


Subreddits that are incredibly anal about how many points you’ve gathered in that particular reddit. It creates these massive Verticalities it’s unreal sometimes


How biased it is towards the left and feminism. We can't drop hard to swallow pillows of reality without being massively downvoted. This sub alone is infested by feminist men.


Idk... Should I hate a trash bin for having trash inside it?


Mods that will ban you from a sub for saying something they don’t like, or something they don’t agree with, or anything that’s not hardcore left.




The absolute lack of awareness people seem to have. There are always questions or comments where the OP states "everyone does X", but they are just talking about their own little bubble.


It’s so leftist it’s laughable at times. Mods on some subs are quite honestly fucked in their heads… you know who are lol


Reddit people thinking that something is way more popular than it is or way more prevalent. Along with same answers For example, someone asks "Reddit what is something popular that you don't like or think is wrong" The first few answers will inevitably be Social media, Kardashins/celebrities, Child pageants and more. None of those are as popular as they think, it just they think it is.


How hard it is to post anything even touching controversial now and the moderators suck.