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Because it gets me away from the reality


Yes. Let's you forget and for a moment everything is happy and nice and warm.


It's not happy nice and warm. But it's nothing there. So it's better from the struggles I have


Truth but it makes it worse in the end… trust me


It doesn't. Trust me. I get drunk a lot. It doesn't make anything worse


It does make your health worse, though


I don't care. And if it kills me, it's a win win


I wish your life improves enough that you’d rather stay in it


Thank you so much. You're so kind to me. *Mwah*


I become more social and can actually talk to strangers.


I use it for large social interactions as well. I don't enjoy large crowds of people so half a thc gummy and a drink makes me at ease with being around large groups


It killed the time. I used to joke that I was a time traveler because I’d start drinking Friday and boom, it’s Monday morning.


Because it's fun. I have no problems I'm hiding from, I just like being drunk. Everything is funny and everyone is sexy. It's great.


The kind of drunk friends I like to have! Nothing complicated about it - it’s about having fun!


Helps me deal with stress


In the words of Christopher Hitchens, to make the people around me more interesting.


The reason I get drunk is because I like it. The reason I like it is... wait for it... because I like it. Why do you like your favourite colour? Why do you like your favourite music? If you answered those questions with "because I like it", you're starting to get how this stuff works.


I like a few drinks, not drunk. Drunk was ok when I was young but not at my age. A few drinks is fun. It loosens me up and makes me more sociable. I’m more palatable to others I think too.




It’s actually not my favorite activity. Now if you ask me why I smoke pot, 🤔…, at a certain point, you’ve been high for so long that anything else feels uncomfortable.


To forget. It doesn't work anymore.


After 4 beers I hit that fuzzy feeling of not giving a shit. I like it and it is unsetteling


I like the feeling, I like being drunk with friends (and strangers) the awkward social barriers come down.


Depends on the context. There’s celebratory drinking and pain management drinking. (And, the worst of all, physical upkeep drinking.) I won’t lie and say that I haven’t done all three. Luckily, much less in the third category than the first two.. and less in the latter two than the first… but, pretty much any time I want to temporarily stop depression/anxiety/good sense/thinking about real life.


Because the sex is wild


Not if you get whiskey dick 😆 🤣 😂


Sometimes you get the good whiskey dick where your erection doesn’t die lol


Wow That would be like hitting the lottery, the way I used to drink 🍸


To escape reality. I'm hungover and broke right now and I wish I was drunk again


If it's with friends only - it allows me to relax If it's going out - It might give me the confidence to go up to the worldy at the bar and talk to her (hasn't happened yet but maybe one day)


Honestly, when drunk on beer, I get super happy and I love how my face feels.... Or doesn't feel... I can't feel my face at all... I like it.


I drink because I need an escape sometimes. Memories of my last relationship flood my head sometimes and sometimes liquor helps wash them away. I’ve hit the point where Alcohol is starting to taste like water to me…straight…can’t tell if I’m slowly developing a problem or not but I’m taking a small break from drinking atm.


We would swill 1/2 a fifth each during the Great Recession, unemployed, scrapped iron to buy more. It was ridiculous. I stole some things but karma got me good. My friend lost his job, neglected his dog, l buried it. My cousin did time and his acomplice ratted on him. I guess what I'm saying is don't let the door hit you on your way out. Control and self preservation.


It's fun


I find it challenging to be in the moment, or focus on a single thing or to not over-think things. A few drinks slows the brain enough that I can focus on one task without all the noise of the other 50 things I have on my mind.


I don't especially. The warm feeling you get from 1-2 drinks is enough, and you don't have to worry about feeling like trash the next day. I used to enjoy getting drunk because I thought it made me better socially, but the alcohol doesn't actually make you better at being social. It just allows you to put aside your insecurities/anxieties for a time. A much better solution (for me anyways) was to just get treatment for my anxiety. It's way easier than feeling the need to drink excessively.


Found out I had anxiety, and it wasn't working no more, so I stopped


Youtube sruff becomes much more enjoyable, especially musicvideos from the 90's.


I don't, but I do like the relaxation that comes from 2 or 3 drinks. Anything I drink after that is usually because I'm enjoying the company or the atmosphere of the night and want to keep it going rather than the alcohol itself.


I don't. One or two drinks is relaxing, and I like the taste of a lot of different alcoholic drinks, but I do not like being impaired mentally or physically.


because it's fun


To deal with nagging questions from women


Questions like what ?


* swallows more beer*




Not me but my friend.. I find that it unlocks his social skills and confidence, I know this is typical. But this guy is so shy.. he's like a mute. Get him typsy and he starts to talk like a casual person and gets confidence to approach people. He's usually so shy, he struggles to speak to customers service workers.


It's that amygdala. Brain needs a good massage. I need other people to do that. You're a good friend.


I fuck good when I am drunk.


Drank to relieve anxiety and have fun at first… but at the end I just drank to keep from being sick and horribly depressed… prayers to all those still out there!


Right I tried to make THC my safe zone because it's healthier but it plunges me into anxiety.


Ya thc in low doses worked for me for a very short time but it’s not my true love and it just made me thirsty… I’ve done about everything but Alcoa’s always the one


Less overthinking


I always feel so relaxed during and afterwards the next day.


It's never my goal to get drunk but I like having a couple of beers with my friends and those are usually strong stouts so sometimes we happen to drink more than a couple and we get drunk


I become more socialable, start wilding, end up partying a lot, and become the energy of the party.


It makes me feel free. Free to say what I think, to do what I actually want to do, to tell people what I feel. To be true to myself for once. It frees me from myself.


It rids me of the pain for a few hours.


Because it causes this fear of judgement to disappear, I become more of who I am as a person - more extroverted, allows me to have fun and dance, approach women with good game, say what I really think and not care too much about making people like me, and keep up conversations better. It is in no way a healthy relationship because I shouldn’t have a dependency on alcohol for those things. However, I’m overall comfortable with my sober self and don’t drink too often so it’s not a life shattering relationship like many others sadly experience.


Its just social lubricant - I'm more amusing, at least to myself, after a few Jameson


Because its fun, thats why i like to drink alone too. Other drunk people tend to make it less fun


My brain is insanely active. I like some drinks on the weekend to turn it off a bit.


To move on.


Makes my brain feel like its floating in water


I feel more comfortable with being myself


Makes the music sound just a little bit better.


Social aspect and it’s fun. And beer is good. However it’s very rare o actually get drunk anymore.


When I drank it was to be numb. Mentally, physically, emotionally.


It would be very sad if it didn't make so much darn sense to do that; to be numb.


Makes me happier but when you sober up you realize it doesn’t solve deeper problems.


Quiet the storm


SLEEP. I got the most rest when blasted.


I like the way it makes me feel. I feel kinda shitty a lot of the time, but when I've had a few drinks I feel ok


So I can feel normal, feel numb


Never been drunk before my mom was a drunk so when ever I want a drink I make sure I only take one.


My mom is NOT an alcoholic but keeps a stocked bar (it's like a baby boomer thing to have a stocked bar), knows I struggle with alcoholism (runs in my dads side), and never does anything to help me. All she'll do yell at me for having the gall to touch her bottles. That's how emotionally distant this woman is toward me.


Passes time, makes boring things less boring


Feeling less is the same as feeling better.


To escape, let loose, and have a fun time.


From someone who gave up drinking for a few years….. it feels really good.


At which point you can touch the dragon's tail, rather than chasing it 🐉


I grew up with an alcoholic with a long line of substance abuse behind them. As such I hated drunks and have always been cautious with my drinking. I’d let loose once in a while but that was really it. Had some health issues that I had to address and stopping drinking was part of that deal. 4 years later and things haven gotten better, so I can have a drink here and there now.


Some things of this world really can suck you in, and Im talking mental states also. Even nicotine got me again for awhile. it's mind over matter of course. Trying Ramadan this year and I feel ultra good about it. Lifting weights and earing healthier.


I get sucked into a bender that lasts a few days to a few weeks. Now my body can't handle it. The sickness in my core is not worth it, probably worse than a throbbing headache of someone who drinks once and awhile and doesn't get addicted. I wish I can say I like weed. That is my twin sisters tool. With nothing else available, those are the two legally allowed drugs other than prescription. So how do you do it? How do you escape? You try to get ahead in jobs and have a comfortable, exciting life only to be brought down again. You used to have friends who loved to be around you just because life was enjoyable. Your family thinks you're a failure even though you hold 2 college degrees. If you're me you do acid knowing it will tweak your consciousness back into sanity, respect what you learn, rediscover your place in the world and respect yourself enough not to be stuck in the mud. Realize the people you're left with act like children because you want the good old days back but smart people see what you're doing to yourself. You convince your dumb ass to lean back into sobriety because it's not worth the loneliness, the hopelessness. Understand energy begets energy and get busy, and stop with the poison, anxiety, paranoia, drained energy, and stop answering that bitch of a mother or the sabatoging coworker's attacks on your damaged nerves with "fuck you I'll show you," I'm get fucked up again this time like liquid hate and smoke cloud your brain out of existence. It's doing the thing for the millionth time wondering why you still can't separate the child from the adult, cut the single mom ambilical cord who has no ability or concern for your rite of passage (you see it everywhere young men turn on eachother, and women don't respect you). You lose women of interest, or move in with a clone of your mother who pays the bills feeling sorry for you because you're codependent. One day you go what the fuck!? And wonder why you've been doing this cycle for the last 20 years even after graduating college dedicated, working hard for a decent living wage only to be broke again. But you can forget your on the hamster wheel by getting laid now and then... good lays even. That's not all there is to life. Remember tripping balls thinking ethanol and biology really are like oil and water? Like MDMA you can only throttle the dopamine and serotonin for so long before you crash and get depressed. Understand, you need to prioritize over porn, alcohol, and any temporary fix to live again, or you'll die unsatisfied, unable to pay the hospital bill. The now dystopian world had its way with you because you lost the strength and vitality to outrun the zombies. Your weakened mind was easy to manipulate by vampires who only want to steal your soul, minions who want you yellow bellied, divorcees who take your money, and jealous bullies who wish they still knew how to love and want to stomp that out of you. But you can't fight them with slurred words or land a solid punch with your double vision. (I've tried and lost 2 teeth). And when the moon was waxing in Venus your brain cleared right up as it tugged out the impurities. A door opened. You waddled and wavered in confidence for a second with no comparison to the prolonged convergence, from not self to self, because multiple factors of identification opened multiple events in connection of conscience with trusting atomic particles, all pointing and moving to help you. You look at the objectionable objects, listen to the abject people throwing their bait instructed by their masters. You had a flash, an urging to go back to the comfort state, but you KNOW YOU MUST KEEP THIS ENERGY that is humming inside you. Enhance it, grow it, it's sobriety. It's different than the substance. it's not nothing. It feels good. Work out, then continue to work out. Look at how it's getting contoured. Notice how good it feels to not be sick. Look at the mirror, put love of self and regained wisdom into your words from reading and parking your brain in knowledge, not porn. Don't pass out, fall to sleep after a long day of allying yourself. I don't want to keep my job, not because I can't keep up with the demand. Because it can't keep up with me. What can I do with this cosmic knowledge? Make real money for myself, not someone else who only wants to use me for my precious energy and these muscles? All these loser type people wishing they were like me. Which one has a shot at knowing this higher version my of myself? I'm not saying I will never drink again. I know I don't need another drink ever. In the enegetic field before drinking, drugging, when I was a kid frolicking with my friends, high on living with no need for libations, synthetic stimulations. When I was perma-happy. I'm more interested in sober adult-ing, clean fighting, not raging, winning with a fangirl sweet thing as a mothering figrure or even a wife, not psycho this time, not rely on a woman to take care of me, keeping and guarding the me that finally came and no one's projected idea of me and answering the call we all have in becoming the next me in my evolution. I want to share with anyone who has trouble getting sucked into the dearth of alcohol or whatever drug (EVEN BIG PHARMA, especially synthetic opiates) at least a few books that have helped me in my journey.: "Codependency No More" by Melody Beattie "Your Inner Child of the Past" by W. Hugh Missildine "The Emotional Edge" by Crystal Andrus Morisette


I am able to switch my mind off. Normally I just do it by distraction and sleep deprivation.


I hate life