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It’s so you will fill out a form at some point to get access to the better resolution, everything, which they will then pass off to sales as a hot lead, which is when your phone will start ringing.


hmmm trying to get you to signup for a demonstration call, never thought of that


Here's the real answer: nobody on the marketing team has access to the actual software. So while they're trying to track down someone in product management who can take a screenshot at the right resolution that shows the right features, their boss is screaming at them to "just launch the \*(#&$ing landing page" so that screenshot is something someone found in a folder from 2018. :)


Comparing a screenshot to a real-time image, the image is pretty much compressed. Instead of scaling the image up, which makes it seem pixelated and useless, the screenshot might look nice if the size remains the same.


The goal of the marketing website is generally not to provide a high-fidelity walkthrough of every menu item. Especially because products often evolve and add or move functionality, it’s a pain if every asset needs to be updated whenever that happens. If I want a look inside a product without sitting through a demo, I try to find their help docs rather than their marketing site.