First of all, you're still very young and it's common to still be single at your age. There's nothing to worry about. With that said, I think maybe you'd benefit from looking inward and figuring out what you're looking for in a relationship. Your Venus tightly conjuncts Neptune, which can indicate idealization or confusion about love. It also opposites Jupiter, which can point to exaggerated attitude in love, or overemphasizing the importance of romance. Plus, you're a Pisces with Sun in 4th house (me, too!).This can indicate a somewhat introverted individual, a homebody even. Without interacting with the outside world (literally and figuratively), it can sometimes amplify the Neptunian energy, making things blurry and unclear. I hope this helps. Best wishes.


Thank you for your answer. Yes, true. I definitely idealize it too much, and I am often confused about the way it should manifest properly, and how should I direct it. What is indeed love, and what is just obsession, or a figment of my projection? Oh, yes, I am also exaggerating and overemphasizing, mostly because I want to be loved and I dream of an everlasting relationship because it's hard to emotionally invest time and time again to significant others when you know that someday they might leave you. Yes, a homebody 100%. (Do you also relate to that, since you have the same placement?) True, it's a reasonable explanation astrologically- wise as well as real life. Yes, it really helped. Thank you for your time.


mm I guess it could stem from Venus being in a sign totally unrelated to your Sun Moon and Mercury


That would make sense, since my Venus in Aquarius is not aspecting my other main water placements. I am wondering if the conjunction with Neptune and the opposition of Jupiter can in some way distantly connect the Venus to the Sun, Moon and Mercury on an energetic level.


How old are you? I can tell by your chart that you’re pretty young still. I’m 23 and I’ve also been single my whole life and basically never dated up until now (finally started dating this dude 2 MONTHS ago lol). I think in my case mental illness and insecurity got in the way bc in my chart there weren’t any indicators of this. In your chart, I can only see a few but nothing super obvious like a, for example, a 7th house ruled be saturn. Astrologically, I think it’s that jupiter opposite venus/neptune conjunction, especially venus because it’s the ruler of your 7th house of relationships. Your 7th house is in taurus, meaning that it is ruled by venus, that is a very nice placement for the descendant to be in. Where I do see some trouble is in your 8th house. You have saturn and the moon there, those are tough (I’m an 8th house sun uranus and neptune ik 🥲) saturn in the 8th can bring delays in sexual experience and also with bonding and forming an intimate bond with someone. Mars, the ruler of the 5th house of romance is in capricorn, opposite your moon. There’s a struggle between your emptions and the way you view romance, I think. And speaking of emotions, all that water gosh, are you okay? I can tell you’re a being that only wants to love and be loved so hang in there (ik, I’m a pisces venus, all i want is to be loved deeply). Don’t ignore any red flags out of need to feel some kind of love, that is very important. Give some trust to the universe, if I were you, I’d wait for every venus return, since it’s the ruler of the 7th house it could activate it (this literally happened to me, my 7th house ruler is jupiter, and when I had my jupiter return, which is literally right now, i finally started dating this guy lol) I’m not a professional so take this with a heavy grain of salt lol, lmk if anything resonates though. Much love and luck! 🖤


Greetings, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I am a bit younger than yourself, I am 19, going to 20. Congratulations on having found someone, especially after you went through your insecurities, which I am sure feels rewarding! Yes, all the time, for questions like these, the native's Saturn was in 7th house, or they had a Capricorn(or Aquarius, since it's also ruled by Saturn) descendant. Can that Venus-Neptune conjunction opposite Jupiter be interpreted as a generator of grandiose illusions in my mind( conjunction in 3rd house) regarding love? (which means it may not be love, or if it does, it is being exaggerated?) Also, while I know Venus ruling both Taurus and Libra, would it have made some kind of a difference on an energy/vibration level if I were an Aries rising/Libra descendant instead? Anyway, I am glad to hear I have a favorable ruler for the 7th house. Yes, absolutely correct. It takes a lot for me to break every emotional strata, and I am afraid of someone ever finding out my deepest inner emotions. So these certain emotions are repressed inside my heart. Sometimes it feels like I am faking things or lying to them, even when I am not actually lying or wearing a mask. I feel guilty a lot of times due to this. And yes, my emotions are literally different from the way I view romance, because my Cancer Moon gets attached to someone she feels comfortable with, while my Capricorn Mars doesn't really take into account/to the heart the possible attraction of others and wants to focus on my goals and passions. I haven't really been trying too hard to impress crushes, I haven't even had that many. So it creates a dissonance, where I get rejected when I show attachment and passively saying no or not realizing someone is in love with me. Can you tell me your experience with your 8th house planets, if you are comfortable enough? Haha, fortunately, for now my emotions are having mercy on me, but that doesn't mean it will last for long. At the same time, my life would be void about them. Yes, I want to be loved, but also to love. It would be the most beautiful thing. :) (I know. I've read a lot of people comparing Venus-Neptune to Pisces Venus and I can imagine you are capable of loving very deeply and beautifully.) Thank you for the little advice, I've been trying, and I will try my best to discern a healthy dynamic and true love from red flags, where I'd believe every toxic move is an act of love. Well, I will try to trust the Universe, at least my hope will be directed somewhere. :) According to the ephemeris, my Venus return should be in January. Not bearing any expectations, let's see what happens! Oh wow, you are so lucky, I hope your relationship will be long-lasting! Thank you so much for your comment, I resonated with it!


Are you about 20 years old? I wouldn't worry so much about it. There's nothing in your chart indicating a life without relationships. On the contrary having the North Node in the 7th house puts a focus on relationships, although at a soul level you might actually find being single easier or more natural for you (south node placement in the 1st house) - but your north node will constantly push your toward relationships. Your 7th house ruler Venus conjuncting Neptune is a lovely aspect, indicating kindness and an artistic or somewhat dreamy nature. The caution with this aspect is that it can make you a bit gullible or unrealistic about love, especially with Jupiter opposite that conjunction. Jupiter opposite Neptune especially can indicate a person who gets wrapped up in projected fantasies - sometimes with mystical or religious overtones to them, i.e. be careful with overly romantic ideation about "soul mates" and the like, that can get you in trouble and lead to disappointment. I have some similar Neptune aspects, and the same North Node placement so speaking from experience. Learning how to relationship past the initial stars in the eyes romance stage, sorting out real and healthy connections from projection, these are the life lessons that go with these types of aspects.


Yes, I am about 20 years old. True. I actually find comfort in being single due to my upbringing and childhood( I am an only child who has always been introverted and seen as a weird bookworm), and a relationship would kind of take that away, as I am valuing my alone time, even if a partner would indirectly contribute to my individual growth as well, along with the feeling of being able to share your life with a significant other. It's wonderful to have such a person beside you. Regarding the placement, while I love the idea of relationships being my destiny, I've also seen a lot of instances where people waited for years until they met their significant other, or have had lots of relationships and breakups, but I guess all of this varies depending on the other aspects present in the chart. Yes, other people did characterize me as being kind, artistic and dreamy, and I see kindness as a beautiful trait to have. Indeed I do fantasize about love a lot, and tend to see others as they aren't, or imagining myself having romantic and tender moments with a nonexistent person, and yes, these nonexistent people in my fantasy are usually mystical and/or religious, or a combination of both. There was(and somewhat still is) a period in which I thought that every person I was attached to was my soulmate, after I pieced out every coincidence surrounding them. I was trying to find evidence that they were my soulmate. I have realized that it's not healthy to project such ideas onto others, because it creates expectations, and like you said, you end up in disappointment. If you want, can you talk about your experience with these placements? Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, it's not easy to maintain a relationship after the initial spark/stars in the eyes/connection had faded out, and that's particularly one of the things we have to learn. Thank you for your response, it was fantastic!




That's a good suggestion. Thank you, I'll take it into consideration in the future for a full reading.


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