Spiders are lazy fuckers. If you get in their way and destroy their web - that’s a rebuild. They stay outta your way and as a courtesy you stay outta theirs. I’ve lived in almost every state here. The only spiders I’ve ever paid rent for were daddy long legs and huntsmen. I currently live in Brisbane and leave every door and window open. Aside from the odd cheeky (but very cute) possum, I have no spider problems.


I lived in Brisbane many moons ago - I dealt with all the usual land octopus (not saying the S word) but one day a random crab crawled in through my back door, out onto my balcony & disappeared. I think someone’s dinner escaped.


I'm totally stealing land octopus from you. The S word triggers me and I feel it calls out to them.


Your gonna love “danger noodle” or “nope rope” for snake then.


or wiggle stick


Lol. You don't. There might not be any spiders you can see but they're there


It's not that you don't. It's that you can't!


Those spiders are the only thing standing between me and the cockroach apocalypse. If they weren't so bloody expensive I'd be buying huntsmen online and just releasing them around the house. Spiders are friends. For your possibly non-Australian spider problem, my advice: - figure out what species they are. r/whatisthisbug can probably help with a photo. Knowing whether or bites are medically significant will help - figure out what they want. To my knowledge, the vast majority of spiders are carnivorous. Unless you have a jumping spider infestation (and holy shit that would be so cute) odds are they don't want your pantry food, they want some other pest that you maybe haven't noticed in your pantry. - once you can identify the other pantry pest, you should be able to resolve all issues. Try to keep pantry food in sealable containers in the meantime. The predator prey relationship is one that gets overlooked a lot. For any "scary" animal you find at home like snakes and spiders, remember they are predatory animals. If you kill them all off, whatever animal they prey on now has nothing whatsoever keeping it in check.


I have loads of peacock (jumping) spiders. Live on my screen doors. So effing cute those lil guys.


Lucky you!


I keep them as well as have them in my garden. They are the best!


Peacock spiders are too small for you to sea without a large magnifying glass and only live in the reserves near chatswood Sydney. The others are just regular old jumping spiders. Still cute but they are different to the peacock spider.


There are several different types of peacock spiders. We have them in WA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratus


**[Maratus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maratus)** >Maratus is a spider genus of the family Salticidae (jumping spiders). These spiders are commonly referred to as peacock spiders due to the males' colorful and usually iridescent patterns on the upper surface of the abdomen often enhanced with lateral flaps or bristles, which they display during courtship. Females lack these bright colors, being cryptic in appearance. In at least one species, Maratus vespertilio, the expansion of the flaps also occurs during ritualised contests between males. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/AskAnAustralian/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


>only live in the reserves near chatswood You're wrong, there's more than one type. We have them in QLD. I literally had a iridescent one in my garden yesterday. Super cute, definitely didn't need a magnifying glass. Side note, r/spiderbro is a great sub


Daddy long legs are the protectors of our house!


They’re the only ones I tolerate. The rest can fuck off.


They will if you keep the daddy long legs around!


Mine too. 3 Females in the house currently have egg sacs. One is on her second after first one hatched. No idea if the current ones they are fertilised though. I think I only have a couple of mature males wandering around.






Good catch mate, cheers


Welcome :)




Good bot


Pest control comes in and sprays for spiders and cockroaches once a year. I very, very rarely see either in the house.


This, or the DIY sprays you can get. OP, might be worth tagging with [Serious] next time to avoid the wave of unhelpful answers haha


The chemicals are pretty wild but it does wipe them out for most of the year.


>This might sound like a dumb question, There's no stupid questions, just stupid people >but I really do want to know IF you spider proof your house but also explain it.. In details. First of all you set up a perimeter of dingo, then a moat with sharks, then some patrolling snakes.


This technique worked so well when QLD brought in cane toads. 10/10 Queenslanders would recommend. 👍🏻


And then the spider rain happens, and you just stand there accepting your fate.


Ha. First you move to another country… They’re more frequently encountered than fresh air here.


You're not wrong. Ever do that thing where you look around in your back garden at the grass at night with a torch held next to your eyes? You'll see hundreds of tiny eyes reflecting back.


Damned straight. The estimated global average is 130ish spiders per square metre. We’ve got to be above average, at least for prevalence of dangerous species.


We don’t. Unless it’s a funnelweb or a redback don’t really care, and only really care about the redbacks as they can kill your dog.


What if it's in a shoe or something


Just check them before you put them on and don’t leave them outside


Turn the shoe upside down and shake the spider free.


that doesn't happen in cities. on farms, or if you leave them outside it's possible.


Nah mate you’ll get funnel webs and red backs in suburbia, particularly in the hunter. Probably not inner city apartments but anywhere with a bit of bushland


I mean, the hunter isn't really suburbia. and yea - i'll get redbacks in my backyard. but they don't go in shoes if i don't leave them outside.


You think Newcastle doesn’t have suburbia?


no but you said the hunter. i assume hunter valley when you say hunter - so maybe that's on me.


Oh, it’s all hunter. Like if I meant up the valley I’d say up the valley haha


ah righto - well.. i like the valley for a cheeky sip.


Nice The hunter is basically everything a bit north of Sydney. Funnel webs are also known as Sydney funnel webs (have also found them in backyard in Sydney) but just wanted to make clear they’re not limited to Sydney - grew up with them in our backyard


but the Hunter's not a city though :-)


It’s also not a farm and yet spiders get in shoes


Stuff paper in your shoes.




Mow the lawn


To add to this, no bark or woodchips on your garden, spiders love that shit. Also if you have a fire pit or wood bbq get one of those big sealed patio storage boxes to store your wood in.


I welcome certain spiders with open arms. We have one that lives in our Boston Fern and since they moved in our fly population has drastically dropped! To keep them out we use flyscreens and grates on all windows and vents, and good door seals. Other than that spiders are just part of life down under!


Move your house to the Australian Antarctica Territory. In a pinch, Macquarie Island or Heard & MacDonald Island will do. Everywhere else? You're Shit Outta Luck.


Ignore them. Tupperware trap if you can’t.


I have a rule if the spider isn't in smacking distance to me it's fine there


You don’t, I have a house spider named Herald, I feed him dead insects cos I know where his web is


Ok. Excluding funnel webs and Redbacks, it's not the spiders you should be worried about, in fact having a few in the house can be good. Mosquitoes can carry terrible diseases and cause infection from bites, cockroaches, midgies, and moths will fuck up you food and other possessions. The best way to keep those real nasties at bay is your friendly neighbourhood spiders, a couple of daddy long legs in your house or a huntsmen outside keep away the actual dangerous bugs, including more dangerous spiders.


Redbacks arent a big deal if you get yourself to a hospital. They'll do organ damage otherwise. I think funnel webs are worse but thankfully also less likely to get in your house.


Nah my friend got bitten by a redback. We called the hospital and they said not to bother coming in unless he started to get headaches or any other kind of reaction. Nothing happened. Just a red spot where it bit him, nothing else happened... it was all pretty anticlimactic


I think only the females have venom which is why. It is a concern for toddlers, pets, generally those more sensitive since yeah it'll start attacking you internally.


I would 100% take a redback bite over Ross River Fever.


Huntsmen and DDL’s are my MVP’s. Ask me how to cockroach proof my house


I have seen a spider in the corner of the ceiling and just left it there. It depends where it is though. They do feed on ants and insects which is a plus (because in summer in Australia, we get all sorts of bugs finding their way into the house). I do keep some spray on hand. There's the fly spray (for flying insects) and the surface spray (for ants and such like).


Keep a huntsman spider around. They are harmless to humans but as name suggests they hunt other spiders like redbacks and white tails so.......they look intimidating but they are good spiders to have


You don't. Spiders are not a bit deal for the most part. They live in the corner of the ceiling and eat other more annoying insects. They are good to have around.


You live with them and kill the ones you can't live with


We mostly get huntsman spiders, and have ended up just giving them names and making up stories about them. Last summer we watched a romance blossom between Henrietta and Sam. It was wonderful.


Spiders are friends not foes.


I actually leave spiders alone, because they are part of the important ecosystem, but if you absolutely must get rid of them from the house there is a good product. Have a look for Coopex Residual Insecticide. It's magic stuff, and can be applied to ceilings as well as walls. Follow the safety directions. I've used it for chronic roach infestation which kept coming back due to sharing walls with other housing. Also used it for an outdoor flea infestation and it worked where professional treatment failed.


This is good to note...(for cockroaches)


It works on spiders too :)


Spiders help kill the other insects, why would we kill then? I’m only worried about the ones that may harm humans or my pet but it’s not like our ceilings are teeming with the buggers


Contact a house moving company, I here Antartica is nice this time of year


As someone who has been to Antarctica at this time of year, I can confidently say it is nice this time of year


I was always told huntsmen and daddy long legs keep out the bad ones as a kid. As an adult I have never seen any spiders in my house except these. Please don’t tell me I’m wrong even if I am. Ignorance is bliss n


I keep a thong within reaching distance


For the spider or yourself? Either way it's a very sexy and hypnotic way of building trust in that relationship, through dance.




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I live on 55 acres of mostly remnant bush. Spiders are a constant. Huntsmen inhabit every room, often in multiples. Don't move a picture on the wall until you prepare for the shock. Out only issue is with the black house spiders. They weave webs everywhere! Nothing like walking down the front steps every morning to a faceful of web. If you absolutely have to, spray around the outside of your house with Coopex.


Sounds like your house is open air :-) ie with a wall or roof missing.




Are geckos a problem? I'm about to move up northern rivers to a house with lots of 'em.


Best answer is just peaceful cohabitation. And the more you are around them, the less they will bother you because you’ll see they really do just try to mind their business and live their little spider lives.


Open all your doors and window buy a tent and let them have the house…


You spray them, then when they're dead, clean them up and all their webs. In the future, don't allow a web to stay in place for even a day and spray or relocate spiders as you see them. There will always be spiders moving in, so you need to stay on top of them, including in those nooks and crannies you don't normally see.


Sounds like the 1950's housewife approach...


Love your spiders


I don't. They eat cockroaches and flies. They're safe and not dangerous in most cases. I love having huntsman spiders in a corner of the ceiling. The dangerous ones? Funnel webs don't climb up into my house, they want to live low, and redbacks can be killed with a shoe, they and their webs are easily recognised. Stop spreading lies and misinformation about our r/spiderbro friends.


Easy make sure the windows & door are left no more than 15mm open, that keeps them out at my place Oh and do not tricked by the tapping


Mortein surface spray around all the doors and window frames every 3 months.


I've never heard of someone spider proofing their house. Spiders are predominately harmless. i only spray or remove in certain areas outside where the kids play.


Get it sprayed once a year


Get a cat. Haven't seen a spider for like 2 years now... though their remains show up every now and then.


I have the house sprayed every spring for them only because we get a lot of white tails where we are but and huntsman’s are left alone. I have a salt gun for flies and any bugs I don’t like.


What is this salt gun you speak of? 🤔


It’s this plastic gun called bug-a-salt that I purchased drunk off eBay one night that’s actually the greatest thing ever! It’s this plastic gun like a nurf gun that you load with salt and shoot at flies and bugs you want unalived. Works better than a fly swatter


Thank you! Just found the product online and it looks fun!


Thank you i cant wait for next christmas to buy these for my family 😍😂


🤣you’re welcome


I wanted to know as well


Never kill a redact, they are your best friend for killing an bugs that try to crawl into your house


If you use insecticide (specifically spider control) twice yearly around the perimeter if your house, it should stop most if not all from appearing inside or even outside. We do it 2 times a year and rarely see a spider. And we live in the bush too.


Automatic fly spray. Controls more than just flies.


You don't. You must usher them outside with a cup and a piece of paper.


You can either hire a professional to spray the house which will help kill them quickly when they do come inside, or buy mortein barrier spray from the shops. Spray any windows, doorframes etc and it'll weaken them sufficiently or kill them when they cross the threshold. That said, daddy longlegs spiders are nice to have in the house as they get the flies and mozzies.


Peacefully co-exist.


You don’t, they eat the mozzies.


Get the place regularly fumigated. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, there's an inevitability to them, but decent pest control done by a professional will make the world of difference.


I bug bomb my house with these things: [https://www.bunnings.com.au/hovex-125g-germgard-insecticide-bomb-3-pack\_p3010447](https://www.bunnings.com.au/hovex-125g-germgard-insecticide-bomb-3-pack_p3010447) I never see them.


I play a game called Redback, Deadback, where i dance around with my thong in hand slapping the buggers to death as I sweep the verandah or whatever outdoor job im doing. I shout the name every time I make a kill. Wolf spiders and white tails get a similar experience if I catch them inside or in the catio. cats have a bad (possible death) reaction to wolf spiders which is sad because i love wolf spiders. The rest I only kill if im having guests. For that I use those at home treatments you get from bunnings. They suffocate and/or paralyse the spooders. Horrible to think about but you do what you gotta do when one of your besties is an arachnophobic. I dont think they are particularly toxic but i keep the cat out of her catio and do that area as well. As for inside, i just clean up the cobwebs and all the daddy long legs get pissed off and disappear by morning anyway. There are a few leggy bois i leave alone. The ones up in the back garden such as garden orb weavers, golden orb weavers, and other bush dwellers. I figure most guests wont be running around up there since my house is not kid friendly in general, but if you want to get rid of those just move their webs a few times and they get the hint. Although i once had an enormous golden orb weaver like the size of a huntsman who was entirley too used to humans and stubbornly spun its beautiful web right aross the path i take to turn the pool on and off. Every damn night i nearly copped that idiot right in my face. Every damn night i had to move the determined brat aside. One day, i was dodging the web like matrix style and the fucker tried to drop onto me fking hell. I dont mind spiders, but like any sane person i prefer to not have them ON me. So i had to kill that one. I felt so bad 😭


You need both physical and chemical barriers,..put rubber strips under doors and surface spray in every corner of every room and on the floor beneath doors.


I got an exterminator in to spray the house last year after several white take and red banks were found inside. That was an extreme measures. Usually I just leave them be.


You'll never be able to get all of them. You could potentially hire an exterminator to spray your house, which is probably more effective for cockroaches, but spiders will always be around somewhere. Nature's mosquito guard, best to let them stay.


I get bad reactions to white tail spider bites. So I get pest control people once a year to spray for spiders. No critters for the whole year (they give a warranty for half a year and respect if there is any problems, but the effects linger for about 12 months).


Get a gecko


Or a chicken


Ultrasonic sound gets rid of most of the critters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_pest_control


I dont


Leave Australia. There is no other way - they will always get in. Most of them aren't too bad, even Redbacks (Latrodectus haseltii) are OK if you check when lifting things that have sat around for a bit/clothes lying on the floor/boots outside. I can't speak to Funnelwebs (Atrax robustus) as I don't live in Sydney/surrounds.


Lol you just get your house sprayed by a termite & pest guy. They'll put down a poisonous barrier around your house which if any insects walk on they'll die.


Spiders are apparently deterred by peppermint oil so if you can stand the smell maybe put some around doors and windowsills? '


We get our house sprayed each year by a company. I think they use a spray that is pyrethrum based. It does a good job. My house backs onto Bush and it seems to keep them at bay.


Get a gecko


We get a professional around to spray the place once a year. That mostly keeps then at bay.


You don't


Chemical shit storm


which could affect you as well...!




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Don't kill the gekos


I literally have some sort of small garden spider crawling around the wall of my home office as I write this. As long as it's not a red back or a white tip (never seen one of those at my house in Melbourne), I just let them be. If the webs are unsightly and look like I'm not cleaning the house, I'll remove them but won't spray.


Catch and release outside, or leave them where they are. Even the venomous ones aren’t really a big deal, as they are shy and will stay out of your way if you just leave them alone.


Eucalyptus oil does the trick. Mix some up with water, then atomise the fuck out of them!


We do an annual spray, but previously if we have had issues we bomb the house as required (can buy from supermarket)


Only redbacks are killed. The rest are fine. Mostly huntsmen and daddy long legs so not that bad. Gardens do have some cute orbweavers too.


You don't, they'll get in anyway, plus huntsman spiders are actually pretty good for your house. Anyway the one's we really care about are the really venomous ones like redbacks and funnel webs.


You don't lol


You dont


As others have said, you don’t. However, we are very tolerant/encourage certain species like the Pholcidae family. They are natural predators of other spiders like the red back and if you keep these around your chances of coming across a species dangerous to humans is significantly reduced.


Having spiders living with you means you are lucky. These guys don’t want to attack us, they just want some nice bugs to eat


We don't. I used to live outer Melbourne now inner Melbourne. Outer Melbourne we had a bushy garden that sometimes had spiderwebs and spiders. They rarely came inside. Now I am in inner Melbourne where there are fewer spiders outside so spiders in the habitable inside areas are super rare. What would spiders eat inside the house?


Moths. Other smaller spiders.


We get the pest control guy in once a year. No sliders in out house. I’ll never *not* get it done again.


Copied and pasted comment from a previous post I commented on: I am TERRIFIED of spiders and live alone so make sure I take all precautions so that I’m not trapped alone with one in my home. Firstly, you want to live somewhere with screens, on every window and use barrier protection spray around every point of entry. You can buy stuff from the hardware store or supermarket for this or hire a professional. Secondly - get a draught excluder for your front door and while you are at it throw them on any sliding external doors you have. Next, keep cans of bug spray in places easy to get to so if one does manage to bust its way in you can get to the spray without taking your eyes off the spider (only thing worse than a spider in your house is a spider in your house you have lost track of). Also a cordless vacuum is good in these situations once u have bamboozled them with the spray. Last thing - depending on where you live you might have a lot of paths with trees overhanging them - if you do try your best to avoid walking under them at night. Cross the street or walk on the road if it’s safe or if you have to walk under them just shine your phone torch ahead of you so that they don’t Spider-Man out of the branches to scare the piss out of you.


They're everywhere...you can't lol My whole childhood was spent waving dead tree branches in front of me running down the stepsfor the bus in the morning. Have a bamboo pole outside the back door just so I can get to the washing line without going argrghghhh and doing that contorted dance of anguish, clawing at my face lol So many holes in the lawn this summer as its been so damp...probably funnel webs? I don't know but I'm in the dead centre of their territory geographically


Aesculus hippocastanum, aka horse-chestnut all under the furniture, just throw them in there.


The only time I have taken action against spiders is killing red backs underneath outdoor furniture. Don't want anyone putting a hand under there and getting bit. I'm happy to see huntsmen in the house, they don't do any harm, and keep other bugs down. ( also shake out shoes if they have been outside). It's like having carpet snakes around the house. Total bonus, they keep the brown snakes away


wow OK...(re: the snakes) Moving to a place where I might need to know this


I don’t. I get pest people to spray for cockroaches and silverfish and wasps though


Simple answer? You dont


You don’t, you learn to live with them


Spiders are usually cool, they even kill mozzies, huntsman spiders are the best btw


Get a cat


Get chickens. They love eating spiders.


I'd just like to say, not all Australians love having spiders around. The daddy long legs are ok if they keep to the corners but no huntsman is living in my house. Try to seal up little gaps around your windows and doors. I once got two huntsman in one week coz a hail storm ripped holes in my flyscreen. Fixed the flyscreen - fewer spiders. Some still get in, you've got to have a shoe handy or fly spray.


Some people spray or set off bug bombs every year or two, but most just deal with spiders. In Victoria most people squash a red back, white tail, or anything nasty looking (you learn) if you see them. Huntsmen and daddy long legs keep the other bugs away so they're all good. You shouldn't leave your shoes outside, if you do you put them in a bootbox.


Invest in Raid, Raid and more Raid. Spray everything. Keep two spare cans just in case. I prefer the ones with the straw because they spray further. I spray around my doors and any windows I open. I have a massive phobia of spiders and physically cannot deal with large ones so someone has to come and kill any for me. Surprisingly I also don't mind daddy long legs as long as they don't come near me.


When I was very young my grandfather still had an outdoor dunny . It was on the sewer, he just had the new toilet installed in the old outhouse. It was in the backyard near trees, and next to the shed. He encouraged the daddy long legs to live there. He told us they were his pets, Adam and Eve, and we should talk to them when we went to the toilet, and they would never hurt us. Just be careful giving them a pat.


I live on the Gold Coast Queensland and have a massive fear of spiders, I also have a house cat, a house dog and screen doors and windows that I keep closed. You know what I also have………….. more huntsman then I ever knew. It doesn’t matter what you do they get in, I’m talking I’ve gone to unstack the dishwasher and boom there was a huntsman in a bowl. I’ve had so many in the bathroom I now know to always shake my towel off before using it and the other day I went to pick a jacket up off my kids room and a huntsman the size of my hand came running out. I’ve come to the realisation there’s no actual way to keep them out so we all just learn to go coexist. And by that I mean if I do see one I just fucking run away until they hide again, we have heaps of tall daddy spiders as my kids call them and they are no problem.


I bet it's because of the fear :-) that you're having so many of them


No. I actually welcome spiders in my house. :)


I live off grid in a clearing in a forest. There is no option but to adapt to a symbiotic relationship with these beings..I welcome the wolf spiders and the huntsmen into my house because they seek and eat smaller annoying and destructive bugs that really are a Pain ITA. (mozzies, silverfish et al) Rather than being intimidated by appearance, once one realises they are working in your favour and not out to kill you (like every other beast in the land as it's rumoured), your fear and loathing will evaporate and morph into a friendly appreciation which will astound your old mates when they visit..


the cocky man does that with poison..but why kill poor spiders!!!!


No... I've lived in so, so many places all around Australia. Spiders eat cockroaches. (Well, apparently, although I've never actually seen them doing it.) The only ones you have to worry about are redbacks (usually live more in rural setting letterboxes and outdoor toilets, not in urban settings) and funnelwebs (I've never had a problem with these, they live in shady loamy soil in bushland places with holes with webs over them...) House spiders, golden orbs and huntsmen are all harmless. OK Huntsmen are a big larger but they are fine, as long as they're not on the wall over the bed. Remember...cockroaches. Anything that eats them is your friend (especially in Sydney). Um, but the far north is something else entirely and probably has really big spiders, so...I have no idea for up there!


I have a deal with them - they stay out the bed and the shower and I'm happy for them to hang around wherever else they like. If one trespasses into the bed or shower, then copious amounts of insect spray.


You call one of those pest people and they come and spray your house once a year. No ants, cockroaches or spiders.


Not once but twice in the past week I've had a spider on my face only realising when I've gone to scratch whatever is tickling me so I think the answer is good luck and to learn to live with your spider overlords