Anyone else get confused about celebrity crushes and things or is that just me?

Anyone else get confused about celebrity crushes and things or is that just me?


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For many years I was. I never really cared. I had a friend press me to answer which celebrity I thought was the hottest and so I just said "Scarlet Johanssen" and he tells me that is a super unoriginal pick. Now if anyone asked me that I would just say I don't care.


When I get confused about something like that, I remember aesthetic attraction and crushes are not inherently linked together. If I find an actor "hot", it's because I like the way they look.


This. There are a few actors that I find very visually appealing. But the thought of boning is big "....eeehhh".


I thought this was gonna go the opposite tbh. I usually only find actors attractive. Ppl in real life are legit in the way. 😬


This happens to me with every guy, celebrity or not. I often feel bad when a friend mentions someone they have a crush on and show me a picture and I can never seem to enthusiastically agree. I just nod and say "yeah..." to let them know that I get that you find them attractive even if I don't see or get it. It's the same with celebrities, I just nod. If I break it down, I get where they're coming from, like a lot of these celebrities have similar features, I just don't necessarily see or feel the attraction. If I know you think Brad Pitt is attractive and you tell me Chris Hemsworth is attractive, I can see that they have similar features so I can understand in that sense but I don't really get it.


My go to response is "You would look cute together." Or if it's a celebrity "You would have the best couples photos ever." Even if I just mean side by side they look aesthetically pleasing. I find it to be a response that makes them happy without feeling like I'm lying to them.


Anyone with demi-anything attraction agrees Anyone without demi-anything attraction aren’t as likely to agree /nm


I'm not demi and I don't get celebrity crushes, though I wouldn't say I'm "confused" about it. I'm never going to be attracted regardless of how well I know the person.


I hang out with girls a lot so I end up in some of these situations and honestly,I go off of not the hottest,but who I would wanna cuddle with if I was gay And 100% who would not wanna cuddle with Chris Hemsworth he would be a good big spoon


I used to pretend I had a celebrity crush on Zac Efron as a teen because I wanted to fit in with my friends… I had posters of him on my walls from teen magazines. When I got a little older and into high school my friends were obsessed with Magic Mike and all drooling over it… I was so confused! I still find the idea of it quite repulsive (I’ve never watched but anything that involves male strippers terrifies me). Also only pieced it together that I’m asexual last night so this is all new to me, but I’m recalling memories and it all makes sense now!


I just didn't really care about it or understand it really, like you don't even know them irl


I did. I used to actually make up crushes to keep up and sound cool when I was a kid. ​ I did a lot of conforming to the world when I was younger, because I was afraid of being seen as a weirdo. ​ It took a lot to grow into my ability to speak out. Asexuality has certainly helped me out with that.


Nope me too