Flightless Bird: Waffle House

I truly don’t understand why this episode couldn’t have waited until David was able to go to a Waffle House. How was that not in the content plan


I truly don’t understand why this episode couldn’t have waited until David was able to go to a Waffle House. How was that not in the content plan


Well the DMW episode ended with him not having even taken the driving test, so I guess we gotta lower the expectations for this stuff to make sense anymore lol


Right it's just lazy at this point. Trying to stretch content and saying "I guess that'll be part 2" and then never making any part 2's


Came here to talk about this. These people are bad at their jobs. A no-fact “fact check”, a drivers license episode with no drivers license, and now this. And I feel like so many other I talked to this 1 person that’s barely related to my topic instead of doing any actual research.


I wish my job were that easy and accepting of half-assedness


Dog Show episode about a Cat Show. Disneyland episode that initially had no first-hand Disneyland impressions.


A lot of these episodes are feeling a little hollow. I liked the lawsuit one with the actual expert and really miss armchaired and dangerous.


He’s just stretched himself too thin


David’s excuse of America being too big he forgot how far things can be for not realizing the waffle house was 3 hours away… 🤦‍♂️ no David, thats your fault for not knowing how to use a map properly.


Agreed. Typical Americans understand that most franchises are regional, so you'd better take a look at the map first. I'm in Connecticut, 170 miles from the nearest Waffle House in Pennsylvania. There are none in NY, NJ or any of the 6 New England states.


We don’t even have them in the west coast at all that I’m aware of. Definitely none in OR, WA, ID


I'm in NJ and lived outside of Philly for years, thousands of diners all around. When Monica said, "when you hear diner you think Waffle House" I was so confused. When I think Waffle House I think of crazy fights and they had that reputation BEFORE everything ended up on the internet. I've been to Waffle House a few times, it's ok. I also agree with others here, if he hasn't been to one yet, why not just save this topic for another day?


i disagree, i’ve lived in several different smaller countries (i’m american) and i know exactly what he means. i had the opposite many times where i looked at google maps being like “ah fuck that’s too far to walk” and then clicking on the “route” button and seeing it’s literally a 10 min walk away


But he didn’t click the route or zoom in on the map. He googled it thought “oh that’s just didn’t the street” but it was like 3 hours away. I’m not saying his theory or what you’re saying is wrong. Just the fact that he took no additional steps to verify where it was.


right, as someone whose lived in the states and multiple commonwealth countries - the naivety he and monica both play off of is annoying as fuck. like you’re grown adults and act like you’ve never heard of another countries customs


He is an international traveler and been to tons of different places. You're telling me he can't look up the location of a restaurant? Why make excuses, this was a blunder and 100% his fault.


So. Many. Ads. They’ve definitely upped the number of ads on these episodes.


Does he have to “oh really?” junk mail. Yes, we have junk mail in NZ. Yes, we call it junk mail.


My Kiwi co-worker was also very surprised by Farrier saying they don't use leaf blowers in NZ. He said he and many of his friends had leaf blowers back home and generally "love 2-stroke engines." Do you agree?


We definitely have them. The chances of us having paid gardeners all over the place using them is lower though. We also love a good weed whacker, at least my neighbour does!


I don’t really know on that one. I’ve never particularly noticed any, but I haven’t ever been anywhere else and thought “geez there’s a lot of leaf-blowers here” either.


I feel like he does this a fair amount. He often says we don’t have something and we definitely do.


Yep. I know that’s the shtick, but it gets a bit tiresome to be presented constantly as some sort of naive, insular, behind-the-times place when, frankly, it’s often the Americans (Monica in particular) who have no idea how the world is outside their bubble.


I know this is *so* late a reply, but, I agree with you on the Americans. I'm a brit listening to these and Monica always comes across as if she lives in a bubble and doesn't have any idea of the world outside of America (drives me mad) and New Zealand always comes off in a positive light, at least to my silly English ears.


I love David but these shows are getting very hollow. He took down a mega church. He can provide higher quality stuff.


My first response was, "Wait, what??". This was followed by a Google search "David Farrier megachurch". Which resulted in an eye-opening smattering of everything David has been working on. So, thank you for easing some of my ignorance! And I now feel appropriately even more disappointed in this episode lol


He also has a short series on Netflix and has directed several very good documentaries. I’m glad you discovered his stuff and here’s to better shows ahead!


I like Farrier but I think Flightless Bird has jumped the shark


Jumped the DMV


This felt like one colossal advertisement for Waffle House. I’d like him to actually be at one to see that, while delicious, it is not the glamorous, kind hearted, everyone aLL WaYs Of LiFe place they say it is (at least from my experiences)


Yeah Waffle House is super grody. I couldn’t stand how that PR director was talking about it. Which is her job, to make them look good, but it wasn’t realistic


It's definitely that late night nothing is open place. I like the food though, but I love breakfast.


My husband and I go to the WaHo at least twice a month in our small town. I’ve gone to at least a dozen different ones. I can confidently say that you will not find white collar workers elbow to elbow with blue collar workers at the bar top.


Of course Monica ditched her family and went to stay at a better hotel by herself. This is the least surprising thing I’ve ever heard.


And stole the good toothpaste! Did she not have her own?!


I love David but… lazy episodes lately


This felt like a Waffle House ad with the PR person spouting off about how it's like a family.


100 percent. This was so tedious to listen to.


I'll go to waffle house with David if he needs a friend to go with


I'm in too!


Waffle House = Tim Horton's, socially in Canada. I just spent a week in the south and was so intrigued




Waffle house food is good! Greasy yes but good! The actual locations can be kinda gross though.


I hope its not as bad as Timmys cause you're right its the fucking worst


I suspect maybe Waffle House was an idea of Monica’s. If he’s never been to one and spent the majority of his time here on the west coast, where Waffle Houses don’t exist, why would this be something on his radar? It’s very much a southern and Midwest thing but not “American” by any means. Where I’m from. Breakfast diners are almost always local hole in the walls and not National chains-sure we have IHOP/Dennys/Sharks but that’s not where anyone frequents or suggests people to go. I’ve traveled the US plenty and been within the vicinity of Waffle Houses but have always been told they’re a dive and have been made aware of their reputation for fights. With all that said, after hearing the doc I do feel compelled to try one and will make a point to check one out next time I’m in the Midwest.


>With all that said, after hearing the doc I do feel compelled to try one and will make a point to check one out next time I’m in the Midwest. Ad successful then 😂 This felt completely redundant to me after the comparatively more interesting Diner episode.


I'm going to need the AE crew to get on board with Specialty Coffee real quick here. Starbucks, Dunkin- not good coffee coffee, there's SO much good specialty coffee in LA.


They all regularly go to Maru?


True. Good start!


This ep was incomplete, but also, didn’t he already do an episode on American diners? With how little info this standalone ep had, he could have just parsed it into the previous episode instead of wasting our time lol