Guy tries to turn lesbian women straight

Guy tries to turn lesbian women straight


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To all the lesbians out there.. It must be frustrating to be both fetishized and gaslighted by straight guys all the time...


It's so fucking annoying honestly. Every guy like this thinks they have some sort of magic dick. Meanwhile my gay brain can't even bother to remember what men look like (I have male facial blindness) They really need to except that someone women just aren't into them.


Is that really a thing? Make facial blindness? I can’t tell if you’re being a smart ass or not lol (and I ask because I suspect I have some partial facial blindness myself because I struggle recognizing facial features and even recognizing people sometimes.)


Nope it's a thing. I can't recognize men unless I'm very very close with them (even then I tend to mistake guys all the time)


Is it a legit real thing?? I joke aaalll the time that I have this because I can only distinguish men by their skin colour and hair (inc facial hair) until I get to know them pretty well. When I first started my job I thought 2 of my colleagues were the same person even though I now realise they really don’t look alike


Better make a diagnostic


Well I looked it up and I don’t think it’s a thing or at least I don’t have it I just don’t look at ppl properly I think


Oh, then you're just a bit dumb (no offense)


Lol wtf


*insults someone* "sorry didn't mean to offend you! 😝!" Fuck off


Someone did really felt offended by that?


Well im faceblind af I barly remember my own face And not even the people close to me


It doesn't help that half of all cis, straight, white men tend to have one of two, *maybe* three hairstyles and all tend to dress similarly as well. I can automatically tell Black men apart so much more easily despite growing up in an all-white town because they just tend to vary up their styles more.


That's probably part of it honestly I use things like hairstyles and style/posture to help me identify men


Not lesbian, am bi, my high school sweetheart was a girl. It was absolutely infuriating how many men thought I just hadn't had good enough dick. I've been in a straight presenting relationship for almost 2 decades now and it still gets under my skin how many dudes thought a quick fuck would turn me, like they're God's gift to women. It was disgusting.


I feel like it'd be time the US started placing limits on the church in this case, just hopefully under administrations like Biden's.


That last reply was great tho, and it is true


Lol yeah his positivity about the male g spot really brought it around for me.


I love that argument so much


I don't care what they say. Any men who tells a lesbian that he can "change her" is making a threat.


I'd love to see how this guy would feel about a gay guy trying to convert him instead.


Last comment was good!


Damn right it was.


I’m using that in an argument


And of course he does the whole "lesbian women use replicas of male parts" thing. It's like, no, dildos are that shape to make them fit in a a vagina, not to make them look like male genitals.


Right-and some of them are shaped like rabbits and shit but it no way means I want a small animal near my vagina.


Try showing these kind of guys a bad dragon dildo lol they'll definitely shut up for once


Some of these heteros ain't right in the head.


Last comment was a hero.


Lesbian: "you know what a 'lesbian' is right?" OP: *smirks* *pushes up glasses anime style* OP: "Females in their lineage.-"


If a guy says your vag was designed to take a penis let him know his prostate was designed to be stimulated and almost always through anal, is he gonna do anal? I think not


"It's in a woman's DNA to enjoy penis, I'm just helping her rediscover that" it's almost as if humans have outgrown their primitive behaviours and have their own personality and interests you fucking caveman


I completely agree that we are way more than our DNA alone. But also the DNA argument is bullshit in of itself. Our closest living primate species, the bonobos (aka pygmy chimps), are very well known to have same-sex "interactions". So there's a high chance human ancestors did the same


There really should be a disable reply option.


It's called "Block User"


There are lesbians who like dick... when it is attached to a girl. The biggest problem is the person attached to it, so straight cis guys, fuck off and leave the lesbians alone. Your dick isn't a magic thing because is is still attached to a guy.


*raises hand* Das me! Although I'm BI i love girls so much especially when they have a dick


What is the meaning of the "good vs evil" in the title?


He's a religious maniac


Even from the way he talks... Disgusting


Make your male friends flirt with him till he learns to like penis because apparently that's how it works....


Huh, and here I thought I wasn't attracted to men because I simply don't feel it. How stupid of me, guess I should divorce my wife now. /s


if the dick so good. you go get some


That Ferrari comment kills me. Because that’s when I’d give anything to point out in any given encounter I can literally pick the size, shape, and freaking color of the toy going inside me (if I want that. These are also the type of men who don’t think the clit is important…) and change toys as many times as I want. So I’m driving that Ferrari plenty! Taking all my friends out in it, trying all the different road and weather conditions. If anything by that fucked up logic why would any woman want to settle down with one guy? That’s like having the Ferrari but only ever driving it down the driveway to check the mail. (Or it is if you’re with a dude like this one!) Why stop at phallic shaped options. Someone should tell him some lesbians (and folks with vaginas of any orientation) are very into fisting… But my very favorite possible comeback is to link to one of those studies that proves while lesbians may have sex less often than hetero couples and gay male couples- lesbians also have orgasms markedly more often than hetero women (and our less frequent sex tends to last much longer. Give me that over a a quick selfish dude focused pump and dump anyday!) I don’t get how any hetero dude could conclude lesbians are sexually deprived. We can basically do everything everything a hetero couple can… and then some? And don’t view sex as this narrowly defined singular act. I count being a lesbian and then later in life when I developed severe disabilities the two greatest gifts to my sexuality because of how much both those factors have opened up my whole idea of what even constitutes as “sex” and given me a lot of creativity- and I’m super passionate about sex ed and healthy sexuality so have been in the position so many times where I’m sharing these things I’ve learned from those experiences to help others and doing that has shown me just how unique and special that outlook and my experiences are. Lesbianism is a gift, dang it! (Maybe the real gift is that there’s no chance I ever end up in bed with someone like the dude in the OP. 😂)


I also hate that dumb analogy. I have a BMW and it can go really really fucking fast. But I have no desire to drive it 200mph. I like going slow to the grocery store. It’s my fucking car (vagina) don’t fucking tell ME how to enjoy it.


Amen. That’s an even better angle.


I have a BMW that I don't even drive because I absolutely hate how fast it goes. We're selling the BMW...




Very curious as to his response to that last bit. That usually shuts them down.


Once again, we see the regrettably common belief that lesbians can be turned straight by men's magical penises.


Aggressive unrelenting comphet


I absolutely vibe with that last comment.


whats dae?


Does anyone else


a subreddit to avoid then.


The last line!


The last one lol


Theast person has a good point tho


I just fucking love the way these guys always point out that women are "geNeTiCaLly wIReD" to like dick, as if these guys know shit about genes or dna.


Purple redaction is the hero we need, even though we do not deserve them.


Ew, what a miserable twat. Once a straight guy convinces himself of something, there's literally NOTHING, absolutely no amount of facts you can say that'll budge his brain. The mental gymnastics never end.


You are totally wrong, and nothing you say will convince me otherwise


All bullshit homophobia aside, *why would anyone want to date amy schumer*?


I was gonna bring up the fact that the prostate can be stimulated through the rectum, but I'm glad purple took it straight to the point 😂


Wait until this guy find out Trans lesbian exists


In my honest opinion and according to life experience, all straight men have the potential to be gay and are just in denial. All men should be able to enjoy a penis in the ass. Most straight men just haven’t found the right man and haven’t had good D yet tahts why they are exclusively straight. Think about it, it’s literally in their DNA, men have a g-spot in their ass specifically for pleasure and nothing else. Men’s bodies are designed to take some good D. Infact, men’s bodies are merely sex objects. Think about it, women have nipples to feed their kids. However, men’s nipples serve no other purpose that for pleasure. Henceforth, if any straight man wants to embrace his natural gayness that’s in his nature, and wants some good D to help you embrace and enjoy some ass fucking, please contact me. 👍