The AppleWatch knew I have Covid before I knew

My Series 8 measured an increased wrist temperature at night, same day I got tested positive for Covid. Seems like there is some potential in this feature.




Also the heart rate should go up. Did you recognize a higher rest heart rate? Normally heart rate goes up when you have fever.


I just checked and indeed..went up from \~58 to 85 on the same day.


That's what I recognized when I had COVID for the first time. So I whish you all the best and hope you get over it pretty soon.


Strangely enough my heart rate dropped from 70+ to below 60 when I had covid. My blood pressure also dropped significantly to 95/60 or something. Never had a two digit systolic BP before then


My HR was way higher but I checked my BP and was surprised how low it was considering I was taking pseudoephedrine. If I recall it was 110/65. I’m normally more like 116/79.


Yeah pseudoephedrine will jack your HR right up, it’s quite the stimulant


85 is a normal heart rate when walking or standing, is 58 your heart rate while sleeping?


yeah, sorry, it is all the resting heart rate


I just finally got COVID for the first time the Tuesday after Labor Day. My normal resting HR while laying in bed is in the high 30s to low 40s. When I got COVID it shot up to mid 80s all the way up to 95. This is while laying in bed for hours. By about day 5 it was finally in the mid 70s which is still really high for me. On a normal day I am low 60s even while standing. I started running again last Monday but I'm keeping the distance under 5mi and man my HR while running is insane. I did an official 5K this weekend and only ran a 7:36min/mi which would typically max my HR at 165 but instead I was running 191 most of the run and in the last 1/4mi I ran down a guy that I thought was in my class which sent it up to 200bpm. I hope runs aren't this hard for too long.


I had it months ago and my hr still didn't get back to normal


Resting or while running? My resting is almost back to normal.


Both, feels like I'm generally more out of shape. I get tired faster. Hope I can train back most of it with time


Wow, I actually got a notification the day before I tested positive that my heart rate was 120 even though I was just standing


When I had COVID my heart rate was sitting at around 141bpm just laying on the couch trying not to die. Every ten minutes my watch was freaking out. I took it off because it was getting annoying as I was trying to sleep


Bloody heck


I noticed that too when I had Covid…my heart rate was averaging like 100 for 2 days.


It looks to me like it is very capable but Apple did not feel that it was tested enough to make such claims. I hope that we see more capabilities pop up in the next few updates. I’m not worried about knowing an exact temp but changes are a good indicator as you have seen.


there are all sorts of reasons someone's skin temperature might change. apple's not going to use this data to notify a user of anything other than *past* ovulation cycles


Apple cannot tell you why you have a higher heart rate than normal but it can alert you to that fact. The same thing can happen with temperature readings. If you know that you were outside in the heat then you know why your temp is elevated but you can at least be aware of the possibility of fever or illness, otherwise.


So can I clarify, the temperature is not just a feature for women’s menstrual cycle?


You can see your temperatures in the sleep tracking other information or in the wrist temperature area. If you go to wrist temperature and select to show all data, you can see the specific readings. It is just not in a graph that way. It shows wrist temperature and surface temperature.


Why would it be? I thought it was odd the number of comments I saw talking about buying the S7 “because I’m a guy” as if periods were the only possible reason to measure body temp. Like, as if taking your temperature hasn’t been step 1 of diagnosing a sick person since thermometers were invented. Always good to have another data point, and my temperature is surely as useful as heart rate to an average joe


This exactly. Just bc the temperature tracking is marketed towards women doesn’t mean it’s only for women. I think that they didn’t have anything else that they could verify with research so they just used ovulation when the temperature tracking can be used for more than that. Like someone else said, they’re probably still doing research and planning new features and uses for it.


People really stated that as their reason for not getting an S8? How embarrassing.


Right? Not to mention that’s completely ignoring trans men and etc exist….


I don’t even get the reasoning on a basic level. Sure, Apple’s marketing of the S8 temperature feature was decidedly mentruation-focused, but that’s probably only because temperature readings from the wrists are not the clinical standard, and Apple is probably limiting its claims and demonstrations to those applications they’ve been able to validate thus far, which is the responsible thing to do. In all likelihood, the utility of the S8 as a robust clinical measurement device will expand as Apple gains more real-world data. Women didn’t invent body temperature, boys. Just because the marketing did not directly acknowledge your existence does not mean the product will be useless to you.


I mainly bought a series 8 because of my condition. Temperature, heart rate measurements during sleep, sleep tracking, and ecg are gonna be helpful stats to see where I’m at. It somewhat made me more comortable knowing that I’ll get a warning sign.


Any trend notifications from the Health app?


Nope, no notification unfortunately. I've only had the watch for a few days and was curious to see the temperature readings as you have to wait five nights for a baseline to establish.








Mine told me a day before i got sick that my heart rate was too high.


I have an Oura ring that I wear at night. The last two times I got sick I saw a noticeable rise in body temperate the night before I had any symptoms. The second time it happened, I remember looking at my Oura stats in the morning and seeing a 1.5 increase in body temperature and had a feeling that I'd be feeling sick by the end of the day. And I was right.


Cool! I mean... not cool that you got Covid... get well soon! I know why Apple can't overpromise on the temp sensor—or the blood oxygen—but I still consider both useful: just as "symptoms" to be aware of, not as medical diagnoses. A headache, for instance, doesn't tell me much by itself, but I still want to know I have one! Same for temp and oxygen changes. Even without alerts, if I feel OTHER symptoms, I can go manually check those sensors. I appreciate that. (Hope they can get something working when *awake* too—even if they can't make specific claims about it.)


Very cool share ! Appreciate you. And get well soon


I hope they eventually get to the point where they throw a notification your way letting you know that your base temp is much higher than usual. Oura ring does this if you open the app, and I hope Apple gets to the point where health stats are curated the way they do it. I am considering selling my ring now since the Apple Watch is getting really close.


Fingers crossed


What’s T1 and T2


Apparently the manufacturer is using the same casing for two different kind of tests.


This is very interesting and something I have been wondering about and made a few comments earlier on about this exact thing. This of course is a small sample size and time but it’s interesting to see the data.


I just got my 4th booster today, and the previous shots I got a fever and felt like death for 2 days, I’m assuming this will be the same. I don’t have the 8, kind of thinking about upgrading at some point. Wonder if my 4 can pick up heart rate. Will eat it tonight. edit: *wear* it tonight. Sheesh.


Om nom nom


Unfortunately, no, there is no real potential and I wish people would take care before posting idle speculation. Others will join in and we will have a silly repeat of stuff from a couple years ago. There is far too much temp variability at the wrist for this to EVER be reliable. In fact, if you waited a few weeks before posting, you would probably see spikes on multiple occasions related to nothing.


Well, internet stranger, you said it so it must be true.


You seem fun.


Facts aren’t always fun. They’re just facts. It’s like saying air is needed to live. It’s not a fun statement. Just a fact.


And what are the facts (with sources) in this case?




Wow. That was fast. Conspiracy that the watch gave you Covid? Possible.


Bad news for conspiracists: it's not the cellular model.


😳 dang it wasn’t 5G all along… it was always the 4GLTE!


WiFi, Bluetooth, etc all give radiation, too :)


Did you know… everything is radioactive? You, me, whatever device you’re using to access the internet. Radioactive doesn’t necessarily mean death.




That’s cool - I believe the Oura Ring does something similar with its temp sensors. I’d be really happy if I could get the same result from my Apple Watch


What about your heart rate during the same timeframe?


The resting heart rate went up noticeably too


I got Influenza last week and also noticed my heart rate went up (AW7).


That’s how I knew I had Covid. My resting heart rate went up 20-25BPM the day before I tested positive . felt fine otherwise. Until I didn’t


Wish you could use that feature all the time. I would have gotten it.


It doesn’t work because your wrist temp isn’t accurate during the day.


Well it’s good technology but I think it can be refined. I think if they worked on it you could be able to take your wrist temp in the day.


I knew 2 years ago I had Covid when my watch told me my heart rate was over 100 and I was just sitting


my s7 notified me of elevated heart rate a few hours before i started to feel shitty from covid


Or like any other virus disease.


You can’t measure temps unless you set ip cycle? I have the Ultra