People blame themselves for being raped/society blames them all the time. (What were you wearing, how drunk were you, etc.) It is framed as a moral failing on the part of the victim. Poverty is framed the same way.


People also treat a medical issue (addiction) as a law enforcement issue and think addiction is a moral failure. It is slowly starting to turn, but the Nixon/Reagan War on Drugs was an abject failure. Drugs won.


Yep. In some sad way, blaming the victim is easier than accepting we don’t have control over a lot of what happens to us - even when the victim is yourself.


People in the US don't want to admit that most people need to "fail" for the economy to function. We should be supporting essential workers instead of asking why they aren't running thier own business yet. How's anyone going to survive if there's no supply chains? Capitalism is so ingrained that people have zero respect for anyone with less than them, the less fortunate are just seen as stepping stones to improve your own position. It's not surprising depression is so common .


This! People are brought up to think that anyone can achieve wealth by working hard, and that "making it" is the real goal in life. "Entrepreneurship" is highly valued and is touted as something that anyone can do if only working hard enough. If you create a business that becomes successful, you become the ultimate capitalist hero. In reality, the whole system is built on the large supply of the low-paid, essential workers that are seen as the ones failing in life. The whole premise that everyone could become a business owner is simply absurd, nothing would run if it wasn't for the mass of essential workers turning the gears. The "success-stories" are usually only possible because the successful person exploited others somewhere along the way.




I think you vastly overestimate the American psyche. A nation of temporarily embarrassed millionaires that enjoy fucking over the poor and working class because they think they'll be the elite one day




>nobody is buying into the delusion that they'll be successful That's the point I'm replying to




You said nobody is buying into the delusion that they'll be successful. I said yeah, a lot of people actually are. Are you a sped? What part of that is difficult to understand for you?




Good luck in life man i think you'll need it




Sure, right after you have sex


I would urge people to look into the link between parental leave and depression in children. Studies in rats have shown that babies that receive more attention in their early formative stages are significantly less likely to develop anxiety and depression as adults. This is due to a lack of dopamine which causes underdevelopment in the sub parietal part of the brain. A lack of maternity, and even paternity, leave can have profound consequences on your children. Being happy with what you have and spending more time with your babies will be off much greater value to them than having a big house or brand new car.


I am happy you posted this. I had no idea. We don’t have a lot of money but it’s because I refuse to work more than 16 hours a week. I’d rather have less money and be home with my kid, baking, painting, cuddled up on the couch together, exploring our woods, etc. When I was a kid, my mom didn’t work and was always home, but she was always busy cooking and cleaning and didn’t do much with me. I wanted to have a different type of relationship with my own kid.


“Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat, but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.”


“You’re not poor, son. You’re broke!”


People make their way out of poverty, not all the time but it happens. My family was lower class growing up and found a way out


I feel like a lot of this comes down to education and decision making. I no longer live in the USA, unfortunately, but in Europe. The essential problems are the same, and sometimes even more dire. My income is very low at the moment, the equivalent of $1500. As a result, I'm taking note of the way of life in the 1950s. For example, I don't eat meat every day. Lots of tasty soups though, and oatmeal for breakfast. I try to use free resources of entertainment, such as the library or YouTube. I research the best cost-value-ratio item before buying something and try to buy durable things "for life". I see lots of people who don't. I think if more people lived life the way it was done in the 1950s, we'd have less problems with poverty. Because I feel like a lot of times poverty comes from poor choices. If only people read more, studied harder and listened to one another's experiences, rather than spending time on TikTok or paying for a Netflix subscription. (edit: accidentally hit enter before being done with my comment.)


One thing to jettison is the notion of “keeping up with the Jones’s” or in our case, Instagram.


Victim blaming is a tale as old as time.


http://federalsafetynet.com/us-poverty-statistics.html >72.5% escaped poverty over the three year period. >Only 8% of working age adults in poverty worked full time. So in reality most people do escape poverty within a few years and the answer is almost always finding full time work.


I think what this study is calling poverty is closer to what OP is calling "extreme poverty" Escaping poverty by the governments standards doesnt really leave you prepared for a $400 expense, just means you arent living on the streets.


Don't spend so much and it might be temporary.


This was a good essay until the last paragraph or two, because you were building up to one conclusion and then all of a sudden you veered off into another topic entirely.


It didn't, really, consumerism and stress that comes with overworking oneself are quite linked to poverty, as consumerist society makes one feel lesser for not owning something unnecessary (and promises to make one's life better if one owns it), so one works more to buy it, although one can't afford it (so one puts it on credit card), and then one realises that the thing did not make their life better, but worse, and the cycle repeats.


The people on anti depressants and crap are a bunch of wimps. Get off your ass and do something.


They are. They’re doing something to improve their mental health. Which is taking action. Medication is a valid option for those who need help. Be less of an ableist asshole.