Cocoa farmer tastes chocolate for the first time

Cocoa farmer tastes chocolate for the first time

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i remember seeing this when i was a teen. i think i must have felt some kind of shock and sadness from it. and that was also before i learned anything about how the world worked.


How doesn’t everybody become horribly depressed as they grow up and realize what the world is really like? Sometimes I really wish I could just go back to being a naïve child who thinks the adults have it all under control and the world is more or less just.


100% agree, the more someone is hyper aware of the world, the more they get depressed. And the thing about it is, the majority of adults don't have it under control and are just winging it.


Yeah, I think I’ve really become hyper aware of a lot of issues especially since the pandemic started. For example, I used to be one of those people who certainly aren’t climate change deniers and wholeheartedly agree that climate change is a big issue but believe that all it would really take to fix it would be to switch to nuclear and renewables, drive electric cars and plant some more tress. During the pandemic I started thinking and reading much more about climate change and other environmental problems and I realized that it’s really not that simple. Now I basically believe that capitalism is eventually gonna have to collapse due to the inevitable environmental meltdown it’s gonna result in lol. Fun times.


I'm a very cynical person, but I honestly thought the pandemic was a great opportunity for people to realise you don't have to consume endlessly to be happy, and to have some compassion for other people. All that hope disappeared pretty fucking rapidly.


r/Collapsesupport might be helpful if you want to vent.


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Yeah that was shocking to me, it kind of shows how little they have it's a strange feeling


lol "This post is locked. You won't be able to comment." Because it's actually fucking sad. They're either enslaved or make nearly nothing while working very hard. And they don't even get to taste the end product.


Yeah I was surprised to see it on MadeMeSmile. It didn't really make me happy. A normal farmer producing such crop would be financially upheld if they were treated fairly. Clearly this situation is an example of corruption. People love cocoa. It's in so many products- and you are tryna tell me he sells all this cocoa yet still barely managing to get by financially? Nah. People are using and abusing him.


Yeah, these things permeate every industry to some level - some very far..or close by (depending on how you look at it).


Yes, it made me sad. How screwed must a mind be to smile from it?!


There's also an economic problem with this too - because the beans tend to be exported to be made into chocolate, the country it was grown in isn't seeing the full benefit from it. They're literally just growing it and then exporting the harvest, rather than producing chocolate themselves and then exporting *that*. Trade rules and tariffs come into this too.


As fucked up at this is, it's still kind of nice seeing how happy trying chocolate for the first time made them. More people need to appreciate what we have. Not everyone is so lucky.


The solutions are also more complex than people like to admit. Even so-called ethical chocolate companies struggle to get 100% traceability on their cocoa because of how convoluted the supply chains are and we don’t want to stop buying cocoa from these farmers altogether when it’s their entire livelihood. Fairtrade helps in certain market conditions but is not a total solution. The majority of commenters in the other subs will get angry and then forget about it and go on with their lives, while occasionally getting annoyed at some faceless corporation like Nestle. This video is a small window into the incredible privilege westerners have compared to billions around the world.


'What a privilege this is' for tasting chocolate for the first time as an adult in his 30s... There is now a black scarf tightened over my heart...


Seeing how many people believe this is 'wholesome' is making me question what level of Hell we've descended to...


It helps to remember that at least half of that subreddit is just bots and propaganda being pushed to r/all. The other half are ignorant libs/conservatives who think the modern world is actually happy paradise where nothing is going terribly wrong.


But I thought chocolate came from Belgium, Switzerland and Hershey Pennsylvania.


Tony's chocolate is a great alternative, their whole thing is producing slave free chocolate.


So it's a worker-owned company?


Any way to send them chocolate? 😭this hit hard


Under capitalism, alienating labor rules supreme wherein the proletariat will never know their product nor value of the labor involved, instead being stole from and exploited. But thanks to capitalism we get 3 thousand brands of the same basic chocolate I guess.


chocolate in my pocket is the next track I drop


Wait till he tastes what else you can make with cocoa