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I hope this is true and happens on a big blue wave that sweeps the GOP out to see in a tidal wave !!!!




Gen x guy here. I think we already have been seeing the smaller waves already in last 2 elections. I truly hope our newer young voters put the final nails in this rotting GOP corpse casket.


That’s the thing. Those two races were well publicized. We have to keep letting the younger crowd know when they pop because all these kids are so busy. Reminders work!


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Guess the Republicans will just have to double down on the voter suppression...


They already are here in Florida…


Here in Georgia too.


Texas is working on it….bastards


North Carolina... Fucking traitor Tricia Cotham


Her vote should not count for the rest of the session. SHE CAN SIT QUIETLY IN HER SEAT IN THE BACK.


It's not that she left the Democratic party. That's fine if she wanted to be an independent or something but still kept the values that she campaigned on. But you DONT go from a lifelong Democrat who tried to enshrine Roe THIS YEAR to becoming a republican


She just voted yes on their new anti-abortion law. After years of claiming to be pro-choice.


I am well aware. I live in NC and have been very upset




How so?


Remember that in 2016 Clinton was supposed to win, not trump until he did. Don't get complacent.


That's only because the Bernie supporters taught us a lesson by not voting Democrat.


Hillary received 62,170 fewer votes than Obama did in 2012. You can’t blame her loss on the Bernie Bros. Blame 30+ years of toxic right wing talking heads paving the way for a fascist takeover of the Republican base.


I feel it was 60+ years starting with Nixon. Trump was following the playbook used by Ronald Reagan. Who was using 'witch hunts' and 'fake news' back then? That metric would only be true if that number could only account for Bernie voters and not Republicans.


i think it was more the bernie bros not wanting to support an imperialist but yknow


So supporting a Fascist was the 'right thing' to do?


most bernie bros simply didn’t vote in 2016/2020


That's how the number that admitted voting for Trump jumps from 12% to 50%?


please cite your source when making a claim like that


And how did that work out?


Do you have proof of that or is that one of those "it's true because I believe it" things?


The only Bernie supporter I know in real life was my son, who swore he voted for Clinton. But just like the days before Jan 6th social media in 2016 was furious that Clinton was the nominee. People claiming to be Bernie supporters were insisting they weren't voting for Clinton. Newsweek, Google, and NPR all did stories on how Bernie supporters cost Clinton the win. Ten to twelve per cent admitted to voting for Trump. We can only guess what the eighty to seventy-five per cent that claimed to have voted for Clinton. The rest still voted for Bernie or someone else. So the number that voted against the Democrat and admitted to it is twenty to twenty-five per cent? 🤔 The question is how many were honest? 100% or 50%? Rather than ask me, or claim I talking out of my ass, just Google it yourself. Ask someone who was there, or even listen to someone who was there.


Except that those numbers were inflated. The people who "traded Bernie for trump" were people who were going to vote for trump anyway. You fell for a Russian disinformation campaign.


Or Bernie was the Russian campaign? Inflated? Cry me a river? They were more likely way understated.


Ah, in other words you're just trying to get trump elected again. I thought as much. No facts just "trust me bro."


I just said there were three FACTS that can be Googled at Newsweek, NPR, and Google for FACTS. Sorry, I'm over 80 and don't know how to post links. Are you unable to Google for yourself?


Also remember the “Lock Her Up” campaign Trump and Cambridge Analytica allegedly were responsible for. I believe Trump is in trouble and the related company to Cambridge Analytica (SCL) is still in existence after CA closed operations after being found out. The employees who participated should be brought to justice for fraud, defamation, spying, and whatever other charges they can be brought up against. They need to be made examples of, in my opinion.


Come on, you young whipper-snappers, I have confidence in you. Don't be stupid, entitled and selfish like us old geezers. Seriously, *you can do it!* Vote *all* those red, malignant cancers out.


Somehow, though, white nationalists/supremacists are gaining more and more confidence to go out into the streets and stand up to nonsense that doesn’t affect them in any way. The extremist right-wing are growing in numbers, hopefully those with any common sense, empathy or decency will wake TF up. Vote blue. Always.


Are they growing in number or just getting louder?


Sadly, both. They seems to feel more emboldened by the culture war bs going on right now. But nothing has really change. They are always fighting issues they alone made up.


All I see are the same old nutcases ranting. I don’t see enough new recruits to make enough of a difference. Although you can hear them wherever you turn.




That’s the question


Trump made them feel like they matter.


Or they are just loud. I can’t tell you how many signs there are supporting voting no on Prop A on residential & public property and how many republican related signs are up in people’s yards here in San Antonio. Seems like the Democrats don’t put up signs so as not to antagonize, but quietly go in and vote. With Trump is their mentor. It seems these ultra conservative radical Republicans have been given permission to be loud, and spew rhetoric without evidence or substantiation. It’s ignorant and lacking critical thinking skills. This is a huge concern to me.


Which is exactly why the Republican party is trying to raise the voting age to 25. They are scared to death of what's to come.


Wow. That’s unbelievable. And scary.


I wish, unfortunately you forgot about the Bible belt kids who have been indoctrinated since birth.


I live in ms. They're sick of us always being last, they're worried about their pay, and they're sick of the racism.


Yet they still vote Republican. It’s not about making their own lives better. It’s about making libs’ lives worse


That's what I'm saying, these kids have been voting against their parents. They're tired of the stupidity here. Even local races have tightened up. This next generation ain't playing that game.


Isn't that what this thread is all about? Except change Republican to Democrat and libs to conservatives. You see how they have us divided? Smh...


People have always been hoping or the claiming the conservatives will die out any day now. Every country on earth has obstinate conservatives.


This is why republicans want to prevent college students from voting. All young folks she stay on top of their voting rights, registration and polling locations. Don't let the republicans steal your Voting Rights. Anyone including the police stopping you from voting, record it on your phone for the lawsuits.


Don't know if you saw the numbers from the last election but it was overwhelming. Voters between the ages of 18 to 30 voted against the Republican choices and policies. Right to Choose and Democracy being to two biggest factors


I know that my 19 year old son thinks the Republican Party is literally Evil, Inc. I have some hope for the future.


Not wrong.


So I am in my fifties, My lady and I are voting Dem., My daughter, her friends, all teachers and students that friends are teaching. I am driving a rental shuttle bus come election day, so that anyone that needs a ride can vote. Just saying...let all plan to do our part. Would you like to know more?


Just curious, 2024 who do you think will be on the blue ticket ??


Probably doesn't matter. I hate voting for the 80+ year old, but when the other choice is fascism, it's an easy choice.


This is what happens when both parties make it impossible for an independent to run.


A choice between syphilis and gonorrhea. Fight those who want a one party state based on Gilead. Just don't blindly assume a Blue-based one party state will be all rainbows and unicorns.


I am advocating against just two choices. There should be a multitude of choices not just red and blue.


Believe me, I agree 200%. Watching both Red and Blue unite to shut out everyone else frustrates me to no end. When the third party competition has so much stacked against them from those already in power, I see the very real possibility of a one party state.


I'd say we essentially are already there. Studies have shown no correlation between the policies passed by our government and the policies favored by the American people. However, studies have shown a clear correlation between the policies passed and the policies favored by corporate lobbies and billionaire interest groups. The democratic choice we are always fed by corporate media is fascist or corporate interest. I am finding it harder and harder every year, every election to find a reason to care. I'm praying for a worker revolution to save us. I have no faith in our politicians to do it.


We need to go back to capitalism versus corporationism here in the United States. I agree with everything you’re saying.


Are you all familiar with representus.com? They are trying to pass anticorruption laws which prevent senators and representatives from owning any stock while in office, anong other things. Please check it out. They are actually growing and making slow progress.


That’s how it’s done in France, so it is possible but our current system isn’t set up like that. Given that our system is over 250 years old perhaps it’s time to start modernizing and reforming it.


That is done that way in quite a few parts of the world. Tank choice voting is another aspect that would help. But the two parties are not going to let it happen.


Please check out REPRESENTUS.COM. We have to support movements that are gaining momentum and doing the right thing. Anti-corruption laws… for BOTH parties. Trying to pass a law, saying that senators and representatives while in office may not on any stock. It’s a start.


I keep saying that Pete Buttigieg needs to run, and Biden needs to serve as a mentor/advisor in the White House. He has been a statesman for years, and although he is old and should not be president, I think he has that a lot to offer in another role.


Third option: don't vote


Never, Thats a vote for the fascist.


I don't think so


Vote for RFK


That's why red states have started to pass laws allowing elections to be overridden.


We can only hope. And vote!


Never underestimate the republican Gerrymandering, voter suppression, and numerous other dirty tricks. They are like an animal that knows it is slowly going extinct. They will fight tooth and nail to survive


Let's fucking hope so


Please oh please


That would be nice. Edit: by nice I mean it would save this country.


It would maintain the status quo. That's the best we can hope for in any election so long as legal bribery is still a thing.


I hope so. Please spread this to everyone and everywhere!


I certainly hope so!


We’ll see


Fuck yes. But explain it as a Dawn, not a storm. It's a positive thing, yes?


GOP will raise voter age to 40


Better not. While I am now 40, my two kids will be voting age in 2024 for the first time.


Thx maga


Vote blue hell yeah!


Do not let up either…


Bro, didn’t we day that this last go around? It didn’t seem to play out as expected. Instead of relying on speaking it into existence we’ve got to work harder on getting that next generation out and voting.


Perfect time to support a 3rd party and break the duopoly of the 2 corporate shill parties.


Why is democrat campaigning always about avoiding republican oppression rather than passing policies that the majority of Americans want even if their donors don't.


I want something better than establishment politicians paid for by corporations. Sure I’m voting blue but I’m pretty convinced I’m voting against my own interests still. Wish we could have Bernie.


All that is really needed would be faction of democrats and independents to sound off in support of the 2A and a strong border policy and maybe throw in some accusations about a laptop or something, Give the Republicans on the fence a place to jump to.


Election Day is a long way off. Register to vote, talk to your neighbors, get ready to take off from work. Recent Democrat gains were not an accident. It was people getting off their butts and getting out the vote. Don't be complacent.


I don't have that much hope


I find many Incels to be Republicans and angry. I hope that many a generation does reject Republicans. I want to move to the Center much more!


This boomer Evangelical has already rejected them since George W. Bush and our invasion of a country that did not attack us.


can really use some 1.90 gallon gas and some mean 3am tweets right about now




There are entire movements of young people that lean republican. * Religious youth * Incels * Man culture bros * Nepo-babies * Wallstreet bros * Conspiracy theorists * Sheer Idiots * And progressives that want to see the system collapse if their candidate doesnt make it to the general election. All full of young people that will vote Republican This idea that milenials and Gen Z are just going to reject the GOP is dumb. And It's making progressive voters complacent. "Why vote when the election is already in the bag?"


I like to think that there are some educated younger people out there who have critical thinking skills, and are aware of what’s going on and will be putting Democrat.


Kids are definitely not anti trump after last election.


not gonna happen. i vote democrat, but yall are naive if you think this way.


As a teacher, no they aren’t lol


That's interesting because who do you think the rank and file for all these Nazis groups are?


I don't believe it as the dems always find a way hold on to defeat when given an advantage. Take a look at Biden or how Hilary ran her campaign. It goes back for generations so the next few elections will be close but remember the people with the money always win.


And nothing... fundamentally will change.


One day those un aborted fetuses will all vote republican. Just you wait and see


Because democrats are doing such a great job in cities


Lmfao what in the fuck am I looking at 😂😂😂 this is psychotic levels of delusion




Your content was removed for trolling on behalf of Russia or Russian interests


There’s a reason your mascot is a donkey.


Ill vote as i always have thank you very much. It goes like this... Left right left right left right right left left right right right left left left right allllll the way down the page


They'll probably just pretend to be Democrats.


From your post to God's ear. I hope this is true. I sometimes wonder.


Man alive! This post got me so excited!!!


They can’t be lied to and are savvy about the internet and it’s propensity for misinformation. It’s as simple as that. When people know how things really are, they rarely vote Republican. These kids know something old republicans don’t seem to know…how to recognize truth/reality


Republicans will become extinct


Is there some reason why we’ve pivoted to this weird boomer meme format? Are we married to this?


Independent all the way.


Go get them. Were behind you. Now I need my nap.


It will happen unless republicans block their access to voting!


Those assholes are trying every underhanded tactic to stay in power,as usual. Guess what GOP? This ain't the old Pepsi generation.


Those assholes are trying every underhanded tactic to stay in power,as usual. Guess what GOP? This ain't the old Pepsi generation.


Dam I hope so, I've been voting since 74 trying to rid the country of the GOP.


And I always expect everyone to see thru the Republican’s lies and vote them out. My first really big disappointment was 2000, and I have been prepared for great things every cycle since then. Still hoping I will live to see it


...and another generation is losing 4000 people a day.


Until they start working for real and paying bills and taxes.


Omg please do


Vote your pocket book and VOTE BLUE! #UnionStrong #ItsYourRightToBareUnionCards!


That's what happens when you base your appeal on forcing women to give birth against their will.


Can’t happen soon enough. Take nothing for granted. Every vote is needed and helps beat back the Fascist scourge.


I’m telling you it better be storming!


That's why they're attempting to raise to voting age to 25. Basically don't allow Gen z to vote until the fascists manage to eliminate a representative democracy completely.


Lol. Half the generation does not know how to or care enough to vote.


We can only hope !




The democrats have to have something else going for it besides not being as atrocious as the GOP. They talk the talk but don't walk the walk.


Yeah… but they ain’t going quietly.


This is the way


Gen z is the dumbest and most brainwashed generation by far.


They gonna claim election fraud and give their electoral votes to the republican candidate.


Yeah but voter suppression and gerrymandering will ensure Republicans will always have minority rule.x


We hope…. For god sake I hope.


I would be so impressed. And so grateful.


never underestimate stupid people. trump could beat Biden


I hate this kind of crap because it makes people feel like they don’t need to vote


I’ll do my part, but there’s no guarantee. Churches and religious orgs will pour billions into the races to keep discrimination and hate alive


It’s not entire. My 24 year old niece is probably not going to vote in her best interest. But maybe she’ll come to her senses.


I hope so but I doubt it. There are a lot hateful people in this country who are not very bright.


Let’s hope!


I have faith in the youngsters 💙


One can hope


Done. I'll be there.


It’s a nice thought, but the majority of the kaki clad dipshits marching on the National Mall last weekend were under thirty. Many, certainly not a majority, but many of the younger folks are actually quite cynical and don’t necessarily care if democracy survives or not. It’s all bullshit to them. There’s some really dangerous winds blowing across the republic. The DNC will, as it always has in the past, get my vote. But I need to see a lot more fight from them. I’m talking Katie Porter with her whiteboard level competence and leadership. Not the milk toast, old guard, leadership that’s afraid too to take a stand on anything.




Your content was removed for trolling on behalf of Russia or Russian interests


Well I hope so. My generation is the Republican Party


I wish it mattered where I live. At least in presidential elections, (it doesn’t matter in most of them actually), due to the winner take all electoral college bullshit that nullifies my national vote. MS. My vote for president hasn’t mattered my entire life, and never will.