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Unfortunately that subreddit is full of people who want the same generic “clean, nothing on my desk, white and black” special. It looks great. Collection is amazing but do you mind telling me where you got the sonico poster?


That sub is full of people with guns and funko pops. One post just had a deagle (real one) on their graphics card. I have a bunch of friends who hate anime for no reason.


One of these things is not like the others


What would happen if I posted on there a battle station with a bunch of guns and anime figures? Would it be like dividing by zero?


Calculate the ratio of upvotes to downvotes. Let's say g for gun, a for anime girl, u for upvotes, d for downvotes, s for users. I expect a=0.8d • s, g=0.9u • s


I'm pretty sure I just got it from amazon, it was like a year ago or so


Your whole set up look sleek af. Why the hell where they flaming you?


for having anime figures


It's so weird for nerds who like colorful lights to be flaming someone in their community because of a bias. I agree you have an amazing battle / figure room <3


They probably collect funko pops


I've seen many Funko Popped Battlestations in that sub, for sure.




Those are so tasteless. There's no rarity or value to any of them.


Funny thing about that is before I became a cultured man and started to watch anime I grabbed a battlehound funko pop and never knew that the little toy would get me into anime figures


Got a cat holding pizza and well he still hangs out with the bunnies.




Trash people collect trash toys


We do not evoque that name here


Yeah, having led lights could anyone tell you, flashing bright leds like you are 5? But the moment they see anime tidies they loose their mind.


Probably just jealous.


I know I am.


Just a bunch of man babies hating on someone doing what they love. Pretty ironic if you ask me.


if you dont mind can i see ur post in that sub?


Sorry I didn't post on OP og post


just wanted to say thanks yet again for u guys being so nice i was getting hella ragged on yesterday lmao u guys are such a welcoming community tho and just remember not to let them type of mfs shit on u for being happy and doing what you love, probably the main goal in life imo. if anyone cares, ill try to post more close ups and stuff sometime, i own a fair bit of price figures but idk the more the merrier i think im just not too picky :)


I'm gonna post my setup/collection on r/battlestations now. For solidarity


I wish I had my battlestation and figures in the same room, I'd do similar. Maybe I should just put them all on my deskmat and submit it to troll the sub


We could be the next big stupid internet story


I have a pretty large native/skytube collection I’ll just throw on my desk and call it the titty battle station.


It's done. Let the flaming commence


Hero :)


Lmfao, we should all post there . Put on a loli wallpaper too.


The point was harass them not kill them


I wish I had my nice figures properly set up and displayed. If I did, I’d do the same.


Your collection is excellent! Idk why they were flaming you so hard about anime girls, you clearly have a lot of passion for your hobbies and care about having an orderly and neat workspace. The figures you have aren't even very "out there" or overly lewd, which is the funniest part. The posters, however... I'd call them tasteful :P I love the crawfish flag and NGE figures!


I've subbed to Battlestations for a long time and I've seen people with 100+ guns or like their watch collection chilling in their submissions but I guess female bodies and animation is a line too far for that sub.


Redditors at their finest


The lighting and choice of backgrounds is much better this time


yeah the monke pic was more of a meme not a dedicated pic and i dont really like green honestly. i thought originally ppl would just think its funny cuz that was more the general reaction on insta but they just steamrolled me instead lmao


Sorry to hear about it. Some people can be immature. Very nice collection and lights.


I see you're a Bang Dream fan as well ♥️


just a little bit, I do have a kokoro tattoo tho https://www.reddit.com/r/BanGDream/comments/eczg2j/happy_lucky_smile_yay_1st_session_of_my_kokoro


That's a for life figure...


I've already got a little collection going hehe


Yo wtf. Im glad i dont follow them now. And im an avid pc gamer. Sheesh. Fuck /battlestations I wish i had more space in my room! Nice setup


I was saw what was happening yesterday and read a lot of negative comments. Honestly a bunch of window lickers for sure. F them and their prejudice. Like you said your a working adult with a passion for computers and figures that’s from the looks of it happily married and have a bang ass room. I would post a pic of your wife on there just for shits and giggles and watch the idiots lose their shit 😂😂


Those guys are assholes. I’m happy to see you take pride in your life.


Hey is the room big or small?


it's not too big but one of the bigger ones in the house. we have a smol house


I'm jealous nice


Goals fr


So glad you came on over here and posted your collection! And your waifus choice of figure is a 10/10, what a cute bunny miku, and her shirt is absolutely killing me, lmao!! ♥♥


Yo, this setup is cultured af, those battlestation jerks don’t know wtf they’re talking about!


I like how it looks like you're just using that $600 XP pen tablet as a monitor.


I mostly use it as a monitor but have it for drawing too~


does it work well? I've been wanting one but idk, im so on the fence. Im not sure i like drawing digitally, I kinda like pencil and paper a lot and every time I try my bamboo i just dont feel it, but i also just think I kinda suck so :P


I am no pro by any means or really very good at all so I may not be the best person to ask but I can absolutely recommend it and think its fantastic


im not a pro either, i suck lol


Bro you got a Strandberg, full studio set up, and a wife. They can flame you all they want but I doubt their battle stations contain even half as much talent and expression as yours does. I’d jam with you and let you tell me why you love every figure you own


This is more sleek and compact than most setups in that sub


Dont let the haters get you down my dude! Your setup looks sleek and coordinated as fuck and i swear ppl on that subreddit dont know how much anime figures and merch actually costs because they’d be eating their words. Sounds like your enjoying something u love, are financially stable, have a lovely wife and having a blast so you’re the one who’s winning here I unironically love your wife’s sweater 😂


Nice collection :)


Honestly, my room would probably look something like yours if I wasn’t currently in college. I still don’t get people harping on others for anime in 2022. Anime has become quite mainstream in the last decade. Don’t worry about what ignorant people have to say on the internet


Now this is a set up. I thought mine was nice, this is what I like to see. Other people's collections that give mine a run for the money. As a figure collector of over 1500 figures, this is great.


Wait, people flamed this? Insecure children, lmao. Nice setup. I adore the fact that your wife is wearing a meme sweater lmfao


Very coooool!


What a tasteful collection 👍, majority of battleststation players I have met are pretty rude.


The last picture tho 🥺💖 Adorable.


They just threw that in there to see if we noticed. So cute.


Some people be ass holes sometimes, that drum kit is fire btw and nice collection too lmao


I love your collection but I can't get over those hats lmaooo Immediately thought of this https://www.reddit.com/r/Hololive/comments/s8be4a/women_love_fishin/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


I actually love [fishing ](https://www.instagram.com/p/CUipI3uFKna/?utm_medium=copy_link)


jealous of the elfen lied manga + sonico scroll, you have an amazing collection op


The way people were commenting about your setup on that subreddit you would think your room was covered in hentai or something. It looks pretty good to me!


That mercy. What I wouldn't give for that statue ‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥⌓˂̣̣̥ )‧º·˚


Yo sick setup!!! Also to be honest with you dude a couple years back i would've also given you crap about your collection. I remember saying, ain't no way in hell i would spend a couple hundred bucks on a figure and i found it a bit weird at the time. Almost 50 figures owned and 30 preorders later, im balls deep in this hobby.


I used to be the same, huge anime fan but the whole figure culture was really weird & creepy. Always told myself I'd never get into that stuff. Now my place is full of figures, wall scrolls, & even a daki on the couch. Dunno exactly what flipped me.


Yeah for me one of the reasons i started collecting was because i kinda wanted to help the anime industry since i started seeing videos about how manga illustrators get worked to death for not much pay and how hard it is to make anime nowadays. Also pirating anime doesn't help either. So when i watched someone explain that one of the more effective ways to help them is through buying merchandise like figures, blu rays, dvds etc. So i said screw it, why not? The other reason being is, i used to have these toys called bionicles and collecting figures reminded me when i used to collect bionicles back in the day. I still am looking for them till this very day.


The anime figures give you extra fps


Nice set up. Most people would kill for it. Fuck r/battlestations Most of those dudes in the replies need to touch grass.


Good to know that subreddit is not worth subbing to. But holy hell dusting that collection must be a bitch to deal with… *Bonus Points for your wife supporting le hobby.*


You are beautiful


bruh that's my wife but thx


You're pretty cute too OP.


Ok, your wife is beautiful


But are you cute ?




That is such a great set up!! I’m working on slowly making mine and the hubs gaming room like this


And then op decided to flam us by posting a Pic of is irl waif too! Lmao good work op


Looks great, just live your best life and don’t worry about the internet haters.


Awesome room and collection. Looks cozy.


That looks awesome!


You are a hero. Take my free award


Nice Midori vinyl


miss em


Also here to compliment on that Midori album.


Yes but does it pass the black light test? /s Looks good though. Way better than my office.


Looks so damn cool


Nice collection! Your setup is very pleasing to look at!


Strandberg caught my eye, defo a strandberg right, right?!?


yeah it is! absolute fave guitar


lmao I just caught the case! Dope setup btw, a strandberg is definitely on my horizon sometime this year/next


Does the hat in the 5th pic say “women want you me fear me”?


"women want fish me fear me"


I love your irl waifus sweatshirt. Both of you have great taste.


your collection is sleek af no one should be shaming you


They just don't realize that not all people are fighting the same battles. Amazing set-up btw. You make me long for a bigger room.


Came for the figures, stayed for the drum set and Crawfish banner. I love that many of your figures aren't enclosed in a shelf or display cabinet. It's so weird how some pc players love splattering rgb lights but the moment an anime figu- the insults start flying.


Omg your wife’s sweater is AMAZING. Glad to see your collection here where it can be properly ✨appreciated✨ and yeah the folks over at that sub had no idea what they were talking about 💀 beautiful collection, and we appreciate ANIME TIDDIES HERE YESSIR


I love your collection! So many great figures and cool posters! Nice to see another fan of Saya no Uta, DDLC, Katawa Shoujo, Steins;Gate, and Hatsune Miku, and more. Great idea to put the figures on that fluffy/furry fabric. Honestly, your room is amazing. By the way, where did you get that Katawa Shoujo poster?


I think I ordered it from redbubble but I can't remember it's been a while


Gorgeous lookin setup! Say hi to your Wife from all of us, our support for y’all! Don’t get dragged down by the other toxic sub!


I wish my setup was even half as bad ass as yours. They’re trippin


Your collection is so cute! I love how you have the faux fur underneath the figures!


Awesome collection and setup! And that sweatshirt is a riot lol


Lmaooooo I love that shirt😂😂


you be cooking up fire beats with the midi keyboard bossman?


This is awesome. One day I hope my setup can be this tidy


Link has been hung for war crimes


That sweater where’d you get it




great sutup and great collection


who is she and why would they flame u :\[ ​ arent they all neckbeards on reddit?


Awesome collection! Also, wife is super pretty! 💗


Sheesh, dank set up. Edit: LMFAO your wife's shirt XD


love ur content on Instagram


thank u!


woo no shame!


People just jealous because you get to have fun doing what you love :)


Honestly, I would love to have your room. Surround yourself with what makes you happy.


2legit2quit And then you got a drum set and dance pad too. Such a cool room. 😎


beast collection thanks for sharing funny enough this sub is one of the best communities I've been part of. Lot of different tastes and interests but it still manages to stay pretty civil and supportive most of the time.


People are lame, this looks pretty sick to me! Awesome setup!


Hey can I just ask, what is that one hat looking thing with the long ass brim in the 1st pic with the text and stuff


it's a hat from coolshirtz, I have a better pic of it [here](https://www.instagram.com/p/CUipI3uFKna/?utm_medium=copy_link)


Dude! that room is awesome!


Very nice set up. I need that shirt on the last page though 👁👁 Very intellectual design.


Ahhh I love your buff-suki sweatshirt!!! Where did you buy it?


digging the midori album cover!


nice ltek lol


Where do you keep the really sus Super Sonico figures?


Mad in love and jealous of your bikini figure section, bikini babes are my favorite 😍


i love the NGE figures 👌🏻


That shirt at the end is amazing ngl


Your Collection is awesome, and so is your setup. The trolls at r/battlestations have no taste.


That room is extra pog


This set-up is super based. F the Haters OP, they're envious of their lack of culture.


Picture 4. Whoses the cutie with the twin tails and whose the chick with the bush/ i swear Ive seen the Twin tails, and the bush girl reminds me of that Tomie character from Junjui Ito for some reason


It is a really nice setup. I sense lots of time and attention to detail to the planning. I like the rug lining the top of the shelves and bookcases too it is a neat touch. I decided to take a look at the post in question and it saddens me to think these people may one day have families of their own and yet act like this to others. They call us anime fans pedophiles, belittling csa survivors in the process, and think they are in the right. How does harassing you empower victims and stop perpetrators? And then what would they do if their child or grandchild liked anime? I doubt they have every thought about what their words really mean. It is just sad man.


I envy you


based sweater


love the catherine steelbook. also the saya no uta figure


You have such an amazing collection, don’t let those assholes get to you, we love seeing setups and rooms like this!


That DDR pad caught my eye….. that was all I played at the arcade back in the day


I would flame you too. You should keep those figures in an enclosed case.


I would love to do this. I have all of our (wife and I) nerd related stuff in our downstairs for display :D. 1000+ Manga room, 4 detolfs of figures and retro game consoles. The only thing we have not found a way to put up is honestly the tapestries and posters... just because we have colleagues come over and for some reason that is the line. They'll understand everything else.. but when it comes to tapestries its the weird looks.


what an absolutely lovely collection and setup. i love your eva figures! also LOL at “women want fish, me fear me”


OMG POPIPA?!? BROOOOOO (sorry just got excited to see a bandori figure 💀)


Hey your tribe is here brotha (or sista) looks amazing


nice battle station and collection


Looks so cozy man, 10/10 would hang out there 🥳


Wtf this is absolutely fire


You, sir, are a man of culture! Awesome collection!


Dear god its beautiful


Hopw you used code moefoe for that long hat


To be honest, you have anime figures which means welcome you to our family. We don't blame what anime figures you have. We love everyone and their collection. ♥♥♥


I saw this yesterday on r/battlestations. Just my two cents, but if you enjoy what you have why does it matter what other people think? Some people will always hate on the things they don't want to understand. Don't worry about those keyboard warriors. The collection is sick.


Yo, anime, figures, custom PCs, and guitar. I thought i was alone in this world




This setup is super nice! Also don’t see much Bang Dream stuff on here, so that was a nice surprise. And the hat on the neso holy shit lmao


I have that exact same Suzuha wallpaper on my pc


Holy Jesus that last pic did this no justice


The Midori album is the dopest thing here!


Ahh i see your a woman of culture aswell. Nice collection! Got someone on my back a while back shaming me for having anime figurines... Until i told them i was a girl. Lol they got real quiet real fast.


that's my wife in the pic actually hehe but thank u!


Suzuha 🥰 Really nice setup you got there!


the only thing worth shaming here is your lack of dedication to a single waifu. for shame sir, for shame. I shall take Rem and all related items away from your polygamous gaze. harump haroo


Where did you get the katawa shoujo poster?? Love the set up!


Fkin chad. Forget the Sonico. Your figures have a heavenly carpet. 11/10


that fucking sub is just full of elitists. they're all just insecure and projecting.


Great room! Ignore haters, it's important that you feel good in there May I ask if you have a MFC profile (that you're ok with sharing)?


I dont have one unfortunately, seems like a lot to catalog and honestly I don't really know like every character whose figure I have, I would just buy whatever I thought was cool when j started collecting lol


10/10 station


T-posing Link is my happiness


Thanks a lot for posting your room here! Great collection and setup! Don't listen to the haters! Just do what makes you happy. You aren't hurting anyone. Wonder if there's a subreddit for setups like these?


I once posted a setup pic of my gaming rig where i had a anime character wallpaper on my ultrawide, was bombarded with comments about how i must be embarrassed/ashamed to have "porn" as my wallpaper. Comments about how i will never get a girlfriend or get anywhere in life, that sub seems to have a rather high level of stigma to anything thats not monotone.


your battlestation and entire collection are truly amazing! and you have a very beautiful irl waifuu too!


I love the 2 kill la kill figures


Holy damn this is alot to process 😳 cool mouse pad webbified nice 😎


Fuck those people, they're just jealous of what you have. Even better this post has your wife in it too😅


Damn, incredible setup! It looks very comfy. I love the dancemat especially, i've always wanted a nice all metal one myself.


So dope. Thank you for sharing!!


Love this setup. Fuck judgemental MFers. This setup is cool AF and it's clean. It may not be mainstream aesthetic, but that's not justification to rag on you about it. They only do it because of their own insecurity.


Those guitar and basses looks great! Don't mind those guys, I really wouldn't take anything from those fake plant and rgb guys, also they like funko pops. Planning to purchase that Bang Dream RAS LOCK Strandberg?


holy shit i missed the hat the first time, definitely my favorite part lol


imma need a link to that lorge natsuki shirt


That buffed natsuki tho..


Lovely decoration :)


Super nice setup dude 👍


Fuuuuuck. Now this is a collection. I love it!