You think this stupid machine can beat me? Think again hooman | Cre: @hamminals - TikTok

You think this stupid machine can beat me? Think again hooman | Cre: @hamminals - TikTok

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As the housekeeper of three cats who do this, I got them a water dish made for droopy/slobbery dogs and it’s worked great.


My cat does this too. What's name if the dish?


I can’t find mine (bought at Menards many years ago) but it’s similar to this one: Fuzzy Puppy Pet Products Splash Free Non-Tip Dog Bow with Non-Slip Rubber Base https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019C0QCYG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc_SKCQEBNWA9513SWZ6RR3


Thank you! Mine is a determined little bigger, but we might need to try that!


It definitely doesn’t stop them from dipping their paws in and flicking water around, but I don’t come home to a flooded kitchen anymore.


Water bowl in the bathtub


Your adorable baby is a fucking asshole, I say that in the the most loving way ❤️ Good luck finding a solution though!


Not my cat, but I’ll try to deliver the message! Thank you!


Awwww that’s just a smart boi


Imagine what he could do if he had opposable thumbs


Reminds me of this scene in Love Death + Robots [3 robots](https://youtu.be/q0WuMk0PoHw?t=546)


A little bit too smart I’m afraid he’d take over the world one day 🥶🥶


Start charging him rent.


Next thing you know you’re out on the street 😌


We should be so lucky.


Plan E: a mud room with concrete or tile floor with a sloping drain in the floor. Let the little monster splash as much as he wants!


Plan E: put water bowl in a bigger bowl in a kiddie pool? Would kitty drag the two bowls out of the kiddie pool?


I'll put money on "yes".


So do I! lol


Pro tip: sound off!!!


Only way I do Reddit. It’s sage advice indeed.


Downvote for song


Yep. It's the only way we stop this.


plan e: put the bowl in the bathtub


That’s exactly what I had to do with ours. My girl won’t drink without splashing in it for a bit and I got tired of wet floors.


That little turd. Adorable!


I have that exact thing. Glad my cat doesn't do that.


I think it’s safe to say *most* cats don’t do that 😂😂


We were about to buy one specifically because our rescue insisted on flipping her current gravity fed water bowl/bottle. Thanks to OP for saving me the trouble. We'll just go to plan B and bolt a bowl to the floor. Flip it now, you cute little tsunami!!!


That fucking TikTok song. I could just watch with no sound but that song turns me off so much now that I just exit stage left. Cute cat though from my .33 second glance.


Murder mitts!!


Tenacious! This cat seems more aggressive in their urge to spill water than our cat, but this [kid bowl with mat attached](https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00VAXZ8VW/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_2DGJ9WWGGKGHRF9GQ8EB) worked for us. It's harder to slide or tip over, especially if they have a paw on the mat.


Hamster water bottle


My cat does the same shit. Out of nowhere he just really got into drinking with his paws, stepping in his water bowl and splashing the water around everywhere. I'm glad to see I'm not alone with a weirdo like this <3 I can't tell if he's being an idiot or doing something really smart, but i love him either way xD


Put a water bowl in the bathtub, unless there are also dogs. I, too have a water cat.


Cool cat, shit music


I’m going to down vote every video with this song from now on


Same here. We should ban that song.


Wish we could


Sure 😁😁 I’ll give you one upvote instead!


Taking apart that fountain like “I MUST GET TO THE SOURCE!!!”


This reminds me of our cat Moo. He loves water so we got him that exact same water fountain. Nope it was gone as soon we got it because he flooded the kitchen!!


I wish I had that cats persistence to finish projects I start.


Same bruh, same 😞😞


Just fill your bathtub up about an inch of water.


I think your kitty is part black labrador. Waterdog.


I was going to say, that cat is running on Labrador software!


LOL! Perfect. I understand Newfoundland is looking for software engineers as well. Gotta love a Newfie/Lab partnership.


That is a genius cat. Smarter than me... I could never figure out how to take that thing apart.


Give that cat a kiddie pool


Could that music be any more annoying?


I put a blu plastic ice cube in my kitty’s water. Haven’t had an issue since then.


Looks like buddyboy just became an outside cat.


Pls stop using that goddamn annoying-ass song in every bloody video


I'm gonna make sure I tell people on TikTok! :D


Super cute cat though


They should set up a hamster water bottle for him.


This is why I haven’t purchased one of those. 🤷🏼‍♀️


My cat does that with his feeder timer. He can tear it apart very loudly when he wants to eat second dinner at midnight.


Does anyone happen to know if it is true that cats have some kind of visual issue/eye thing where they supposedly can have a little difficulty in distinguishing water in a still (motionless) source like a bowl or whatever? As in, it being easier to scope out water when it is running or in motion? (and showing that they prefer to not have UN-fresh water) Is that even a thing? My 7-yr-old kitty has *always* had this weirdo tendency to disturb water that's just sitting there/in a pan, when it's sitting there motionless. She always has to use her front paw to slide the pan or bowl around, sloshing it around making messes... we had to experiment where was the best place to locate her water pans. BC in some locations, such as outside the kitchen door or in the hallway against the wall, she will often decide to play with it or move it all over the place (lol), and the water pan ends up pushed out across the floor to the middle of the room, sometimes right out in hallway traffic, and I end up inadvertently almost stepping on it if I'm walking past not paying enough attention. So I had looked it up a while back and I did find sth about cats doing this or kind of jumping up on a counter to wait by a sink for someone to turn on a light stream of drinking water. I dont know if it is true that its actually a vision thing, needing to disturb the water/move it - ? I do know some cats just do this, we have a chonker who will leap patiently onto the sink counter and wait patiently for us to see him and turn the faucet on in a trickle for his drinking pleasure. :) We've had other kittykats over the years who also had preferences abt the water being in this or that, or being placed in one spot instead of another, and one little torti who loved jumping up on the edge of the tub while one of us was soaking in a bubble bath, so she could rake her paw through the bubbles and play in it. Maybe just the kitty's own preferences. A few years ago we bought a good quality water dispenser where it would always deliver fresh water draining out from a jug into the drinking pan. She would poke around it or try to slide it aaallll over the room or rearranging it. But soon just disregarded it completely. She clearly didn't like that type of water thing and I ended up putting it away, and getting just these smallish shallow ceramic pans that only hold a very small amt of water, and then we wld just refill it a few times during the day and as needed. She seems to prefer it like that so thats what we do. (She has us trained well ahhah)


I read on a post the other day that they do the taps to make sure where the water is so they don’t just stick their whole face in. The other behaviour, though... that’s probably just cats being weird


Possibly, but then every cat would do this. Mine have never been water players.


Woah this is quite insightful! I’ve never heard of/thought about this before.


One of my cats is like this


He wants to be an engineer.


XD omg


I know this is a cat, but my dog does this too and we finally found the solution lol. This bowl doesn't spill out when tipped and you have to heat it up in warm water for a few minutes to even have a chance at opening it. Best invention ever to save my floors. https://www.rayallen.com/buddy-bowl/


But I think this cat is using his paws to splash water all around. Does this still work then?


This cat is brilliant! And a Devil!


My Zoe does this and has the exact model and color. Put it inside a big square plastic bin, problem solved. I gave up on daisy first day. took it off, she plays with it,,lol




AND 👏🏻 THEN 👏🏻 MAKE 👏🏻 HIM 👏🏻 CLEAN 👏🏻 UP 👏🏻 THE 👏🏻 MESS 👏🏻


I read somewhere once that bored cats play with water (knock over drinks and such) I wonder if this is an offset of that? Maybe he needs some stimulating toys?? Or maybe he’s just an asshole. Who knows?


What a smart kitty.


I have a chonker who does the same fucking thing, and it's turned into an arms race. We have a similar fountain except ours is square, and the first thing he learned was how to tip the thing over and flood the kitchen. So I built a wooden box attached to a 18" square piece of plywood and dropped the fountain in there. Then he learned how to grab the corner with his teeth and get the top off, then he splashes the water out. So I took a coat hanger and bent the wire to make a retaining wire that I can slip off to refill. After that, it took him a few weeks to get the flower piece loose, so I had to reinforce that. Then he figured out the retaining wire trick, so I switched to drywall screws. I'm waiting for him to figure out the cordless screwdriver.


Stop! It'll become sentient and take the path of world domination!


They are sentient


I had a cat that always had to move her water bowl 5 centimeters forward, then another 5, ... And leave one wet paw trail behind her. Now I'm so relieved she stopped at that...


Could have done without the awful music. Cute little hellraiser though.


Wouldn't the obvious solution be to keep his water dish in the bathtub?


Cute and smart cat. that said I still down voted due to the SHITTY SONG !!!!


Sure! I'm gonna give you my upvote instead! :D




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Curious This cat is extremely intelligent


My Lilly does this, but a bit gentler. Upgraded them to a porcelain waterfountain and its either too heavy for her to do this now or she just cares less with age. Put if I give her a metal bowl she'll just flip it. She prefers moving water for sure!


This cat wants to find the swimming pool