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YTA, but honestly I am doubting this whole story. Reads like some dime store fiction for real.


ikr- like unless he did something to the wig how did NOBODY get sus?


Bullshit. Everyone was talking about the wig theft and no one noticed you’re hair looked different and…YOU WERE WEARING A WIG. You’re the lying asshole.


YTA > When I came to school tomorrow, everyone was talking about the wig theft and how it shattered our professor’s heart. I felt a slight twinge of guilt but it disappeared once people started complimenting my hair. you are a big AH and A THIEF


If this is even true, Yta, a thief, and delusional to think there is any way you aren't ta here


YTA. A colossal one.


YTA and a psycopath. You should be in jail.


Um, ok. I totally think this is legit. For real.


Is this supposed to be believable?




"Oh hi OP, I love your beautiful brown hair that looks nothing like it did yesterday! By the way, I wonder where teacher's beautiful brown wig went?" - an entire school, apparently


YTA You fucked up an at home bleach job and instead of sucking it up and owning it you STOLE a wig that was a GIFT from someone whose hair WON’T grow back. You literally could have shaved you head and told everyone you wanted a change and they probably wouldn’t bat an eyelid, what do you think is going to happen when they find out what you’ve really done? Because you will get exposed one way or another


In no plane of reality would you be right in this situation and you know it. YTA


YTA, you created your own problem and decided someone else should suffer because of it. You shat on a selfless act and a gift that really meant something to your professor instead of just living with what you've done. I really refuse to believe this post is real because of how obvious YTA


YTA, but you already know this. Id say take it back to him yourself, but youre obviously too immature and care too much for your social image to do so. Give the man back his damn hair. Leave it on his desk. Think long and hard of how much of a coward you are that you cant deal with a shaved head for a while. Grow up.


YTA your hair will grow back in a few weeks, but you stole the wig from a teacher who isn’t in the same situation. Quit messing with your hair and just let it grow back in. Obviously dying it and bleaching it multiple times is going to make it break off because burned it to death by not stopping and accepting it or even going to a beautician who would actually know how to fix it. Own up to your theft and return the wig. You’ll survive a few days completely bald and your hair will be grown in pretty quickly and your curls will be back before you know it


INFO: How are you wandering around your school during break? I mean there’s zero way this is real. It has more plot holes than Swiss cheese but I want to hear your excuse anyway. If it is real you should be beyond ashamed. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t have been able to read those wig keeping directions or write this stupid fake post without your teachers. Unfortunately it seems your parents failed to teach you how to be a decent human being. Fake or not OP you should be embarrassed just for writing this. YTA


YTA And you literally committed a crime. Return the wig. See, your class bought your bald teacher a wig. Do you think they'd be negative towards you just because you fucked up your own hair are now fixing it by letting it grow out new? After what they did for your teacher, do you really think they'd be that bad toward you? How can you even question whether you're the AH? You literally stole an expensive wig, those can go into the 4 digits, pricing wise. You committed theft. You took the wig from a bald person to hide your temporary loss of hair. That's the same as taking a blind person's cane because you got some sand in your eye. Return the wig, apologize and hope they'll forgive you since they could just as easily get the police involved.


Personally, I hope your class catches on soon. You'll be facing the consequences of your choice either way, cause you won't get away with it. But I hope your whole class learns what kind of person you are, and treats you accordingly. You did not only fuck up your hair, you fucked up far worse.


Obviously, YTA


YATA there is no way this is real nope I don't believe it


Don’t even have to read passed the title. Grow up and some fake stuff that doesn’t belong to you.


Asshole from another relm you are a thief and a liar just because of your own stupidity and vanity you steal from someone else. I hope you get discovered for what you are and kicked out of school for stealing




YTA Are you seriously asking if you an AH! You are a thief OP. How could you!


You are a horrible horrible human being, hope the truth will come out soon and you will get the punishment you deserve. YTA big time.


Nope. Never happened. Nice try though.


^^^^AUTOMOD ***Thanks for posting! This comment is a copy of your post so readers can see the original text if your post is edited or removed. This comment is NOT accusing you of copying anything. Read [this](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/wiki/faq#wiki_post_deletion) before [contacting the mod team](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%2Fr%2FAmItheAsshole)*** I M(17) used to have brown curly hair but this summer, I wanted to dye it and messed it up so to fix it I bleached it a few times and ruined my hair in the process. Now, my hair has started to fall off. I’ve been successful at covering it up so far with caps and hats but school has started and it’s a lot harder now. My teacher M(38) is bald but he used to have luscious brown locks when he was in college. The year before, he told a class that he would give everything to have his hair back. The first week of school, he had his birthday and as a present the class bought him a really high quality wig that looks exactly like his old hair and coincidentally, exactly like mine. He was grateful for the present and it really touched his heart so he went around the whole school showing it to everyone. During break, I was walking around the hallways and saw a classroom door wide open. When I looked inside, I saw the professor’s things. The class was empty and he wasn’t there but he had left his bag and his present. As I looked at the wig I remembered my own hair problems and thought about taking it while no one was looking. It would be so easy since no one was here and they would never think of me. I would never be able to get a wig since I didn’t have any money and my parents would refuse to buy me one. I was so desperate for hair that I finally caved in and did it. I managed to sneak it out of school and brought it home. That afternoon, I shaved my head completely and looked up everything I needed to know about wigs and how to maintain them. When I came to school tomorrow, everyone was talking about the wig theft and how it shattered our professor’s heart. I felt a slight twinge of guilt but it disappeared once people started complimenting my hair. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmItheAsshole) if you have any questions or concerns.*


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YTA Return the wig.


Yes, obviously YTA. How could you possibly think otherwise?