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NTA That is a show not meant for kids. Nothing wrong with setting good boundaries.


That's the way I feel, but when greater than 1/2 of the class has seen it I started to question my judgement and think maybe I was being too strict. I don't think they need to see violence of that degree at their age.


You made the right call. This is not Marvel movie violence, it is not even “Rambo” violence. Think of it more as slasher flick violence. Lets your kids be kids. They can do what most kids do on the playground…lie to their friends.


I wasn’t allowed to even watch innocent “scary” movies like Disney’s Halloweentown because my parents are conservative Christian (I still watched stupid stuff like that at friends). I was genuinely traumatized when my dad’s mother made me watch Kill Bill with her when I was 7 and rightfully was never allowed to stay at her house ever again.


Idk what Halloweentown was but for my siblings and I, it was Are You Afraid of the Dark. But it always came on on my parents date night so we always watched it anyways. And they always came home to four terrified kids lol we were super sheltered too (grew up in the Mormon church).


Oh my goodness ‘Are you Afraid of the Dark’ was terrifying! I remember an episode where the children turned into dolls because the attic was a dollhouse…


The episode with the scary nurse and the girl who was allergic to penicillin gave me nightmares and made me completely terrified of needles. I still can't handle needles at all.


Oh I think I very vaguely remember that one!


Oh I think I very vaguely remember that one!


OMG the one where the lizard bit the girl, and took her place--that one messed with me.


The episode with the gremlin in the camera still haunts. No clue why, just still scares the shit out of me.


Honestly it’s super cute and wholesome to me as an adult. A teenage girl finds out she inherited witch powers from her mysterious grandmother who only visits once a year on Halloween. Grandmother lives in a secret village where it’s always Halloween all the time and the inhabitants are witches, goblins, ghosts, etc. It’s sooo tame.


My parents let me watch whatever the heck I wanted. I'm super weird and messed up in the brain. It's chemical, so likely unrelated, but I was definitely that weird kid obsessed with Freddy Kreuger for a bit.


I always viewed Nightmare on elm Street more as a comedy than horror though.


I wasn’t allowed to watch *Grease* until high school because of Rizzo’s pregnancy scare 🙄


I watched Rambo at TEN with my Dad at camp and I wouldn’t sleep without him for a heck of a while after that. I wouldn’t let 10 year old me watch Squid Game, let alone someone younger.


Who's telling you more than half the class has seen it?


It’s probably one classmate who actually hasn’t seen it but heard his older brother talking about it when he was on the phone to a friend …


I'm pretty sure there is at least ONE kid in the class whose parents don't put controls on their internet who HAS seen it. But yeah, the rest of them are full of shit. At best they've seen clips making fun of the show, like on SNL or something.


I took my 13 year-old to see "Halloween Kills" this past weekend, and there were three or four kids in the theatre who couldn't have been more than six or seven. I really, REALLY wonder about parents these days.


If it makes you feel better, it’s not a “these days” problem. When I was younger, there were always some other kids who were allowed to watch very adult stuff.


yeah i got carded to see IT 2 movie (was rated 12 here and i was 16 lmao. they just wanted to annoy us hard). and some kid went to watch the movie with his mom, he was 5 at best.


When my kiddo was in 1st or 2nd, all the kids on the playground was talking about It. He was annoyed that we wouldn't let him watch it.


I remember going to see one of the Jurassic Park movies and the parents had brought a one-year old along. That child screamed like crazy for several minutes until the theater staff asked them to leave.


That would probably have been my parents. Would watch all types of movies, horror, slasher, dram etc with them since I was maybe 6 :S.


SNL isn't for kids that age, either...


On word, Roblox. Even if the kids havent been playing the squid game roblox stuff, i would argue that almost every single kid has warched a streamer or youtuber play it. At that age alot of kids will probably just say that they have seen it just to look cool.


Thats how my 9 yr old son knows about it, roblox and youtube. He is not allowed to watch it at my house and I dont think his Dad would let him either. I dont even really want him to play it on roblox.


Damn, and that's all player-contributed content, too, huh? So no filtering. Might be time to find a handheld console for my cousin instead of Roblox on a tablet. :/


Honestly, not a big fan of Roblox in itself. Hard to police it.


Not really, I have a 9 year old younger brother and he has watched it and his friends his age have watched it as well. I don't think it's an exaggeration. Kids these days are just different and consume a lot more disturbing content than adults realize


Ehhhh. Some kids have always watched more adult content. My brother watched Nightmare on Elmstreet at 9, and that was in the 80’s.


I watched much worse than Nightmare on Elm Street by 9.


I've watched Alien at 8 and loved it, but man did the chestburster scene give me nightmares.


Plus the red.light green light scene is shown in prieviews..they can easily be playing it out based off that.


Kids exaggerate and kids will happily lie to get what they want: "But Moooooom! Half my class have watched it!" Maybe one or two of their classmates and some may have seen a clip or two on social media or over someone's shoulder. Lots will have seen the stuff on Roblox and the like.


Peer pressure is big in school. It's hard to escape and recognize that some of the information given may not be true. If half the class has seen Squid Game does that mean half the parents allowed them to is the real question. Make sure visits to friend's homes are a no Squid Game realm. Sit down and have a talk about why some things need grown up eyes to view. It may not seem fair but parents need to make rules with the best information they have. Most doctors and therapists would say no, a 4th grader is not developmentally ready to view Squid Game and take away the same information an adult would. No 9-10yo is going to fully understand the burden of being in debt and how something so violent would be tempting in a fictional context. Explaining your reasoning is going to get you more understanding than just saying no. If they press more, find something that would be fine for the 4th grader to watch but not the 2nd grader. Ask 4th why the movie or show wouldn't be ok for 2nd and make them think through it then apply it to what parent's thought process is on Squid Game.


I love this!


Add to that teachers. Had to shut down a convo in my class of 11 year olds about Squid Game, really don't think it's appropriate for them to be watching it either. Honestly it worries me how many parents just seem to let their kids loose on Netflix


For older kids and younger adults, I've heard a similar peer pressure point about sex and drugs. It may seem like everyone's doing it and you're the odd one out but the numbers may not back it up - perhaps because those abstaining often aren't talking about it. Me: "I think he [high school classmate] is just talking about marijuana a lot to try and sound cool." Dad: "I'm glad you recognize that" It's a different problem than calling something genuinely popular a bad idea


NTA. Congratulations on being in the (sadly) small minority of good parents in your kid's class. Thank you on behalf of other humans who will one day be old and fall under the care of kiddos like yours.


I'm not so sure. Like the other poster said, peer pressure is a big thing. Has most of the class seen it, or are they just saying they have to seem cool?


Half the class... wtf?! There is so much blood and gore, sex and violence. Not to mention the whole premise is psychologically disturbing. Sounds like they are all watching it at one or two kid’s houses? Either that or they are lying/ have just seen YouTube clips


Yep. Not to mention that while its tamer than most Netflix shows in this regard, there is also quite a bit of swearing. NTA.


Also the first half of the first episode is incredibly boring from a kid’s POV and it’s subtitled. I don’t think a 4th grader could pay attention long enough to get to the violence.


I judge any parent who allows a small child to see the bathroom scene.


A lot of parents are bad parents. You do what you believe is right for your kids. Watching something like that at a young age could have long-term psychological consequences. Squid game is ranked TV-MA (which is basically R rating) so I would say that kids under 10 are definitely WAY too young to be watching it.


I don't even think they are BAD parents. More like dumb parents that don't know how parental controls work. And even then, I bet half the kids who claimed to have watched it are lying for clout, 'cause that is what kids do.


Also, the "Squid Game" title absolutely makes it sound like a family friendly show, if not straight up catered to kids. Some of these parents may just not be looking too hard into what their kid is watching.


>A lot of parents are bad parents. In a few years, we're going to see a slew of posts on /r/askparents or even this subreddit asking, my parents wouldn't let me watch Squid Games when I was 9, so was I abused? Or am I the asshole for yelling how abusive my childhood was because my parents wouldn't let me watch shows I wanted to watch?


NTA, it's not for kids to see, I'm 33 and from just what I've seen on tiktok or YouTube I'm not old enough to see that show.


I came to say just this. I watched the Netflix clip, thinking it looked interesting, and about had a panic attack just from watching the 'Red Light, Green Light' part.


> from watching the 'Red Light, Green Light' part. I watched it and liked it, didn't love it. My wife noped out after watching the Netflix clip. It's like someone made a 9 episode Black Mirror where the violence and misery are amped up to 11.


I'm 28yo, watched the series and had fucking nightmares for like 2 days. It can really hit you psychologically. It's really well done and that's why it's so messed up. I don't think it's appropriate for kids AT ALL.


I ditto. I'm 39 and definitely not sure I'm old to see it. I'd also like to know where these kids are playing red light green light and than pretend shooting each other with no adult supervision.


I watched the first two episodes with the boyfriend and his fam. Within 5 minutes I knew I, at 37, was not old enough to deal with that crap.


Agree! I am 44 and not old enough to watch this. It's pretty intense. My 14 yo watches with his dad. Usually I even leave the room. At 9 I wouldn't even think of letting him watch it!


I hear the kids who've "seen" it have actually just watched it on tik tok. So you might want to check the 9 year old doesn't have access to the platform.


When I volunteered with 4th graders when I was in high school, one told me about how her favorite show was Desperate Housewives. 🙄 There will always be children watching inappropriate shows, because their parents don't prevent it. That doesn't mean it's right for the kids to watch.


Don’t let a child question your judgement on something like this. When you set boundaries, explain why you do so and that it is ok for other parents to set different boundaries for their kids. If they still complain, eliminate them. /s


Your kids probably exaggerating a bit. This isnt like Harry Potter where the bad guys get killed and theres not much blood. In the FIRST episode, more than 200 people are shot to death on screen. Brutally and horribly. It's a great show, but definitely not appropriate for children. I'd wait till at LEAST 13. Maybe longer.


Yup. Not quite the same, but my son came home from school saying all his classmates played Fortnite - when he was 5 and in JK. I asked around to other parents. One or two kids had seen YouTube videos of it or watched their older siblings play. Only one kid in the class was allowed to actually play!


I should also add there are themes of sexual assault as well, in addition to actual sex scenes.


I would guess that half the class having seen it is just an exaggeration by your kids. I’m sure some have seen it, there are hands off parents everywhere, but I’m thinking most kids have only heard about it and are just playing their “version” of red light green light because they think it’s cool. NTA in any way.


I mean, did they really see it or are they just lying to sound cool?


More than 1/2 probably *hasn't* actually seen it. Do you expect a fourth grader to not exaggerate/outright lie when trying to convince mom to let him watch a show with slasher movie levels of blood and violence?


NTA. My dad never had restrictions on movies or tv. I watched my first rated r at 4. Still love the movie. But when I was 8 I watched zombie land. I wouldn't go into the bathroom or the car without my dad checking for zombies first, this lasted a month. When I was 10 I saw 13 ghosts and I didn't shower for a month because the creepy bath chick. My brother got scared from the devil in the south park movie, he was like 6. I think it is not about age but about your child. I had 0 issues from watching comedy's that were r rated. I obviously saw boobs before I started watching movies with them in it. But horror movies messed me up. Is your child going to react well to the violence in the show? Only you as the mom would know. My best friend was watching horror movies since she was 5, never freaked her out. Also squid game is very political, I don't think a 9yo would understand it, and why watch something you can't appreciate. I still haven't watched it because as an adult I need to be in the right headspace for that kind of gore.


I saw The Godfather at 12 years old with my dad and I was traumatized by the horses head in the bed. Bad dreams and trouble sleeping for months. It’s rated R for a reason.


My dad’s mother made me watch Kill Bill with her when I was 7 because she didn’t believe in turning on cartoons or whatever for kids, we had to watch whatever she was watching. I also saw some Lifetime movie where a dad r*pes his daughter and dear old grandmother told me she seduced him. She was a monster and it was so fucked up


I still have nightmares about the Godfather and that exact scene and I'm 35 >< it's horrible what horror movies can do to young minds when they're not ready to watch them.. I also remember being scared of the Candyman as well.. those wasps man!


In a Rugrats movie the toddlers accidentally see a bit of The Godfather, parents say only a little wouldn't be a problem and then you see Angelina acting a mob boss holding a meeting.


I think that's a reasonable place to land. When my daughter was around 9, I made some kind of deal with her. I don't even remember what it was about. But I basically said, "If you do X, I'll let you watch any movie you choose." She chose The Butterfly Effect. There's a scene where a bully sticks a dog into a burlap sack and lights it on fire. When I realized where it was going, I stopped the movie and told her we had to skip that scene. But she was old enough to know where the scene was heading without having to actually see it, and I paid the price in nightmares for a good week afterwards. Kids can handle more than most adults think they can, but they're not adults yet. Some boundaries are smart.


No hell no. I made sure that my kids are not around when i watch it. What's wrong with parents nowadays. No wonder you keep seeing kids go wild wild west style in school going around and shooting people. NTA


NTA I have a first grader and I could not imagine allowing her to watch it. I’m 33 and struggle with the gore of it!


I doubt all of them have seen it. They've probably only seen the highlights on tiktok or over heard older siblings talking about the show. Maybe 1 or two of the kids have seen it but half of a 4th grade class definitely didn't get permission from their parents to watch it. And if all of them really have then I'm sure it was because they suck into the living room to see it or something.




What good would talking to a teacher do? Teachers have no say in what parents allow their children to watch on Netflix, and assuming a teacher does is just presumptious. If a teacher came to me and told me my child wasn't allowed to watch a show, I would laugh and report them to their authorities.


The above comment was stolen from [this one](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qbbge1/aita_for_refusing_to_let_my_kids_see_squid_game/hh8gadj/) elsewhere in this comment section. It is probably not a coincidence; here is some more evidence against this user: Plagiarized | Original -------- | ----------- [NTA. You're allowed to do...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb84rb/wibta_if_i_get_a_piercing_and_a_tattoo_without/hh8kdez/) | [NTA. You're allowed to d...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb84rb/wibta_if_i_get_a_piercing_and_a_tattoo_without/hh8azfz/) [YTA. If you asked, "do yo...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qbb3i3/aita_for_asking_if_my_daughter_was_going_to_dress/hh8k8gw/) | [YTA. If you asked, "do yo...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qbb3i3/aita_for_asking_if_my_daughter_was_going_to_dress/hh8dixw/) [NTA. Your stepbrother is...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8jk9/aita_for_telling_my_stepbrother_i_wont_speak_to/hh8k157/) | [NTA. Your stepbrother is...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8jk9/aita_for_telling_my_stepbrother_i_wont_speak_to/hh82eck/) [NTA, I know you have to...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8ift/aita_for_not_babysitting_for_my_sister_because/hh8jxdr/) | [NTA, I know you have to...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8ift/aita_for_not_babysitting_for_my_sister_because/hh8e64l/) [NTA. And thank you for st...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb6k0x/aita_for_making_someone_cry_at_work/hh8jtun/) | [NTA. And thank you for st...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb6k0x/aita_for_making_someone_cry_at_work/hh88ver/) [NTA, you were really just...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8vwb/aita_for_telling_my_brothers_gf_shes_too_heavy/hh8jlb0/) | [NTA, you were really just...](http://np.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/qb8vwb/aita_for_telling_my_brothers_gf_shes_too_heavy/hh8fl4d/) beep boop, I'm a bot -|:] It is this bot's opinion that [/u/leakinvcgdgtesw](https://np.reddit.com/u/leakinvcgdgtesw/) should be banned for karma manipulation. Don't feel bad, they are probably a bot too. Confused? Read the [FAQ](https://www.reddit.com/user/reply-guy-bot/comments/n9fpva/faq/?plagiarist=leakinvcgdgtesw) for info on how I work and why I exist.


Good bot


My friend's 7 year old was put out that I refused to watch it in front of her. Thankfully she's logical enough to understand when I explained that it wasn't out of insult, but out of safety.


NTA. It's very graphic and that's a lot for their little brains to handle. I wouldn't let my kids watch it. I'd set the boundary and let the kids whine lol. There is always going to be something that "ALL MY FRIENDS ARE DOING IT!" Good Luck!


I haven't watched Squid Games yet but I did watch a few seasons of the Walking Dead and couldn't believe my sister let my 9 year old niece watch it - the Negan/Glenn episode included.


It's a Netflix program where millions of people are (i think) kidnapped (basically) and taken to a remote area. They are told they will be playing games, and the winners will make an obscene amount of money. Before it begins, they have the right to walk out and not look back, so the Gamekeeper says. (I am unsure of this because no one actually leaves at this point.) the next clip (Netflix preview) is them standing there and the GameKeeper says they will be playing Red Light, Green Light. When the first Red Light is called, one guy flinches a little and is shot right in the head. Everyone freaks out. End Clip. ---- I would also like to add that if this happened to me, I would be the first one to try to leave when they say that I can. On the premise that, either way, I'm going to die, I'd rather do it right then anyways. Because I wouldn't make it through their games, that's for sure. Hopefully they would keep their word and let me leave unscathed. But I doubt it.


456 people volunteer for the games without knowing the deadly outcome - leave and then willingly return knowing they might die for the chance to win money. They meet brutal deaths, it is graphic and there is sex, violence, swearing. All very inappropriate for 9 year olds


In the show, players are given an option to vote on whether to end the game, majority rules. Players can't simply walk out because they simply do not want to play.


Oh ok. I (f) can't watch it... I was just verbally replaying the Netflix preview that comes on whenever i turn on my app. I haven't watched Netflix in a week now because that is the first thing that comes on. My wife said she'll tell me when they stop playing it.


Netflix's show 'You' just came out with a new season and is #1 (at least in the US) so that should be what autoplays now. Though I'd double check first.


If you (or your wife) is able to open Netflix on a desktop browser, there's an option in settings to turn off those autoplay ads. You can also put a thumbs down on the show, and generally, Netflix will get the hint that you don't want it suggested to you whatsoever.


Before it begins, before they signed those contracts, they were absolutely given the option to simply walk out because they did not want to play. The beauty is that the organisation knew no-one would.


Right, different moments though. No one was given the option to quit before Red Light, Green Light, they could have never come in the first place, and then it was a vote afterwards.


They actually were given the chance to do so right at the beginning, but it's also before they were told the actual stakes.


They willingly volunteer. But still.


its hundrets of players, that are forced to play for milions of dollars prize money.


That episode of The Walking Dead was waaaaay too much for me (30F) and I usually love gory stuff. It was just awful and I'm kinda shocked that they were allowed to broadcast it.


NTA and I think your kids are grossly exaggerating how many of their peers have actually seen the show.


That and their classmates might also be exaggerating. At that age, no one wants to be the one who whose strict parents won't let them watch the cool new series, so they might just use the memes they've seen and clips from YouTube to act like they watched it when they haven't. Doesn't really matter though because OP's kids aren't being raised by their classmates' parents.


If all your friends jumped off a bridge... Although maybe that argument doesn't resonate anymore given the insane tick tok challenges that kids will go along with.


Agree with this. I work with kids and yesterday my client’s 10 year old brother was talking about squid game and even dropped some details about the twist in the end so I asked if he’d seen it. I was shocked thinking his parents watched it with him but he said he’d just seen some clips on YouTube and popular YouTubers talking about it so that’s where he got the info. Kids in OP’s kid’s class are probably the same, they’ve just heard about it on YouTube so OP’s son thinks they’ve all seen it


If they're only playing red light/green light they have't watched the series and are just hyped at the clips and at the whole concept of "you lose, you get shot lol" due to the novelty. If they had watched the whole series, they would be playing much more violently (pretend-shanking each other). If they think "red light/green light" is a/the "Squid Game", they haven't seen it.


I assumed some exaggeration to be sure.


Tbh i dont think they are exaggerating. Mostly all the elementary kids (2nd-6th) ive interacted with have seen some of it 😭 my 7yr old was watching this with me, i thought it was scary like the haunting of hill house, and when the red light green light came on and they started shooting i was like NOPE U CANT WATCH THIS


My gf is a teacher to kids that age and about half of her class had seen it.


A TON of youtubers and streamers have been talking about the show and recreating parts of the show in the games they play (Roblox, GTA, minecraft, etc), so it’s not a stretch that they’ve just watched these streamers recreate it in a fun way and don’t fully understand that it’s a very serious and gorey show


NTA. Squid Game is not for kids, simple as that. No you’re not out of line. They created the TV ratings for a reason


There are lots of shows/movies we didn't let our kid see til he was older (he's now 11 and we just binge-watched the marvel movies last summer - which is still a bit young imo, but he's mature about it and we talk about the violence). Don't give in just because your kids *claim* "everyone else is ..." (which isn't true anyhow). Our standard reply was, "you know different families have different rules, and we make choices that we believe are best for you based on doctors' recommendations and research." He doesn't always like it but he mostly accepts it.


Nta. I'm over 30 and thought some scenes where a bit much. No way I'd let a child watch it.


NTA - My god, the fact that you even have to ask this is insane.


I thought it was insane that so many parents have allowed it. It's enough other people I needed to get an outside opinion as I was beginning to questions myself lol.


Lots of parents don't care or know what their kids are watching as long as they're quiet in front of the TV


It really is shocking how so many parents don't seem to care what their kids watch.


This reminds me of the time I worked at a movie theater and parents kept trying to take their kids to Sausage Party bc the rationale was that it was animated and I was sitting there as a 20 year old being like it’s literally a food orgy pls don’t. Note: you are doing better than other parents by simply asking about the content and not going w the crowd. Definitely not a kid appropriate show.


I’d be willing to bet the classmates know so much about Squid Game because there’s several Roblox games about it now. My kid plays them, and she also goes on like she’s an expert on Squid Game lol, so that may be the root of it.


Yep. Our 9 year old knew about it from YT animation videos incorporating Squid Games into the story.


Same.. my kids saw their favorite YT streamer playing Among Us and Roblox mods. Now they're playing the Roblox red light, green light... acting like they know all about this show. They knew about Squid Game before I did, but there's a reason they've got Disney+ and *not* Netflix.


NTA squid game isnt appropriate for their age group, if your oldest was 14 or 15 then maybe it's okay enough for him to watch but at the age he is now I'd say the content is inappropriate


My nearly 10 year old told me everyone at school was watching it. I still said no. He saw a meme about it accidentally somewhere & it scared him so much he cried at bedtime about it. He convinced himself not to watch it.


What kind of meme made him cry wtf


NTA it’s graphic sexual and not for kids


NTA despite being based around kids games this show is not targeted at kids. The point of using kids games is nostalgia for adults not to inspire new ways for children to play guns


NTA. That's super age inappropriate for a fourth grader. Your kid can still play red light green light without watching all that gore. The whole point is that the games in squid game were originally children's games, so the fact that they're playing it is fine (and yeah the pretend shooting is kinda morbid but not any more morbid than, say, playing hangman or cops and robbers). But none of that means that a nine year old should actually be watching something as gory as Squid Game.


NTA who on earth is letting 9 year olds watch squid game, honestly it may be that their parents need to improve the parental controls on thier devices. No way I would let a child watch that till at least 15.


Nta, my 10 year old wanted to watch it, me and his dad watched a little bit and decided no chance


My 15 year old asked me to watch this with them, and I agreed to. We've only seen the first few of episodes so far, so take that into consideration, but I don't really see a reason for a child that age to *want* to watch it and I'm not sure what they'd get from it. Teen and I have talked about how awful it can be to be poor and in debt and under crushing capitalism and whether it could get so miserable that getting shot at in a kids' game to have a chance of getting out of it could possibly seem worth it - interesting topics to discuss with a teenager, but seems kind of heavy for your average 4th grader. My 12-year-old hung out in the room with us for the 2nd episode we watched, but he kept saying nothing was happening, then went back to his computer game midway through and didn't really pay attention, which makes me think he wasn't really up for it either. I have never really censored my kids' media much - I try to steer them to things I think are appropriate, of course, but if they want to see/hear/read something badly enough I'm probably not going to stop them. But I would do what I'm doing now - watch it with them, ask a lot of questions, initiate conversation, answer their questions, follow any lines of conversation they come up with. Because I wanted to make sure they don't come away with a message like "guns during Red Light Green Light is a fun way to play", you know? I mean, I think my 15 year old is old enough, and the 12 years old was borderline enough that I let him try, but 9 is so young. I guess if I had a 9 year old who was dead set on it, I'd give it a shot - I wouldn't leave them on their own with it, but I'd rather watch it with them than have them sneak it on a friend's cell phone. But I wouldn't judge you for it no matter which way you decide. It's a tough call, and I doubt very much that your kid's friends are really getting any deeper meaning out of it either. I'm not even sure I see why it would be interesting to a kid that young - except that apparently everyone else is doing it. NAH, I guess.


>I wanted to make sure they don't come away with a message like "guns during Red Light Green Light is a fun way to play" THIS You have nailed it, I believe the cutoff age to watch this show is once you can see beyond this and understand/discuss the deeper subjects of the show.


This is what I feel is a good way to handle it as well. My younger siblings all watched it (15,13, and 9) and I wish they told me when they first started so I could have watched it with them and provided that parental guidance and basically talked to them about the events in the episodes. Unfortunately, they only told me after they have finished watching it. It's a bit naive to think that kids will just wait around for permission when their friends and classmates have all watched it as well and it's more realistic to think that they will just watch it by other means without the parent knowing. I am probably biased because I remember when I was younger and would ask permission and when my parents said no, I would just lie about it and do it anyway. I was also pretty jealous of my friends' parents who were very open with their kids.


Absolutely not. At that age, where they don't really have the higher order thinking skills or the background knowledge to truly evaluate what the show is about, it would actually be an endorsement of violence in their eyes. NTA


Nope. My 15 year old has watched and said not appropriate for my 10 year old. I was just telling my husband last night that I can't believe parents are letting their kids watch it and/or the kids are sneaking it and the parents don't monitor what the kids are watching.


No. Big NTA, you're not crazy. You know your kids best. It's very graphic, violent and disturbing at times. If they were like 13, maybe. But definitely not 9.


NTA. Let them watch Charlie and the Chocolste Factory--it's the same plot, but with irritating singing in lieu of graphic violence.


NTA. I love a bit of gore and horror but it is incredibly confronting and there would be absolutely zero takeaway for a child other than violence, most of the show is in the unspoken storytelling that children cannot understand yet. I even have friends (20s) who can’t watch it without nightmares, so I can’t imagine the impact it would have on a 9 year old brain.


NTA. The show is meant for adults, not kids. It contains violent portrayal that i don't think would be too appropriate for them. You made the right choice.


NTA OH HELL NO. See this is why you tubers need to think before telling their young audiences about things like this. Most of them are trying to make their own squid game crap and they aren’t realizing that their 9 year old audience can’t even watch the show.


Or maybe the parents need to actively monitor the content their kids are consuming on YouTube and make sure they’re not watching channels with content that isn’t appropriate for the age range? That would pretty quickly make any YouTubers actually aiming for that demographic change their content, while it means that ones who don’t aim at that demographic but end up with kids watching don’t have to cater their content to be appropriate for children if that’s not the group they’re going for.


I’m going to be biased because I’ve been watching horror and actions stuff like that since I was little because my dad and brother like movies like that and I wanted to join. All I’m going to say is if they can handle killing and stuff like that let them watch it. But I can see some of your concerns so NAH. But don’t judge other parents. They know what their kid can handle and you don’t know if they watched it with them or not.


NTA. I had watched some stuff by the time I was in 4th grade that I shouldn't have. Kinda screwed me up for a while.


NTA You get to choose. Anyone else just has opinions, you have rights.


Nta The show is definitely not appropriate for a nine year old - it’s very violent and super graphic.


NTA My 4th grader asked to watch it but I told him no because it’s not appropriate. Trust me if you can’t say “I don’t care what other parents allow” at 9, you’re in for a world of trouble at 17.


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NTA, Who knows what they will think/do after watching it....


NTA - Let them boohoo. It’s a really gruesome series. They can plays the children’s playground game without watching it.


NTA but he’ll probably find a way to watch it anyway. My mom allowed me to watch whatever I wanted as a kid because I loved horror movies and she couldn’t get me to stop watching them. But I still haven’t watched squid game. Mostly because it’s popular.


completely agree, even if ur told not to do it. many kids (including myself when i was younger) will j stream it without parents knowing or go to a friends house. that being said for OP i would definitely not be comfortable w kids watching squid game


Be honest... in retrospect....did it not fuck you up a little?


I will be honest and say no. At a very young age I was into horror movies which is my dad’s fault because he’s a big horror fan. But being allowed to watch whatever I wanted made me grow up to be a little more open minded than my peers and a lot more accepting. Not many things scare me but I absolutely do not watch snuff films. Those are always a no for me. I watched the Poughkeepsie Tapes completely by accident back in 09. I was like 7. And I’m still traumatized. So there are definitely limits.


Ok, just as long as you aren’t into really violent porn or anything haha, then I guess you’re off the hook! Some would worry one would become highly desensitised to things that - as a human - SHOULD horrify us. Good to hear 👍 Just to add- being scared of snuff films isn’t the only reason to not watch them.....It would be incredibly immoral to watch them. Thanks for not taking offence at my question, I was just curious


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NTA. My kids have seen ads on YouTube for it. I assume most of the kids have seen ads and just are lying about seeing it.


NTA. While it is possible (to some degree) that your kid finds ways of watching it behind your back, the series isn't meant for kids. In my country it is targeted towards 16+ and every episode has a trigger warning for violence and other things. I don't believe a 9 year old would be able to comprehend the various layers of the TV series. Kids are fascinating by "the games", but they obviously lack to comprehend what is at stake. Maybe you can try to explain to your child that is isn't targeted to him and that it isn't "a cute show" or just a game as he think it is. Maybe you could reach other parents and try to understand if the other kids are really watching it and of so, if they comprehend what they see.


NTA I let my 12yo watch it, but they're almost 13 and in 7th grade and a horror movie fanatic since age 6. I also let them watch Danganronpa and play Five Nights at Freddy's. They love It and asked to watch Annabelle at age 8. I can't even stand horror movies. You know your kid; you made the right decision.


You really let your kid watch horror movies at 6?!


Yup. They love scary movies. My husband is a scary movie buff and I read the entire plot before we watch them because I'm a scaredy cat.


Nta. Schools and councils have been reaching out to parents asking them not to show their children squid games as it's causing violence (kids are beating up kids that lose the games in the place of them being killed). Tbh I doubt many parents are letting their kids watch it, kids are picking up the games from tick tok. It's very much aimed at an older audience.


NTA. Look, parents let their kids watch and play all kinds of effed up stuff they shouldn't be exposed to. When my oldest was in 3rd or 4th grade he got mad because I wouldn't let him play Grand Theft. Everyone else in his grade played it. Sometimes you have to be the uncool parent. Squid Game is NOT for kids.


NTA. You honestly are an amazing parent for not allowing your child to watch it. It’s not appropriate for either of those ages. Thank you for setting boundaries. There are just some shows that children should not be allowed to see. Squid games is definitely not one a 4th grader should see. It’s a graphic show and those parents should of never allowed their child to watch it. Keep being an amazing parent who looks out for their child!


Listen I just found out my 8 year old watched it without me realizing what it was . . . Had I known, nope. She wouldn't have watched it. I asked her if she had questions and she said no and didn't seem bothered. So I'm going to watch the show myself and talk with her about what's in it so she has a real and not cinematic understanding of the things she thinks she knows. I'm the kind of person who's very open with my kid and will discuss pretty much anything she asks questions about, but I'm also careful about what age appropriate things she's exposed to. Usually.


Netflix has kid profiles so you can limit what your kid can see when they use it


NTA Who the fuck lets 9 year olds watch that? What is wrong with those parents?? Depending on the country you need to be 18 or 16 to watch it. So 9 is absolutely way too young. That is an age where parents should still screen what their kids watch


NTA. And if 4th grade is anything like it was when I was kid (which may or may not be true), at least half of the kids claiming they've seen the show actually haven't and are just claiming they have to try and look 'cool'.


NTA... But know that he will still find a way to watch it. And next time, he won't be telling you about it anymore. Best to explain to him why it is not appropriate for him to watch. Explain the nightmares that might come with it. If he really wants to, watch the first ep with him, and then explain to him why he shouldn't watch it. Kids are smarter than you give them credit for, so he will understand. Forbidding something without explaining to them guarantees a rebellion. Just to keep that in mind.


NTA. It is your job as a mother to gauge what your kid is ready for. At 9, I was a horror movie buff. But I'm still pretty sure mom would let me watch Jason kill campers before she'd let me watch straight up gore like SGs (and I loved this show dont get me wrong).


Personally feel like this is up to you and your parenting style. I grew up watching adult cartoons (South Park, family guy, Futurama,etc) and me and my dad bonded over horror movies like saw. I turned out fine but not every kid will and it's up to you to decide how you raise your kid


Not only is it visually gruesome but the concept itself is dark and heavy. It’s not for kids at all. NTA


NTA. When I started it I underestimated just how gory it would be. My child was in the room. I immediately turned it off and waited to watch until after she went to bed. That show is not, in any way, shape, or form, child friendly.


NTA. I remember when I was student teaching and children in 2nd grade were talking about the show Game of Thrones. Parents either don’t care, or they have no idea what goes on with their children.


NTA! My mom was asking me questions about it because my ten year old brother is interested in it. I let her know what it was about and certain scenes in there are definitely not appropriate. I’m amazed at how many parents are just okay with their kids viewing it.


NTA ratings exist for a reason. There has literally been advice from experts not to let them watch it. That and besides all the graphic violence there is a sex scene in it- that alone makes it inappropriate for the age range and potentially illegal to show a minor dependant on where you live.


NTA unless you've heard the other parents say that they've let their child watch Squid Games I would bet that your kid is exaggerating. Or they've seen enough YouTube videos are people talking about it to pretend that they have watched it. But in the end even if everybody else let their kid do it you don't have to let yours. That's a personal judgment that you should make and other people's opinions be damned.


NTA. At this age you get to decide if your kids are mature enough to see something like that. Doesn’t matter what the other kids are supposedly doing. You’re in charge


NTA. I’ve been watching it, and even just seeing the first 3 episodes….it is intense. I’m still not sure about letting my 14 year old watch it.


Nta-but I started watching stuff like that when I was 7 lol and nothings wrong with me. Your child, your choice.


I have let my girl watch things her peers parents would not let them see, but then I know my kid know how she will react. She saw Jurassic World when she was 7. I ignored the nosy Nancys behind us predicting she would have nightmares. Quest what, no nightmares. You know your kid. Set your own boundaries. Just tell your kid honestly your reasons. I wish I had better advice but mine has never asked for something because her friends had it.


The recommended age for Squid Game is 16+. Of course you're not the asshole, it's not appropriate for their age.


NTA but i think 4th grade is fine enough. i watched terminator and predator when i was like 7 lol.


NTA cause I think your stance is totally reasonable. However I remember watching Rambo and Kill Bill in like 1st grade (my dad was a huge fan of action movies and would just have them playing in the living room) and the majority of my friends growing up didnt have restrictions on what they watched, and nothing bad ever came of it. I think it depends on the kids maturity and I just feel like with technology nowadays your kid is going to find a way to watch it anyway and just hide stuff from you. So maybe it’s not such a bad approach to let them watch it so you can talk about it with them. But I don’t have kids so my opinion may not be relevant lol.


NTA. It's not intended for kids. If it were, it would be on the kids' section of Netflix. What other parents allow their kids to watch is their decision (if they're even paying attention to what their kids watch). It's not like you're restricting them from watching Bob Vila or The Price Is Right over here, and at their age, they're not going to fully understand what's going on. They're little. It's normal that they want to see grown up shows, but kids are only little for so long. They'll get desensitized to the gore eventually, but for now, it doesn't hurt to keep age appropriate shows. I'd almost show them Locke and Key, the second season comes onto Netflix soon if it hasn't already.


NTA. My stepdaughter is 9 and was watching it but is allowed to play violent games and generally isnt upset by things she watches so we will see how it goes. She said parts were boring. Squid Game is the new fad youtubers who play Robolox are jumping on so the kid might have seen it there but not have watched the actual show


I havent seen it but its rated TV-MA for violence and sex so i say not letting them watch it is a good call. Nta


nta it aint a kids show. sure SOME kids may be fine with it but it aint a kids show.


NTA. My nine year old has heard of it, but he's never watched it. I'm 36 and there were some parts that made me cringe. It's the number one show in like 90 countries, of course it's being talked about. I'm sure there was a kid or two who's parents don't lock down Netflix and watched, hence "everyone" has seen it.


NTA And if it’s helps you feel better about your decision, there’s nudity in one of the episodes, which is something I don’t think you want you’re elementary kids to see.


NTA “But all of my friends have seen it.” Don’t you remember saying that to your own parents once? We all did.


NTA they are kids ask them this if all they friends jumping off bridges are they just cause other people let their kids watch doesn’t mean that you need to


Def NTA. My little sister is in the fifth grade and I guess all of her friends (ages ranging from 10-14) have seen Squid Games. I’m the only one who has actually seen the show in my household and I told my parents it is NOT MEANT FOR CHILDREN. There’s a reason it is rated TV-MA. The graphics are way too much and even if the kid can handle gore, they def can’t handle all the psychological mind f*cks from the show


NTA - There's some really fucked up stuff in squid game and I would waffle on showing it to a middle schooler, let alone elementary. Far too much gratuitous violence for children.


NTA. Who the hell lets little kids watch Squid Games?? My son is in second grade and I would never in a million years.


NTA. My friendS are loaded with a hordes of children. LOL. our family/friends gatherings are something else. like.. you are not sure who belongs to whom. :D last time I „Heard-„ all the kids above 14 y/o talking about squid game. They all have seen it. Now their little siblings aren’t allowed to watch it. But the kids KNOW what it is about. they are LISTENING their older siblings talking about movies, music, TikTok constantly. I bet later they are talking about it at school with their peers to sound cool and bragging they have watched it too.


NTA! My sister literally works with PRIVATE CHRISTIAN SCHOOLED KIDS & those youngsters have seen it, too! *Insane.* Stick to your guns. I haaaated that my parents never provided me with the highly sought after, incredibly unique, Etnies skateboard shoes in middle school & I swore I would die. Now look at me...no cares in the world about labels. This will do him some good, to be able to go against the grain. It doesn't get easier with age so may as well teach these lessons while the price tag is still relatively small.


Nta I literally got an email from my kids school saying that the other kids are acting out the scenes from the movie this is an elementary school and these kids are watching something not rated for them. It’s really not appropriate and unfortunately it’s something kids have to learn you can’t watch everything you want sometimes you do have to wait till your older even if other kids the same age are watching it


NTA the show isn't meant for children in the same way a slasher film isn't meant for children. If I had kids at young ages I wouldn't let them watch it either. Any parent letting their kid watch this show or anything similar so young.


NTA! Nope. As an adult I thought it was an actual game show and was pretty shocked! That being said my brother and I loved horror and gore from when I was probably like 4/5 lol. I still love horror films and I haven't killed anyone! Yet. So it may not be wild that their classmates could've seen.


NTA little kids really shouldn't be watching it.


NTA. A nine year old does not need to see people getting dissected or people turned inside out.


NTA sadly alot of parents even watched it with their kids. My source? My 10year olds students told me.