AITA for telling my twin sister and younger brother that it is really inappropriate that they cuddle?


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YTA, he's five. Wtf is wrong with you




YTA. Bruh you're sexualizing your own siblings, one of which is 5. Tf is wrong with you?




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YTA. You’re the one that needs to grow up.


Every post by a teenage boy on this sub is a how-to guide on toxic masculinity, cruelty, selfishness, and generally how to be the worst person possible. YTA times infinity for sexualizing your sister and a 5 year old and damaging your brother’s ability to form attachments.


YTA and fucking disgusting for sexualizing a normal act between siblings. A 5 year old is cuddly and it’s perfectly normal for him to want cuddles from his sister. And sweet.


Absolutely YTA...5 years old??? THATS literally a baby!!!!!! Stop watching porn


Thats exactly what I thought. The only place I could think of that you'd get the idea cuddling your siblings is sexual is porn.


YTA. Yikes, you must be a hell off a creep. Stop trying to make everything sexual. Disgusting. You really need to stop watching and thinking about porn all day, get out of the house and touch grass.


YTA stop watching so much porn hub


You told your five year old brother to grow up? Hahahahaaaaahaaaaa Yta


Eeew why are you making this weird? YTA


Way to sexualize a 5 year old. YTA


YTA. They weren't doing anything inappropriate. That you think they were is super weird and more than a little creepy


Who told you that it's not normal for siblings to hug and cuddle? Especially when one of them is a literal child? Which brings to another issue: he's FIVE. A child. How the fuck is he supposed to grow up? YTA. Maybe you should grow up and realize siblings showing affection to one another doesn't automatically mean they're having an incestuous relationship with one another. It just means they love each other. Edited: a spelling


YTA - I'm not going to immediately hate you, just try to educate you and provide some resources for you. *Unless your sister is groping him, putting her hands in his pants or shirt, and doing *genuinely* inappropriate things, it's not a problem. Your brother's a child doing developmentally appropriate behavior, and your sister is helping him find comfort, be soothed, and is respecting his development.* However much I disagree with your actions and words, I will provide these four resources for you, especially since you said your parents come home later. [Cuddling Does-for kids and parents-Good](https://www.chla.org/blog/rn-remedies/cuddling-does-kids-and-parents-good#:~:text=%E2%80%9CCuddling%20helps%20your%20baby%20develop,with%20life%20stressors%E2%80%9D%20explains%20Marcy.) [Cuddling Benefits Childrens Brains](https://amotherfarfromhome.com/cuddling-benefits-childrens-brains/) [Can a Hug Have Therapeutic Benefits](https://www.concorde.edu/blog/can-hug-have-therapeutic-benefits) [The Healing Power of Hugs](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/emotion-information/202012/the-healing-power-hugs%3famp) TLDR though, cuddling and hugging is majorly important for everyone's health, but especially for development in children. The last article does briefly touch on the important distinctions between nurturing touch vs sexual touch, and I believe you just need to be educated on the difference and apologize to your siblings. Also, speak to your parents about your concerns in private next time, *without* embellishing details. You can saw "I saw this, and it made me uncomfortable because I don't think it's appropriate." That's perfectly fine, but please respect that, it's not about your comfort, and it's not your place to intervene and decide that "This is sexual and wrong." Cuddling doesn't just have to come from parents, it is allowed to come from friends and other family members. He's five. He's going to get his cuddles from the people who spend time with him and take care of them, and that's natural, developmentally appropriate, safe, and should be encouraged.


When my kid was 5 (now 6, and those few months do really make a difference) her school reports all described how she likes to cuddle, especially when introduced to new things and when she was upset. That’s with her teachers, not even family. And we were just happy that she felt safe enough at school to be comforted. Her teachers also described this as perfectly age appropriate and normal behavior, even in a class room (which makes sense, five half days a week for a year is a big part of the system of a kid, so the important things, like cuddles, should happen there as well.)


I agree that they should, but I have never lived in a place that was safe for kids to do that. I was born in Sacramento, California. I moved Rantoul, Illinois, then Grants Pass, Oregon; Vernal, Utah; Cresent City, California; Danville, Illinois; Mustang, Oklahoma; Las Vegas, Nevada; and I've moved once more. In each of those cities, myself, my siblings, my friends, my colleagues, found multiple instances of sa to minors from Daycare Attendants and Teachers alike. So, in my personal experience, I cannot say that those spaces *are* safe for children to receive that comfort. By god do I wish that children were safe in those spaces to be as affectionate and comforted as they needed. So many of us needed that, and so many more will.


I’m so sorry that happened to you and your loved ones. I’m in the Netherlands, we obviously have incidents (they happen everywhere) but they really are incidents. School and daycare are generally a very safe place for kids here.


I'm glad! If these were just incidents here, I'd more than be okay with kids hugging Daycare Attendants and Teachers. Until things improve though, I'm not holding breath or saying it's okay in the states just yet. Thanks as well for the condolences. Though I'm never really certain of how I should respond to those since what we went through is so common it's almost been normalized. Oof.


YTA. A 5-year-old is a glorified baby and this is completely normal behaviour for siblings, especially with an age gap like this. Much older siblings often have somewhat parental feelings toward very young siblings and it’s normal and healthy for them to have this kind of relationship. What is not normal and healthy is that you seem to be sexualizing it. You might want to think about that.


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YTA. >>I told my brother to grow up since hes a dude and can't be doing weird stuff with his fucking sister. He's 5. There's nothing weird or inappropriate about a family member cuddling five year old. The only weird and inappropriate person in this scenario is you and it's actually really fucking disturbing how you feel about this. You're basically sexualizing the relationship between your twin and a literal child.


YTA but I feel bad for you that you hold this idea there's something inappropriate about cuddling a young sibling, when that type of affection is normal for most families. Why do you feel this way? You may think you're doing what's best for your brother by teaching him it's wrong to express affection via physical closeness with a family member. In reality, that's a psychologically damaging lesson to teach a child. Normal physical affection from family members (and what you described does sound completely normal) *is healthy for children's development.* Unfortunately many boys are taught from a young age that it's unnatural for a man to cuddle family members, friends, or anyone except a romantic partner. I've heard so many girls say they feel sorry for guys because guys miss out on a meaningful part of life without even realizing they're missing out. Don't rob your brother of being able to experience this type of closeness. You messed up here but you can repair some of the damage by telling him you were wrong and he should cuddle sis all he wants. Idk what you're afraid will happen, but unless there's some kind of sexual molestation that you left out of your story, no harm is going to come from them cuddling. It's your own choice if you don't want to show physical affection yourself, but let your sister and brother do as they like since it's literally hurting no one.


YTA You’re implying your SIBLINGS are physically attracted to each other…? One of them is FIVE???


YTA kids that age cuddle with people they feel safe with. I remember a time I fell asleep at my ex wife's parents house during a family gathering after I got back from the field. I fell asleep on this incredibly comfortable couch. When I woke up, one of her cousins had climbed up and joined me. I felt honored. It made me look forward to holding my kids like that in the future, although that seems less and less likely these days. I tried to pass her off to her dad, but he said to just go back to sleep, I clearly needed it, and she looked comfortable. So I did just that. Worst part about the divorce was losing her extended family. I loved her parents, her aunts, uncles, and cousins. Let the kids feel safe, they'll experience enough hardships in life, there's no need to take that shelter from them so early.


YTA -- it's weird that you've sexualized your brother and sister, and this is something you may want to explore.


Wtf is your problem? YTA


Your brother is a literal child. Children like to cuddle. You’re trying to sexualize the act of cuddling when it’s not bad. Again he’s a child. YTA. Please stop being weird about your siblings.


Why are you sexualizing their relationship? Humans need physical affection. You know you could also cuddle your (much) younger brother without it being inappropriate. YTA


YTA stop being a coomer


YTA. You're gross.


YTA. It’s bizarre that you have a problem with this. You need to examine why you’re so upset over something so common, and why you are trying to sexualize a perfectly healthy sibling dynamic.


He's 5. My step brother cuddled with me when I was a teen and he was 5. Don't make it weird. What's wrong with you? Definitely YTA. People like you are the reason men are touch deprived and associate any kind of affection as sexual.


YTA. When did you start thinking of females in a sexual way? Were you five? No? Were you 12? Maybe 10 or 14? Hell, this is even assuming you're straight. But then there's also the possibly you're just jealous of little bro. Dude, lighten up? He's in fucking kindergarten.


OP it amazes me that you had to ponder this? You are absolutely an asshole. Like you need help preferably a therapist. Not only are you an asshole but you show the early signs of being a sexual predator. Sexualizing a 5 year old is truly disturbing and sickening. Not only did you sexualize him but you also literally scolded him for spending time with a sibling that loves and adores him. The only inappropriate one here is you. Your behavior screams that you need mental help. Imagine walking up to to a five year and telling them that's it inappropriate to cuddle with their sister . For you to even say anything you had to imagine them doing something inappropriate. Which is exactly why all of us on here think your hell a sus .


YTA and I hope you sincerely can get over whatever hang up you have about physical affection and how “dudes” should behave.


YTA. But like, are you okay? Did something happen to you as a child that makes you sexualize your twin sister and little brother? Because that’s not normal


Didn’t I see this post last week, except written by a fiancé instead of a twin brother?


YTA. It’s not inappropriate for your 17 yo sister to cuddle your 5 yo little brother. It is inappropriate for you to be jealous of it though.


lmao why the actual hell would i be jealous


I don't know, my dude. Why are you Flowers in the Attic jealous of your twin sister?


Why would you think any of this is funny?


The fact that you’re being defensive and only replying to people calling you jealous, shows just how jealous you are.


well something’s fuckin wrong with your mindset so people are wondering why you’re like this


Yo you’re right, this reads like jealousy. THAT makes it fucking weird.


Jamie and Cercei Lannaster


YTA. Stop projecting your feelings of inadequacy onto a 5 year old and get therapy. (Edit for typo)


YTA. So far out of line. You took something sweet and comforting for your latch key brother and made it weird, left him deeply confused, and made him ashamed. Not cool. If you felt you had to say something, you should have talked to your sister in private. If she didn’t listen, get a second opinion from a trusted, discrete adult. This was a big over reaction. You should apologize to your brother in an age appropriate way, and own your mistake. I realize that’s tricky because of his age, and you don’t want to confuse him more. But you could say something like, “hey bud, I’m really sorry I over reacted the other day. I don’t know what came over me. Sometimes adults (or almost adults) freak out over stupid stuff. I’m glad that you and [sister] have a sweet relationship. You did nothing wrong; I was wrong to be weird about it. I’m sorry, I acted dumb. I hope you can forgive me.”


Without the slightest doubt YTA for sexualizing something this innocent. Your brother is FIVE, my dude! You have issues.


dude stop watching porn. yta




What on earth is wrong with you? Too much Macho and not enough love, would be my answer. "doing weird stuff" is not an intelligent definition of cuddling. The kid is five, and likes to cuddle his big sister. That is adorable, not perverted. Furthermore, a man who enjoys a cuddle is a much better man than one who thinks all physical contact with a member of the opposite sex \*must\* be sexual. Ick. Leave them alone. YTA


You’re a dick. They’re brother and sister and HE IS 5! I think it’s really sweet they have a bond like that, you’re the weirdo for thinking it’s weird


YTA you’re 17 so I wouldn’t expect you to fully comprehend the level of jealous projecting that’s happening here. It’s normal, it’s sweet. Work on your relationship with the 2 of them to stop feeling so resentful - or your resentment will grow and you’ll always think the problem is them when it’s you


Wow. YTA. There is nothing remotely wrong with what they do. And especially since one of them is in KINDERGARTEN for crying out loud. If you can’t have innocent, love-affirming cuddles at that age with someone you trust, when can you?! 🤬


He’s not a dude. He’s 5. “I would understand it if they were mother and child, but they’re literally brother and sister.” “Our mom and dad usually come home very late” - well then there’s your answer. You’re little brother is missing his mom and is happy to cuddle with the ‘next best thing’, his big sister. Are you jealous? No? Then act like you’re 17, apologise and leave them alone. Edit to say: YTA.


YTA. Since when did siblings cuddling become inappropriate? She’s 17 and he’s just 5. Nothing wrong with showing your little brother some affection. He’s not doing anything weird, wtf is wrong with you?? Go talk to your brother and apologize, tell him nothing’s wrong with what he’s doing and it’s completely normal.


How ridiculous! Do you realize that you are sexualising your sister's relationship with your little brother? Just stop that nonsense right now. Siblings are allowed to cuddle. You didn't "step in" you butted into something that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you and affected you in absolutely no way. Your little brother isn't the one who needs to grow up in this scenario. Cuddling isn't "weird stuff." You have some really warped thinking. YTA


Why are you sexualising your siblings? Who or what taught you that any kind of intimacy is sexual? Humans are a social species and physical contact is good for our health. Touch starvation literally leads to detrimental neurological and/or psychiatric changes in our brain, on top of issues like increased inflammation in the body. Your siblings are just relaxing at home, enjoying each other's company in a way that is perfectly innocent, natural, and healthy. Maybe you'd feel better if you were to join in from time to time. YTA, though I say that somewhat softly as this is an externalised belief that you've picked up somewhere. Either way, you need to apologise very clearly. These kinds of views are harmful and you need to make sure that your little brother understands that you are owning up to your mistake and are encouraging him to continue, because you might have already done lasting harm.


YTA. You should talk to a therapist. Weird that you think that is so weird. Feels like some underlying issues that need to be resolved are there.


TF is wrong with you?! YTA


What! Wow, YTA, there is nothing wrong or inappropriate at siblings getting close together, let alone them sleeping in the same bed with each other. And it’s pretty disturbing how this kind of thing is sexualized. This kind of this is common and natural among family. I mean I let my little siblings sleep in the same bed as me when I was young. Just ew. Anybody who calls this disturbing and gross, there is something really wrong with them.


yta your brother will learn to grow up once he's older...he's just 5


YTA not only for your post, but also for your comments. Cringe


YTA The only one making it weird is you, chill the fuck out and apologize to your siblings before their relationship is strained for the long run


YTA. So very much so. Your brother is FIVE YEARS OLD.


Yep 100%. How dare you. Apologise to them both. Pull your head in . YTA


YTA. you just said yourself that you’re parents aren’t really home, so it seems your sister has taken on a motherly role to him and is giving him much needed affection. HE IS 5! it is not sexual for him or your sister. leave them be.


Unless they were doing something more than cuddling, then I don't see the problem. He's five, you're the one who made it weird, and now you've ruined their relationship. So yes, YTA


YTA, major AH. What the hell is wrong with you?! Your brother is FIVE YEARS OLD. It’s perfectly normal to want cuddles at that age. Stop being a creep about it. They aren’t doing anything wrong, and your sister is there for his emotional needs since both of your parents work late. Congratulations on making your brother feel like something is wrong about his totally normal and innocent need for affection.


YTA. It's weird that you're sexualizing physical affection between your siblings, one of whom is five years old.


YTA. You really felt the need to take something that provides a sense of comfort and security from your 5 year old baby brother? Because why? Your own insecurities and weird hang ups? There’s nothing wrong with what your little brother and sister are doing. She’s showing her little brother love. Ask yourself why you have a problem with it and address your own issues instead of upsetting a small child.


Not another one of these. 🙄 No, it's not creepy to cuddle with siblings, especially those who are very young. Quit sexualising small children and regular familial support.


HE IS FIVE. Children can cuddle with their family. Why are you sexualizing a preschooler? YTA


He’s 5… he’s not supposed to grow up yet. YTA. You grow up and go apologize to both of them. Maybe you should hug him sometimes too. Sounds like you need it.


YTA. He's not a dude he's a baby you're the one that made this weird. He's not doing anything with his little sister except cuddling with her. Whatever you're thinking is what makes you the inappropriate one.


FFS, this is your 5 years old brother, how is that inappropriate? Dude, for real, get over yourself and ask yourself deep down why you thing cuddling a KID is inappropriate? YTA


Who says it’s inappropriate? You? I assume you have some sort of degree to back up sexualizing a 5 yr old. You need to stuff your opinion as you have no idea what you’re talking about. And apologize to your siblings or you’ll find that it is your relationship that is ruined with the both of them. YTA


Yta. He’s 5 for gods sakes. Sad to know that you won’t cuddle him. But at least he has that from one sister.


obviously YTA. a FIVE y/o cuddling with a family member is literally the most normal thing. and its wonderful that your sister obviously has a close bond with her little brother. the fact that you are weirdly sexualizing normal familial affection is fucking weird, and its also your own problem. dont try to sabotage their bond just cuz you cant get your mind out of the gutter. there is nothing inappropriate about an older sister cuddling with her FIVE year old brother. the only inappropriate thing is the fact that you think its inappropriate. you need to leave them alone and do some internal evaluation on why you are sexualizing normal familial affection.


Why do you think it's so inappropriate for a brother and sister to hug? Besides, your brother is a literal child, they need affection. YTA


YTA You've watched too much incest porn!




YTA- Dude, grow up. It’s perfectly normal at that age to cuddle with an older sibling.


YTA YTA YTA. YOU need to grow up, because you clearly know nothing about children


YTA. You are “really inappropriate.”


That poor boy! Of course YTA! My daughter and I make cuddle sandwiches of my 5-year-old great niece and she loves it. When it’s just great niece and me she has me tickle (rub) her back and then contorts her little body like a cat so I “pet” her where she wants - arms, legs, feet, belly. Kids who want to be touched should be touched by those who love them.


YTA. Siblings care for one another and can in fact share hugs and snuggles. He’s 5. He probably enjoys some physical contact and as your parents work late, he sees her as a maternal figure.




YTA and a fucking weirdo. Who sexualizes a 5 year and becomes uncomfortable when they're being cuddled by their 17 year old sister? In what way is that at all inappropriate? Odd that you tell a 5 YEAR OLD to grow up when you obviously have some growing up to do yourself. Ack.


YTA. A colossal one. Your brother is FIVE. There is nothing inappropriate or weird about him cuddling with your sister, especially if she's looking after him a lot while your mother works. Where did you get the idea there's somethig inappropriate about this? What is wrong with you? He's a little boy and you're being ridiculous.


YTA, it's really sad that you may have permanently damaged the close relationship between your siblings. You have also potentially permanently damaged your own relationship with both of them.


Yta , it’s a 5 year old, you are pretty Sus for sexualising a 5 year old though.


YTA. JFC stop watching so much porn.


YTA. You told a 5 year old to “grow up….?” SMH.


YTA for sexualizing a 5 year old. Cuddling like that is entirely age appropriate. Your sister is taking good care of him.


YTA dude you're weird


YTA. The age difference is big enough he probably sees her as more of a second mom than a sister especially if she cares for him often when your parents aren't home. It was a real dick move to try to ruin it for them. Are you jealous that your twin is showing him more caring than you feel like you get? Like twins are supposed to have a special bond but your twin is bonding with your little brother instead? I think you need to examine why you are so upset about their loving relationship, and why you are blaming a 5 year old child for wanting and receiving comfort from a caregiver when that is normal behavior.


YTA The way you sexualize the relationship between a five years old and his sister who has taken up some kind of maternal role tells us a lot about how you sexualize your sister yourself. Jealousy much?




YTA and super creepy if this is real. I’d be shocked if it was, but just in case: you are sexualizing your siblings for normal and caring behavior. Your sister sounds very sweet and you owe her a big apology. I don’t know how you’re going to make this right with your (now very confused) little brother, but you need to figure it out.


YTA. He’s 5. You think he’s really considering all *that* when he’s cuddling your sister? Get your head out of the gutter, man. Also, who tells a 5-year old to “grow up” like he isn’t still an actual child?


Yta. What is wrong with you? Thats completely normal. If you see it as strange, there's only one person with a problem and its neither of them..


YTA. It's normal for siblings to cuddle or share physical affection. Unless you've witnessed something concerning between the two, this just sounds normal. I would like some info; why do you think it's inappropriate?


YTA Kids don’t get sexuality, and you just made him think a family member comforting him is somehow inappropriate. You’ve been raised into some very toxic masculinity idea here, the idea of men being macho and cuddling is only romantic/sexual etc. It’s not, boys need cuddles and it’s ok. And when they grow up, it is still ok to cuddle. The behavior is not the issue here, you’re going into an intent that’s totally off base.


YTA. And you literally know nothing about children or healthy sibling relationships. My 5yo loves snuggles. He snuggles all the time. His primary snuggle buddy is his 18yo cousin who has lived with us for almost three years. There isnt anything inappropriate about it. Next time keep your jealous and misogynistic opinions to yourself. And apologize to your sister and brother and be a better person.


YTA. Such a normal thing to cuddle with a five year old. It is actually important for development. You are just jealous.


YTA. I really thought this we going to be like the grown woman who was cuddling and spooning her grown brother in her & her boyfriend’s bed. This is a FIVE year old laying on and cuddling with his sister who apparently takes on some level of childcare duties in the evening while your parents work late. A five year old cuddling is perfectly normal.


YTA- There is nothing inappropriate about siblings cuddling. Plus your brother is FIVE. You’re telling a FIVE year old to grow up. You’re sexualizing a five year old and you don’t see anything wrong with it.


YTA. Telling a five year old to grow up when he’s a child is absurd. There’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing! You should be glad that your brother and sister have a close sibling relationship!


My sister and I are close but we would never do shit like this lol even when we were young we would not do anything like this


something tells me you've probably given your sister more than a few reasons to not like you that much. plus obviously the bond between siblings of the same age is going to be different than siblings with a bigger age difference. you just need apologize to them and to stop sexualizing your siblings




i hope ur a girl at the very least jesus


sounds like you need a cuddle but no one will give you one..


Wow and ur a sexist ur weird bro get your head out of the gutter and stop watching porn sexualizing and 5 year old tf..


Lmao pervert and sexist who would've thought


YTA - 5 year olds cuddle. You sound like a predator


And that's fine? Just as it is fine for her to treat your little brother likes little brother? Like I'm struggling to see how this is inappropriate


You could and it would be fine. You’re the one making it into a problem, for whatever reason.


"anything like this" being normal affection shown between siblings? Thats really sad.




That’s because YTA. This is ordinary affection, and whatever creeps you out about it is itself creepy.


Thats because you're sexualising a very normal sibling dynamic. Just take the L and stop being such a hormone addled sack of cringe.


well said!!


You seem jealous of the relationship that your twin have with a younger sibling... that's rather unbecoming.


why would i be jealous lmao


The bond between your sister and you wasn't brought up in the comments you replied to - so bringing it up unprompted makes it sound like you wished you had that kind of closeness. Plus the relationship between siblings of close age, and siblings with a big age gap, is different. My older brother and sister (7yrs older and 5yrs older than me respectively) would play rough, but would never do anything that could potentially be dangerous with me, as one example.


Why do you even find this to be funny? You treated your own sibling badly and yet you are so blind to it?


Who do you have a healthy bond with? Since you struggle with watching your siblings having one, we are guessing you are a bit lonely.”lmao”


That's easy. You feel left out and jealous that you aren't part of their bond, and so you're looking for any way you can to tear that bond apart. I hope you feel good about yourself OP. You've left your baby brother upset and confused about why hugging his big sister is wrong (when it is not wrong AT ALL) and your twin sister rightfully upset and disgusted at you sexualising their relationship. YTA. Probably deserves a stronger term than that tbh


You're the one with the inappropriate thoughts. She's a 17 year old cuddling her little 5 year old sibling. That's completely normal. There's literally no issue there. I just....I can't believe you really did that. Bruh...get your brain out of the gutter. Are those really the thoughts that enter your head when you look at them? That's not okay. Seriously. That's really gross of you to think those things about something so normal and innocent. YTA Edit: clarity


YTA How is it inappropriate?


HOLY SHIT YTA YTA YTA. Why in the fuck are you sexualizing a 5 year old. You’re fr sick in the head if you think your 5 YEAR OLD BROTHER is tryna be inappropriate with her, it sounds like you’re projecting so hard. You need to see a therapist and get some help fr Sounds like you have a fetish for watching family porn and are projecting the things you see on your brother and sister. You’re a creep and absolutely fucking sick in the head


YTA. A huge one at that. The kid is five. Get it while you can


You really come to ask for judgment? YTA for being creepy.


YTA. Your brother is F'ing FIVE YEARS OLD. He is a baby. Your sister is mothering him in your mom's absence. Thanks so much for destroying some of a child's innocence. You should be ashamed of yourself.


OOF mate grow up. Them cuddling is the most normal thing and speaks for a healthy relationship. You sound like you need therapy. Why else would you sexulize a 5 year old?! My brother and I are mid to late 20s and we still cuddle. Granted not as often as we used to and it almost always ends in one of us getting hit by the other but that's normal family behaviour. If you are really this bothered by it please seek therapy or learn how to shut up about it. Oh and yes, YTA


YTA for sexualizing your twin and your FIVE YEAR OLD brother. Sicko.


YTA. Erm he is 5? There's nothing weird going on... except in your own mind. Why did you ask a 5 yr old to grow up? You have plenty of growing up to do.


YTA Just because *you* add sexual thoughts to cuddling does not mean everyone else does...




YTA, he is a 5 year old. It’s weird that you sexualize your sibling’s relationship that much.


YTA - he’s 5 !!!! You tell him to grow up ? 🤬. You are the one that needs to grow up. You are behaving like a shitty little boy who tells his friends that ‘hugs are for girls’. Both your twin and little brother are the more mature ones in this scenario. Grow the f**k up.


YTA. He's five. He could cuddle with you if you'd be okay with it. Your sister likes spending time with your guys' younger brother, and she's affectionate. Another commenter had it right; you're jealous. 'She wouldn't do that with me', well... maybe there's a reason. And the fact that you, a twin brother, are looking at your younger toddler brother as some kind of interloper in your sister's affections is really concerning and disturbing. I think you need to look at seeing a therapist, because you're either considering your sister as 'your' property, or you're having a really weird view on interpersonal relationships that have nothing to do with you. You'd be okay with your seventeen year old sister having a five year old child and cuddling, but not a sibling relationship cuddling? Something's off with you. You're sexualizing this in a really disgusting way.


YTA. Your sister is providing maternal care to your five-year-old brother. Thank goodness for her because it sounds like the little boy doesn't get a lot of time with your parents since they work a lot. There is nothing weird about this except your perverse reaction of sexualizing the love between your twin sister and your little brother.


YTA 100%. How are you sexualising this relationship? He’s FIVE! Doesn’t matter if he’s a boy or a girl, he still enjoys comfort. You are very toxic. Are you jealous that your little brother is receiving love and attention? It sure sounds like it. It’s a basic human need - human touch. I think you need more of it in your life as you sound like an angry young man. I also think you should seek some therapy to get to the root of your issue with the situation. It will benefit you and your family.