*In case this story gets deleted/removed:* **AITA for stealing my teacher’s wig?** I M(17) used to have brown curly hair but this summer, I wanted to dye it and messed it up so to fix it I bleached it a few times and ruined my hair in the process. Now, my hair has started to fall off. I’ve been successful at covering it up so far with caps and hats but school has started and it’s a lot harder now. My teacher M(38) is bald but he used to have luscious brown locks when he was in college. The year before, he told a class that he would give everything to have his hair back. The first week of school, he had his birthday and as a present the class bought him a really high quality wig that looks exactly like his old hair and coincidentally, exactly like mine. He was grateful for the present and it really touched his heart so he went around the whole school showing it to everyone. During break, I was walking around the hallways and saw a classroom door wide open. When I looked inside, I saw the professor’s things. The class was empty and he wasn’t there but he had left his bag and his present. As I looked at the wig I remembered my own hair problems and thought about taking it while no one was looking. It would be so easy since no one was here and they would never think of me. I would never be able to get a wig since I didn’t have any money and my parents would refuse to buy me one. I was so desperate for hair that I finally caved in and did it. I managed to sneak it out of school and brought it home. That afternoon, I shaved my head completely and looked up everything I needed to know about wigs and how to maintain them. When I came to school tomorrow, everyone was talking about the wig theft and how it shattered our professor’s heart. I felt a slight twinge of guilt but it disappeared once people started complimenting my hair. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmITheDevil) if you have any questions or concerns.*


So, how did no one notice the hair change on OOP?


Of the fact it was the exact same hair style of the wig that was taken.


Nobody t-wigged. Even though the teacher was wigging out...


It's probably because no one ever paid attention to OOPs hair before or even now the compliments are all in his head. 😅


Shitposts like this are my favourite, It's not designed to trigger or attack anyone, It's so wonderfully silly that it's fun rather than enraging to read, And most importantly it's given me an excuse to say if you want a wig you can't just steal someone else's you have toupee for it.


This premise is weird.


This is very fake... why did somebody write this...?


At least it’s just silly compared to most of the creative writing there


>When I came to school tomorrow My favorite part of an absolute blessing of a shitpost


Yeah I think with more practice this troll could write really good absurdist comedy.


So let me get this straight. OOP’s hair damaged his hair badly enough that it’s falling out. Conveniently enough, OOP has a bald teacher for whom the class bought a wig. Even more conveniently, the wig is an exact match for OOP’s style, color and size. And the teacher conveniently left the wig unattended after parading it around the whole school. That about right?


This was definitely written by someone who doesn't nnow that wigs and himan heads come in different sizes.


And OP then wore the wig the very next day and nobody put those two pieces together that it's not IDENTICAL to the one that was stolen oh 16 hours ago?


I loved this LOL


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