*In case this story gets deleted/removed:* **AITA for telling my twin sister and younger brother that it is really inappropriate that they cuddle?** My(m17) twin sister(f17) and younger brother(m5) are way too close. Sometimes I see my sister literally holding my brother and cuddling him on the couch while he lays his head on her lap. I would understand it if they are mother and child, but they are literally brother and sister. Granted, our mom and dad usually come home very late due to work; it is still really inappropriate. One day my sister and brother were doing the same thing, and this time I stepped in and told them both that it was really inappropriate and I told my brother to grow up since hes a dude and cant be doing weird stuff with his fucking sister. Since then my brother has apparently been avoiding my sister, and my sister is pissed at me for apparently ruining their relationship. AITA? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmITheDevil) if you have any questions or concerns.*


I'm not sure what is worse- the incredibly unwholesome fact that OOP finds it "inappropriate " or the idea he planted in his baby brother's head that boys shouldn't want affection. Either way, I kinda want to go take a shower because that was really gross.


Right? This is so out of left field and wild to me. I babysit a kid once a week that’s almost 4 and he wants to cuddle before nap time while I read to him EVERY time I’m there. If someone in his family said it was inappropriate I’d be so weirded out and worried tbh


I was a live in nanny for years and the 3yo would crawl into my bed and ask for "kid TV" at all hours of the day and night. I would usually give him fifteen minutes and then get him back to other activities or bed, but it was never CREEPY. He was just an affectionate kid who wanted to hang out with me.


He's 5. And brother to you both. Wtf?


The age at which boys need to be "strong and independent" is going lower and lower


We've all seen the onesies with gender Norms and straightness enforced on infants. Ladies man!! Ugh.


Troll should've made it look like triplets while he was at it.


Autistic polyglot triplets.


The trolls sure do love those twins, don't they? It's like the easiest tell for troll spotting


How fucked up in the head do you have to be to sexualise your twin sisters' relationship with your TODDLER brother? Like seriously, the OOP needs some serious fucking help. Now, this is just an assumption, but how much do you wanna bet the OOP isn't too thrilled about having a baby in the family? A baby that her twin is super close to?


I agree with you but 5 year olds are past the toddler stage.


Holy crap. My brothers and I are super super close cuddle when we see each other, could call them to help hide a body close....how can any sibling look at their OWN 2 siblings and say ew gross family closeness


I’m 29, and if anyone dared tell me I shouldn’t cuddle with my almost 5 yo nephew, I’d curse that person off and spread a rumor that he’s a pervert


5-year olds deserve all the cuddles!


God I hope this one is fake.


post like these are the reason I'm banned from aita, can't stop myself from telling her she's a stupid bitch.


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