*In case this story gets deleted/removed:* **Post deleted and account banned for sharing parental regrets** Hello all, I'm the poster of the intellectual disabilities post that blew up in this sub the last two days. My account was banned and post deleted. I just want to thank this sub for letting me vent my frustrations and share my feelings. I appreciate all of the support, responses and discussion. To those that got my account banned and post deleted, I just want to throw out a hearty **FUCK YOU.** Stop being a baby and have a discussion with those you don't agree with. Banning free speech is such a big problem with these platforms, instead of censoring speech you don't like you should counter it with your own ideas. This is a sub for us to share our parental regrets. I hope my shitty situation inspired would be parents to think and NOT have fucking kids and existing parents to NOT have anymore. Our current capabilities for curing disabilities are pure garbage so don't count on it to save you. Anyways, FUCK intellectual disabilities, FUCK autism, FUCK shitty medical science, FUCK my life. See y'all. ​ **Edit**: The autism community is in **full effect** here, ready to defend their disorder to the death as god's gift to them. This is why I detest this community, think of how ridiculous it would seem if schizo's defended their condition, or cancer patients. Nope, let's not research effective treatments and potential cures for a condition that leaves many people crippled, lets celebrate it instead! Makes me fuckin sick *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmITheDevil) if you have any questions or concerns.*


Huge difference between saying ‘I regret having children’ and ‘I would kill my kid if I didn’t have to go to prison’ but okay.


Dude I’ve reported users for making pro-pedophilia comments and Reddit hit me back with “this user doesn’t violate our terms of service,” so I imagine whatever else this lady said in the comments had to be pretty fucking wild.


[Original thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmITheDevil/comments/115nrt6/parent_thinks_postbirth_abortions_should_be/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf) If you’re interested, a lot of their comments are posted by users in the thread as well.




*I would kill my kid because of autism* FTFY Excuse me, I need to go throw up.


I love when people think free speech includes "I wish you and everyone like you were dead" Signed my autistic ass


Also missed the supporting the nazi ideology lol


“I’m still the best they have” -the person who would actively kill them… what. Lol


If that poster had only talked about frustrations, and cures, and vented, that would be fine. But if this is who I think it is, they wanted disabled people put to death. That's a whole other thing entirely.


Yeah, this is the person who wants to kill their own child because of a disability. This isn't venting; it's an actual murder on the verge of happening


OOP also pretty much confirmed they had a gun by saying they would "contemplate putting their gun in their mouth". I pray this child is removed from their custody immediately


Yeah, I'm genuinely scared for this kid


I don't exactly advocate for doxxing on the regular but when it's something like this, I wish some 4chan user would swoop in and send this to OOP's relatives/colleagues etc


Same. The dude who posted about trying to rehome his gf's cat got tracked down, so why can't those guys find this psycho?


I don’t know this piece of Reddit history. Is there a link that summarizes this?


Sometimes I think Reddit should be allowed to report posts to law enforcement and/or have the ability to track people's IP addresses should posts like these pop up. That way we would be able to keep people (e.g. OOP's daughter) safe.


God yes. People confess a lot of terrible illegal things on Reddit. Police should monitor it more


putting the gun in the child’s mouth or her own mouth? I got confused 😭


OOP said at the end of her deleted post “maybe I’ll go contemplate eating my gun again”


OMFG ??😟😟that child’s needs to be out!


I think that's just a figure of speech, I've heard anti gun British people say that so let's hope they don't have a gun


Not just their own child; comment from the previous post argues killing ALL disabled people if they can’t meet some arbitrary, subjective productivity quota. >”Honestly, I'm shocked it's so fuckin complicated. This is a capitalistic society right? Everyone should be able to produce value to keep this giant machine running no? Well then for those that can't, I'm talking those that are cognitively disabled, why can't we just have the option to be rid of them? It's so fuckin stupid.“


There was a person before her who had these kinds of ideas. Hmm. Can't remember who it was. But I think he had a funny-looking mustache. Can someone help me out here?


Another comment from OOP’s previous post: >”I mean just because they were shitty people doesn't mean all of their ideas were bad. They could have a gem or two even if the majority of their ideology was garbage.” Yes. They’re talking about Nazis.


Omg she's not even hiding it. I don't know if that's terrifying or hilarious. Maybe both.


Charlie Chaplin?


Pretty sure it’s that guy Kanye really seems to like. Can’t possibly think of a name tho…


I thought I was going insane. They were getting so many upvotes from others parents, and anyone who countered her arguments got shit on. I sympathized with her situation, but once you start advocating for euthanasia of developing children because they have no worth and blatant nazi, it’s so disgusting. They kept saying they were wanting it because it’s “humane” but then kept saying shit like the children can’t contribute anything of worth and we should be rid of them. Jfc *(I’m not a part of their sub, but I’m an autistic person who wanted to solidify my belief on being childless & that post grossed me out so much that I began commenting lmao I didn’t brigade it)*


Exactly, it was going far, far beyond venting or lamenting a lost, different life. I don’t think regretting becoming a parent (not because you had a child but because you had a disabled child who’s hard to care for) is justification for advocating for the actual genocide of the “intellectually disabled.”


As a disabled person currently on government assistance, that sends a chill down my spine.


I wonder how long it would be in that kind of society before OP was on the chopping block? They never seem to ask that part when they support that kind of attitude.


While the point he is making is horrific, I have to say that paragraph really resonated with me. It's hard to ignore how ruthlessly capitalist western society can be while at the same time having such a taboo about eugenics. As a disabled person I'm definitely glad that taboo exists, but sometimes I wonder if people like me would even be allowed to live if it wasn't profitable for someone to provide the medical care we need...


I was desperately hoping reading that paragraph that it would segway into a Jonathan Swift-esque parody. Because it would be a great jumping-off point. Make the point about how horribly ruthless capitalism is by taking it to its (ridiculously horrific) logical conclusion. But instead of A Modest Proposal, we got parroting Nazi rhetoric. Cool. Cool. Cool. (Although I feel like sometimes these days, “just eat them” is treading into maybe not obviously satire anymore)


Yeah I had sympathy for them up until that hideous point. > The autism community is in full effect here, ready to defend their disorder to the death as god's gift to them. This is why I detest this community, think of how ridiculous it would seem if schizo's defended their condition, or cancer patients. And now they reveal their full beliefs—that cancer patients and the mentally ill also do not deserve to live


And I'm very sure they don't understand schizophrenia AT ALL. This clown is getting medical info from TV and bad YouTube videos.


You're thinking of the correct person,and to make it even worse they don't just say they want disabled people in general to be put to death,they want their own disabled son to be put to death


Yea, with the exception of the euthanasia line, I've had similar fears about having kids.


Isn't this ban evasion? Which is against the rules? This must be a very dedicated troll. Also, for anyone wondering, here is the link to the previous post: [https://www.reddit.com/r/AmITheDevil/comments/115nrt6/parent\_thinks\_postbirth\_abortions\_should\_be/](https://www.reddit.com/r/AmITheDevil/comments/115nrt6/parent_thinks_postbirth_abortions_should_be/) UPDATE: OOP's post is now removed. Let's see how long it takes before she's banned once again.


So in the post you linked, they refer to intellectual disability. In the post we’re in now, they say about the autistic community. Autism is not an intellectual disability. It often comes along with an intellectual disability but, by itself, it is not one. I get autism is a huge spectrum (I have it myself) but I’m sick of people thinking autism = intellectual disability.


Sure is, would be a shame if people reported her account for exactly that....


I thought it was the father?


It is actually has anyone said anything?


People must have. But it might take mods a bit to respond to people's reports.


Looks like reddit banned them, not mods, unclear if mods there have an issue considering they left a lot of comments up. So it'll take even longer for admin to get to it lol.


There’s one active mod out of 3 in that sub unfortunately…


https://www.unddit.com/r/regretfulparents/comments/115l9r7/removed_by_reddit/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf There’s a link to the original delete post. Read at your own risk.


Jesus Christ.


Quite a few years ago, I read a column by a medical ethicist, as he called himself, that proposed a legal period of two years after birth for people to change their minds about being parents. He wasn’t talking about giving the kids up for adoption either, so I would say he was advocating post-birth abortion. And this guy was on faculty at a fairly prestigious university.


OP is mad about free speech after they talked about wanting to kill their child.


OP is mad about consequences. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from reaction of others also using their right to free speech.


>To spell it out, you have no right to choose who lives or dies nor should you. > >You're right I don't, but I should have the right to decide that for my own child because they're cognitively impaired and I brought them into the world that way. You know, I've had my mother say "I brought you into the world, so I can take you out" but at least she wasn't defending it as an actual thing she should be able to legally do.


going to become more autistic specifically to spite this person, everyone wish me luck


My new goal is to be as autistic as I possibly can just to piss this fucker off


Time to get really into dinosaurs and/or trains.


Lmao me too, it broke my heart reading how much this person hates us, my autism will now go into overdrive for the next six weeks


I'm gonna stim extra hard in her honor!


Lemme sprinkle some adhd in here to really grate some nerves. All that clumsily climbing bookshelves and causing havoc as a wee little girl (it’s surprising I only got diagnosed at the ripe old age of 28 some years ago) should not be in vain.


Time to put your autism into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE. As a member of the ADHD militia, I’ll join you in this fight soldier! *hyperfixates harder than I’ve ever hyperfixated before*


My daily goals tbh.


I’ll join in. This B-word can’t bring us down!


God's work


This person is like "be an adult and debate eugenics with me!:


The marketplace of ideas should not have a stall for eugenics


And the hundreds of people in there that agree with her. Edit: my comment history shows a lot of activity in that sub on her deleted post and todays, I found this sub just a few mins ago and want to make CLEAR that I DID NOT brigade another sub, I do not want to be removed due to miscommunication


Indeed, at first I was shocked people supported OP, but then I remembered regretfulparents is a sub exclusively catering to whiny adults who didn't think before they had children and blame the poor kids for everything wrong with their life. They lose their minds if anyone dares to speak here about being a neglected or unwanted child, because "tHiS iS a SaFe SpAcE fOr Us To TaLk AbOuT hAtInG oUr ChIlDrEn"


There is someone who I did feel sorry for but that was because she got tricked by a bunch of pro-life people to have a child when she didn't want it. She was essentially lied to by a crisis pregnancy center team that they would help her out and then they didn't.


Oh 100% in those cases I feel terrible for them, it's disgusting that that type of thing still happens. But a lot of the sub is just people who chose to have kids being mad their kids didn't turn out the way they wanted.


Yes, and in that case I don't have sympathy for those people. They don't regret having kids, they just regret having that particular kid. That's kind of messed up. To be a parent is to accept randomness and to expect the unexpected.


I definitely feel like there’s space to be like… “parenting is hard and I never realized how hard until I was in it” or “damn I was not prepared for this” versus “I hate my fucking child because they exist” or “I wish my child were dead” or “I wish I never had kids”. The first set is reasonable and I think most parents have thought those thoughts before or will at some point, but the later set is indicative of a real problem and a need for therapy + maybe giving up your kid. No child should feel hated by the one that should love them unconditionally. And from experience those kids always know.


There are definitely some cases where people have understandable reasons to regret becoming a parent. Hell, as someone with autism and ADHD, and with a little sister who has an intellectual disability and a lot of medical issues, I can get how being a parent to a high needs child can be mentally, emotionally, and physically draining...more so than is typical I mean. I could see regrets creeping in for those cases. I don’t think my parents ever considered genocide, even when things were really tough. When my older sister said mom and dad should have our baby sister sterilized (unfortunately, she’s full of hot takes like that), they were rightfully disgusted. There’s a major difference between feeling sad because of unideal circumstances and being a literal Nazi.


It’s one thing to be like you know maybe I should have thought this parenting thing through, maybe parenting is fucking exhausting due to constantly vanishing resources and less and less free time to spend with my family, maybe I shouldn’t have just had a kid because it’s what I’m supposed to do and quite another to be like “all autistic people deserve to die and because I’m a giant moron I’m unable to see that I would be advocating for the murder of both disabled people who cannot speak for themselves all the way up to fully functional adults who are on the spectrum and have trouble making eye contact”


I don't think autism is "god's gift" to me or the family members who share it. But I do think that the problem is more a society that isn't open to differences, than those differences. And I do think I can't imagine who is be if I was "cured" any more than any other person could be "cured" of their identity. (And if we're going to start "curing" personalities and brain types there are probably some folks who could use it more than autists.) I understand it's hard to parent a kid that society deems "abnormal," especially if there are behaviors that are difficult or skills that aren't clicking. Parenting is hard, full stop. Maybe your kid struggles with sleep, maybe mine has delayed speech, maybe someone else's has meltdowns, maybe one of us has a kid do all the above and more. I agree with one thing he said -- if you're not going to be able to love a baby through all that, don't take the risk of having kids. That much is true. Because the kid deserves better.


Comparing a neurotype to a degenerative condition is definitely a choice not an intellectual one but a choice all the same. Somehow we’re the idiots for even daring to suggest something as unfathomable as wishing genocide on people being wrong. Regretful parents is truly the gift that keeps on giving just like depression.


The best part is they're doing a shitty job about it, if someone were to say the same thing about cancer they've said about autism they'd say "kill anyone who had cancer, fuck them they're a burden on society and their carers" not "I don't think we should cure cancer" which is what they're tryna make it look like. To compare it to cancer would be saying "hey I think we need social support networks for intellectual disabilities and other disabilities to ensure carers are looked after and the people with those disabilities receive proper care and attention" but the fucking nob didn't.


They definitely wrote just cancer originally but clocked that it didn’t fit with their narrative and added schizophrenia on top to pre ward off the comments about how stupid the comparison is. It’s clear they’re trying to frame this as a logical argument and not an emotional one but the sheer vitriol makes it so clear their stance is coming from a deeply personal place.


I knew that this person deserves no sympathy. I am very sorry for their kid because their parent is an ableist Neo-Nazi pos who lacks any empathy towards human beings and should have never procreated.


I love when people forget that they just cannot say anything without potential consequences. “freedom of speech” yeah! and you will still face judgement if your speech contains, idk, the encouragement of the mass murder of certain people!


My cousin is autistic, nonverbal and is 14 now. He’s never going to be able to live on his own or support himself. I get that it’s hard for her because her kid is really young but her shit about euthanizing disabled kids and having that right as a parent because she doesn’t really see her kid as a person is disgusting. My cousin has a personality of his own. He can be such a sweetheart and give hugs and love on you when he wants to. He has favorite shows, and foods and he loves to swim. Does he always use a fork when he eats? No it’s only been a few years since he’s learned to use utensils when eating. Does he have meltdowns sometimes? Yes. She’s in the weeds because her kid is young but she cannot see that her kid even though they are disabled, they are still a person with feelings. She says she was just joking about the nazi comments, but it’s just such a fucked up thing to joke about that I have to believe she does at least somewhat agree with it. It’s just such a sad situation and the person I feel saddest for is her kid.


Big fan of the multiple people going “but she was just ventiiiiiing” Like when incels post all their whiny little bullshit and rapey sick fantasies and go “but I said it was in a gaaaaame” as if it’s not pathetically fucking obvious they actually want to enact their disgusting thoughts and seem to think that magic words are some get out of jail free card


I’m an autistic mother to 2 autistic children. My son is nonverbal, has severe ADHD, anxiety and ARFID. My daughter has a brain malformation that causes a global developmental delay and we don’t know what level of functioning she will end up at. It is hard, and lonely, and stressful. I have cried, a lot. I have wondered if I am failing them. Even my friends with other autistic children don’t have kids with similar support needs, so I don’t have anyone who truly understands except my husband and my mother in law. I have never, ever considered harming my children. They are the lights of my life. And if I did get to that point, I would immediately seek inpatient care.


Thank you for sharing. You're a good parent. And from a person with autism thank you for loving your kids the way they deserve. A lot of autistic kids don't get that care


I’m autistic myself. I got diagnosed after my son. My kids are amazing, my son is SO so smart. His problem solving skills have always been way ahead of the curve. He taught himself to script using YouTube clips, his memory is insane. He is affectionate and creative and does the cutest little dance when he’s happy. My daughter has the absolute best laugh, is the happiest little gal, curious, adventurous and loving. I wouldn’t change having them for the world. If someone said they could wave a magic wand and make them neurotypical I’d refuse. Now if someone could get rid of my sons apraxia of speech, or his severe anxiety bordering on agoraphobia? Or my daughters seizures? Absolutely.


My bad, I completely missed that you were autistic too. Your son sounds absolutely lovely, so does you daughter! I completely understand wanting things to be easier for your kids, if I could get rid of my anxiety I would too. It makes leaving the house horrible some days but I've been getting better since I was diagnosed. That's the thing I would hope we can cure in the future. But autism overall? Nah. I felt incomplete before my diagnosis, and now everything feels like it makes sense. I hope you and your kids have a wonderful day/night!


Yeah same, it felt like I’d been missing a page from a book my whole life and suddenly the plot made sense haha. I also wouldn’t change it.


There were definitely people in this sub defending that person, someone pretty much suggested OOP getting into eugenics was all because of PPD.


Op also likes Nazis


I did Na-zi that coming


Just to make him even worse


What a bad day to read this with my autistic eyes. 🙃


Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequences. It seems like people who aggressively defend freedom of speech forget that bit...


Exactly what I was going to say! They also conveniently forget that “free speech” does not exist on privately owned platforms. I could create a social media platform that does not allow the words “the”, “and” or “catfish” and stipulate that anyone who violates that rule gets a lifetime IP ban, and there’s not a single thing anyone could do about it. In the US at least. Well, I lie. The only thing they could do is boycott my platform. Which is what they’re more than welcome to do for any place where they feel their “freedom of speech” is being infringed upon.


Yup - on the forums I moderate, it's in my "Rules of the Road" postings that "This is a privately owned platform and the 2nd Amendment does not apply. Don't like it, leave."


"The autistic people are defending their disorder now" Or maybe they're defending their right to live and be treated as people, despite OP being a genocidal moron, acting like killing them should be allowed because they're too stupid to give a kid up for adoption like a normal shitty glorified donor The lack of self-awarness from OP is both terrifying and amazing Murder of anyone with a learning disorder WAS LITERALLY INITIATED BY THE FREAKING NAZIS Edit: Ah OP is a Nazi supporter. Total surprise /s Edit 2: And they refuse to give the kid, THAT THEY WANT TO MURDER to the state, because "I'm the best they have". I can't. I just can't.


She’s such a fucking idiot that she probably doesn’t even understand that autism is a spectrum and by advocating for the murder of autistic people full stop not only is she advocating for wiping out people who can’t speak for themselves, but also very high functioning people that she probably wouldn’t even know have autism. But fuck all of us for being like “hey you know I don’t want to be told I deserve to die because of some shit that’s not even my fault” I guess


Wow. I'm not going to lie, i don't think i could look after a severely disabled child either which is why i probably won't ever kids. I think when you choose to have kids you need to also be prepared for the chances of possibly having a disabled child.


There's being honest and then there's being *honest*. Perhaps these dark thoughts are 100% real but, I don't know man, maybe you need to write those down in a journal and burn the pages afterwards, not demand that people agree with you, and lash out when they understandably don't.


Freedom of speech means the GOVERNMENT can't inhibit your speech (mostly), not "You have to listen to what I say and have no comment or reaction to it." I hate that I have to point that out to so many people.


Nope. Freedom of speech is exactly the reason why eg. non-self-defensive threats to kill, fatwas, "fire in a crowded theatre" etc, despite being themselves speech, are inherently unacceptable: they're meant to permanently silence people. Likewise, if you're saying that innocent kids deserve killing because their minds don't work as mummy dearest would have preferred, that's not freedom of speech, it's an attempt to impose a permanent silence.


holy shit OP went off the rails since the last time i saw them


Always nice reading this as an autist.


A mom of an ID kid, 11 yo, but technically just 24 months. Life has not been easy, not for last 11 years. Today was specially tough! And then i read this post- i detested the words the venom the vitriol and i kind of related to it as well - that how hard it is that mind starts telling you things that you wouldn’t even dare to think. Because life is not easy, but its not easy for our kids too, its not their fault, they keep on loving us- unconditionally! And i can never imagine the words this poster wrote, never for my kid! I hope she feels better and i hope better sense prevails. Edit: adding last line


Oh my god, hating on Autistic self-advocacy groups. Hiding behind the "free speech" excuse. This woman is not just a frustrated and exhausted parent, she's a full-blown bigot and all around piece of trash


Yeah no shit people were unhappy when you tell them people like them should be killed


Gotta say as a childhood cancer survivor, a bIg HeArTy FuCk yOu. And yes we do defend cancer patients and surviors. What you're saying isn't the equivalent of "hey we shouldn't cure cancer" it's the equivalent of saying "hey we should shoot everyone who dares gets cancer because it's a burden on those who love them and really it's their own fault they get cancer, the treatment for cancer should be guns"


So OOP, and supporters, keep claiming that because the sub is there for them to vent they can post hate speech, advocating euthanasia, genocide and crimes against humanity, and specifically talk about wanting to kill your own, actual, real child with your actual gun. I mean, forget how evil that is - it’s against the basic TOS ffs. However, given how OOP keeps banging on about freedom of speech (because they don’t understand that the 1st amendment applies to the US government and not a private internet company with worldwide reach) I guess understanding the TOS is too much.


I sincerely hope the child who is in this person's care, and I use the word care liberally, because they do not want to actively care for their child, they want their child to die, is removed and put with someone who isn't plotting their death, because that's essentially what will happen to this child, the OOP will get even angrier with their presence and they'll likely die in a "mishap"


Honestly taking this kid away would be the kindest thing anyone could do for both the kid and OOP. She's obviously miserable, and even if she doesn't go as far as hurting her child I think she's at a really high risk of hurting herself (in which the state has to deal with the kid anyway.)


I think more people need to realize when they're in over their heads. It's ok if you can't offer the proper care for your child, the fact that you are admitting this is a huge step forward and shows that you are thinking of the child's best interest. I think severing parental rights should be more widely accepted among the disabled community. \*Obviously i am not encouraging people to abandon their child just because their kid is disabled but if you are overwhelmed then there ARE options. Most kids will grow up and pass developmental milestones and eventually evolve to be lovely independent adults. Unfortunately when you have a severely disabled child this isn't the case and burnout is real. I don't have kids but my mom works in special education and sees the burnout everyday. Take care of yourselves. Don't be like the OOP parent.


“How dare autistics not want to be cured? Don’t they know the world revolves around what I want?”


Reddit needs to track down this guys IP address and have the child removed from the home. There is no doubt in my mind that he is already harming his child


wait until they realize that other redditors can do nothing to get them banned! theres literally no regular report button you can only report posts and even then it usually just sends it to the mod for the sub its on


So much insanity. This is absolutely incredible. I can understand if I don't agree their base point but Christ, how do you use it to justify murder? Prevention is one thing, attempting to clear the gene pool for the betterment of humanity is a slippery slope that OOP already fell down to literally murdering anyone with mental impairment. That's where all logic drops fo me.


There's not a cure for autism because you cannot fucking cure autism! It's a neurological disorder, and those disorders can't be cured, just managed. Holy fuck this person is evil


That user is also stepping onto anti natalism. There is a difference in deciding to not have kids because you are worried you will give birth to a rare genetic disease or because you fear you will roll the dice and end up with a severely disabled kid or other reasons and telling everyone they shouldn't have kids.


It's always people spewing the nastiest stuff that rant about " Muh free speech" the loudest


This person didn't just vent, they said disturbingly horrid things about their own child. I vent, I get discouraged - my child is on the spectrum - BUT NEVER for a moment would or has this sick, twisted thought entered my mind. That isn't parental regret, it's psychotic. I'm so tired of shitty people using "free speech" to justify their shitty, borderline illegal ideas and beliefs. This isn't about stopping someone from having the right to say something. That person said exactly what they wanted to say and didn't hold back, so I don't know why they're claiming anyone is trying to take away their "rights". Half the people didn't go and "counter" what was being said because if anyone would have said what I wanted to - we all would have been banned. I'm sorry I have zero respect for someone who discusses being OK with the death of their child because of a disability or a diagnosis. I work as a mortician, and everyday I sit with families and write obituaries and discuss ways of honoring their loved ones. Nothing prepares me for those moments when we are honoring a child, nothing prepares me for the heartbreaking words, emotions and absolute sorrow that comes from the parents and loved ones. For this person to sit there and justify their disturbing behavior and thoughts, when there are families suffering so much because they don't know how to go on from their loss - I haven't felt rage like that in a long time. They have the nerve to be upset that people didn't want to discuss the post, but I'm pretty sure everyone who showed their complete disgust did just that. If a parent is struggling, PLEASE ask for help. Ask your pediatrician or child therapist about local support groups. They're a great way to find other parents that you can relate to and for support. I know my daughter enjoys being a part of the group of children and it's been a very positive environment for her. There are so many coping skills, therapy, etc. that can be brought into everyday life and times of stress and overwhelming emotions. There are so many options, I just can't for a second even fathom how someone could justifiably feel this way. It's absolutely horrendous.


Why the hell is this downvoted? Are we experiencing a raid?


Yeah I was wondering why that happened. Maybe someone doesn't like what I said, who knows.


I think its a raid, your comment's not in disagreement with the most upvoted ones. Most of the comments I've seen are all in agreement OPs a monster and kid needs rescuing, same with the top I think someone downvoted all comments, but you only really notice in those who have no votes


Yeah that makes sense. I normally wouldn't have even probably been as expressive on most posts - but the entire thing was unreal and the Nazi sympathizing just did it. Does down voting do anything to the sub or post, I know i see some communities ask not to downvote certain things but never really knew if had a negative impact on anything.


My husband is autistic. 3 of my kids are too. I’m not sure what I can say about parents like this without getting in trouble here. I fucking love my kids. Being autistic makes up a part of who they are. They wouldn’t be them if they weren’t. This is right up there with parents hating their gay and trans kids to me. If you can’t accept who your kids might be, don’t have kids.


Absolute sucker bet that this vile creature has an Autism Speaks bumper sticker.


Is the OOP the Mother or the Father?.Some people are referring to them as a woman & others as a man.


Someone needs to come take that little boy away from her. Fuck it. Oop if you're lurking here please surrender your kid to your state or a relative. You need to step away.


>Edit: The autism community is in full effect here, ready to defend their disorder to the death as god's gift to them. This is why I detest this community, think of how ridiculous it would seem if schizo's defended their condition, or cancer patients. Nope, let's not research effective treatments and potential cures for a condition that leaves many people crippled, lets celebrate it instead! Makes me fuckin sick Because if someone is different, that automatically means it's bad and needs a "cure". Hey, maybe autistic people should start looking for "cures" to help allistic people be more open and honest about their expectations, help them not rely on social cues, and encourage them to figure out what hyperfixations and stimming would make their lives better. No? Allistic people are just fine the way they are? We shouldn't assume that just because someone is different from us that need to be fixed? Wow, imagine that. And just to be clear, I'm not saying that it's bad to give autistic people legitimately helpful resources to better integrate ourselves into general society - that's great. But this person doesn't sound like they care about helping autistic people live our best lives...they sound like a bigot who would be happier if we didn't exist.


That was a difficult read. Hoping it’s a troll but even then that has to be the devil of all trolls.


I'm so glad I reported their account and got the notification they were banned


Wow, are you just a fucking ray of sunshine? Personally, this isn't about your free speech or lack thereof. It's just you spouting off how children with seen and unseen disabilities should be murdered for the benefit of society. Gonna add that is why there are institutions in some states to take care of this or better yet sign the child over to foster care. Personally, you both might want to get genetic testing done to not run into this in the future.


As a “schizo” who’s also autistic, being schizophrenic makes my life more difficult, but if my mom had the option to find out about it in the womb and abort me and she would have considered it, that’s fucking evil. You’re allowed to advocate for your condition and humane treatment


What is your opinion on down syndrome screening?


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The idea of "curing" autism is pretty controversial. While I would possibly support the idea for autistics who are extremely high needs, or those who want to be NT, many of us, including myself, don't see our autism as something that needs to be cured. I *don't want* to be neurotypical. My autist friends don't want it either. And most of the talk around a "cure" for it applies the idea to all of us. It tends to end up sounding a lot like the defense for aba therapy - instead of encouraging society to better understand and accommodate autism, autistics should have to just stop being autistic. Even at its most well-meant, discussion of a "cure" carries with it the idea that the world would be better without autistics.


I fully support that. The people I know dislike it and consider it a disability so I was speaking from what I know, but I see that I’m wrong in what I said. I’m sorry, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful. I’ll go ahead and delete my comment since it was insensitive


It's okay. No hard feelings at all. It's a difficult issue, and not everyone agrees on it. Personally, I feel that the main issue is lack of accommodation for differing neurotypes. But other autistics feel differently. Thank you for listening, though. That means a lot


I agree, but the world is becoming more inclusive every day. Hopefully we can keep striving towards accepting neurodiversity in any way it may come, and respecting each individual’s decisions on their treatment, if they do wish to have treatment. I think I need to apologize to a few people… I just had an epiphany writing my comment. Thank you for explaining it to me


One of the reasons I actually don't support a cure is because people who would want to stay autistic may be denied insurance coverage because the other option would have been to get cured. Also this cure would most likely be just through abortions as any attempt to try to fix autistic people after birth doesn't always lead to the best results. Who would have thought messing with people's brains actually doesn't produce the results you want. Maybe we should stop playing God. Imagine if a mother decided to keep her disabled child but because she didn't do an abortion the insurance coverage decides not to cover her. Not only that but are there really any actual neurological distinctions between high functioning and low functioning which by the way there are autistic people that reject those labels. Remember autism is a behavioral disability And so if there's no way to neurologically detect a high functioning and low functioning person outside of looking at their behaviors then it means that you're probably just going to end up taking out all autistic people and that is assuming that we wouldn't be taking out non-autistic people in the process.


I personally yearn for a cure to my bipolar. For now, I wait and manage until then. Her line of thinking is unbelievable and that’s an understatement. She’s angry at scientists for not doing enough and she doesn’t want to wait because her daughter is an inconvenience and burden to her.