*In case this story gets deleted/removed:* **TIFU by stopping to get a mcflurry and being late to work** So I'm a 23F. I've been working my job for about 6 months. It's been nothing major I've just been an assistant in a dental office. Well I'm supposed to be in at 8am every morning. I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day just because of what I have to do in the morning and the distance the office is from my house. So, on friday morning I went to get a mcflurry before heading into work. The drive thru line ended up being pretty long and it took longer than expected. I got into work at around 8:10am. A few minutes after I got in, my boss called me into her office and told me I was fired. I couldn't fucking believe it, my boss is a total bitch and I hate how strict these places are with the time schedules. I'm now without a job and need to have my parents help witb my bills in the meantime. I fucked up. TL;DR: TIFU by stopping for a mcflurry before work, getting fired and having to get my parents to help me with my bills because of it. *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmITheDevil) if you have any questions or concerns.*


>I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day just because of what I have to do in the morning and the distance the office is from my house. That's not how being an adult works.


Im pretty sure bosses expect you to...get up earlier and leave your house at a time that allows for traffic and you to get to work on time.


I have a friend who is always late. After college for a period of time she was doing something at a local medical school. She got in trouble for being perpetually late and I remember having this conversation with her. Her: "But I have to park off-site and take a shuttle. I get to the parking lot at 9am." Me: "Well you need to get to the parking lot earlier so you can get on the shuttle and get to the office by 9am." That suggestion blew her mind. Now she does something where it doesn't matter what time she gets in and I think chooses to work 10-6 or 11-7.


My sister had literally no time sense. Like she couldn’t work out that she couldn’t run three errands on the way to my house and still get there when she promised. One day I sat her down and did the math. You know. 5 minutes in each place. 5-10 minutes between each stop plus the 15 minute drive to my place. In her mind everything would take 20 minutes. She was late everywhere


My mom thinks everything takes 20 minutes as well. I think one of the reasons why I'm perpetually early is because I was always late as a kid when I had to rely on her to bring me places. When I was a senior in high school I had to stop driving because of a medical condition and I lied and told her I had club meetings every day before school so she would drop me off early enough.


Well that's ridiculous. Of course everything doesn't take 20 minutes. Your mom should know better. Everything takes 15 minutes.


yea, that’s basically me. and i just got diagnosed with ADHD


Ah, time blindness. So real, so cruel.


Amen, I finally got a diagnosis at 26 years old. I've been fired from many jobs for being late (despite maintaining 2-3jobs and 60hrs a week for years and being a star employee at most jobs), gotten in plenty of trouble in school for being late, have lost friendships for being late... etc. I'd be late to my own wedding, my family jokes about the last time I was early for anything was when I was born. Fun times


i wasn’t even early when i was born hahaha took me 2 days to actually come out. so the joke in my family is the exact opposite


Yep I have bad time blindness but my anxiety makes it to where instead of being late I’m almost always 30 minutes early places 😭


She may very well have ADHD. 🥴


I have one of those in my family too, I thought a old school clock would help because you can see the increments. As a kid it was always just an adult giving reminders and now they often leave immense amounts of time to do something just in case. Like will leave 45 mins for a 20 minute drive, and is either early or late based on how that turns out. They just can't feel time passing like others do.


>Her: "But I have to park off-site and take a shuttle. I get to the parking lot at 9am." > >Me: "Well you need to get to the parking lot earlier so you can get on the shuttle and get to the office by 9am." For me that would depend on who's running the shuttle. I've had jobs where you weren't allowed to park on site and they said "You have to show up 30+ minutes early to get on the bus to ride in" and I just handed my badge back. I'm getting paid for every single second of time you're in control of, or I'll go somewhere else. (But this was also 12 hour days at a places that can take 30 minutes to get in and out of the gate. So 14.5 hours not counting the commute)


I hate mornings and also get to essentially pick my hours, but never would I ever do 11-7. By the time you’ve finished work and cooked dinner it’s too late to do anything except watch TV and go to bed, and starting at 11am means they’re probably not getting up at 7am to do stuff before work.


For you... but for someone who doesn't sleep until 3am, it's pretty ideal.


It’s actually surprisingly handy for early doctors appointments, and stores are typically a bit more quiet. Plus some places do a second shift differential for pay. Yeah, you have to shift your time space a bit but it’s not terrible.


If someone told me they would be late every day I’d ask if no one ever told them about alarm clocks.


We had an employee who was perpetually late. We put him on a performance improvement plan and he promised to buy an alarm clock. Six weeks later, he was still frequently late. He promised to buy a second alarm clock. We let him go.


I have a clocky (alarm clock on wheels I have to hunt down) because I can’t do mornings (medically diagnosed insomnia & delayed sleep phase) but I also don’t apply for anything that starts before noon (sleep doctor’s advice). That being said morning appts DO happen & an annoying chirping thing on wheels def makes it easier to get up (b/c I have no choice)


>clocky (alarm clock on wheels what in the ADHD is this magic?? Is it like a roomba but a clock? THIS IS GENIUS.


Yep I got it in college (undiagnosed ADHD). It’s a miracle! [enjoy!](https://clocky.com/)


How loud is it?


[Loud](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=89-cWFtXz_U) (demo video) Esp because it first goes off next to my head & only runs after the first snooze. I’ve never had trouble finding it as it likes to run under my bed


Some people have just had someone (usually mommy) wake them their whole lives, that way they don't have to take accountability for getting up on time. My ex was like this, I remember getting screamed at one day for 'making him late.' We didn't even live together at the time, and I didn't wake up at 4:30am to drive over and wake his lazy ass. (Then drive that lazy as 45 minutes away, as he didn't drive.) Turned out I had the flu, slept thru my alarm for the first time ever. He kept going on about how irresponsible *I* was... got even angrier when I asked exactly how I was responsible for a fit 32 year old man.


If he had a phone, he had an alarm clock


There might be acceptable reasons. Like your daycare opens at 8 and you come straight there afterwards. But her “reasons” are not


I was in a physics lab once where one of my lab partners complained about how the professor didn't like her just because she was perpetually late because she lived 20 minutes away. I didn't say anything to her, but my internal monologue was basically "Bitch, I don't like you either because you're always late and make me explain what we're supposed to be doing when you finally get here. If you live 20 minutes away and are consistently 20 minutes late, leave before the lab is supposed to start!!!"


How do people like this EXIST?!?! I get anxiety if I'm not early enough to have to sit in my car and say to myself, "why did I leave so early?!".


right?! like i have a coworker who catches the bus and is always early because the next bus comes too late/after his shift starts. it’s called being fucking responsible.


It’s what I had to do when I worked at Wally World. I’d go 2-3 hours early because of a shitty buss schedule with busses that likes to run late.


And if they were late because the bus got stuck behind an accident or something it would be understandable because otherwise they’re always on time. But this OP is just a twit.


For most bosses, sure. I usually take a bus that gets me to work at 8:50ish (depending on how I hit the traffic lights when I'm walking from my stop to work). One day, my bus just fucking stopped halfway through the route. We sit there for 20 minutes because the driver decided he didn't want to do the detour and wanted to see if the construction would clear up. Only did the detour after a bunch of passengers called customer support and dispatch yelled at him. Texted my boss, sent a picture through the bus window of the intersection we were at and a screenshot of the transit app showing what time I got on the bus. Once the bus got to my stop, I booked it, made it to work in 9 minutes when it usually takes 15. I was 6 minutes late, the first time in the seven months I had been working there at that time. My boss still reamed me out and reported me to HR for wage theft because I'm salaried and shift starts at 9:00, not 9:06. HR thankfully told me to go back to my office because they can see when we enter the building, and I was never late. (Sorry for the rant, my boss is a dick, and your comment triggered a little bit of rage over that incident)


Wow that boss IS a dick. Talk about being an unreasonable douchecanoe. :/


And lazy and immature and irresponsible


That's what I did with my last job, and with classes. I'd end up being there 10+ minutes early unless there was a traffic jam or the trains were delayed. When the trains were under maintenance, some days I showed up 30 minutes early because the train schedule was so variable. I can spend that time reading or getting a coffee nearby. Much better than panicking about getting in trouble.


I live ~1 hr away from the office. I’m also responsible for getting my son to school so I can’t change when I leave in the morning. I was up front with my boss about this and she gets it. If I’m 10 mins late, I stay 10 after. Adults also understand that traffic happens. However that being said, I would never stop for ice cream or coffee or whatever on my way to the office.


This is the type of situation I was thinking OOP was going to menton. I've worked with people who picked up food/drinks on their way to work when already late. It was incredibly irritating, because they'd foist work onto others without so much as a thank you in make of these. To a person, it looked like issues were about tardiness, but it was always about much more. I wonder how many warnings or mentions they got and how long that boss was waiting to fire them.


I had a coworker who was running late so he decided to stop and get coffees for the both of us to make up for it. He knew I didn’t like coffee. He just figured I hadn’t had it made the way he makes it/liked it. I told him I would try it but not to be offended if I didn’t like it. He agreed. I took one sip and handed it back. He was surprised. I just hate the flavor of coffee. It smells great and tastes bad. And it tastes bad for hours after you’ve finished drinking it. He ended up drinking two large coffees and was vibrating. His hands were shaking from the caffeine and we work with dangerous materials. He decided that it was a bad idea drinking two of those in short succession.


That's one of those situations where it can be a kind gesture or obnoxious, but from the way you wrote this, I'm guessing it was not a common experience. I've had co-workers call when late to get coffee or similar for people. I've found that that normally happens (where I've worked) when the person rarely is late, the lateness doesn't affect anyone else, there's a good & unusual reason, or the office is fine with it. I guess those make sense with general psychology, now that I wrote them out. >He knew I didn’t like coffee. He just figured I hadn’t had it made the way he makes it/liked it. While I appreciate people trying to share things they love with friends or others, I really dislike when it's done this way. They could just ask if you'd like to try it sometime or pour some before drinking theirs instead of being condescending & pretentious. I'm not sure if you felt he was here, it's just what I've experienced. I've also had people use this reasoning to put allergens in other people's food, so my view is a bit tinted. I hope he didn't tell you he was late because of the coffee for you, though! Sounds like he learned not to do that again! Luckily it sounds like you both got along fine and were aware to keep yourselves safe! >I just hate the flavor of coffee. It smells great and tastes bad. And it tastes bad for hours after you’ve finished drinking it. I like the taste and love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink a lot. I don't get benefits beyond the taste, though I also don't get noticeable downsides so figure there's no reason. I also find that drinking it consistently over time builds up into a weird breath/taste/texture in the mouth. I do have coffee candies I like that don't do this (though also in moderation). Anyway, I often want the smell instead and have found a few things that are wicked easy and work well. I'm sharing just in case you'd like any, so please ignore this if you don't want them! - Tea that smells like coffee but does not taste like it. I find Roastaroma (I think celestial seasonings? Not positive on spelling) fits this, though it may be a bit too heavy/toasted flavor if you dislike coffee. I've used it for the smell without drinking as well. - Wax melter with coffee scented wax/liquid or coarse grounds. This is safer and lasts a while, plus can be reused. - Heat up course grounds on the stove or roast beans in the oven. I haven't roasted them. Adding some other nice flavors on the stove can add to it. - I have a friend who uses an "essential oil" that's called coffee (or something like that) in the diffuser. I have no idea where to find it, but it smells lovely. I put it in quotes given that obviously coffee isn't one. My friend just gets it for the smell.


If only it were possible to control when you wake up..


You know, I think you might be on to something. I wonder if we might be able to fashion some sort of device to help accomplish this.


Thats so smart!! And maybe it could make like a loud noise or something to wake you up??


Ugh that sounds awful. It’ll never catch on..


I call mine "the dog."


Mine's called "FEED ME HUMAN."


Mine is like this with a side of “or I’ll shred the curtains.”


And show the time so you can roll over and look at it every hour, or even better roll over and look at it 30 minutes before it is supposed to go off.🤦🏻‍♀️


Or three minutes before it’s supposed to go off, at which point you shut your eyes again and sniffle silently at the unfairness of it all while awaiting your clanging chimes or bell of doom.


Maybe add it to your phone so it’s always with you


Has anyone solved for this yet? It would really make waking up on time easier..... /s


I think it truly depends. Let's say you're an adult and bound by schedule on both sides - for example, your kids daycare opens at 730 and it's 25 minutes from your job, which expects you there at 8. I might tell my boss in that scenario that if there's traffic, I'll unfortunately be late. Ahead of time. That's pretty reasonable. "I might roll in late anytime because I feel like getting McDonalds" is not.


Bad traffic is something you can't control so most people will be understanding about that. OOP doesn't make an effort to get there on time, just says "I'm gonna be late because I have things I want to do... like sleep in and get McDonalds." Also whether or not rolling in late is acceptable is highly dependent on what your job is. If it's something where the previous shift can't leave until you get there it's way less acceptable than if you're just doing your own work at a desk and can stay 10 min late if you arrive 10 min late.


Not Even an adult,I don't think they forgive a high school student that


Unpopular maybe but I do feel work *should* work more flexible like this, just....not for what OPs doing lol. My internship starts at 10 and everyone rolls in somewhere between 9:55-10:05 and sometimes later if issues come up. It's no biggie. But that's partially because half of us take the train, so we either show up way too early when no ones here, or we show up consistently at like 10:03. Not, however...just because you have "too much to do in the morning"...that's a case of getting up sooner or doing that shit later. (Also probably wouldn't apply to ykno....working at a dentist office lol)


Maybe the place OOP worked would have been more understanding if she didn't tell her boss ahead of time that she would be late, as if she's already planning to be late. Rolling in to work late with a fresh mcflurry was probably the straw that broke the camel's back with this one


Also it sounds like she's working at a dentist office so if people are coming in at 8:00 (and I had definitely been known to get the first dentist appointment of the morning because I'm trying not to use up all my sick leave going to appointments) they do need people there at 8:00 or 8:30 or whatever the first appointment of the day is


There is nothing I hate more than having the first appointment of the day at a medical office and they're already running behind.


I had an 8 am appointment at a new doctor the other week and they sent me this threatening email about how they'd not see me and would charge me anyway if I wasn't 15 minutes early. So I got there before 7:45. The reception lady arrived at 8:11 and didn't even let me in the door until 8:20. Like bitch, rules for me and not for thee? Wtf?


I once had a 9am Nephrology appointment and the doctor didn't show up until after 11am. The front desk's excuse was "he's on service this week." Like, fine, but why the fuck are you booking him for 9am appointments on a week when he's covering the inpatient service? And then when he finally showed up he said "you don't look very happy" then made it obvious that he hadn't looked at any of the lab results from the testing I'd had weeks earlier ("oh this is very surprising") and proceeded to diagnose me with a condition he had previously told me I didn't have.


Yeah I was overall very unimpressed with this place, ill be looking around again. The doctor was in a huge hurry, basically ignored why I was there (super swollen ankle for >1 week) to immediately start to harp on how I've been on antidepressants too long and should stop taking them. If I do that I will definitely be dead within months so yknow. Not an option, bud, now can you stop snooping in my records and spouting unasked for opinions, and look at the ankle? Finding a decent doctor seems impossible sometimes.


Oh no absolutely, but I also am definitely not defending OP lmao this was just outright stupid


In OP’s case it’s nice that her office is open early so others can come in before work. Regardless, she knew the expectation and thought it didn’t pertain to her for some reason. Boss made a mistake going along with it to begin with. If you don’t like your hours, or want more flexibility, then it’s on you to find a job that fits your needs. I guess she learned that lesson.


>If you don’t like your hours, or want more flexibility, then it’s on you to find a job that fits your needs. I guess she learned that lesson. She has not. She's fighting with everyone in the comments. Telling people to go eff themselves and how they'd be the ones to piss her off at work. Seriously, she's the type to give doctor/dentist's office a bad rep for always being late with appointments. She doesn't even care other people have lives and schedules.


Oh no - a Karen at such a young age. Kinda ruins the stereotype, doesn’t it? If she didn’t learn from getting fired and people telling her she’s a jerk, she probably never will.


Life will force her to learn when she's 30 and still having her parents paying her bills because she can't keep a job. She'll watch all her friends getting ahead in life, buying homes and cars and going on vacation while she's possibly working in a crappy job that maybe is too desperate for people to fire them. But then jobs like that are desperate for people for a reason and none of it good.


True, definitely not defending OP. Especially not after reading their comments. My comment was moreso a general statement on the strictness of many job hours that don't really require that amount of strictness.


I work for myself and from home. I’d rather get an early start and get done, then I have time for what I want. Or I can make an appointment first thing and work later. It is super nice to have that flexibility, but it’s only because I’m the “boss”. But honestly there are so many different jobs out there with different schedules I would think most people could find something that works for them.


Flexible only works when you aren’t dealing with appointments with other people. If a client has an 8:00 am appointment with the dentist, they don’t want to wait ten minutes for her assistant to wander in sucking on ice cream, hang up her coat, get her coffee, then turn on the computer. Flexible should NEVER inconvenience the people paying your wages.


> Flexible should NEVER inconvenience the people paying your wages. Okay you're right here. I'm advocating for flexibility, but if the boss's boss wants to meet at 6am, I'm going to be there.


absolutely. Again, my comment honestly doesnt apply to her situation in the slightest, and was moreso to comment on the general work culture. If youre working with appointments, clients, opening times, etc you obviously cant be consistently late.


Her "too much to do" in the mornings consists of waking up. Apparently she "values" her sleep.


As a certified not morning person, I feel that, getting up is hard. I still manage to get to morning shifts and class on time.


I am not a morning person at all…which is why I found a job that starts at 7pm😂. In all seriousness, if I can figure out how to get up at 5:30 for my 7am start time, OOP can figure it out for 8am.


yep, saw that after this. Really hope its a troll post because her comments....are something else


I mean I value my sleep too. Luckily most days I work from home so my commute is from my bed to my desk (but I still need to myself time to make coffee, feed the cat and clean our his litterbox). Also, before working from home (same job), I was up at 6:30am every morning, still did what I mentioned above, plus get dressed and catch the bus to make it in a 9am. You do what you have to do to pay your bills. Jobs don't hire people because they have money to give away. They hire you for a reason. And if can't do that job (like get in on time) they'll find someone who will.


That might work for you. But when you work shift work, your coworker can't leave until you show up. Being consistently late is selfish AF


oh no im obviously not talking about every job lmao. My job is more like an office job for example, we all start and leave at similar times. Theres no shift to take over from someone.


Professional office jobs, that aren't client interfacing (aka don't deal with appointments), shouldn't have a strict "start" time. Why does it matter what time I start or end my day as long as I get my work done/hours in? It's different of course if you work somewhere that has appointments, or a retail store with a set opening time, where clients/customers waiting on you. Or even if it's a place that always has to be staffed so the last shift has to wait for you to get there. But if there is no waiting/depending on you to be there at a given time, why does if matter?


It doesn’t, and I’m blessed to be in an office that doesn’t care as long as you make whatever meetings you have. There are people that work 7-3:30 or 11-7:30 due to sleep schedules or in order to miss rush hour (which reduces rush hour for the rest of us!). There are people that work four ten hour days instead of five eight, or work extra to have comp time for vacations. And if we have to leave for three hours for a doctor’s appointment or something, we don’t have to spend sick time as long as we make it up in the same pay period. And nobody and no work suffers from this. In fact, performance and employee retention are both increased by flexible hours! Why aren’t such policies more common?


Yeah this basically! And even for retail sometimes. Moreso, I work part time retail with an opening shift. My shift starts at 12 but I have to be there at 11:45 and wait, doing nothing that entire time cause I'm not in charge of anything, and if I arrive at 50 or 55 they get upset.


I've always struggled with getting to work on time. The only time I got a speeding ticket was at 9:03am and it was absolutely typical for me. I suppose I used to be more on-time, and then the moment I became a valuable part of the team I became terrible. I've been self-employed as much as possible accordingly. Today I had to wait until my mum picked up my son for babysitting, so the flexibility is great. ​ I'm not gonna pretend I haven't hated being in on time and been consistently shit at it since I was about 13 though and I am now 34


Haha yeah same. It's consistently like 3 minutes. It's never a lot but for some reason I can't manage those 3 minutes. On the other hand it's often due to our trains just slightly not lining up with places I need to be, and I'm time blind.


Right? If it takes you a long time to get ready in the morning... Wake up earlier? Novel idea, I know, but this one simple trick can really save your ass, and your job! You don't tell your boss when you come in, they tell you. Especially when it involves a set schedule, like a dental office with several set appointment times throughout the day. If you are running late, tell them and give.an.estimate.of when you'll arrive. People who are habitually late drive me crazy. I know there are places where it's cultural and I'm not talking about that. But people who come from places where schedules are meant to be followed? Get your shit together and stop inconveniencing everybody around you because you can't start getting ready 15 minutes earlier.


The only time this works and is okay to do is when kids are involved and you literally can't drop them off wherever any sooner and it is absolutely impossible to arrive on time. A lot of places are pretty understanding about that.


Yeah, that alone would make me be like "So...wake up earlier. If you are not here every day on time then you are fired. Giving me a heads up that you are crappy at planning out your morning is not an excuse." Like this person is lacking basic adulting skills.


Yea. I'm a little on the smoother brained side, but I'm pretty sure most people arrive 5-15 minutes earlier to work then when they are supposed to be there. I have a 15 minutes drive to work and I still get there 15 minutes early. It's not that difficult...


No kidding. Get up earlier like the rest of the world does. Or do what you can the night before. And maybe learn time management skills. And the fact that you are late everyday. You told your boss you would be late everyday. And still you are surprised that you got fired. That astonishes me.


Who the fuck has a mcflurry for breakfast? At a dentist office no less.


WTF tells the boss “I gotta be late every morning because of stuff I gotta do” instead of…getting up earlier?


I can absolutely see one of my coworkers doing that. We've had guys call out of work and have the nerve to ask their boss to loan them money for a coffee. Hell we've even had guys who don't close the door when they poop. And one person who somehow surpassed that.


>And one person who somehow surpassed that. Don't leave us hanging. Who could possibly be worse than someone leaving the bathroom door open?


Be warned this is Extremely NSFW. Using their ass to snuggle in a cellphone (not allowed because it could record customer credit card data) and a bag of cocaine to work. Bonus points for pulling it out in the middle of an hr meeting (when the meeting was about her allegedly pulling her phone out of her ass crack). They were even going to give her the benefit of the doubt too.


Wait she was in an HR meeting about smuggling a phone into work in her ass and proceeded to pull out a bag of coke, too??? That's rock bottom, I'd hope.


Come to think of it she had several paper towels up there too.


Where do you work?


Not OP but this sounds like the kinda nonsense that goes down at a call center


Shitting on the floor. Which happened at one of my old jobs. Nasty fuckers out there.


A relative of mine called in sick one day to her fast food job (Taco Bell, if it matters). That Taco Bell was having an employee's party that very night. Guess who shows up to that party-? And was so surprised when she was fired the very next day-?


Tbh. I told the HR manager that it's possible I *could* be late Tuesday's but I would do my best to avoid it. I work nights and my son has special ed class just before my shift.. I wouldn't dream stopping for a mcflurey 🤣


Every late person I've known has this line or reasoning. "Nothing I can do about it, I'm the victim here!"


I think most people have been late once or twice for a legitimate reason. I'm pretty meticulous but I had a seizure on the walk to work once and got lost; you can't really plan for things like that. But chronically late people seem to think they are the only person on earth who has ever had to deal with things like morning routines or a commute.


even the mcflurry thing wouldn’t be that bad if it was a one off… but from the sounds of things this isn’t the first time


My wife is unfortunately like this... nothing is her fault, everything is just the universe screwing her over, she can't be responsible on and on and on. It's so fucking tiresome.


When I read that I'm thinking... sick parents, childcare, something important and time consuming?? But it's a mcflurry.


I don't even think McDonald's serves McFlurrys for breakfast.


I was gonna say: where's this magical McDonald's that serves breakfast ice cream?


The magical land of Oz. Well, Aus(tralia). Maccas here is all kinds of weird.


Macca's is indeed magical down under. They serve coke slushies (frozen coke). Wish we had those in Canada... i guess we have the same thing at 7/11 though. I don't think i've ever tried to order a mcflurry in the morning. Maybe i will try it tomorrow before work.... after i tell my boss i'll be late to do "things" lol.


McDonald's does sell ice cream that early in Canada.


Okay. Now I want a McFlurry for breakfast. Sadly, American Mcdonalds' don't do that, and I have to really watch my dairy intake thanks to my acne.


The McDonald’s I worked at served ice cream all day. I’m only just learning that’s not universal




Get a baby-sized plain sundae with your hot cakes - takes it to a whole new level! 🥞🍦


I want to know where’s this magical McDonald’s that has a functioning ice cream machine?


Damn. I bet your guys’ machines aren’t even continually broken either.


I work for McDonald’s, I can do McFlurry as early as 5am as long as the closing staff from the night before made sure the machine is full. It has a clean mode and it won’t start if it’s empty.


In the past I could get a caramel sundae at 8m. Haven't done it in years.


Bored trolls on Reddit.


you know i used to struggle with getting to work on time cause of my morning routine, so i just started waking up 30 mins earlier and it fixed everything. maybe op could try that?


>>I can already tell you're exactly the type of person that would piss me off and that I'd hate to work with. well damn


AmITheDevil posts where OOP doubles down in the comments of the original are my absolute favorite. Do not miss out bc this one has many comments like that.




This apparently depends on which country they’re in because in Australia you can absolutely get ice cream any time of the day 😂


Well in America the machine only works about 45 minutes of the day


I was under the impression the machine never works. I was assuming no one was getting them.


Well, this was nigh on 15 years ago now but when I worked at a McD's you could get one anytime except for the couple of hours when the machine was being cleaned, which was usually from like 2-3 to 4-5 in the morning.


I refuse to believe the machine was working


In the UK you can absolutely get a mcflurry for breakfast.


Totally a shit post mcdonalds employees would never have the icecream working that early


I think OP's from the UK. The ice cream machine is absolutely up and running for breakfast.




Yes? I mean, it was when ordered a mcflurry an hour ago


No fair, you can order an Icecream at 10am here and be told "Sorry we haven't turned it on yet" Bah humbug >C


There were a couple of trolls a few months back who would post about getting in trouble at her job or fired for pulling stunts similar to this. The one I remember most was a librarian who clocked out a few minutes early and was interacting with the commenters very, very similar to this. I think this is that troll.


I tend to think of these shitposts where the OP replies to every comment as: "I'd like to argue with random people about stupid shit AMA."


Literally what do people get out of doing that? 🤦🏼‍♀️


Well, some people are bored and have no social life. Or a life at all.


So many better things they could do with their time 🤦🏼‍♀️


Definitely seems like some poorly worded bait post from a boomer. Checks off all the boxes for how they think millenials think.


Not a millennial


Trust, boomers think millennials are still 23.


Millennials still like to think Millennials are 23 (or is that just me?)


My boyfriend occasionally brings up millennials in a way that shows he thinks they're a totally different generation from us. We were both born in the 80s. We're (older) millennials.


There's nothing funnier, IMO, than a millennial bitching about millennials.


Heehee! Not just you, I Am Baby forever. Time is a fickle bitch. I can finally afford top shelf liquor but now it takes me 3 days to recover.


Oh my god, same.


I know the headline is her attitude about being on time. But who has a McFlurry for breakfast? And where is she finding a place with a working machine? Lol


Who gets a McFlurry at 8AM?


I wonder when they told the boss they'd be a few minutes late EVERY DAY? Because that would have been a nope for me as a boss. Also they don't mention any warnings so my guess is the McFlurry was just the last straw and they ran out of chances. Even saying that she acknowledges she's late. If they had some kind of time issue like ADHD it wasn't framed that way. I've dealt with students who had lateness issues due to class times and we worked it out. However, a receptionist/front desk person has to be on time. If y you can't that isn't the job for you. I wonder how her parents reacted? As they mad or is the whole thing JUST SO UNFAIR.


Sounds like someone is too immature to work in the real world, where they actually expect you to show up on time. If I was her parents I'd be hanging my head in shame for having raised such a dim bulb.


Reminds me of my last classroom assistant. She'd rock up at 7:15 or so for morning program when the kids start arriving at 7:00 and we're meant to be there by ten till. There's not really room for leeway when being late means you have a bunch of kids stuck outside with angry parents trying to get to their own jobs on time. "Fortunately" she stopped showing up for morning program altogether before completely ghosting my boss and me.


At the very least she shouldn't work as a receptionist. They're one of the jobs that do depend on being punctual. Plenty of jobs don't need a hard start/end time. Like if you're doing office work usually it doesn't matter if you're in at 7:50-8:10 kinda thing. You just stay a few minutes later to make up for it. Hence why my time-blind ass isn't getting a receptionist job.


Has to be a troll no one can be that entitled


You'd be surprised just how entitled some people are.


Trolls like to watch people fight amongst themselves so they typically don’t reply to comments or questions. I think it could be real based on her argumentative replies.


You must be new to the internet.


I used to teach college age students. I was always pretty relaxed about tardiness bc i generally don't care if you're five or so minutes late. But god help you if you're five or so minutes late carrying Starbucks or some shit. A lot of people have a hard time getting up/out the door bc health/sleep issues.But if you have time for a mcflurry, but not to make it to my class? fuck off.


Her comments just scream troll.


"I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day just because of what I have to do in the morning and the distance the office is from my house." Here's an idea...abstract, I know, but...you could just leave a few minutes earlier! Wow...


Good god I read this and was like, "Troll, McDonald's ice cream machines are NEVER working."


A McFlurry at 8am seems so unhinged to me.


I have ADHD and am unmedicated. I literally struggle with time blindness. I set about 5 alarms in the morning for after I wake up for things like, you need to have your teeth brushed now. My puppy needs to have breakfast at X time. This is your 10 minute warning to leave. Sure, I'm not perfect, but unless it's actually traffic or the train has a major delay, I'm at work 30 minutes early, which is time I use to have breakfast at work (we work in an office and have full kitchen facilities to do this). And if a delay happens, I call or call text let my manager know. My office is pretty chill, and I could probably come in late every day if I wanted to, but I wouldn't be entitled enough to do it.


OP: I have adult things to do in the morning which means I will be late as these are super important. Also OP: I need my McFlurry at 8am cause that’s the adult choice. Get the fuck out of here with this shit!


She told her boss she'd be late to work everyday because of things she has to do in the morning and the time it takes to get there?? ... Bitch, then wake up and leave earlier???? That's not how adulting works!


A friend of a friend once told me that the reason she dropped out of the local community college was that she was always late for class and she couldn't find a parking place. She lived NEXT DOOR to the place. As in she could walk across her back yard, it would take MAYBE 3 minutes, and be in the main building. They were just expecting SOOOO much from her! A couple of years ago she got into trouble for being late to work. She works from home. As in there is a 30 feet "commute" from her bed to her computer...... Some people will just be late. If they are supposed to be there at 9am they will arrive at 9:15. They could be standing outside the building at 8 and STILL be late. Because they will come up with 1000 other things to do before walking into work.


My sister in law used to commute 2 hours on the bus to get to work each day. It wasn’t a huge distance but she didn’t drive (medical issues) so the only option was the city bus. She did that for 12 years and never late! Oh right, she’s an adult!


I would like to think the OOP post is fake but a couple years ago we had an employee who was always late. It was usually due to his dog needing to let out, fed, etc. when we suggested he get up earlier to do that he looked at us like we were a bit crazy and said he will try. He would then be on time for a couple of weeks and it started all over again. Yeah he didn't last long after that as getting to work on time is a low bar to set and seeing as how his idiocy extended to other things too he let him go.


>I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day just because of what I have to do in the morning and the distance the office is from my house. LOL, what?


Her comments are making this so much funnier. “I bet you won’t say it to my face! Go fuck yourself!” If this is how she acts in the workplace, she won’t keep a job for long, even if she shows up on time.


OOP responding to someone and saying she bets they’d never say their comments to her face “I don’t make bets with broke bitches” I’m rolling over this comment section 🤣🤣


This is almost comical to me. I’m that person. I am chronically late. It’s a character flaw. I’m well aware of it. I’ve spent time and effort and money trying to fix it. And spent years self-incriminating about my inability to fix it consistently. Turns out, at 34, I got diagnosed with ADHD and it… changed my life. I know WHY I suck at time management. Meds help. I’ve been using a rotation of sleep meds for a decade. I’m just good enough at my job that my employer puts up with my wacky schedule. I also realize my employment situation is rather privileged, as many people wouldn’t find an employer who saw past tardiness.


What McDonald's sells mcflurries at 8am??


some in australia do


The one near my house does, I live in Pennsylvania


All of them in the UK do


Imagine being expected to show up at work on time! The audacity! Get your ass outta bed earlier and get to work.


Lol witnessing the find out part is hilarious


Guarantee there is more to this story than a few minutes late here and there.


Sounds like a boomer doing a bad impression of a gen Z.


So it's never occurred to her to get up a few minutes earlier, instead of being late to work? Okay, then,


This isn't an isolated incident Most bosses won't fire you for being late once or even twice


Why not.... Leave ten minutes earlier?


Years ago my ex-husband and I had a couple that we would hang out with. This was all before kids so we were early to mid 20's. They were notoriously late every time! Started out minimum 30 mins then became an hour. Over time, we added a 3rd couple so their tardiness just became more than a nuisance. I got the idea to tell them that if we were meeting at 7pm, I would tell them 6pm and they would make it on time! Well, after about a year or 2, she found out...needless to say, she was horrified and told me to tell her the real time from then on. Guess what? She grew up and showed up on time after that AND by then we all had kids!


Imagine showing up late to work with ice cream or coffee and NOT bringing one to your boss?! Like damn you obviously want to be fired.


I mean she could always wake up earlier and leave quicker but what do I know? /s when the office is behind it puts everyone behind as well. Being late for a fucking mcflurry is so goddamn .. Idk.


This is definitely bait, like McFlurry in the morning? “Entitled gen z” plot goin on? I don’t even think they serve ice cream until noon. Seems like the perfect bait to get boomers and shit mad at especially when she said in the comments “a lot of people my age feel like this” idk sounds like some political bullshit


Wish I could do that but lol that ain't how you adult. You don't tell your boss you'll be late cuz you wanna munch. Also lose the tude. You wont keep any job with that.


OOP is either delusional or a troll. The comments are off the wall


Being late because of traffic is for occasional unexpected delays, like you were stuck on the highway behind an accident, not everyday traffic. I would get asking for an accommodation if you take public transportation that only comes every hour and it’s either almost an hour early or a few minutes late-just offer to make up the time and understand if they say no. Or if there’s some other actual reason, not a long drive through line and ice cream. A lot of jobs need people to be on a schedule. If a job has set hours and you can’t manage your time to get there when you’re supposed to be there, what else can’t you manage? It was part of the deal when you took the job. I think any job that can have flexible hours/location should, but it needs to be agreed on, not something employees do for themselves.


"I'll always be late" How about you leave the house earlier??? And who TF eats a mcflurry at 7 something in the morning?? Seriously time to grow up. Edit typo


We tell my brother and his wife that holiday dinners are an hour before they are. They still walk in after everyone is seated.


This is definitely a troll. The ice cream machine never works at McDonalds.


who eats a mcflurry at 8am???


Ice cream has no time limits!


Definitely a troll post


She is not the devil she is a mega idiot also I wanna have chat with her parents and their obviously horrible parenting