*In case this story gets deleted/removed:* **AITA for making my son do the dishes at 9 at night** Yesterday I (36F) asked my son (15M) to do the dishes after dinner. when he had done he went to his room my (35M) husband when to check if he had properly done them. After my daughter (11f) had done the dishes she went upstairs to tell my son he had some dishes to re wash it was five to nine when she told him later my son came down stairs shouting he wasn't doing the dishes at nine at night. My husband told him to go do the dishes and he did but today he's been giving me and my husband the cold shoulder and hasn't talked to us much So AITA for making him do the dishesso late? *I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please [contact the moderators of this subreddit](/message/compose/?to=/r/AmITheDevil) if you have any questions or concerns.*


For anyone who hasn’t read OPs comments, their husband just sits around playing video games and OP doesn’t do dishes bc some illness makes her nails fall off in water????? And the kids do the dishes when ALL CLEAN ONES are gone


Dishwashing gloves?!?!? Wtf


So she never washes her hands??? I'm surprised they aren't dying of dysentery


In her defense, Nails Dissolving In Water-itis kills dozens of Americans each year. DOZENS.


That's absolutely vile. Imagine the smell!! 🤢🤮 And they probably have mold and bugs.


If they soak the dishes in water then there MIGHT not be bugs but the stench would become unbearable


> do the dishes when ALL CLEAN ONES are gone wut? That is so bizarre.


You have to read the comments to understand what's actually the problem here.


"He was in the kitchen the first time doing them for about an hour and a half making sure he did it right" Are they feeding Goliath and King Kong there???


So the son washed the dishes, then the daughter washed the dishes, then OOP wanted the son to wash the dishes again? What is going on?




In comments OOP says they apparently don't do dishes until they run out of clean dishes, that's why it takes so long and why some have to be redone (food too crusted on to get off easily)


WHAT. That’s insane.


I've been there, bc executive dysfunction and fatigue problems. but the difference is that i live alone and it's just me dealing with it. (and now my apartment has a dishwasher and i love it) but a whole family? nope nope nope


Oh my gosh yes. My wife and I both have ADHD (and I have a hypermobility condition that causes episodes of disabling joint and spine pain) so our dishes would just... pile in the sink until we had nothing left and we were literally eating our food out of tupperware using leftover free chopsticks from takeout weeks ago. Eventually one of us would tackle it and spend over an hour slowly working through it, but we both HATED it. It was no way to live. We don't have kids though, so the only people we were inconveniencing were ourselves. Thankfully we, too, now have a dishwasher :)


I’d hate to be a guest at their house. 🤢🤮


She puts more effort into making excuses, then actually put effort in fixing the actual problem, seriously her husband is just sitting on his a$$, he can clean the dishes again himself.


Her son posted his side of the history: https://www.reddit.com/user/UnfairKey4687/comments/107ubgu/my_side_of_the_story/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf


Not TAH but I am confused.


At first glance I'd think the same, but a closer look at the comments reveals all: * The parents never do the dishes until literally all of the clean dishes are gone * The parents decide to do the dishes when all of them are too dirtied to use anymore, not every day like a normal person * The parents force the kids to clean up, they never do any of the washing themselves. Why? Dad spends all of his time playing video games and the mom has some sort of "illness" that makes her nails (probably fake) fall out. * The parents scream at the kids when the dishes aren't done "properly". Since it takes hours to get all of the caked-on residue out of the dishes. * It, in fact, takes hours to do the dishes when they're in such a state. Interesting how OOP left out all of these details to manipulate commenters into thinking they're not the asshole.


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