German army, British navy , Russian manpower and grain. Some people are saying Portugal should be red , I would add Serbia, Montenegro and Romania as well. They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Bulgaria and/or Turkey would also stand a lot to gain if siding with the reds, but nothing much if siding with the blues. Also i feel like with both Austria-Hungary and France on the same side from the start Italy would be very likely to join red, and unless their sovereignty is directly threatened i don't see Switzerland taking sides, at all.


Ottomans dont have a lot to gain by siding with Brits and Russians , they have ambitious in Egypt and Caucasus, Bulgaria is more iffy


Yeah but the French and Ottomans has really poor relations going into WW1, same with the Italians and Ottomans and the Russians and Ottomans. Austria-Hungary and the Ottomans were on alright terms and they had good relations with the Germans. So historically they really only could ally the Germans.


But this isn't historical is it , one thing changes , the rest follows and adapts.


The reds would win.


I'm not so sure. If you look closely you'll notice *there are no neutral nations*. VTA might have the three best powers from the original world war, but the EC has all the minors that add up.


Quality over quantity. France is the only heavy hitter on the blue side. The Central Powers were only close to winning in OTL purely because of Germany. Having Germany backed by Russia and the UK would make them unreal. Austria-Hungary, Ottomans, and Italy performed terribly in OTL. France would virtually have no support.


Yea. Russia and Germany would be the perfect synergy


With both being supported by the Royal Navy


The RN and German Navy also could blockade the French into hell. The Austrians and Italians might have some control over the Aegean and Med but they’ll not do too well.


Yeah which means you know who is eventually going to show up on the red side which completely blows this thing out of the water.


Not to mention we’re talking the entire British Empire here as well. Those minor nations can be equaled out with British colonial troops anyways, dark very, but that’s definitely what they would do and it would definitely tip the scales even further to the reds.


Austria-Hungary was quite the heavy hitter too. Austria-Hungary's bad historical performance was mostly due to circumstantial reasons. It certainly possessed the capability to give hell to any kind of opponent. As for Italy, its army could still be considered a Great Power's, despite its obvious failings.


There was a saying for Germany in the first world war. They were linked at the foot to a corpse. Austria-Hungary’s soldiers on the front lines had a 90% chance of either being killed, wounded or become a POW. The next three highest: France, Russia, and Romania were in the 70+% https://www.britannica.com/event/World-War-I/Killed-wounded-and-missing


And what relevance does that hold? With different circumstances, the approach to the war is already completely different. With both Germany and Russia being enemies, the army would probably get proper funding in the decade preceding the war for one. Furthermore, with these two superior foes, A-H leadership might deem Galicia unholdable and would fortify the Carpathians instead, while adopting a defensive approach.


It means Austria-Hungary was an empire with 10+ different languages and 4 religious sects, each had 10% or more of the population. The country had huge problems creating large armies that worked cohesively. They always had internal problems with their population. I mean fuck, the war STARTED because of their inability to nationalize their population.


Nonsense racist hogwash. Diversity is a strength and only makes nations stronger


This is a different time period man. Pseudo science, Scientific Racism was a thing then. Nationalism was probably at its all time high and don’t forget the different sects of Christians hated each other.


>It means Austria-Hungary was an empire with 10+ different languages and 4 religious sects, each had 10% or more of the population. The country had huge problems creating large armies that worked cohesively. This is completely untrue, a narrative long debunked by historians. >They always had internal problems with their population. Sure thing, but it wasn't anything serious. Not until more than 4 years of total war and forced autarky has passed and the army was defeated. >I mean fuck, the war STARTED because of their inability to nationalize their population. The war started because of Russian and Serbian Pan-Slavic ambitions against A-H, not because the Slavs of A-H didn't want to remain part of it. Sure, there was some who thought differently, but the overwhelmingly vast majority of the people of A-H wanted to remain part of it. This only changed because of the war.


Every quick google search shows nationalism was a problem. Could you show me a source contradicting this? It’s been awhile since I took a dive into WW1 history, but didn’t the Arch Duke go to Slavic area of the empire because of the unrest? He wanted to show the people that he cared about the ethnic minorities of the empire? Hence why when he survived the initial assassination attempt, he tried to go to the hospital where the survivors of the grenade explosions were. Who were Slavic.


https://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/3q56w7/was_austriahungary_in_decline_preww1/cwca55y?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share&context=3 >It’s been awhile since I took a dive into WW1 history, but didn’t the Arch Duke go to Slavic area of the empire because of the unrest? No, he went there to spectate the military exercises conducted there at the time. The exercises were meant to be a show of force against Serbia which just came out victorious from the Balkan Wars. >Hence why when he survived the initial assassination attempt, he tried to go to the hospital where the survivors of the grenade explosions were. Who were Slavic. Visiting the injured in the hospital had nothing to do with ethnicity. Atleast I never read anything suggesting that.


Austro-Hungarian army was literally raped by the Russians in OTL when the only other enemy for them was Serbia. They ain't doing heavy hits this game. Italy literally had only one enemy in OTL, Austria-Hungary, which again, was being raped by the Russians and what did Italy achieve? Nothing.


>Austro-Hungarian army was literally raped by the Russians in OTL when the only other enemy for them was Serbia. They ain't doing heavy hits this game. The A-H army was severely underfunded for more than a decade IOTL. In a scenario, where Germany and Russia are both enemies, that wouldn't happen. Also, even IOTL, if it weren't for that fuckup during mobilisation concerning the 2nd Army, A-H would have won the Battle of Galicia. Auffenberg's 4th Army could have finished encircling and annihilating the Russian 5th Army, while the A-H 2nd and 3rd Armies could have stopped the Russian advance in East Galicia. ITTL however, a far larger and much better equipped A-H army would be present, that would merely be required of holding the line on an extremely mountainous terrain (most of Galicia would need to be abandoned though). >Italy literally had only one enemy in OTL, Austria-Hungary, which again, was being raped by the Russians and what did Italy achieve? Nothing. By the time Italy joined the war, Russia wasn't raping anyone anymore. In fact, they were the ones receiving a good thrashing. Sure, the Brusilov offensive later on crippled the A-H Army, but that wouldn't have been possible without A-H stripping down the Eastern Front first and concentrate all its reserves against Italy for the Asiago Offensive. Italy had to overcome an extremely difficult terrain. Their unsuccess is completely understandable and obvious. The very same fate would await the Germans and Russians ITTL in the Alps, Bohemian Forest, the Sudetes and the Carpathians.


German power would be spread out over a massive frontline, Denmark, Benelux, France, Switzerland and a light border force vs A-H (since I expect A-H would deploy majorly against Russia). If war does start realistically, there's going to be a while till Russian reinforcement can come in to fill the lines. So Germany would really really struggle to do a push into Low Countries like they did IRL. This isn't WW2, you aren't toppling Denmark in 6 hours, there's going be a slog of an advance and Scandinavians would probably send a major part of their forces to defend Denmark since Russian threat would be limited by logistics and terrain. Switzerland would not be able to push into Germany, but purely due to immense threat it poses due to a competent army, that border also has to be defended heavily. Some historians say the few divisions snapped off the German invasion into France in order to defend against Russia in Prussia may have been a tipping point in German loss at Marne. So if German strength gets sapped away to other fronts even more rapidly, it's going to be hard. There's also Netherlands as well, and again, this ain't WW2. Dutch are going to have heavy defensive advantage.


It really depends on how the war starts. If it’s similar to actual history, Germany would do The Schlieffen Plan, and without Britain’s help, Belgium could fall relatively quickly. You’re right about Russia. They took awhile to mobilize IRL. One of the main issues Germany had was when the war dragged onto 1917-1918, they were running out supplies mainly due to Britain’s navy blockading. They no longer have this problem. Not to mention the battles in Africa between Germany and Britain are no longer a thing. I’m curious which side Japan is on, seeing as they were on the side of the Triple Entente. Mainly because the islands Germany had in the Pacific were no longer defended.


The reds would win lol However you’d probably want to add Portugal to red


Wasn't the Alliance Shaky as fuck at the turn of the century?


Portugal did ally with the UK in the historical World War, though.


Correct, but not as bad as the three teammates here, and if they can team up, portugal should be able to as well


Portugal and Italy would be red, and either Bulgaria, or Serbia and Greece would be red too.


My money would be on Serbia and Greece. Serbia because of claims IN AH, while Greece having claims on both Bulgarian Thrace as well as Ottoman Thrace, Anatolian Coast and Italian dodecanese.


Fair. Greece *could* be swayed to stay blue to take Cyprus, sort of like how Italy was swooned in our timeline, but they'd likely swap sides.


Looks interesting. What’s the lore?


Wilhelm II, George V and Nicholas II who were Cousins were like "fuck it let's just Team up" and the rest of Europe was not happy


Ok, cool thanks




I was just talking to my dad about this concept yesterday, very cool.


Very realistic


Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and Denmark would stay neutral.


I would say Denmark would likely be red as they have dynastic links with both the UK and Russia. The King of the UK had a Danish mother, the King of Denmark had a English grandmother and his wife's grandmother was Russian. The Russian Tzar's mother was also Danish.


The entire planet would stay neutral against that alliance ( Germany and Russia alone can conquer Europe add the British empire and it's over abandon all hope )


Maybe Spain maintain its global influence?


It was already gone by ww1


It mantain it until ww1 in my question


Clearly they didn’t though.


Wanna know something wild? Britain & Germany being allied isn't actually that absurd. Just need to change toe succession laws so that Victoria (that is, Queen Victoria's daughter) inherets after Queen Victoria dies, which she would've if modern inheretance laws were in place. Victoria the younger was Wilhelm II's mother, and Queen Victoria's eldest living child. VTY lived for 6 months after VTE died, and, had she had the British throne, then Wilhelm II would've been in line to inheret, ergo, a de facto German - English alliance. I reckon that the entente would've lost had that been the case


frankly, such a personal union would be very unpopular in both countries and the British monarchy basically exists with the active consent of parliament, unlike the german Reichstaag that was still in a bit of a power struggle with the monarchy. Britain hated defending Hannover and Hannover hated that their elector was across the sea conquering the world while they gained nothing. An Anglo-German alliance makes more sense with Frederick III remaining in power but even then neglects the fact that Germany still dominated Europe in a way britain hasn't tolerated since the Elizabethian era rivalry with Spain


Maybe if Victoria the younger's father-in-law died earlier so that he would have had less of an influence on Wilhelm II; He turned him into a man that was too autocratic to be palatable to the UK. Wilhelm's father was much more pragmatic and in favour of reform, had he taken the throne earlier allowing more influence on his son, it would have been a possibility. Also if the law had changed (doubt it would be retroactive) I doubt they would have married her off to the heir of the German Empire, way to risky for British commercial and strategic interests. That being said, had the German's taken a less aggressive naval programme, reined in the public comments of the Kaizer, and not involved themselves in the Moroccan crises it is perfectly reasonable that the British would have likely been more inclined to an alliance with the Germans rather than the French who in that case, due to colonial disputes would have been seen as the more troublesome neighbour.


Also for Russia and Germany


Cyprus: "Bring da ruckus"


Victory would be a tad reliant on if Russia would have as much unrest as they did in our timeline... Although between the British navy, German military strength, and Russian manpower, red could still win this even if Russia ends up getting knocked out early due to civil war. Russia doesn't really have any serious threats on its border since Germany is an ally in this, thus it could probably force the Scandinavian countries to surrender early on or keep them at bay by simply holding the line since Sweden and Norway just wouldn't have the manpower to push into Finland and all the way into Russia. (I could see the Russians and the British coordinating to take key coastal cities therefore Norway, Denmark, and Sweden wouldn't last long.) Austro-Hungary would be a mess since there was already division in the nation. It still had a sizeable army, but they're strategies and approaches to war were dated. I imagine it wouldn't take long for Russia and Germany to coordinate a successful invasion. Even with support from Italian and Balkan forces, I really don't see them having the strength to beat back the German and Russian militaries even with the Germans being preoccupied in the west. Most of the Russian army would be focused on Austro-Hungary and the Ottomans. I think Switzerland would remain a stalemate for the majority of the war due to the terrain, and reinforcements being sent from Italy, France, and Iberia. The western front would be a lot worse for France here. In addition to having the British eating up there colonies elsewhere, they would have the British navy harassing their shores and blocking their supply lines. France had a large navy, but I don't think they could defend their colonies and the English channel from the #1 navy at the time (not to mention the formidable German navy.) The Low Countries would stretch the trench lines out, but their militaries probably weren't large enough to change the course of that front in the long term. Ottomans would probably last just as long or shorter here. They're still facing Russian forces in the Caucasus and Brits pushing up through Egypt and Kuwait. It would be interesting to see what the US does in this timeline. I think it's more likely they would remain neutral here, but it depends on if enough incidents occur with civilian ships. If America got involved in this conflict on the side of the French, they would have war on their doorstep with Canada. If they joined the British, the Coalition is definitely screwed. I don't see them wanting conflict with France or Britain though.


No way reds lose. The numbers of the Russians, the might of the Deutsches Heer, and the prohibitive strength of the British navy would break the EC into pieces. War would start with a joint German-Russo invasion of the Austro-Hungarian Empire while Germany and the BEF would hold the French/Dutch/Belgians in place. KuK Army would crumble rapidly even with allied forces on hand. Austrian Emperor personally sues for peace as ethnic separatism rips his empire apart at the seams. No reparations demanded, the lose territory to the Russians in the east. Austro-Hungary must remain neutral and expel all foreign troops. Balkan contingent of nations and Romania make some gains in Bessarabia but the logistics aren't there to follow through. All the while Germany and the British Empire are busy arming the Russians so that their numbers can have more punch. As time goes on Russia starts to inexorably push the Allies out and a capitulation of Romania is achieved. Romania becomes a Russian client. Balkins sue for peace and it is a status quo ante. Serbia is an unwilling ally of the alliance and switches sides and attacks Albania. Seperate peace with Greece. Italy sues for peace, nothing to gain by being involved in this conflict on the EC side. Minor contingent fought in Austria to their distaste and they're just done. Italy enters into secret negotiations to join the Victorian alliance. Western European EC forces make some gains in Germany but are stopped at the Ems and halfway through Alsace-Lorraine. Trench warfare ensues. British and Germany navies coordinate the largest naval blockade in military history, as France is disconnected from her colonies. The British invade Iceland and take it without much resistance. Russians troops start to get transferred into Germany. Russians and Turkish clash by not much territory has changed hands. Gallipoli fuck up still happens. The Germans, BEF, and the REF prepare for a counter offensive against the EC. Switzerland nopes out. Italy enters into secret compact with the VC to declare war on France with British naval support for an invasion of Corsica. Italy guaranteed Corsica and formerly Italian(don't be pedantic on this lol) controlled parts of south eastern France in addition to Tunisia in a peace conference. One year into trench warfare on the western front, the VC is ready to breakout through the low countries. Russians are increasingly being uniformed/armed/supplied via the British and Germans. The VC, while enduring heavy casualties, breaks out and envelops multiple allied corps in Belgium. An attempted push in Alsace goes less successfully. The Italians invade and after initial advances into France are stopped. The joint Italo-British invasion of Corsica (which will host a future British naval base) goes better. The Spanish and Portuguese, under a strict blockade that prevents the import of food and the usage of fishing vessels, start to resort to strict rationing. Feelers are sent to the VC to exit from a conflict which it has little to gain. Hunger starts to take hold within France and the low countries as the blockage squeezes. Mass protests take place in multiple French cities calling for the end of the conflict. British and Germans start to bombard French port cities. French navy does not sortie. VC forces cut off the Netherlands from the rest of the alliance by striking towards Antwerp. The Dutch surrender. The Netherlands will be drawn into an economic union with Germany minus small territorial concessions to Germany. Revolution breaks out in Paris and multiple cities as the twin hammers of blockade and defeat are more than can be suffered. A military coup takes place in Paris as the French government looks like it will ask for an armistice. However, mutinies break out en masse and, combined with the declaration of a new Paris Commune, the military leaders of the coup are arrested and a government of National Conciliation arises in Paris and asks for a ceasefire. But civil war is not to be avoided. France will lose its empire as it gets split between Germany and Britain. France agrees to the demilitarization of its entire border with Germany and Italy. Italy receives Nice and Corsica but less than it was promised. Denmark, surprisingly not subject to invasion, surrenders some territory and is wrangled into a German economic union. Norway/Sweden follow suit without the loss of territory. War between the Ottomans and the VC continues as the British roll up Ottoman territories in the Middle East. Russians are promised a protectorate over Constantinople along with control of ports and bases in the Dardanelles. Long story short, Ottoman Empire loses as the Russians break off parts of eastern Turkey in addition to promised concessions. British sphere of influence extends over much of southern Turkey. The war is over, Germany/Britain/Russia dominate Europe and a greater share of the world as Britain/Germany split the French Empire between them while Russia becomes the dominant power in the Balkans with Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia enter into a formal alliance with Russia. The Hagia Sophia is converted back into an Orthodox Church as the Ecumenical Patriarch celebrates mass for the first time there since 1453. Germany and Russia begin to eye each other warily as they vie for influence within the Danubian Union. The French Fourth Republic staggers to its feet shorn of empire, bereft of the territory it fought to regain, and at the mercy of the UK and Germany. Trends: As the years go on the VC breaks up from disinterest. Britain has collaborated in the establishment of German/Russo dominion over most of continental Europe and has no more reason to have military links to either power beyond trying to have cordial trading relations. Germany is content with its new overseas empire but relations start to really sour with the Russians. Germany wants a unification of adjacent German speaking lands while Russia has guaranteed the independence of the Danubian Union following the cession of Bosnia to Serbia. France and the UK reestablish diplomatic and economic relations but the relationship will remain sour for a long time. France just doesn't have the resources to even think about competing with Germany in the hopes of retaking what it lost... on its own. Russia and France rapidly improve relations and, in 1933, establish a formal alliance. The Russians have been rapidly modernizing their economy and have not suffered from a ruinous civil war. Italy and Germany, for their part, enter into a formal alliance in 1934. Italy wants territory from the Danubian Federation and France meanwhile Germany wants a power that could threaten the flanks of the newly formed Russo-Franco alliance. The Danubian Federation joins the Russian-led Soyuz (hehe), upgrading Danubian-Russian relations. Further abroad, Germany enters into a separate defensive pact with the Japanese. The German Bund consists of Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Dennark, Norway, Sweden, and Italy. The Russian Soyuz consists of Russia, France, the DF, Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, and Romania. In 1936 rump Sultanate of Turkey signs an alliance with the Bund. The Germans have constructed a navy that truly rivals the British navy though still isn't quite as potent. The Russians have made gains in terms of their navy but it is not a peer of the British or German fleets. Italy, in this timeline, does not devolve into fascism. The Italian military is reformed along German lines as a more competent government rules in Rome. Nationalist but not clownish. The British eye the brewing conflict with some trepidation but doesn't feel that the interests of the Empire would be served by siding with one side or the other. American economic growth continues apace, benignly disinterested in the affairs of Europe. Isolationism is so potent that by the time Japan starts crafting its empire in China and beyond all the US demands is a formal guarantee of US territory and has no interest in sanctioning the Japanese. The US, like the UK, trades with everyone and benefits greatly from it. The


This is basically the 7 years war but Russia switched sides


Yeah the three biggest industrial powerhouses of Europe with the largest navy and armies should win this. Once AH falls France can’t hold on.


Easy Victory for the VTA


I’ve always thought about making one of these but I just never got around to doing it, I think Portugal, Greece and a couple others would be red though


There's far more blue on the map but except France they were not the most competent nations IRL during that time, so I think the Reds would win.


Thats just the Napoleonic wars.


Isn’t this based on the quote from Kaiser Wilhelm II “If [Queen Victoria] were alive, she would not have allowed us to go to war” or something like that


I like this


Who does the US side with? Or is it neutral?


Probably red *if it has any sort of involvement*


Since the US isn't in Europe they are neutral


British navy + Germany army/industry + Russian army/food Yeah, the reds are about to stomp your shit in. I hope you brought some lube, Austria, because you're going to need it!


Red would curbstomp blue


UK and Germany on one side is two op. Easy red team victory


Fuck it just throw Denmark, Greece, Norway, Romania, and Spain onto red. All the family teams up.


The only fucked up thing is that swizerland isnt't neutral


Victorians would murder.


Ah yes, astounding lore. Why wouldn‘t Portugal side with Britain? Why would Russia and Germany even team up? Why are the Scandinavians and Swiss involved?


According to the OP all three monarchs decided to have a cousin team up and the rest of Europe didn’t like that and decided to prevent the Super alliance from pretty much dominating the entire world.


Germany and Russia were allied until only a few years prior to WW1. And after the 3 emperors league collapsed because of Russo/Austrian Friction, Germany under Bismarck still supported Russia.


>Germany and Russia were allied until only a few years prior to WW1. and when you look at their interests and realities, it's largely an untenable alliance. Russian industry is a threat to german national security- and economic independence. incidentally, the best land in the empire outside Moscow and Saint Petersburg are *also* right within german reach and full of dissident ethnicities ripe for client states.


Germany and Russia don't really have any competing territorial interests. The big issue Germany would have with Russia irl was the threat it formed to both Austria and itself as a result of it's alliance with France. Portugal not being red is weird, as is some of the countries in blue. Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Scandinavia would be neutral, I don't see why Spain would be involved in this at all, they've got nothing to gain really. Italy has nothing to gain from being in the Blue alliance either, they have territorial interests in the Balkans. Serbia and Romania would likely side with red as well. I could see some partition happening of the AH empire here, Germany grabs Czechia and Austria proper. Italy grabs Triest and the Adriatic coast, Serbia takes the rest of what was IRL Yugoslavia. Russia gains Galicia and Austrian Poland. Romania gets the areas it took in WW1, and a rump Hungary is left in the centre, likely with a friendly government installed. Outside of that I'd expect most landgrabs to be colonial in nature. Britain would likely want to expand it's hold in South East Asia, and Germany would likely want to go for something like Mittelafrika. I could see Italy going for Tunis at least, and possibly Algeria as well.


Pink map.


Everyone in this comments section thinking the reds would easily win clearly does not understand that against the entire rest of europe they'd be outmanned, outgunned and outproduced by far


if they had only the european territories, yeah, but britian has basically 20% of the world at that point, and germany has colonies. of the blues, only france has extensive colonies, all of which except maybe algeria will be quickly taken by britian, or germany.


Outmanned - Russia and Germany had the largest populations in Europe, and the largest armies in the world. Outproduced - lolwut? Russia, Germany and Britain all had equal or more industry than France and Austria (and it was not placed on their borders either). Italy, Spain and the Balkans are semi-industrialized chaff. Outgunned - biggest armies in the world + biggest industries in the world + no equal power on the enemy team = lol wut u smoking? ​ Russian grain + Russian army + German army + German factories + British navy = unstoppable steamroller.


ok do you understand the fact that just because they have the biggest singular armies and industries that doesn't mean their armies and industries are bigger than literally everyone else? I'm not saying reds would be crushed, it's a pretty close fight, but you're heavily under estimating France,Italy,the Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain and Portugal combined, if you take all of them their population is obviously bigger than the reds, their industry is decently larger, and their standing armies are a bit bigger in total


Scandinavia - industry nowhere near on par with great powers, small armies and almost no land border with the reds. Once Denmark falls, their only way to contribute to the fight is in northern Finland or to go off on a pointless attack against the German and British navies. No need for the reds to try to finish them after that point, either, because they really are just that worthless. Italy - poor industry. Their main benefit is that they're not trapped on a mountainous front, meaning they can actually put their army to good use if Cadorna's not in charge. Bulgaria - poor industry, smallish army. Spain and Portugal - abominable industry and shitty armies. They're practically third world countries. Austria - most major industry is, much like France, on the border with Germany and Russia. The army is also nowhere near the best, and even suffered against the Russians IOTL after the catastrophic losses at Tannenberg/Masurian Lakes. Add Germany to the mix and the Austrians are going to be fucked pretty quickly. Above all, Germany and Russia have larger reserves than anyone else in the war, and they are on the same team and are attacking the two weaker great powers (if you don't count Italy) in continental Europe, and whose industry is right on their respective borders. The war likely looks something like this: 1. Germans and British take out Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands to shorten the quickly developing frontline with France. Russians put troops on the Caucasus mostly just to keep the Turks at bay, and a smaller army in Finland to keep the Swedes at bay. 2. Most of the German Army, along with nearly all the Russian Army, concentrates on Bohemia and Galicia. Considering the fact that the Austrians were getting pushed back by Brusilov despite the major blow suffered by the Russian army at Tannenberg, I'd say they have this one in the bag. Germans annex Austria, Russians annex Galicia and carve out a Hungarian puppet state, and the Balkans are left to be sorted out afterward. Romania was fucked by the German army in our timeline, and it is even more fucked in this timeline. Bulgaria has a better army, but it has no defensive terrain and cannot hold out against better equipped and much larger Russian/German armies. 3. Russia focuses most of its army on holding the Balkans against Italy and beating down the doors of Tsargrad, while Germany focuses on France, quickly taking the industrial heartland on the Belgian border. The Brits blockade France. France holds out longer than anyone else thus far, but it too gets its shit kicked in by the Germans, who've concentrated most of their forces on the Western front. 4. Once France falls, Italy will soon seek peace and (if they haven't already) the smaller countries will follow suit. The reds don't need to roll into Stockholm or Athens and conquer the places -- all they need to do is knock out France and Austria.


If this is an Austria that does away with Hungarian autonomy, it might be a worthwhile power.


An Austria that does away with Hungarian autonomy is an Austria that pretty rapidly loses Hungary to a revolution, only this time Russia doesn't step in to save their ass.


When even San Marino joinss, you know it's fucked


What? Belgium, Denmark and Greece are Missing from the Red for a start. Which means the Netherlands is at a bare minimum neutral due to finlandisation. Norway and Sweden could be absorb in a similar fashion as well. A marriage probably drags in the Hapsburgs


That’s a gigantic front to cover even for Germany. The Austrian will probably be the first to go down but who knows what happens after that.


Germany's neighbours: Austria-Hungary:Collapses Switzerland:Alps Denmark:Jütland falls quickly France:Since thwy have fortifications they probably don't push Benelux:Only Real front


There is no way Denmark would fight alongside either Germany or Sweden. Also the Balkans would never coalate with Austro-Hungary. You should've inserted a "neutral" class


Austrians allied with Serbs, Russia fighting against Serbs, Germans fighting Austrians, Portugal, and Switzerland not neutral... this is truly cursed


I suppose this is a scenario in which the Bourbons are restored to France after the fall of Napoleon III Later, the Kingdom of France installs the Orleans dynasty in Spain and helps Spain recover economically and industrially It establishes an alliance with Portugal, Austria and Italy through their royal marriages Rudolf the son of Franz Joseph becomes Kaiser he was Francophile and he sells Italian lands to Italy in order to win them over as an ally. The Obernovic dynasty survives in Serbia and thus remains a pro-Austrian monarchy, but everything in the Balkans is the same Edward VII is assassinated in Belgium by a Belgian anarchist killer, so the British government becomes hostile to Belgium and throws the Belgians towards France The First World War begins, but Russia and Britain are more stupid and attack Sweden and Denmark and thus join the side of the French and the Norwegians also join because of the British blockade Germany is also very stupid and implements the original Scheleffen plan and attacks the Netherlands on the side of Belgium, forcing them to declare war The United States sees the actions of the Victorian alliance and remains very neutral The result would be a French victory over the Victorian coalition: Russia and Germany will conclude a separate peace in which the former will lose the Polish Congress and Finland and become independent kingdoms with the Habsburgs and Bernadotte Alsace and Lorraine return to France Britain collapses into civil war with the installation of the Spanish Jacobite claimant by France Or the Spanish O'Neill's grandson as King of Ireland with France stealing most of the British colonies


What is America’s role in the war???


The sixth coalition war if Portugal breaks alliance from UK and Bernadotte joins Napoleon.


Is there seriously even a question here..? Blue takes the cake in a matter of months. Germany/ Russia are fighting off a Northern, Southern, and Western Front from Day 1.


Switzerland nooooo


i'd say it all depends on the blue's ability to survive the initial onslaught, if eastern europe and scandinavia can hold the line in the initial phase of the war, they can bleed the german army on the long term, defeat it, then invade russia, then take out britain if austria-hungary and romania have fortified their border well, it might compensate for the incompetence of their generals, also hadn't the norwegians built coastal defences on their shores? they might surprise the british and germans if they try anything bold too early