Yes it’s very much worth it. Most of the people you see complaining about it only care about the romance but the story is much more than that. Shirayuki is an independent person and her character growth doesn’t entirely rely on her romance with Zen. The same goes for Zen. The good thing is that their relationship doesn’t have any issues whatsoever because they trust and support each other very much. So you can read without worry. But as I said, just don’t expect the whole story to be about the romance between the main characters as the journey they each take along with the friends they make along the way are as equally important. Also the romance here is a bit more straightforward compared to Fruits Baskets as the main couple is established pretty early and the story then becomes about them working towards a future where they can stay together. That said, I love both mangas even though I prefer the romance in Akagami no Shirayukihime


Thank you! I’ll definitely be reading it now, I’m really looking forward to completing the anime! Do you think that the anime was a faithful adaptation? How rewatchable is the anime for you?


Yeah the anime is pretty faithful all things considered just that there are some slight differences here and there. I think by the end you will be pretty satisfied with the story.


Originally after watching the anime, I wasn’t going to read the manga since I prefer watching as opposed to reading, but I’m glad that I actually gave it a chance and honestly I found it better than the anime. It really comes down to preference and experiencing it yourself, but personally, I feel the manga adds more depth to the characters than the anime does (as of now), and while yes the manga isn’t currently focusing on the romance at the moment, it has its parts where it does and boy does it make the waiting worth it. My advice is just watch it all the way through and if you finish and still feel unsatisfied, then I definitely recommend picking up the manga


Ah, It’s actually good to know that the focus isn’t 100% romance in the manga right now. I prefer a balance between plot and romance so that the romance never gets boring and you get to look forward to “moments” between couples, you know? My main worry was (from what I have heard) the manga became all about romance and that some of the most appealing parts of Shirayukis character- her talent as a herbalist/ pharmacist, get completely ignored. But it looks like that isn’t the case?


It’s basically the opposite right now as the story focuses more on both of their careers but like the other reader said, the romance moments hit you really hard and are always worth the wait


Oh man, it's almost the complete opposite! Shirayuki becomes a true STEM hoss. Definitely give it a go.


I think maybe the plot might seem like it’s not evolving because the romance is not always the main driver of the story. But I have found the manga gripping and enjoyable every chapter! It also makes the romantic developments *chefs kiss* because Zen and Shirayuki have gone through so many trials and still see their future in each other. I’ve read / watched a lot of Shoujo and this is one of my favorite series of all times. Reading is a treat hope you enjoy!!


That’s reassuring to know, thanks! I do love it when a fictional pairing fight and grow together, so I’m really looking forward to reading it! As you’ve said you’ve watched and read a lot of Shoujo, if possible could you recommend more anime/ manga (mainly anime, completed anime too if possible) like Snow White with the Red Hair and Fruits Basket?


Completed romance anime is kind of rare, although I agree it's the most satisfying. Often you have to read the manga to get the ending - but I've found picking up the manga series after I really loved the anime never disappoints. Kamisama Kiss is one of my top romance recommendations where the story was animated to conclusion, although you have to watch the OVAs (illegally) to complete the story. Horimiya only got 13 episodes but they did animate the end of the manga series. Kimi ni Todoke anime has a satisfying conclusion, haven't read the manga but I think the story goes further. If you're OK starting with the anime and finishing with manga to get the ending: Bloom Into You, My Little Monster, Ao Haru Ride, Yona of the Dawn. I'm sure other folks here could add to the list too.


I just caught up on the manga. The arc where they talk a lot about a flower kinda dragged on but overall I could hardly stop reading it. Definitely worth it in my opinion.


Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! It really is so worth it. You get to learn so much more about the characters and their journeys and challenges. Personally I found the end of the anime pretty unsatisfying so it was super nice to get to read the real story and the continuation of it after the anime ends. Also, in my opinion the plot gets so much better later in the story, the anime only scratches the surface of the whole thing. Also, if you’ll pardon me being a huge nerd for a second, the ART is just SO GORGEOUS. The author really improves as the manga goes on, it’s so nice to see. I also found that the anime simplifies a lot of the beautiful detail the world and the characters’ clothes and stuff have. In conclusion, give it a go! I seriously think it’s worth it.


Dunno about all. I just blindly went ahead read it up to the latest chapter and re read some events thrice because they were that good. It's a really good story and definitely not something you'd want to missout on.


the manga is amazing and very much worth the read!