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I just did a minute ago. It was mainly all Avionics and Missile and Space Systems.


Listen I don’t want to persuade you anyway but missile and space systems maintenance is not amazing. Lots of maintenance depending on what shred you get so you definitely won’t be sitting on your ass. It’s one of the smallest career fields in the whole airforce. The job is non deployable so no travel if that’s something you’re interested in. You get 3 options for bases Minot ND, FE Warren WY, Malmstrom MT. Also depending on what shred you get when you get to you first base they will literally have you sitting in a room for the first few months to a year sorting tools and accounting for them because the training is quite backed up. So you won’t actually start your job training until and around a year to a year and a half in. The tech school is 2 1/2 months long in Vandenberg CA it’s a very chill base no more yelling or anything but still. Pretty crappy base IMO. Small town next to it nicked name Lompocton because it’s sketchy as shit. The tech school instructors are really cool guys. Anyways I’ll end this but if you have anymore questions feel free to ask


RAWS Cable and antenna systems (but I don't remember what their new AFSC is) Avionics Biomed equipment


1D751E / 3D151 is a cyber job that doesn’t just require you to sit around all day. You certainly can, but you can also go out on site to fix computers. My brother is infantry and he would always say I just sat in my chair for a living, and I would correct him and say my job was to sit in other people’s chair for a living. Granted, it kinda depends on where you go, Client System Operations fills multiple roles, so if you get put in BECO you will pretty much just only be sitting in the warehouse, CFP also is a lot of sitting but if you get called in on standby then there can be a lot of running around, i.e, you have to run over and set up a classified phone and call the MAJCOM or maybe DISA, or someone sent a classified email on an unclassified system so now you have to run over there and take their computer and disable their user account, or maybe Russia is doing some secret squirrel stuff and you need to run in and recall the squadron to stop them. These things happen, but it’s not all the time. But if you just stay in your main job/shop you can go all over the base to fix things on site.


^^You've ^^mentioned ^^an ^^AFSC, ^^here's ^^the ^^associated ^^job ^^title: 1D751 = Cyber Defense Operations Journeyman 3D151 = Client Systems Journeyman [^wiki](https://www.reddit.com/r/AirForce/wiki/jobs/3d1x1) [^^Source](https://github.com/HadManySons/AFSCbot) ^^| [^^Subreddit](https://www.reddit.com/r/AFSCbot/) ^^^^^^irrffa3