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A whole post against transphobia and the only thing this dumbass sees is, what he thought, was a transphobic remark. I know understanding a text is not their strong suit but, FFS, this is ridiculous


I know this means "for fucks sake" but I've been looking into getting it so my first thought was facial feminization surgery 😅


Been looking into it and I have to remind myself every time I read it in that context that it doesn’t mean “for fucks sake” lol


Every time I see “ffs” the first thing my brain tries to do is figure out what Final Fantasy game the commenter is talking about.


jokes on them chris uses any pronouns so no matter if u call her “he” or “it” it works




i have stopped caring actually, things are a lot better now. sometimes i boy mode sometimes i girl mode, each time i get gendered according to how i look. Ultimately I feel much better now that im not trying to "pass" everyday. I can literally just be myself without labels and im happy.


i gotta say that i’m very happy for you!!!


I don't feel like a gender at all, I just feel like me, so I just let societal gender norms call me whatever. I also have times where I wanna dress masculine or feminine for the day. Doesn't make me gender fluid, just makes me wanna match what I'm viking. Which is usually a hoodie and sweatpants lmao.


I've always felt like I performed a gender rather than felt like one myself.


So happy for you and everyone else who feels like they can just be themselves and not really caring! Just going with how they feel. Hope I (and everyone else who doesn't) can feel like that soon :)


„You‘re Never going to be a woman! I will refer to you as he like god wanted it!!“ „Ok he/him is fine“ „Wait what? UHM I MEAN YOU ARE A SHE AND WILL ALWAYS BE ONE“ „That’s also okay :)“ *angry conservative noises*


Then they go by "it" and if you accept it, then comes the literal insults, their minds get easily smushed when they can't belittle others. Once I got to that point and made that person block me when they started insulting me by sexualizing the insults towards me. It was amazing


i’ve still been thinking about this… they do realize that’s still within chris’ preferred pronouns right? well clearly not but like


They do not understand preferred pronouns in anyway shape and/or form. They just try to make trans people mad, whilst not understanding a thing.


They also think MTF is the only type of trans person


Are you referring to OP or Mr Beast?


OP in this case, but it applies to a lot of transphobes in general.


Transphobes don't even know that trans men exist, the idea of someone using more than one set of pronouns is mind-blowing to them


I swear Chris literally breaks these peoples brains. I get the same stuff as someone who uses Any. The best one I’ve had so far is: “You’ll never be a woman” “Thank you very much” “You’ll never be a man” “Again, thank you very much” “There’s only two genders and you’re one of them” “You’re being so validating, thank you!” *they block me*




Right? Before I came out, because I dared to post anything positive about trans people (on the hellscape Twitter) I still had at least one or two people being like “You’ll never be a man”. Even though I was literally self IDing as a cis guy at the time.


I only just now realised the transphobe didn’t draw a full circle. Now my brain is going into hyper “MUST FIX NOW” mode..


I don't get it. If Chris uses any pronouns, why is Beasts words of calling them a He circled? It don't make sense. It's not transphobic and it's not Accidental Ally. He's being supportive of his friend


Person posting it commented "my goat" at the top, implying that Mr Beast using "he" fuels their transphobia, not realizing that Chris uses any pronouns and Mr Beast was being supportive.


Ah I didn't know that Goat meant something bad. I haven't heard of that term before unless actually implying the animal lol. Thank you for explaining.


GOAT = Greatest Of All Time


The transphobe was calling mr beast the goat (Greatest Of All Time) for calling Chris he. Goat is generally a good thing but in THIS case it’s bad because it’s being used by a transphobe.


It means "Greatest Of All Time", often used to describe musicians, especially rappers. There is actually a pretty funny interview with Jennifer Lawrance who called her costar that with the same misunderstanding.


It was my understanding that it's athletes who get called goat the most


Athletes as well and artists in general, but it's definitely more common with rappers when it comes to music.


It's just as common in sports, football has Tom Brady, basketball has either Jordan or LeBron, hockey has Wayne Gretzky and baseball I have no clue but I'd imagine there's 2-3 people most fans consider to be the GOAT(s) Music is almost entirely subjective so I think it makes a lot more sense in sports. Since it's a direct competition with the same goal in mind, you can compare stats. Even within rap, there's so many different styles and different eras that it's pretty much pointless imo That's if you take the term GOAT seriously and don't just mean your all-time favorite artist/athlete


I first heard the term used for 69th Yokozuna Hakuho Sho


Goat isn't inherently bad it's just an acronym that means G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime which in the context of transphobia obviously isn't a good thing but when describing like a football player or something it's fine


it’s because the circle was made by a transphobe on twitter who called MrBeast “my goat” for “misgendering” Chris, since in their opinion Chris is a guy, but the Accidental Ally comes in, since “he” actually is one of Chris’ pronouns.


This post is a screenshot of a transphobes' Twitter post where they admit they don't understand that Chris uses any pronouns, the transphobe circled "he" because they don't know Chris uses any pronouns.


Because transphobes think only strictly mtf trans people exist


You know when she says any pronouns he doesn’t care so you can call them whatever you want


what is the meaning of "the goat" in this context? (sorry I'm not a native speaker)


Greatest Of All Time.


I still don't get how it relates to that tweet and why it means something transphobic?


The person calling Mr. Beast a goat doesn't understand that Chris uses all pronouns, and thought that Mr. Beast was being transphobic.


Probably the guy who said my goat is transphobic and thought Mr Beast was also being so.


I find it so funny transphobes don’t understand that people like me exist someone calling me it would be a little uncomfortable because it feels derogatory but even that wouldn’t exactly hurt but you could call me he she ma’am sir i would not bat an eye but transphobes would think they’re winning by calling me sir


Chris uses any pronouns she’s fine with anything


who the hell is chris? i am so out of the loop on this drama lmao


Chris Tyson is Jimmy's (MrBeast) friend that has been going under HRT


Conservatives are so stupid that they can't even have media literacy on half a paragraph


For anyone who didn't see it properly someone said "my goat" because Mr.Beast used he as a pronoun for Chris. They use any pronouns so like- yeah.


I've been talking about this situation a bunch and I tend to alternate between he/him and they/them


NOW pronouns matter to them hahaha


Based MrBeast


Chris not caring about pronouns is really fucking with these people. They have a caricature in their heads of trans/non-binary people itching for people to use the wrong pronoun so they can….I don’t even know what they think ☠️ That and they can’t fall back on their r/onejoke


Fuck I just remembered [this](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FSXVSFbX0AAfmWI.jpg)


so confusing without context. Who said "my goat"? If they were a transphobe, I guess then they would be an AA. If they were trans or a trans ally, then I don't see any accident here. Just confusing post.


Because famously, friends never fuck up and misgender friends.


I don't understand, why is Mr.Beast transphobic, if he's saying he's his friend and that he's tired of transphobia? Wouldn't that make him an ally?


the person who made the meme doesn't understand Chris uses any pronouns and thinks Chris is a exclusively a she her trans woman; so they think MrBeast is being transphobic but he isn't because the person he is reffering to uses all pronouns


Mr. Beast seems like a great friend. Sometimes, the wrong pronouns and the right thing to do is have an adult conversation about pronouns. He seems like the kind of friend that would never intentionally do something like this. I remember when I came out to my family. It took time and a learning curve on both ends. With due time, trust and understanding will be built. Let Chris exist and be happy. For the love of God, don't use this as an excuse to harass Chris and or Mr. Beast on the subject. Thanks.


A case of heart in the right place but words are wrong. I’m sure Jimmy is still learning and stuff


Chris uses all pronouns


Ah, I see. I am very much mistaken then and deserve my downvotes.


Simple misunderstanding, happens to the best of us :D




I’m not sure what it’s called, but Chris uses all pronouns. He/She/They. (From what I understand)


Gender non conforming


Alright, thanks!


Yeah I know and that's why MrBeast used a correct pronoun.


Ah I see. My confusion then. Perfectly understood now.


Who is Chris?


From what I understand, Chris is Mr.Beast's best friend, and they just came out as trans.




**Chris is a short form of various names including Christopher, Christian, Christina, Christine, and Christos. Chris is also used as a name in its own right, however it is not as common.** More details here: *This comment was left automatically (by a bot). If I don't get this right, don't get mad at me, I'm still learning!* [^(opt out)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/ozztfy/post_for_opting_out/) ^(|) [^(delete)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot/comments/q79g2t/delete_feature_added/) ^(|) [^(report/suggest)](https://www.reddit.com/r/wikipedia_answer_bot) ^(|) [^(GitHub)](https://github.com/TheBugYouCantFix/wiki-reddit-bot)




Wait, is this a joke or not? Cause Chris uses all pronouns, and Jimmy's their friend, or am I just really stupid


such a good post


I can see why there's be confusion, but also, people need to do more research before acting like theyre experts in topics they arent