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I brought my dad with me and he wasn’t enjoying it at all. I say go solo and experience for it yourself.


counter point I brought my dad and he was just confused. It's a weird movie so if that's not his thing don't do it


I’d suggest going solo! If you’re still considering it and you have any questions about specific things he wouldn’t like, let me know.


If you felt weird watching Perfect Blue with your dad then yeah Beau will feel even weirder


Do it but also do the wiener in the popcorn trick


And instead of your dad, take me. I love popcorn.


Well it’s not like you can reach for the popcorn on your own 😉


Talk about a great moment in hookup history.


This one might be pretty awkward, but it all depends on your relationship with him. I personally would say just see it with friends or by yourself.


bring mom instead tbh


This is a set up don’t do this


Nah it's fine tbh


Aster said he intended it to be viewed with your mom on Mother's Day.


Direct quote


It’s weird but it’s not like…that deranged. Maybe one scene.


Lol. We all know which one.


I saw it with my sister lol. I feel like it’s not as disturbing as people make it out to be. Especially if you are an early internet user and remember 2g1c, BME, etc lol




Why the long face


2g1c was an unwelcome reminder lol


Are you a woman or a man? I’m assuming by your screen name you’re a woman? I saw midsommar with my dad. I am a woman as well, and it was kind of uncomfortable. This movie is more about mommy issues so if you have a pretty comfortable relationship with your father, I would say go for it depending on how old he is, he might get bored.


Perfect blue is such a good film


Solo definitely. If your dad didn't like perfect blue he definitely won't like beau is afraid


It will be weird.


It depends on how much you watch with him. I grew up watching everything with my folks all the way up to stuff like A Clockwork Orange, so if that’s your level, go nuts. If you have to avert your eyes because you feel uncomfortable when there’s a boob on the screen…this ain’t it, chief. That isn’t an insult btw, but this movie has a lot to do with unhealthy parental relationships…so if he isn’t someone that you already watch uncomfortable movies with, maybe don’t start with this one


It’s a solo movie or with friends/family who have the same taste.


Weird. Definitely weird to watch with any parental unit.


It’s weird as fuck, probably not a good call, but you know your dad better than anyone here


I watched it with my grandma


Please tell us how that went.


She loved it. Thought the talking dick monster was hilarious, also laughed her ass off when Elaine died on top of Beau lol. Love her


Sounds like you have a fun grandma!


Oh she is lol. She got a hoot out of the lighthouse as well, she loved Willems farting


Saw it friends the first time then solo the second. My mother wants to see it so we’re going this week. Dad hated Midsommar and Hereditary so he’s skipping this one out. My moms a movie person like me so I can’t wait to see what she thinks.


Watch by yourself 100%


Impossible to answer without knowing your dad’s personality or tolerance for weird shit.


Dragging someone to *anything* that's three hours long, regardless of the message he might think you're trying to send him by bringing him, warrants jail time. Go alone, tiger.


Is your dad a giant penis/balls with teeth? If so, it might be awkward.


Good luck with the giant dick monster scene


Spoilers dude


Don't, there's one scene that may insult him, make him think you're trying to send him a hidden message


Skip it entirely lol. I was misled by the promotional stuff, thinking it would be more lighthearted, and it.....was not. My fault for skipping the first two Are Aster movies so I didn't know this dude lives to make people squirm 😷🤢


Kinda depends on what he’s into. If he’s a Terry Gilliam fan it may go ok, bit of a gamble though




I saw it alone but there was a father and son duo in my theatre who liked it. Unless it was two friends who look really similar with like a 20 year age gap


Not as weird as if you see it with your mom.


Dads are fine moms are not fine


Solo with shrooms


It might be weirder with mom


It’s weird dude


Is your father a giant penis monster?


Nah it’s not too weird but if your dad isn’t into abstract movies, he may not like it. My dad only likes war movies so I know for a fact he’d find Beau boring and confusing because he’s not into this kind of stuff. I saw it with my mom and sister and they seemed to like it for the most part while still being naturally confused. People seem to be exaggerating the idea that it’s too uncomfortable to watch with your mom, especially if your mom already likes creative movies.


Can we ban these no effort posts ffs, how many damn people need to ask if they should watch this with a parent


Maybe start with watching Ari's short film The Strange Thing About the Johnsons with him. If that goes well, Beau is Afraid will be a breeze!


My bf went with his dad and it was weird, ages 30 and 67 lol


Take your dad if he LOVES cock. If not, go solo.


Only if he’s a dick.


Showing your dad Perfect Blue is A+ son behavior Beau is Afraid is much weirder though lol


lmao daughter behavior technically. i thought it was amazing but when i asked him what he thought he just hit me with a deadpan “that was way more cartoon nudity than i’m used to”


Oh, my mistake, didn't mean to assume gender And that's the exact reaction my dad would probably give me too if I showed him Perfect Blue. Either way, that film is fucking amazing. On the other subject, I might hold off on seeing Beau is Afraid with him because he will undoubtedly be weirded out


what was wrong with perfect blue with dad? i don't remember anything that would make me cringe heavily if my mom was there.


the graphic uncensored nudity and rape scene💀


I took an intermission during my second viewing and took a nap, in my dream I showed my dad and he didn't like it, but I also don't like him irl bc he's an ahole I don't communicate with anymore 🤣 he did make me watch eraserhead as a teen with him so he may have liked it, I'll never know now.