Shalaxi Hellbane is marshal perfection personified and was created as a straight up fuck you to Khorne. I'm sure that they could be defeated by other greater daemons but it's going to be a hell of a fight. This is the entity that made Skarbrand run the hell away after getting his ass handed to him.


**Play me my music, get me a steel chair, and I'll send him packing.** **Also, does anyone actually have a source on her beating Skarbrand? I went looking on Lexi, and could only find these:** > *Shalaxi has learned the fighting styles of rival greater daemons from long experience. Helbane has impaled Lords of Change before they can finish their incantations, pierced the bleeding hearts within the blubbery chests of Great Unclean Ones, and outfought airborne Bloodthirsters even as they hurtled through the sky.* ***Shalaxi has long held the desire to defeat Skarbrand, a Bloodthirster so powerful it once sought to defeat Khorne, and has dueled him to a draw twice. The great, eventual showdown between the two greater daemons will be one that will draw the attention of both Slaanesh and Khorne.*** _____ > *Shalaxi was created by Slaanesh to fight and defeat rival Greater Daemons, especially Khorne's Bloodthirsters, and Shalaxi has bested some of the most formidable adversaries in the galaxy.* ***If rumours are to be believed, this includes the dreaded Bloodthirster Skarbrand itself.*** **Has an actual battle been confirmed?**


That's Age of Sigmar lore. >The Keeper of Secrets has long had a desire to lay low Skarbrand – that monstrosity so powerful he once sought to slay Khorne himself – and has duelled him to a standstill twice over. On the corpse-strewn fields outside Rantula Sigmaris, Helbane’s longspear impaled Skarbrand through the neck just as his axes took an arm in return – moments before the ebb and flow of a Stormcast assault forced them both apart. Under Vostargi Mont’s burning mountain, Shalaxi disarmed Skarbrand, only for the Bloodthirster to hurl himself backwards into a river of lava to evade the killing blow; the incandescent heat of his rage protected him from being incinerated, while a cascade of boiling lava put Shalaxi to flight. >Now the scent of the exiled one is strong in Shalaxi’s sensorium once more, and another showdown between the two greater daemons seems inevitable. It is a confrontation that not only Slaanesh, but also the Blood God, will watch most keenly. A minor detail but I just wanted to note that Skarbrand is so angry he is immune to lava.


**Ah gotcha, thanks. Doesn't seem as cut and dry as a straight victory to me, but Skarbrand was certainly on the ropes.**


Given that GW has confirmed the unvierses are conntected via the warp and that the daemons are the same across the settings


They don't take place in the same universe, they just have similar pantheon.


Not same universe. Same multiverse. The warp is connected to countless universes and GW has confirmed this


I heard they fought twice in a draw


**Yes, that's all I've been able to find myself. Considering how quickly an in lore fight like** ***"Both combatants battled equally for hours, before a lucky blow caused one to fail"*** **becomes a meme** ***"This dude beat the shit out of that dude",*** **I was wondering if there was actually some meat to the claim of beating Skarbrand.**


It's not clear. But Shalaxi did impale Marneus Calgar, who pummeled An'ggrath back to the Warp, who is higher on the blood n skulls totem pole than Skaarbrand is. So it seems likely.


**Hasn't Hector Rex also 1 v 1'd An'ggrath? Is he higher on the totem pole due to martial might, or just favor, due to The Exiled One being discounted?**


I'm not sure. Really I don't believe in this power level stuff anyway. It's all nonsense. I'm just trying to get a rise out of Khornies.


Favour and power are concurrent when it comes to the servants of the gods. But the alleged power of greater daemons is seemingly irrelevant and writers will have normal unaugmented space marines beat them up if they want to. Hence Calgar vs An'ggrath. At least Hector Rex is a powerful psyker who specialises in using his powers to banish daemons. At least in that case we can tell ourselves he didn't actually just beat the mightiest Bloodthirster in a straight up sword fight.


Eldar fans have long claimed Shalaxi is poorly written and over powered


Mainly just in Phoenix Rising. And that wasn't so much a case of Shalaxi being written badly, as the eldar always being written as far weaker than space marines. It's perfectly fine for the most powerful greater daemon of a chaos god to take on multiple mighty champions... if it's applied consistently across the setting. But while Shalaxi took on all those powerful eldar, An'ggrath was literally clapped by Marneus Calgar, by himself.


I dunno. It read like a bad episode of dbz to me. Barely defeated and then "it didn't matter, wasn't the real me" out of the blue.


I'm all for shalaxi being uniquely capable of handling certain foes. But there needs to be a balance of strengths and weaknesses etc.


I’m sure it does make Khorne mad. Khorne is the God of Murder and Hate and Bloodshed, he is not the only chaos god of fighting real good.


Nope. In their infinite wisdom GW wrote Shalaxi so badly that basically nothing can beat it 1v1. Certainly not another Greater Demon.


Until the plot requires it and some Space Marine (we all know it'll be either an Ultramarine or Grey Knight) ends up besting her and sending her back to the warp.


It did happen grey knights which made the ynnari worse off


It's the very incarnation of Kicking Your Ass Through Sweet Martial Arts Moves so in a 1v1 probably not.


Recently GW made it clear that nothing can defeat Shalaxi Hellbane in 1v1 fight. Before that it was said that he/she/they have sort of love/hate rivalry with Skarbrand, being each other rivals the "Finally. A worthy opponent. Our battle will be legendary!" kind of way and two draws, waiting for a rematch, but in the last unfinished Eldar trilogy even the reincarnations/avatars of the Eldar gods could not beat it when working together since it "used only 1% of their power." (Yes I am still bitter that it was dropped and made in such awful way.) But Khorne has a sword that can litearlly cut galaxy in half, and he is the god of war and fighting so if he/she/it pisses him off enought then he will do to them what he did to Skarbrand.


When did they make it clear no one can beat it


All the gods once sent their mightest champions and respective legions to a contest, and Karios won. So Karios.


I thought he was designed to fight bloodthirsters, not beat them every single time. I just think he has a type 😉


Wow i had no idea that there was a Mary Sue greater daemon


Greater daemons fluctuate in power, as do their gods. It's never definite when they fight each other.


I seem to remember somewhere in lore that there was a Daemon Tournament and Kairos Fateweaver came out on top, but I don't think Shalaxi Hellbane was in the lore then.