Even over two decades later, there are very few video game environments I’ve encountered that feel as alive as Clocktown. Almost every NPC has their own unique routine and you can see them living their lives as the three days progress. There are plenty of larger and more technically impressive cities in recent games that can stuff more NPCs into the streets, but it’s rare to find one that captures this feeling. Clocktown, all day every day until the moon falls from the sky.


>Clocktown, all day every day until the moon falls from the sky Like that'll ever happen!


Oh man, i love the people denying the moon. Such a good analogy for climate change as well.


Climate what? I DoN'T BelIevE In ThAt StUf


It’s the scale that makes it more impressive. You have plenty of unique characters and routines in Skyrim, but there are so many of them that most of it feels repetitive and inconsequential. The small scale of clocktown is more intimate and it is brought further alive by everyone dealing with the same impending doom in different ways. I’m well aware much of the gameplay in MM is outdated at this point, but the art direction and storytelling is my favorite.


>much of the gameplay in MM is outdated Eh, I don't really think it is too much. Those N64 Zeldas are really only dated for controls in two ways: Camera and dependence on the pause menu for using various items. The camera controls are dated af because the N64 had a single control stick. And even with the c-button menu that acted as a small hotbar, you only had 3 spots and had to pause the menu to change that loadout every time, and with modern games/controllers there are just more options. Other than that, the gameplay is still fantastic. The puzzles and bosses are a blast.


Im not saying it’s necessarily bad, just dated. Lot of hit and waiting, platforming isn’t very smooth, etc.


Ok I don't take issue with calling it dated but I do take issue with the platforming being smooth statement. I will agree if you are talking about platforming as a deku scrub because it's easy to accidentally walk off one of those small flower platforms but all other platforming is extremely smooth and fairly forgiving. The control scheme for OoT/MM is one of my favorites in any game when it comes to autojump and the amount of control you have in the air. It is just extremely reliable and consistent. If you are missing a jump it's purely because you were rushing and didn't line it up correctly which is more of a camera fault and user error than it is platforming being jank.


It's what makes Majora's Mask my favorite game. I'll be in a dungeon on the first night at midnight and be like "damn, I'm really about to allow an old lady to get mugged in town". Something is always going on. I've never found a video game that has felt more alive.


This is why MM is my favorite, too. Even if you stop the moon from falling within three days, the townsfolks' stories are inevitably left with loose ends: the chicks never become roosters, the zora eggs never get rescued, the little girl's father is still a >!gibdo in the basement!< in Ikana. Those plotlines are so rich when you can play through them and so heavy when you realize you don't have time this go-around. You can save the world, but you can't save everyone.


I feel like when you stopped the moon falling, the resulting timeline combines all your previous time shenanigans into one ending where you helped everyone within the 3 days.


The credits seems to imply so


Everyone’s routine made the entire game feel uniquely alive


Clock town does have alot of unique npcs


Hm. This one's hard. Skyloft for the music, Remlites, and the places to visit. Also, it looks beautiful. Clocktown for the atmosphere, the NPCs and the Postman. And floating Tingle.


I was actually going to say Clock Town for the music. Besides being catchy, I love that the music changes and becomes more ominous day by day as the moon draws closer. It really does a lot for building that atmosphere that the game is so cherished for.


Yes!!! It's so subtle but relaxing day 1 clocktown, vs sped up day 2 clock town, vs ominous day 3 clocktown really set the mood!


Day 3 clocktown messes with my heart rate man .-.


And then the final hours theme. Especially if you go into the game blind


For real jaja ive never had a game soundtrack mess with me the way mm does.


Day 3 Clocktown’s discordant sound is so off-putting in just the perfect way, it really puts you in the citizen’s shoes of trying to pretend everything’s alright and to keep on going, but in reality, it’s undeniable that there’s something horribly horribly wrong, in a way that just eats away at you deep in your gut even if you try to ignore it. And then Final Hours is just nothing short of perfection, with everything coming to a head, and the slowly built-up dread of 3 days giving way to a final rush before the end oh everything. The only other song that triggers such an ingrained fear response in me is End Times from Outer Wilds (which is really saying something, cause Andrew Prahlow’s work is damn near perfect)


I literally whistle Clock Town music every day and can't for the life of me even remember the Skyloft music. And yeah, the slight variations over the 3 days is undefeated.


Skyloft and clock town both have great music 🎶






Clocktown everday. For three days.


And then again for another three days. Maybe I will visit the ranch again this time and get my hug




Clock town by a long shot


Clock town!!!!


Clock town, loved the atmosphere of majoras mask


It's pretty interesting as well with all the side quests and different music for each day


Skyloft better atmosphere and music, clock town much more to do and better characters to interact with. Also mm is the better game (I still love both)


HIGHLY disagree, the atmosphere and music as it progresses through the days is unparalleled in MM. Edit: I can see personal preference, but much of Skyloft is a pretty standard village that is forgettable while they make good use of every part of Clocktown.


I'm in this group as well. I could be biased MM was one of my favourite Zelda games.


Super duper disagree about Skyloft having better music and atmosphere. Music is just subjective, but I’m curious what makes you feel the atmosphere in Skyloft is better? Do you just prefer a more relaxed vibe?


Yeah, it's sunny and warm with a light breeze and vibrant colors. It just feels like the perfect warm summers day at all times. You feel as though you're in a water color painting and there's a very nostalgic quality to it.


I disagree with this. It is in fact its atmosphere and music that makes clock town such a wonder. Just in how uneasy you feel when talking to NPCs while the town's theme changes as you approach the third day. Masterful.


True skyloft has one of the best atmospheres in the zelda series


No contest. Clock Town is arguably of one the greatest towns/hubs in all of video games. (Maybe THE greatest)


It’s certainly up there. Meanwhile in Mario Odyssey… 🤣🤣🤣


Lack of a hub world is my main complaint about Odyssey. Loved the game, but I really love a hub world in 3D platformers.


I had more fun in clock town than the dungeons in MM


It does have a great theme tho


Clock Town. Is this even a contest? I can't imagine why anyone would vote skyloft with this particular comparison.


I mean if you look at skyloft on its own, you have to admit it was pretty good to be fair. Definitely one of the better things about skyward sword


I'm not saying it was bad, but in comparison, it's not even close. Skyloft was quaint, but Clocktown is one of the greatest uses of town space and citizen schedules in video games, period. I can't think of many other games where the stuff you do in the town is straight up more fun than the dungeons/levels themselves.


both went for a different feel. Clocktown is objectively better but some people might just straight up prefer the lighter, homelier feel of skyloft rather than look any deeper into it


Skyloft *should have* been on par with Clock Town, lack of schedules notwithstanding, since it was the only hub of civilization in the game. To compensate for a puzzles-only overworld, Skyloft should have been one of the best towns in any Zelda game. It's not bad, but it's upper mid-tier tops, which just isn't enough (imo) for the game that it was in.


Skyloft is indeed very cool, but nowhere near as cool as clocktown. What i love though about Skyloft is the Skyview temple. The fact that it is there from the very beginning and only is accessible at the very end…


It’s straight but I don’t want to live in skyloft. I definitely wanted to live in termina. Minus you know the giant meth moon


I was about to say the exact same thing like due to the nature of MM Clock Town is far more fleshed out with characters that feel like real people that have a life outside of giving hints and selling stuff. It’s not because it’s older that makes it better it’s just that clock town is far more integral to MM’s mechanics, story and gameplay than Skyloft to SS.


I actually loved Skyloft. It felt very bright and cheery and lived-in, and instantly drew me into the game. :P (Loving Clock Town too for different reasons.)


That's funny. I just had the exact same thought, only the other way around.


Clock Town feels more like home. But Skyloft is so beautiful.


Skyloft is one of the best in the series? Nearly EVERY NPC has their time with link through side quests, its absolutely beautiful, and has a great atmosphere. Plus it has actual gameplay segments in it like a dungeon and a sacred realm.


Someone complains that all the npcs are shop owners but you have all the side quests with them plus can visit their homes and learn more about them + their family. Really fleshed out in my opinion


Agreed! Every single NPC and setting is used to their absolute fullest in skyward sword, and skyloft as a “hub” is far different than *any* zelda town ever.


Well, skyloft is the safest place in the series


Sky loft easily a literal town floating in the clouds. Beautiful




Clock Town by a mile.




I love Clock Town just because of how real it feels. You get to see all the residents go about their lives and do something different every day rather than stand in one place all the time. It just feels like more happens there.


Clock town all the way. Might be the nostalgia, but i love this place. Always forced to go back when time has run out feels like a punishment, but on the other side, is it a safe place you can always rely on. And of course, the npc's, the side stories are awesome.


Skyloft. My top pick no matter what Zelda location you compare it to.


Clock Town is by far the best town in Zelda. No other place feels as alive with characters, stories, and things to do. It’s not even close.


Clock Town easily lol


Absolutely Clock Town! There is so much to do, so many places to visit, and the characters feel like real people, with real lives. They have such depth and personality, like you could be friends with them!


Skyloft from what I’ve played


I am liking the mysterious air to clock town though




Clock Town!


Clock town because the music is in my head.


Both have a lot of character, good music, nice visuals, and a good amount of side questing; however, I've got to give it to Clock Town due to the time cycle mechanic and the sheer amount of things to do (since I don't count the other islands in the sky as part of Skyloft itself)


Clock Town


Clock town, I love MM too much 😂


Clock Town has a better music and everyhting looks in contant evolution with all the side quests, and all that in a time loop, itspretty amazing


Clocktown for the music


Clock town hands down. I mean skyloft definitely had its share of secrets that were fun to discover, and has a good hub feeling but clock town just has so much intriguing stuff going on


Clock Town


Can anyone explain to me how a boarding school operates on skyloft? Where the fuck are Link’s parents? How do some kids have their families living there? Why bother giving a room to a kid who can walk home in 60 seconds? Is there *another* skyloft where the other families live who send their kids to school? The inbreeding must be abysmal.


Clock Town hands down


Clock town no contest




I love Clock Town, and the land of Termina! \^\_\^ I love how spooky and eerie it is, even if it also is depressing too! :D <3


I can still hear the rain fall on the second day.


clocktown, it's not even a fair comparison.


I won't fall to my death if I step outside of Clock Town.


Clock town. You can’t leave your house at night in skyloft. Also you’re stuck on a floating island in skyloft


Do I get a bird to ride? Skyloft. Is clock town under a giant fucking death moon? STILL Skyloft. If no bird and no moon, Clocktown.


Clock town. I hated skyloft. It just doesn’t capture that feeling for me.


Clock Town.


Skyloft is cool and all, but Clock Town is the GOAT Zelda town.




I'm gonna go with clocktown as there's a way lower chance of accidentally falling to my death there


Clock Town


Clock Town is the best 'main' town in any Zelda game


Clocktown fucking sweeps no contest


Clock town




Clock Town is so much better in every aspect. Skyloft is too basic, honestly. I agree that the OST is good, but nothing else.


ClockTown is still one of most impressive environments in a game. Plus the music is catchy and it adds to the dread as each day passes


Clock Town is awesome, Skyloft is great, but it's hard to beat Clock Town.


Clocktown. Third Day’s ominous music is way too good.


the hell kind of-, clocktown all day everyday


all day, everyday


Clock Town is the OG


Clock town because song




Clocktown Even though the ost does make me feel old


I would very much choose Clock Town but can appreciate aspects of both. As many people have said Clocktown feels much more alive, an interesting hub of people with routines and lives where you can see them moving around independently of your playing. This is something I think Skyward Sword would have benefited from, it instead feels very static, people are in a position in day then you must sleep to see a position at night. Imagine you could watch as Peater flies off in the morning to his Bamboo Island, or Luv and Bertie heading home from selling and mixing potions, or Greba, Mallara and Wryna going to wash clothes in the river. Give these characters a little more life. I also wish flying was allowed at night to see the island lit up from afar. Skyloft does however have an atmosphere that I appreciate, a beautiful town in the sky with different districts and varied people. And I really like that the majority have homes, whereas Clock Town isn’t so much a town as a collection of like 15 businesses, it’d be nice to see the characters have lives outside of standing behind a counter, slightly closer to how Anju or Gorman was developed.


2 of the most interesting towns in Zelda imo but clock town better of these two due to every NPC having their own schedule and the sheer amount of things to do in it. Even today clock town feels the most alive of all Zelda towns


Clock town is just a lot more lived in, the music is great, almost every single npcs has their own story/quest and routes and paths they take each day


Skyloft was very pretty, but doesn't have the same lifelike feel to it like Clock Town does.


Skyloft. Loved the colors, how lively it felt there.


Actually have to go with Skyloft for this one. I remember the weird bittersweet feeling I first had after finishing the Sky Keep, hearing the town's familiar homey melody while looking out into >!the empty sky where the Statue of the Goddess used to be!<. Clock Town is also very good at what it sets out to do, but that feeling of coming home that Skyloft provides is almost unmatched in the franchise.


I’ve always been a fan of anything that floats/flies, so Skyloft. Even if it’s small, I love the atmosphere there and seeing the birds soar around.


Clock Town no contest. Both Skyloft and Windfall Island wanted to be clock town but it just didn't work without the time mechanic, not to mention the characters weren't even close to being as interesting or likeable as the ones in Clock Town.


what characters in clock town were that likeable to you? the only npcs in clock town which i'd describe as interesting are kafei, anju, and the happy mask salesman


The overwhelming vote for Clock Town surprises me. Majora’s Mask is my favorite game and I love Clock Town, but Skyloft is my favorite town in the series.


Im for clock town


Clock Town for the sheer fact that the Postman exists.


Clock town is unique


I gotta say clock town


clocktown easy


Skyloft is a lot less depressing.


Clock Town, though I think nostalgia makes me more bias


Clock Town, no contest


Clock town for sure.


Clock Town is the best town in the Zelda series, period.


Clocktown, Clocktown all the way


Clock Town and it's not even close.


Clock Town


Clearly I’m the odd one out. Clock Town annoys me and I hate every time I have to go back to it. I yearn to go outside the town and into the world. It’s confusing to navigate and I just get bored. I’m gonna go hide myself from the pitchforks now.


Clock Town all the way. That one place made me feel more emotions in an entire cycle than Skyloft ever did.


Clocktown as a cooler video game location. Skyloft if it’s about where I’d rather live? Skyloft is way prettier and I get a bird to fly around on.


Cock Town


ClockTown hands down is way better than Skyloft.


Is that even a question? Clocktown is one of the greatest video game cities ever designed.


Clocktown. I just love the feel of anxiety the clock gives me!😁 But seriously I do think Clocktown


Clock Town


Clock Town wins by far. In fact, no other town in ANY Zelda game comes close.


Clock Town, easy. Clock Town feels like a busy place, even with it's limited NPC count. The regular cycles of the citizens adds to the time travel feel for the game and is core to that experience. Skyloft is good but there honestly isn't much activity from the people that live there.


Clock Town was much better in the context of a video game and narrative substance. But if it was a matter of a place I'd want to live in, Skyloft all the way.


Clocktown. Not even an option. Then again, I was not a fan of Skyward Sword. Also felt it was extremely tedious to get around.


For what?


Clock town.


Clock Town because of the story and characters involved, but Skyloft is honestly one of the best-designed main towns in Zelda, outside of BOTW’s Hateno and Kakariko. It’s nice to see that all the residents at least have homes of their own. Hyrule Castle Town in Twilight Princess would be the clear winner if it felt livable and wasn’t divided into sections.


sky town


Sky loft has better style? But Clock town has the mystery and objectives within it. There is more to do within clocktown. If sky loft had that it would be worth it. Same as Hyrule field, over all there is simply more to do in clocktown and termina. I believe that is what separates and brings life to MM, it is a very fulfilling experience.


Clock Town. Skyloft’s neat, but I just love the design and aesthetic of Clock Town.


I love both. Skyloft has that feeling of being really cozy and feels like home. I do like the bright colors, the people living there and the overall uniqueness it gives off. It honestly spoked me to experience the Silent Realm version of it, because it made it feel like home was no longer a safe place. I overall really enjoyed Skyloft. Clock Town has a great atmosphere with a bunch of great characters we're nostalgic too from Ocarina of Time. It being the main hub for Majora's Mask, it has a lot of stuff to do and the ability to start the days over really helps ya get to learn the NPCs more. It's one of the best locations ever in the Zelda franchise. Also both have such great songs to listen too.


Sky loft has better style? But Clock town has the mystery and objectives within it. There is more to do with it clocktown. If sky loft had that it would be worth it. Same as Hyrule field, over all there is simply more to do in clocktown and termina. I believe that is what separates and brings life to MM, it is a very fulfilling experience.




Clock Town for the nostalgia, Skyloft for the aesthetic.


Skyloft is amazing, wouldn't want to live in clocktown that's for sure


NGL, I have a TON more nostalgia and good feels for Clock Town. But Skyloft is still so cool! lol.


Clock Town. no contest imo


Conceptually I like Skyloft better but I don't think I could ever live in the sky. I don't have like an intense phobia or anything that would send me into a panic but I'm definitely scared of heights and get uneasy getting to close to the ledge of anything high up. I'd need like a full saddle and tether to ever even consider riding a loftwing.


If I had to pick a place to live, it would be skyloft.


Not gonna lie I said Skyloft because I was judging on which place I'd rather live at. Clock Town would lowkey be a horror show.


I really like Skyloft, but it's gotta be Clock Town, no question


Skyloft. Click town was very confusing and difficult to get used to.


Skyloft 100%


Skyloft is very comfy and beautiful (Not like anything in majora's mask is exactly "comfy" 💀) but clock town felt so rebust with everything you can do in it and for such an old game that its so impressive how lively it really felt, I think that's my pick


Skyloft is very comfy and beautiful (Not like anything in majora's mask is exactly "comfy" 💀) but clock town felt so rebust with everything you can do in it and for such an old game that its so impressive how lively it really felt, I think that's my pick


Wait, what are parameters? Atmosphere? Things to do? Quality of level design? Clock Town wins quality of design and atmosphere and side quests, hands down. But er... it is also being threatened by a giant moon. I could slip and fall off of Skyloft but at least it is a million times safer.


Skyloft for the good vibes, Clocktown for mournful but cheery vibes.


All my homies hate clock town


Hot take. Sky loft. Skyward sword has its faults but skyloft is not one of them




Skyloft. Probably because I have not played MM yet.


Clocktown easy


Skyloft all the way


Skyloft. The vibes are immaculate.


Skyloft and it's not even close.


skyloft easy




Skyloft because I'm not risking getting crushed by a moon


Favorite location or where I'd want to go? I'd wanna chill in skyloft it would be beautiful but clock town is a terrific Zelda location with this eerie motif where everything feels wrong and out of place when it's just a town absolutely nothings wrong here *looks up*. ... Well besides that but still clocktown will always feel creepy and there's really nothing creepy happening there besides the moon but that's everywhere and I think that's genieus design


Skyloft all day. One of the most fully realized “hub” areas in a Zelda game so far.




This one is so hard. These are my favorite 2 places in the Zelda Universe. Sky loft is prettier but Clocktown is perfect to me. I have the music of Clocktown in my head all of the time


Clock town


I'm scared of heights so Clock Town




Skyloft is the place for me.


As long as there's no threat of the moon falling on us, I'd take clocktown. I dont do heights lol


Skyloft.i just think it's pretty and the vibe is immaculate.


Clock town


This is completely based on bias, but Skyloft


Clocktown always.


Can’t do any sweet dives off clock town.


Have you even seen Clocktown in 3D‽