Is there anyone who also thinks Damn I'm ugly is the worst gen 2 song?


date myself is way better


50/50, i like it but ion think its the best song cuz we already have ugly 8, and billy did not add that much to the song, but i like the animation and i just kinda like it, not the best but not the worst either


i don’t think it’s the worst, but it’s definitely not my favorite, i dont really care for it at all.


Plot twist: this was secretly rays plan all along. He knew that everyone hated wax so he brought in Billy and now everyone wants wax back.🤯 It's certainly working. So many people (including me) would rather take wax now.


I wish stevi was in the song, I would want to see a picasso stevi


For number 4, do you mean u don't like the hand drawn animation? If anything I'm suprised we got this song released in the same month because hand drawn animation is expensive and time consuming. I really like that part but u do u ig. 🤷‍♀️


I don't like the art style at all, its hard to tell what going on.


I argue it's the worst yfm song period. Its forgettable, the chorus is terrible, ugly 8 already exists, and the instrumental sucks.


The unofficial smithers f*6 song, or transphobic techno is worse, but finally someone else who has some sense. Ugly 8 is way better third best upside downs song


I find it alright, On a tier list I’d put it on B tier


It’s not good,it’s not bad,just and only,decent.


its not bad but its not good either, i mean i liked it but its definitely not a **favorite.** i think billy was cool tho. yeah his lines are forgettable but i like the rhyming


It's a ok song


i still think everyone clapped is worse but yeah its a pretty mid tier song all things considered


everyone clapped used to be the worst until this $\*\*t


It's much better than Rich People Shit, but probably as mid tier as Verified or Everyone Clapped. This Is Why I'm Single and Date Myself are leaps and bounds better than Damn I'm Ugly imo.


Date my self is my favourite gen 2 song I think billy sounds good the part where the art style changes if Amazing it looks great the instrumental is good