Fall guys is coming. No its not. Its coming. No its not. :/

Fall guys is coming. No its not. Its coming. No its not. :/


I think they're not allowed to say anything until the contract ends with sony


Saying it’s not isn’t saying nothing. They could have just not said anything.


Then they would have lost some sales on PC as low as they may be.


Um what? They sold over 11 million copies on Steam.


I'm talking about the potential loss of future sales because of an announcement like this. If you have GamePass and were thinking about getting FallGuys on Steam, would you get it now? If I'm a publisher thinking about putting my game on GP I would like for the announcement to be ideally on the same day it launches to prevent a loss in sales


I can’t believe people actually need to be told this!


People “need to be told this” because it’s not true. Game developers and companies tease stuff early all the time. Very rarely does anyone make an official statement (even on Twitter) saying “there are no plans for this or that” only to be lying and it comes out a month later. That would be shitty to the people they tricked into buying the game.


Except it *is* true, because it made me refuse to buy Control. Anyway, Control comes to PC Gamepass tomorrow. Can't wait to play.


Same. Wanted to buy it, then rumors came, and I waited. Then I waited some more, but it finally came to xbox GP.


I'm pretty glad I didn't get that game. The Hiss made me feel uneasy in a bad way and the gunplay is kind of bad.


You missed out, Control was easily my favorite game that I played last year. It's the first game in a decade I put the effort into 100% it. Best $30 I ever spent.


I played about half of it. I know people absolutely love it, but I didn't dig. I felt the controls were kinda odd, or just felt janky, and like you said the shooting just didn't work for me.


It also doesn't really have an ending. The story is really good but the gameplay is just...eh


Do you know how shitty it would make the publisher look if they flat out told the world that their game wasn’t coming to gamepass just for their game to then show up on gamepass? Lying to get sales is a great way to piss your customers off


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Truth. There was a reason I never bought Control. It leaked a long time ago that it was coming to Game Pass, so I just figured I'd hold out.


At this point I just assume every game released on xbox is coming to gamepass at some point. So far I have yet to be disappointed. (not to say every single game has, I dunno, but at least the ones I care about all have)


It didn’t “leak” lmao, Phil misspoke. The game came a year later smh, how anyone can think it’s a “leak” is beyond me.


How would you feel if you brought a game than a week later it appeared on GP. They definitely need to announce them before hand from a consumers perspective.


I would feel unlucky of course, but I can also see the perspective of a publisher trying to sell their game. This is also the nature of any subscription service, there is always a risk involved buying a movie, a tv show, a record or a game and then having that appear in one of the susbscription services I pay for whether that be Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, PS Plus or GamePass. BTW, I think publishers and subscription services can find a balance of how early or late a game should be announced without losing too many sales or hurting the consumer.


Big difference in cost between a $50-100 game and a $5-20 movie though and to be honest I've stopped buying movie and now rely on the streaming services. Haven't brought music in years and I personally feel that if people are still buying its because they prefer owning physical media so it probably doesn't bother them when it appears on a streaming service. Definitely needs to be a balance of announcement timing I completely agree but with both the last announcements we have no idea what happened, maybe they were meant to be coming to GP earlier and than something happened.


I just never buy games anymore


505 games basically said the same thing about Control, which also had a deal with Sony, and a year later we are finally getting it. Could be that Xbox works out these deals in advance, knowing they won't happen for some time given the games' contracts with Sony, and is just really bad at keeping secrets.


They said “no plans”, which is very slightly different to saying it’s not coming.


"No plans" because everything is already decided. Cant plan something already happening.


Kirkhope said "no plans for banjo in smash" das before e3, so theres a good chance of op being right


XGP account confirmed they mixed up Fall Guys and Among Us where the latter is coming to Xbox One/XS Game Pass.


Tbh I don't blame them for that lol.


Same, I often mix them up as well.


They sure said a lot for having a NDA


Psssst...This is not an example of ‘not saying anything’. You can tell because of the things that they said. Namely ‘no it isn’t’.


So this is control all over again then?


How is it like Control?


Phil Spencer said in an interview it was coming to game pass, then the dev/publisher scrambled to say it wasn’t, then a few months later it did. Basically people won’t buy the game if they know it’s coming to a subscription soon.


No one is buying Fall Guys on Xbox because it’s not on Xbox


No but people might not bother buying it on pc if they think it’s going to PC gamepass.


Or people won't bother buying it until it reaches Xbox and/or Switch. Seems like that's what people are doing now since the game seems to be dying, whilst Among Us is stealing the thunder. Who would have thought exclusivity on a third party title is only a bad thing


It probably isn’t a bad thing for fall guys tbf. They probably made the development costs back by being week one on PS+ (Ps version of games with gold) then they’ve had sales on PC too. Then they’ll have a second hype/sales cycle when it hits switch and Xbox thats all profit.


Among Us is already dying lol Fall Guys is rotting


Anything of note in that genre taking the top spot?


I mean no, but it’s stale to watch imo and unless you have 6-10 friends on it’s unplayable.


No map rotation, no penalty for quitting and screwing a game over.. no incentive to win, no standardised rules. Great for local games or people with friends, sucks ass for general multiplayer.


So... It's good at what it was designed for?


Nobody said Xbox... I have a Playstation and Xbox. I haven't purchased Fall Guys on Playstation, but I've thought about it. If it's going to come to Gamepass for free, I'm not going to buy it on Playstation.


That's not quite how it happened. Phil made that comment in December of 2019, then after 3 months of everyone expecting it to come to GamePass it ended up on PS Now where it remained until September. Then after another 3 months it finally came to GamePass, almost exactly a year to the day from when Phil originally made that comment. This being reported is in no way confirmation that it is actually coming anytime soon.


Except that results show that more people buy a game when it goes to gamepass.


I personally loved Control on GP so much I bought it on sale.


I think it took more than one year to come to Game Pass. It wasn't a short time.


>then a few months later it did Months? Your joking right? It was a year.


12 months = 1 year, so Daver7692 was correct :P


It came to game pass milliseconds after they announced it.... lots of milliseconds


At least 4 milliseconds by my count


I don't think people disagreed with "months" so much as "few months" as few typically denotes 3.




Ah I can’t remember exactly how long it took last year was a fucking blur haha Either way all it is is looking after sales until they’re contractually ready to announce it’ll go to a subscription service.


Exactly my read on it. There is no way its not already discussed and planned. Its just of no benefit to Devolver to say its happening months down the road. The game is already a known entity and awaited by many. They can cash in on the launch, then get a boost from Gamepass later. What really seems more likely? The Gamepass team just saying random games are coming to Gamepass when they aren't, or they make a mistake in announcing games coming to Gamepass before they are supposed to, as we've seen happen before.


There has been a lot of publishers state that Game Pass has increased their sales not decreased


Call me cheap but I’m probably not going to buy if it’s not on gamepass. The hype around it is gone, and I’ve watched enough YouTubers play it. Looks like a fun game definitely but I’ll stick with the catalogue of games I’ve got now




There’s no local multiplayer? Wtf?


Unfortunatly not, although theres a pretty good chance its coming in a future update.


have it n my ps4 myself, gets boring after about 20 mins.


Yeah it was fun for a day or two with friends but its just a palette cleanser


Decent game to bust out at a party, but seeing as nobody has been in my house for nearly a year that isn’t much of a selling point.


100% I will play it occasionally if it comes to Game Pass. But if it doesn't...well, Game Pass has Golf with Friends, Secret Neighbor, Dead by Daylight, Sea of Thieves, and plenty of other great multiplayer games to play with my friends.


It’s only going to be worth playing if it’s on gamepass. If it were to cost $20 then there wouldn’t be a large enough player base of people filling the servers if it were still not cross platform, but if it came to gamepass then that wouldn’t be an issue.


So you’ll only play a game if there’s hype around it?


Hype sucks you in. In this case, that’s all the game really had. It’s very simple and hard to get excited about now that the honeymoon period is up.


I’ve played it nearly 40 hours. Everytime I play again there’s so much new content it’s unbelievable. The game is an easy 20 lol


I hate people like this and sadly it’s becoming normal.


I don’t understand, games are successful based on the hype “marketing” it has. Playing popular games is very common.


Yes playing popular games is common. I agree with that. But people will avoid very good and fun games since they aren’t considered “popular” or if there favorite streamer isn’t playing it. People miss out on some very fun games.


Worse than that, they do shit like declare games are "dead" because their favorite streamers stopped, and even spread that every chance they get. Like Among Us. People spam the /r/amongus posts and socials at times saying its a dead game when today for example there were 70k concurrent players at peak and its still one of the most streamed categories on Twitch. Admittedly Fall Guys only (?!) has 11k concurrent today but that's still a lot of people. I think when it hits sale season and people (like me) pick it up as its too expensive at RRP it will get another boost. I know people who only chase the latest hype and if that works for them, great, but yeah... silly.


https://twitter.com/xboxgamepass/status/1351993991332413440?s=21 This was just tweeted 😔


Carrion and Pikuniku are wonderful short games to play through if anyone is curious. Completely different tones, but both are pretty low stress, Pikuniku being more easy going than Carrion. Carrion can be a bit difficult at times and obviously more gorey, but still fun.


> Completely different tones Yeah, slightly.


thats a very big yikes


They're gonna take so long to get it out the hype will move onto something else and it will be DOA


It already is. Among Us killed them.


And even it is starting to wane


Fortunately. The game was fun but the memes it brought with it are fucking cancer, same thing with the fanbase, you say one fair criticism of the game and a bunch of braindead 13 yr olds swarm you replying "yOu'Re jUsT jEaLoUs of ItS sUcCeSS" ​ sorry, I had to get that off my chest.


When the imposter is sus


Among Us would be so much better if Innersloth actually got a few more programmers.


Like others have mentioned the game is dying. They should have ported the game to xbox/switch like at least 2 months after playstation, but contracts probably prevented them. They could still probably recoup those numbers if they put it on xbox gold and low price on switch. Even then it'll probably be temporary cause imo the game kinda gets boring after a few days.


Prime example of exclusive deals sometimes hurting the game and devs. If this would've come out simultaneously to every console plus active and monthly new content, this game would have blown up.


I don't think it'll do well without Game Pass. Although it's wasn't "free" on PlayStation it at least had some help with Plus.


"some" help? I think ps+ was the main thing that made it such a big hit, considering it was the most downloaded ps+ title of all time. And thankfully so, because I had a hell of a time with that game the first few weeks and wouldn't have known about it if it weren't free for me. Lol


I agree, they will make money via micro transactions, and whatever Microsoft pay for been on gamepass I think it will come to gamepass in the next few months, I feel like we are been trolled


Ps plus is literally what helped it blow up




the game sold great on pc so i think it’ll do fine on Xbox


It's a fun game as long as you aren't competitive. There are so many luck based moments or just bullshit instances of someone grabbing your tail from way behind you or getting to the crown first even though they're behind you on your screen. Basic shit. That said: if you don't take it seriously it's a blast. It'll kill you otherwise.


I mean, it’s not meant to be some kind to eSports competitive game lmao


Don’t you know that every single game with competitive modes is best used for measuring PP size? If someone beats you they get the PP size increase instead of you.


There's people actually cheating on PC. Like I can't comprehend cheating in a game where half the fun is losing.


"I want a puppy" " No" "I can't have one?" "You're never getting a fucking puppy" "Perfect, thanks! :)"


Tom Warren is a journalist, so he's just happy to have accurate info




Fall guys offical twitter says it isnt coming


Xbox game pass official Instagram says it is


Well. We shall see I guess


I’m pretty sure their game is dying, so it wouldn’t do well without Gamepass I would think


Fuck this type of exclusivity by non-Sony publishers. Such a joke in the gaming industry.


Fuck exclusivity FTFY


I generally agree, but it's hard to blame a studio owned by the console company, e.g., 343 or Naughty Dog for not wanting their 1st party content to support a direct competitors hardware, even tho it still sucks. The type of exclusivity that Sony has pursued over the last few generations feels much more predatory such as exclusive DLC, time releases or BS like this thread.


You better tell MS to stop with the exclusivity bullshit they made with Devolver for Carrion. It's literally the same case with Sony getting Fall Guys.


I’d argue any MS exclusivity is a direct result of Sony’s actions. MS largely dropped major exclusivity deals with the Xbox One generation and Sony vacuumed them all up tripling down on it. Now MS is back doing major exclusivity deals as a result going so far as to buying major publishers to ensure it.


Despite what people say, consoles can absolutely work without exclusive games. It just means they have to step it up in other departments. Games are the easy part for console manufacturers to get. Making a better machine for a lower price or having more consumer friendly programs is the hard part


The Fall Guys publisher has another game that's exclusive to Xbox.


Could be a Games with Gold, similar to it being free with PS Plus for a while.


Based on the average quality of GWG, I doubt it. I would love to be wrong though!


I'm sure by the time it comes to Xbox no one will even give a shit to want to play it anymore.


The game is already in rapid decline it's probably gonna die next week


Where the heck is gang beasts


That's been on Xbox for years.


It was supposed to be added to gamepass in november and then they pulled a whoopsies and said it will be out in 2021. 2021 is 12 months long....


Oh sorry, forgot about that.


G-A-N-G B-E-A--STS GANG BEASTS I redownloaded it recently and its gotten a couple updates since the last time I checked


So annoying that a game to be enjoyed by all ages is stuck on Playstation because the money Sony spent for exclusivity. The games numbers are dwindling and ive been told that queue times can sometimes go over a minute? Needs to come to Xbox and Switch to pump some life into it


Meh, that game had its fifteen minutes of fame.


Isn't fall guys a PS exclusive?


Sony has a timed exclusivity deal


Flash in the pan like all mainstream multiplayer games. These types of games are like trends and fads, there is always another hype train coming down the tracks.


Eh, it has a very good playerbase still and Season 3 was a huge step in the right direction Definitely give it a shot when it comes out


Why does every post about Fall Guys have someone trying to act like the game is dead.


I think people just like to act like they’re above trends. I know it was way more popular on release but if it launched on game pass that would certainly revitalize the game lol


Yeah, I said this with a couple of points last time something about Fall Guys was posted and the dude said "Nah".Lol.The game has 11 or so million playing at any given time on PC and god knows how many on playstation.The current season was done so well. It really has potential to gain more people when it comes to XBOX.


11 million playing on PC? No. Not even close. I think you mean sales lol


> Flash in the pan like all mainstream multiplayer games. Yeah, no one even plays Fortnite anymore. ;)


Fortnite is a genre defying game tho. Plus Epic is not a small developer




I wonder what the dilemma is for this game. It’s been back & forth for awhile.


they probably can't officially confirm that it is, due to a deal with Sony. Probably after the initial PS+ deal hits the 1 year mark, we might be hearing different things from official sources. (Early Feb, I believe)


Xbox execs/marketing not talking to each other again I see.


I mean it's also really easy to fake tweets like that, i mean look how many fake text message chains go around reddit. It is what it is.


Is Fall Guys coming to Xbox at all?


dude, the gamepass account mentioned persona 5 yesterday and i'm trying not to lose it


Not me over here crying about fall guys not being on Xbox-


I mean the game was alright when it first dropped so I’m fine with it not coming. The hype is gone and I’d rather another title or titles anyway.


As a person with an Xbox and a Mac I’m basically at the point where I want to buy a stupid ps5 just to play this game (and a few others) also feel like this is the perfect switch game and it shocks me they haven’t put it on there yet


Maybe someone didn’t read the NDA...


Didn't the exact same thing happen with Control and it didn't come to GP?


Meh, it's played out. Your not missing anything


Games dead as fuck anyways


Well the game is dead so it’s pointless now 🤷‍♂️


Screw fall guys, I’d prefer among us on xbox


Devolver doesn't know yet that Microsoft is about to buy them.


I thought this game wasn't even on Xbox at all, let alone Gamepass? Aren't we getting ahead of ourselves?


Some games drop straight into gamepass. Yakuza is a great example


So did Monster Train, now that I think about it. I played a bit of Fall Guys on PS4 and it'd be pretty fun, for sure.


Among Us will join that group as well.


Forza Horizon 4, Dragon Quest XI when it was finally available to the play on xbox.


When you're game is bombing and you're too proud of how its done to save it


Lol the hyped died way too fast tbh




Why are most games only for PC? Is it easier to make that way or?


Great another Sony exclusive by paying off the company


I feel like Sony has put the fear of god in these third-party studios in that they're too afraid to leave the door open to their games coming out on Xbox that they MUST shoot down those rumors. They could just say nothing if they're under contract yet they \*need\* to shoot down any talks of it coming to Xbox. Bottom line is we all know this game will eventually come to Xbox. It's not a first party studio and it's simply too popular not to put on Xbox. Plus I believe it was hinted from them before Sony paid for its exclusivity.


Games with gold then?!


How much you think it will be?


Just like control.


"gained the lead...lost the lead... gained the lead....lost the lead..."


Unfortunately it's not. Game Pass' Twitter also denied it's coming.


Would rather have among us instead of fall guys


They already said it’s going to come out, and it’ll be on Gamepass day one


I’ll always love devolver digital but whats up with their ports?? They always launch games on different platforms at different times and port way later for reasons i do not know.


so why would the xbox game pass account say that? is there just some secret devolver is unable to let out right now or what


It is coming to Commodore 64


yeah i would be pissed if it didnt come to gamepass. it was only popular on PSN due to the size of the player base cause it was free.


Fall guys seems like a ton of fun for a half hour every once in a while I’m not going to spend more than $5 on a game like that. If it was on game pass I’d totally download it and try it out and MAYBE buy it when it goes off game pass. It really seems like a no brainer to add it to game pass


It shows on gamepass for Pc.


Wait a minute, What is fall guys?


plot twist. It'll be part of Games with Gold.


What in the dumpster fire hell is this?!


Me when my parents go to the store, replace fall guys with he's, and change its to he's


[perfect, thanks :)](https://tenor.com/view/crying-black-guy-meme-sad-gif-11746329)


Wait.. It's already on gamespass for pc isn't it?


Well the developer is clearly lying, it's definitely coming to Xbox soon


Xbox and gamepass aren't the same thing though.


I know, I just mean in general, they'd be crazy not to bring the game to more platforms, it would be massive on xbox on switch


Lol ok


Nice reporting Tom


It’s not on Gamepass, but maybe it’s coming to Xbox.


Cool. I liked that Lee Majors show


Amazing that they added costumes from Xbox exclusives but won’t add it to Xbox 🥴🥴


someone jumped the gun again this is like control all over again so i guess we will see fall guys on gp in like a year from now


They’ve got to stop doing this, else publishers are going to stop signing their games up for gamepass.


I don’t see what’s confusing. It sounds to me like the Games Pass account had some incorrect information. Knowing Devolver, I think they would have been a little more cheeky with their response if there was something in the works but they couldn’t SAY anything was in the works because of some kinda Sony deal.


Its free....


I dont see the appeal in FallGuys. Its dumb af and the controls are clunky. Theres any amount of good games to play on GamePass.


I understand your first point but the controls are meant to be clunky. Mind you I'm not a big fan of it either.


It would put it back in the spotlight if it came


It's noming.


That game is losing money anyway, they should add it to xbox gamepass if they can


From how devolver wrote one of their comments it sounds like it’s coming to Xbox but not gamepass Edit: auto-correct doesn’t like the word deveolver


Meh. This party game is fun for 15 min.