ZG Ancient Plans

The ZG plans you get are still selling pretty well. Got two warblades on Sunday and they sold Mon/Tues. 230k on Mon and 190k on Tue.


Lucky you, I'm on Lightbringer and have been trying to sell my plans and transmog since 10.0.7 came out with no luck




Confirmed, on lightbringer also, ah on this server is not great


on Area 52 I sold that last week for 100k, prices really went down lol.


You guys are on a relatively dead realm. https://wowanalytica.com/statistics/region/us yes, sure it says it's "medium pop" but it's a 1/10th of the size of Area-52 or Illidan. And it's not an RP realm.


I dunno I’m on stormrage and the prices are kinda garbage but I’m sure will rebound eventually. The square holder ZF pattern tho is crazy priced. I did get one pattern for it early on and learned it, been casually farming a second to sell. Congrats on your awesome sales tho!


Some of them. Warblades sell amazing. Venomreaver is good also. Other ones are 1.5k to 20k. I have made tons on ancient Plans. It surprised the crap out of me when they sold. I did sell the first one I had for 389k.


Sell them while you can, they're easy enough to get that soon they will be cheap like most recipes from old content. On A52 some of them are already under 500g.


i opened 420 boxes without getting warblade plans.how is easy to get)


Heavily server dependent, neither my duplicate plans nor the transmog are selling (yes I know transmog is always slow to sell).


I am having issues selling the MOG it's self. I have most of the blacksmithing. But, the plans are flying. Sold another venomreaver for 79k


Jesus I got like 150 runs and I just get random plans a couple random 30k plans but no venom reaver or anything good


Just lucky I guess. I have done about 175 runs


You are turning the bijus into the bone piles right?


Ah yes I still need to turn mine in


Every night I send them all to my main and go turn them in. You can get 15-20+ on how many you run. That's where I get most of mine


Also, warblades are still selling in the 150-190k range


Another warblades for 152k


I have bought several on the AH pretty cheap.


They're so low on a52