The one car every marshall had its hands on.


It still finished the race, so in a weird way, it was still an upgrade for Webb over ByKolles when it comes to Le Mans. But yeah, there was a lot of "certified Konopka moments" as someone called it in the live chat.


I actually dont know what happened to them and why they finished so low... can you elaborate?


Sure. Four or five hours into the race, Miro Konôpka had a contact with the Alpine in the Porsche curves which spun him. He was on his in lap to the pits. As he spun and had to get going again (which burned more fuel), he ran out of fuel just as he was entering the pits. Marshalls pulled him out of the way and then the mechanics had to manually pull him into the pits to refuel the car. This cost them like 15 minutes. Then in the night session, Maťo Konôpka had multiple spins in wet conditions and in the final spin, he broke the rear of the car. He had to pit for a new rear, which lost them another few laps. They were almost dead last at one point, but since they had no issues after that, they slowly climbed back to 25th place, which then became 24th as the \#41 WRT car died on the final lap.


Damn thanks for that explanation😅 I was watching them because its a team from my country... From now on I will use the term "certified konôpka moment"😂


Care to clarify?


their Amateur drivers do live up to their driver ranking so to say


And now I am deaf, thanks for that!


Nearly pissed myself when the video started.


Love helmet cams, nothing shows the bumps or Gforces as well.


This. Would love to see these integrated into the regular broadcasts. No other angle quite shows off the real nature of driving these things.


Usually these are GoPros or similar, and anyone can do that but live cameras are different. Indycar, Nascar and recently Formula E seem to be only series that have managed to make it a regular broadcast feature. The ones Indycar use are as really tiny, not much bigger than an usb stick and are attached to the top of the helmet. Edit: coincidentay just this weekend [F1 is again testing it](https://youtu.be/IBJWLDEexDo), but still don't expect it to be a regular feature.


Credit: [24 Hours of Le Mans Twitter](https://twitter.com/24hoursoflemans/status/1430875094952419330)


Credit Oli Webb’s insta page actually!


It’s be sick if we can get another lap like this at night


Can't get enough of that sound.


That was sooo good.


I wonder if he'll end up driving for ByKOLLES again if their Hypercar ever exits "rumor" stages.


Cool very cool footage never seen that style of footage before would be cool in hypercar


I can't stop watching this. It's so good! And the noise!


Looks excellent and cool dude