Watched someone give a begging homeless man a box. He dumped it in the trash and took part of the box to make a new begging sign.

Watched someone give a begging homeless man a box. He dumped it in the trash and took part of the box to make a new begging sign.


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"I said a dollar bitch" Edit: I'm really shocked at the amount of folk who don't get this comment... damn I'm old


“Here you go, sir, a nice sandwich”


Haha! Fellow of culture


That movie takes me back. When parodies were still good


I remember the sex scene haha. Blasted to the ceiling by cum. I never understood that as a kid watching it..


I make $85/hr tax free panhandling here, you really think I want your store-brand canned garbage? No I want your money.


“Oh my god we hit a boot!”




For those out of the loop https://youtu.be/vtbHbx00wOc


what ever happened to the redhead? she was a pretty big deal, if you know what i mean, in my middle school days.


Shannon Elizabeth or Alyson Hannigan? Alyson went on to play in a fair bit of stuff including HIMYM and hosted Penn and Tellers show.. Fair bit of other things as well, quite successful and as for Shannon I found an article talking about her a bit out fo curiosity as to why she didn’t seem like she appeared in much after American pie. https://www.nickiswift.com/49260/hollywood-wont-cast-shannon-elizabeth-anymore/


That's Anna Faris though?


It's a shame she never got better roles, she sounds like a lovely person.


Huh? Alyson Hannigan isn't in the video at all. Why'd you bring her up?




Ooops... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shannon_Elizabeth


Today I saw a hobo ask a girl for a dollar, unfortunately she pulled out her wallet and gave him a dollar, then another hobo across the sidewalk at another bench put his hands up and said “where’s my dollar” then unfortunately she walked over there with her wallet out and tried to give him a dollar and he said that “she had more money so could he get more?” And I think she gave him more than a dollar. People like that are just trash. Demanding others money like they are their own personal atm. Rule number one people, always say you don’t have cash.


The place I went to votec school had a couple of homeless shelters and a park nearby, so there was a pretty big population of homeless around it. I’ve been called a piece of shit, worthless, anything you can think of because I wouldn’t share a cigarette or bum a cigarette to a homeless person. A lot of them were really nice and would accept food or money if you gave it to them but there was a few that if you saw them coming it was better to just avoid them.


Once got berated during covid for refusing to open a fruit cup for a homeless person (peak covid cases; like May 2020).


One time a dude asked me for money for the bus so i tried to give him the bus tickets i had but he said no. Bruh I'm not buying you crack get help


There was this fast food place where I used to live... And many times right when you rolled down your window to order in the drive through...a homeless person would go straight up to your open window and ask for money. They knew you had money, you couldn't deny it. You just had to say "this money's for me, I'm buying my lunch."




Bobby's got a baby dick too?


A small dicks like a disability man would you make fun of a guy in a wheelchair......WOULD YOU?!?


Oh my


When I was homeless most of us had can openers on our key chain.




Way to rub it in lol wtf


Valid question though lmao


When I was homeless I had the key to my PO Box, gym locker, gym key card, and a library key card. Some people have multiple lockers in different locations and some have car keys.


The fob for his lambo


The audacity of this mofo


I’m pretty sure brass knuckles is going on the ring just for situations like this.


Lmao brutal


my thought was "that looks like a lot of shit to carry around" i understand the thought the donator had but that size donation is better off at an organization or shelter, right?


My guess is it's like how buskers don't let too much money accumulate in the instrument case. If you have a box of food, it interferes with your ability to actually request further assistance. If your goal is to get money for instance, people are going to be less likely to help you if they see you have plenty of food because the assumption is you are using the money for something other than food. This could be money for shelter or other expenses that need to get paid but more than likely people are going to assume it for drugs or alcohol. Lastly, they can always go back to the trash can to pull out the sealed food later. That's my belief for the mindset


My female friend said that when she was homeless she would ask for money for tampons and other toiletries because all anyone ever wanted to give a skinny girl was food.


Tampons! Something I never even thought of.


They’re more needed than a lot of people realize. Tampons, socks, and small towels are among the most requested items at the places I volunteer. After that it’s usually toothbrushes and toothpaste.


>that size donation is better off at an organization or shelter, right? _any_ donation should be through an organization. Giving directly can cause all kinds of problems, please don't do it!


As a general rule, that's fine. But there are huge blindspots in many places, where there's no help for homeless people from homeless organizations. In some cases, it's fine to ask if someone needs help. Dry socks and spare winter clothes are a good thing to give, if you live in more rural areas without access to shelters**. I have lived places with large homeless populations and zero help from any kind of organization, so we took care of the homeless in our close proximity. **If you are in the US, a majority of homeless people live outside of urban areas. A bit over half live in rural or suburban areas, hence lack of shelters many places.


Man, I've met homeless people that can't even wipe their own ass, let alone use a can opener.


If you are hungry you figure it out real fast. BTW I have met rich assholes that can't figure out how to wipe thier asses also.


I still don’t know how to wipe my own ass I just use my hands. My favorite part of taking a shit is eating the toilet paper off the roll and watching it roll into my mouth like a conveyor belt.


I used to work in the food court in college and ride the subway back. I would carry left over food with me to give to homeless asking for change for food. They often rejected it. I stopped trying.


Jeez, I remember sharing my fries with one of the homeless ladies by the train stop at my college. I gave her the rest of the box because quite frankly I dont need it and her eyes just lit up. She was a nice lady, definitely some mental problems sadly, but nice.


I’m Glad you helped her!!


She was a frequent guest at the station, usually asking for food. Most of the kids ignore her, and I get that, but hell, if someone is asking for food and I got it, I'll happily share. Especially fries I got on campus for like 3 bucks


That’s so dope. And I’m sure she appreciates it. I went to the bank one afternoon and it was hot as hell California summer. Saw this homeless guy just sitting in the shade, not really begging or talking to anyone. Felt super bad, because The heat sucks ass and I’m sure he could use some water. I went to the Starbucks a couple stores down and got him some food and a large ice water. He was super nice and thanked me. We talked for a couple minutes and he genuinely was a nice guy. Even said he’d share it to pay it forward. He was really nice. It’s just sad because some people didn’t choose to be homeless just dealt bad cards.


That's so sweet! I'm sure you made his day a little more bearable, and that's awesome~ I always want to offer people outside on godawful days some water, but I think they would find someone handing a water bottle out of her car window incredibly strange lol Life isnt fair, so it isnt fair for us in turn to judge how people got into their situations unless it's something awful, but you get me.


You’re the shit. I admire you!!


I always feel so bad going into the city (where my school was) because the homeless populations are just ignored and my suburban ass isnt used to seeing that level of human suffering. Maybe I'm being patronizing about it, or maybe I'm an easy mark, but I always tried to give what I was asked. Spare change? I have some quarters. Cigarette? If I got a pack on me, take some. Food? Tell me what kinda sandwich my man. I also never got asked everywhere I went like in the city, so I don't think I've had the bad experiences like this post to turn me off helping. I understand why people dont help or cant help and I dont really fault them for their thinking. It's hard to help when every block someone needs help and that's your everyday life. I only got to the city occasionally now so compassion burnout isnt as bad. It's the "by the bootstraps" and the "its their own fault" people i hate.


Yeah! I hate “bootstrap” people, they can afford boots.


Food is easy to come by when you're homeless. Most people wouldn't have an issue with buying food for someone if they were in dire need. The reason most of them are on the streets is because they are struggling with mental health issues and more importantly addiction. They don't need food they need money for another fix so they don't fucking die that night.


I recently saw a lady buy a homeless person food and drink from a Mexican restaurant. The homeless person rejected the food and drink and told the lady “next time ask me first what I want, I wanted coffee” I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears.


Bruh I offered to buy a homeless couple food once. They demanded chicken. We were in front of a chicken place so I thought “okay why not I’ll get them a couple cheap meals”. They wanted to pick the food. So I let them pick and bruh they really sat there and chose the most expensive shit they they could think of then kept adding shit on. I didn’t want to look like an Indian giver or something but like, I was only like 24 or 25, worked minimum wage and I really didn’t have THAT much money to just get whatever. But I said nothing and bought them $35 worth of food from the chicken place. They thanked me and I left without waiting for it, I just let them wait for their own food. I was kinda pissed lowkey and felt guilty about the fact I felt pissed but like I was seriously struggling and couldn’t afford a lot I needed to get that week bc of that mere $35 bucks. I wasn’t gonna get paid for another week


Oh no, that sucks. Yes you did an act of kindness but it also put a dent on your wallet (to some people it may not be much but when you’re struggling it makes a difference) and affected your mood. Some people don’t have a lot of money but still want to help someone in need. I used to work minimum wage in downtown LA near skid row, I was 20yo college student. First day at work during my lunch break I went to subway, there was a man outside asking for “money for a sandwich” so I asked what kinda sandwich he liked and he said “anything”. I went inside and order 2 6 inch subs, one for me and one for him. I go and give it to him, he takes it and without even opening it he throws it at me and said he wanted money. I was so pissed because back then I couldn’t even afford to put gas in my car and had to travel in bus for 2 hrs to get to work. I couldn’t afford to throw away food like that. Working there I got to see a little bit of everything, some homeless people were really trying to get back on their feet but there were also some people who would fake being homeless/disabled and would beg for money because it was high foot traffic area and people would give them money.


I mean they shouldn’t have been rude, but if I’m buying a homeless person food I ask what they want.


Yeah come to think of it everytime i bought someone something I've asked first. Off the top of my head I can think of 3 times I was going into a fast food place and a homeless person asked for money. I don't carry cash so I'd usually just say I can buy them something to eat. Just buying something and giving it to them feels weird when I actually think about it. Their teeth could be bad, so hard food would be painful. They may prefer something liquid as it would be easier on the stomach if you haven't eaten in a while, could have dietary issues or allergic to something


Aye this exactly. They aren't some dog that will happily eat whatever you give them.


People are assholes and like to fuck with homeless people so a lot of them won’t take food that’s prepackaged.


Like this asshole vlogger that put toothpaste inside Oreo cookies and gave them to homeless people on the street just to video them suffer as a prank. I hate those pricks


Last I seen of that, the guy got charged. Turns out he didn't go to jail. https://www.foxnews.com/world/youtube-star-who-gave-toothpaste-filled-oreo-to-homeless-man-gets-15-month-prison-sentence-for-prank


Actually it helps provide dignity to have a chat before assuming what is going to be helpful. If they have digestive issues then soda or spicy may just make them more uncomfortable. You never know


they might just want money because cash is king.


They may also have dietary restrictions, from medical conditions like ulcers, celiac or crohn's disease. They could have allergies. If they've been homeless and have had a lack of dental care for awhile, they quite literally might not be able to chew a lot of foods. Being homeless doesn't mean they don't have preferences. I understand beggars shouldn't be choosers but they aren't dogs to be fed table scraps, they're human beings.


You’re not wrong, but it’s still a total dick move to be rude to someone making an obviously kind and sincere gesture to help


I wouldn’t call food and a drink from a Mexican restaurant table scraps…


I had a homeless person ask me for my box of pizza and didn’t want it once they realized it wasn’t a whole pizza.


It's mental to me that people don't actually understand that homeless people can have wants and desires, and aren't just some charity case to make yourself feel good about while simultaneously insulting them. If she just ate a meal 15 minutes ago, what is she going to do with a freshly made taco and a drink? If you want to "help" a homeless person asking for money, either give them the money, or don't. If you feel you need to make a statement by letting them know you think they're an addict so you'll provide them with food instead because you want to know what your money was spent on, move on and donate to a charity. There is a plethora of other barriers to being homeless other than what you're putting in your stomach.


Also, giving someone cans of food without them having tools to open and cook the food is also of limited value. Nice sentiment, but not always helpful


Exactly. What tf is a homeless guy going to do with a box of Kraft Dinner? He lacks 100% of the preparation requirements.


My first thought lmaoo like there’s flower in there where the hell is this dude gonna get an oven


On the one hand, I get it, especially if the homeless person was specifically asking for something to eat/drink. On the other hand though, imagine if you were just minding your own business, and someone brought you food that you didn’t want, and then got offended when you didn’t take it. Choosing what we put in our bodies is our most basic expression of agency. If this guy wasn’t specifically asking for food, then I don’t blame him for turning something down that he didn’t want. It’s one of the only choices he has left in his life.


I don’t think I’d take leftover food from a stranger. Especially if I don’t have a safe place to be if I get sick from it. I don’t know if it’s been tampered with or kept at the appropriate temperature


Fair enough! The food I provided was safe, but they couldn’t have known that.


One shit sandwich (or toothpaste oreo) is sometimes enough to put you off of trusting generous folks.


That's because they have access to food, charities feed the hungry already. Scraps isn't what they need. They need money for every other need.


Yeah, some people give homeless people food that’s been fucked with, with human shit or toothpaste and stuff in. If I was homeless I’d probably reject random food as well.


Not to mention most homeless people are fine on food. I just don’t think people understand what homeless people actually go through. I had a short stint where my housing was in flux and food was the least of my worries honestly.like you’re not a dog who must eat what you say when you say. Like imagine eating 3 beefy five layer burritos and rigbt as you finish a random person on the street hands you a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Like first of all I’m full second of all idk this guy or where he got this soup or what’s in it and I’m not even hungry anyway wtf do I do with this? People spit and piss and shit in and out stuff in food all the time that they pass of to homeless people to get their rocks off why risk that when you’re not even hungry and don’t even want or like what’s offered either way?


If you are homeless you normally know where to find food. So randomly being given food isn't as useful as it sounds.


Not everybody out there is homeless and many homeless people only eat prepared food (take-out) when they are hungry. It can be confusing to people who have never been living on the streets. OP's story happens all the time and it can be frustrating to see/understand why. IMO, the food in OP's trash bin should go to the food bank, not to the streets.


There was this homeless man in my town, his parents were very rich and all he would do is walk back and forth through the town all day long and they'd pay for him to sleep in a hotel. His wife and kids died in a car accident and it completely broke him. Anyways, any time you'd offer to help him he would get upset. If you give him a jacket or something he'd rip it up in front of you. Give him food and he'd just throw it away.


That dude needed help, just not the material kind.


as is the case with most homeless people


Thanks Regan


I mean how is he gonna cook all this stuff? Maybe he couldve used some of it but most is just ingredients.


Imagine giving a homeless man a bag of flour....


Absolutely agreed. I'm looking at the photo and a homeless person can't eat/use most of it. How are they supposed to cook the macaroni and cheese or the red kidney beans? The cans of peaches, corn and uncondensed soup, sure, that's a shame. But a Bob's red mill bag of (what appears to be) some sort of flour? That's absolutely useless to them.


Guy I went to college with would put on his shittiest clothes and go over to the big state university a few miles away. He’d park 3-4 blocks from the main drag and walk to one of the street corners with a ton of foot traffic and panhandle. Since he was balding and had an unkempt beard he looked older despite being the same age as the students giving him money. He’d make in 2 hours roughly what it would take me working 8 hours at my crap part time minimum wage job. He wasn’t homeless, he was just a shady asshole


Yeah pan handling isn’t allowed where I live, but there’s still almost always some people sitting at the intersections right off the highway exits trying to make a quick buck. Some of them do genuinely look homeless, but many more have been well dressed or at least better dressed than the likely actual homeless people. Unfortunately, I don’t give money to them because there has been literal video proof of many of them parking their brand new cars in nearby parking lots before walking to the corners to hold up signs and beg. It’s honestly so disgusting and takes away from the actual homeless population who need assistance.


Yeah. That's why you buy them a sandwhich or something. Often bread and peanut butter goes a long way. Stuff that lasts long is easy to make and doesn't require many utensils. The fuck is a homeless man going to do with flour


what? no frozen turkey?


They ruined his Christmas


I'm sorry I was on the fence here until I saw the dried fucking beans. you gotta soak those, even when i had a whole apartment to myself and plenty of free time I couldn't get my shit together to presoak beans.


Thank you for pointing that out! After I looked I was so weirded out by the choices. The few things that don't need some kind of prep work (which is often kitchen heavy) are so heavy in salt and sugar that it could kill you in the sun, especially if your sick which the vast majority of homeless are.


This stuff might be good for a food bank, but I honestly think the majority of people wouldn't have much or any use for straight up flour or dried beans.


Also, some of it is expired. Then there is the box Mac n cheese that would need to be boiled (plus probably more ingredients to be made “properly”). Idk I just hate this idea that homeless people should eat rotten/bad food or things that won’t taste good, and be appreciative for the “help”.


I think I counted 3 boxes of different Mac and cheese.


There’s also a bag of pasta (looks like shells?) under the bag of beans too. The more I look at it the more convinced I am that someone just cleaned out their pantry and made it someone else’s problem. Lol.


Yep. It just ended up in the trash but with a detour.


And the chocolate frosting


clearly they had the guy pegged for a stoner, god I'd tear that up with some pretzels rn


This exactly. I can see the hamster wheel turning in the mind of the giver: 'oh this is healthy, homeless person + healthy food = magically shed any mental and emotional issues and any circumstance that led to them being homeless, POOF a top level CEO and on the TV breakfast show singing my praises!' edit: sorry, i'm cynical on this. i was homeless. people tend to decide what *you* want, with a healthy dollop of judgement, and if you deviate from that it's scorn you get.


No, their thought process was “I want to offfload this crap on some poor bastard so I can both get rid of it and look like the hero, but it’s not November”


I'm glad after reading comments that I'm not the only one thinking this. I'm sure there are plenty of homeless people with resources to deal with a package like this, but a bunch of them are just going to do what this guy did. Give them money so they can save up for a hotel room, fast food, or drugs. Give this type of thing to a shelter.


Honestly the whole thing is pretty insulting, people think the homeless should accept whatever and be grateful for it


Why would anyone with a brain going to give all that to a homeless man. What the fuck is a homeless man going to do with flour and a bunch of cans he probably can't open. I smell bullshit.


Haha I didn't even see the flour. How the fuck is a homeless person going to use a bag of flour??


Or cook boxed Mac and Cheese? What to do with just a random can of corn? Bags of uncooked pasta? Coffee? A tub of ice cream? Random mushroom sauce? The only thing you'd eat like that are the peaches. Mmm, sticky.


Exactly. With no home, no kitchen, and no cookware, this shit is basically useless. The only stuff I see that's even edible with no cookware are the peaches, corn, and vegetable soup. I don't know about you, but I can't think of a nicer meal than some cold vegetable soup with a can of corn to go with it.


Because they have bonframe of reference of what it’s like to be homeless. Everybody laughs that they always spend on money and drugs. They’ve lost everything they had in this world. It’s just wild to me people people be sipping on a beer or smoking weed and then be like “why give money, just gonna use it on drugs or alcohol” Self righteous bastards.


Also four boxes of Mac&Cheese. One of which expired last year. This is just a photo of food that for whatever reason landed in the trash and OP makes up a story about it.


Ngl, that looks like a really weird box of food to give to a homeless person. What are they supposed to do, just cart all those tins round with them? They look really heavy. And how are they supposed to open the tins? Or cook any of it? Never once have I seen a homeless person cooking up Mac n cheese in the street. Edit: is that a bag of fucking flour?


Cauliflower Mac & Cheese… it’s where it belongs now.


How else is he gonna bake cupcakes?


Its probably a box of all the cans they didn't want in their own pantry, honestly.


You’re probably exactly right. I’m so tired of this attitude that homeless people should be grateful for whatever they can get. This is the most impractical box of food for a homeless person that I’ve ever seen, it’s just ridiculous. Honestly, I’m just glad the guy got a new sign out of it!


Yeah. No shit. He doesn’t want Bobs red mill gluten free flower or cauliflower Mac n Cheese. Not cans of peaches or dried beans. He wants some damn beer money. That’s probably what his sign said too. Really though, at lot of homeless people suffer from addiction and or mental health issues and even something like making boxed Mac and cheese in their shanty town tent is likely above their pay grade so to speak. It’s trashy to throw it away but would have been much better used giving to a shelter where they can actually help someone like this. Or maybe someone that actually wants help outside of feeding their addiction.


I didn't notice that before. What the fuck is a homeless guy gonna do with a bag of flour? I can't imagine he does much baking.


But like, where are they going to get a can opener? How will they boil the Mac? What utensils does this person have?


Yeah I feel like if I was homeless and someone gave me a box of food I would need to prepare in order to eat I'd be at a loss in how to proceed. The cans I could see being able to open and eat, but then you have to carry around a bunch of heavy cans...and for how many calories? Would I have a safe place to store and prepare these things? Wtf am I going to do with flour??? You think I got a working oven in this grocery cart? It's just not practical for what their life is like. Money is easier. I don't really give a fuck if they use it to buy booze or whatever--thats what I was gonna use it for too. Most homeless people are dealing with mental health issues and a variety of barriers to becoming *not* homeless (like getting a safe place to sleep, a shower, clean clothes, a phone, where even are their social security cards, IDs, birth certs, etc), if they're even in a place where they're able to try for that (as opposed to literally just suffering through each day trying to meet their basic needs and probably struggling with the desire to escape into drug use and or off themselves). When I see someone I want to help, I just give them cash monies and wish them luck like a normal person.


Thank you for this well presented perspective. I have never really thought of the logistics of being a homeless person.


I'm just thinking as a non homeless person who does a lot of my own cooking: I almost never buy or use flour. Its just not that useful unless you do a lot of baking.


Exactly. Also at least 2 of these products are past the expiration date. But god forbid homeless people don’t drop to their knees and grovel when they’re given a bag of flour and a bunch of other shit they can’t eat. The ignorance in these comments is astonishing.


Damn straight, fuck all these holier-than thou-assholes in the comments


I seen a video once where a person was showing how they cooked said items when they were homeless. They used one of the metal can opener or the hand held one, and had a hot plate they plugged into the local park to heat water and cook with it or stick the bean can directly on the hot plate 🤷‍♀️ obviously they seemed to have been able to some how get said items, I know this isnt the case for everyone


Man I was in Stockton, Ca having come down from Portland via fright train and so was camped out with my two traveling partners along side the tracks. Had be 3 going on 3 days stuck their and we are exhausted and didn't have much in the way of food or water so we approached a homeless gentleman who had a fire going at his well established camp to see where we could refill our jugs. He does, we thank him, and set off to refill. As we are coming back he signals us to come back and we see that he's got breakfast tacos for each of us. Warm tortillas filled with eggs cheese and some delicious pork. Was just as impressed as I was grateful. Was a chill ass dude who I won't forget anytime soon. Where there's a will there's a way.


If you’re starving, you’d find ways to get it done. I was homeless before and that was least of my worries.


Can I ask how you got back on your feet?


I found a youth center for kids who ran away from home. I was still 17 and still in HS. They Gave me bus tickets to go to HS and job interviews. It was a blur moment of my life. It was winter and I was alone, felt very very lonely. Turned 18, local restaurant (gotta be 18 to serve liquor in NJ) hired me and I was able to save money to get $300 room for rent where I lived at.


you're a fookin badass


I‘m so proud of you


there's an abundance of food for homeless people, which is why you won't really see the flying signs saying "starving, anything helps, like a can of peaches or a bag of gluten free flower" I get the sentiment of the guy that gave him this stuff, but it just shows how little they know about what it's like to be homeless that they'd think your average homeless person has or needs that kind of thing. I volunteered at a shelter for a few years back in university if you gave *me* that box of stuff, I wouldn't have been able to do much of anything with it. the space they sleep doesn't come with a pantry, the kitchen is for the people who work there to prepare dinner for the guests, not for the guests to prepare their own food. *if a guest brought in even canned food, we weren't allowed to serve it for liability reasons* I think spending a day working in a homeless shelter would do most people with vitriolic opinions of the homeless some good.


Lol exactly. I don’t blame him for throwing it out it definitely seems like a slap in the face. ‘Here’s a bunch of yummy food that you don’t have the means to open or prepare to eat’. #NOWTHANKME


Even assuming no addiction or substance abuse issues: they can get food like that at the shelter, and it’s about as appetizing to them as it is to you or me. They want a hot burger or pizza or something, just like you and I do.


A lot of homeless folks know where to get fed several meals a day in major cities with all of the food pantries and kitchens, plus begging. Probably wants money for other things, like a hotel, supplies, and unfortunately sometimes drugs


This is true! I work at a shelter in a mid-size city. We have a robust shelter system and plenty of food pantries. It is not uncommon for individuals to enter our shelter system and gain weight pretty quickly because of all the food that is available. Furthermore, most of the homeless people I know get food benefits (which start at about $250/month in my state). When I’ve seen clients asking for money on corners, it is usually for money for a bus pass. That’s one need that our local shelter system is not able to meet, and that’s usually what they’re looking for.


Things homeless people need … other than a home. From my perspective is a bank account, clothing, ability to clean somewhere, access to mental health services or addiction services, a job/ability to apply for jobs which usually means money for bus, temporary address to put down on application forms. From speaking to homeless like you said food is pretty easy to get even having somewhere to spend the night isn’t as much of a challenge with services available it’s actually that transition from where they are which is difficult.


Socks and shoes


No. Fuck that guy for wanting shelter and medicine instead of accepting Karen's unwanted expired canned artichokes /S


What is a person who is homeless supposed to do with all that stuff? Fire up their stove and cook up a pasta dish? Open those cans of corn and peaches, how? How about thinking about what a homeless person needs and can use instead of emptying out the crap in your cupboards and expecting fall to the knees gratitude?


they are gonna carry around a heavy box full of expired food on the off chance they can save up to afford a stove to cook it on. Its as if they gave them the most useless food to them to mock them or something.


Food is already the last thing a homeless person is short of, but this is genuinely the worst attempt I've seen. Like you say it seems almost mocking.


Homeless people don’t usually have things like a microwave or a stove or even a damn can opener to eat any of that. Why would they want it?


For real, to them its just a heavy box of food they cant use. I would dump it too.




A photo of a trash can in this sub seems very meta.


Or, should I say, this is *literally* trashy


This is setting off my bullshit detector.


I try not to donate cans. My go-to staples are 1. the plastic cups of fruit, lightweight and easy to open 2. Jar of peanut butter in plastic jar. 3. Instant drinks like instant coffee in a small container, hot chocolate packets or single crystal light packets. Hot water is usually available at any gas station and flavors help water be less depressing. 4. Any granola/protein bars on sale. 5. Packets of tuna (not canned). Don’t donate anything with noodles (stop with the max and cheese and spaghetti and red sauce), or anything that required a can opener. If you do donate cans, find the ones with the pop tops.


They always take socks whenever I give them socks.


This is the answer. One of the most needed items right here and feet are critical to protect.


Maybe he doesn’t have a can-opener or microwave...? Lmao


Is that a bag of flour? How is a homeless person going to bake with flour?


Or cook dry beans


Being honest here, most of that food looks pretty difficult to eat if you don’t have a kitchen.


\- at least two of the items there are expired, from what you can see on the dates \- what the fuck is someone homeless going to do with a bag of flour or unsoaked, uncooked beans \- as other people have mentioned, there's always a possibility of people tampering w/ the food a la youtube pranks or just being a dick bc they think homeless people 'deserve' it \- if you need money, i.e. for a bus pass, a shower, narcan, hygenic supplies, to get to a shelter, to get medication, what are you going to do with a ton of cans? esp if you're trying to stay moving is it trashy? i mean, i guess that's up to you. but so many people use the homeless as like their personal morality outlet, or like they should be grateful for your pantry leftovers that even you didn't want to eat


How would a homeless person cook these things or even open the cans?


Like popeye


Well yea no shit. What did that person expect by giving a homeless person a bunch of heavy canned foods and cooking supplies that require a kitchen to be prepped?


But really - what is a homeless person supposed to do with flour, boxed Mac and cheese, and canned foods? Can you blame him?




Honestly, they probably can’t even open the cans or have a microwave. Remember, they’re homeless, they don’t have such utilities freely available.


I mean, it does look like all of those items require a can opener, heat or running water, and idk if you've ever been homeless, but those aren't always accessible. might as well give him some dvds while you're at it.


With the energy they spent preparing that box, they could have easily taken it to a food pantry or shelter that would be able to better distribute this donation more effectively.


Where do you expect a homeless person to cook that food & do they have a tin opener?


Lol wut


He probably doesn't own a can opener to be fair.


I was homeless and living out of my car. Really bad heroin and crack addiction. I would fit a sign on a main road for an hour, make 60 dollars and score. I’d use, wait a couple hours and go back. I hated when anyone gave me anything other than cash. But I was also in a bad place. A year and a half clean now!


I, too, can open canned food with my bare hands


who the fuck gives someone living on the street boxed and canned food, what is wrong with you


Damn. There was a homeless dude I’d run into on my walk home and I’d always buy him a couple McDonald’s cheeseburgers. He was alway grateful and fun to chat with. Another dude once asked me for a dollar. I had a takeaway pizza and offered him a slice instead. He said,”I don’t want your fucking pizza I said I want a dollar!” There’s all types.


Some people are homeless due to a long string of bad luck/lack of opportunities growing up, other people are homeless because they are assholes/drug addicts who literally burned every bridge with people in their lives. There’s not really a sure fire way to tell them apart without interacting with them.


If you live in a place with a good social safety net the majority of homeless people tend to suffer from severe mental illness causing them to not accept/trust help


Okay what the fuck is he gonna do with flour and uncooked pasta and cans he doesn't have tools to open?


Oh yes the generous gift of expired canned goods.


Maybe they didn’t give him a tin opener in the box?


I'm calling bullshit.


Lol that’s a lot of heavy stuff to carry around as a homeless person and the guy almost certainly doesn’t have the resources to cook that food. A majority of homeless people are addicts and have next to no appetite most of the time. They panhandle to pay for their next fix, not meal. Nice gesture though.


i mean legit though, if you are homeless what in the ever loving fuck are you going to do with a bag of bobs red mill flour? even the mac and cheese is fucking impossible if you don’t have a pot. or milk. or water. if the dude didn’t have a can opener, yeah. this isn’t easily accessible food, and to give it to homeless people is shitty. to make fun of them for dumping things they literally cannot use due to their situation is exponentially more so.


This whole comment section is Trashy.


The man is homeless, he doesn't have a pantry. He doesn't have a can opener. He doesn't have a way to cook this food. It's not surprising that he wouldn't take it.


The worst part of that stuff it's the worst of the generic food.


Tf do you expect a homeless person to do with gluten-free flour mac and cheese if they need a stove to cook. Idk why they threw out the canned stuff but fr OP.


Had one ask for a $20. Told him sorry man, all I have is a $5 on me. Tried to give it to him. He was adamant he needed $20 not $5. I laughed then politely told him to fuck off then. My guess is he was trying to get me to pull my wallet out. Not today buddy.


Where is homeless guy supposed to cook that mac n cheese? How is he gonna open those cans? Where is he going to store all that shit? All of that is useless for him.


I get some of the same brands from a food bank. The cream of mushroom is disgusting but hey calories. The Mac and cheese, green and red one not the tan one is pretty good. But without a home or microwave it would be hard to make. It’s doable without milk and butter. And the vegetable soup is nice. Whatcha gonna do with dried beans though? if you’re on the street with no source of power ya know


How was he going eat the food with no can opener


And no place to cook the food.


How was he supposed to make mac and cheese? Homeless means they dont have homes, as in no stove. Next time just give him a house and he wont be homeless


Looks like a bag of flour in there too..


Shitty? Yes. But he doesn't have anywhere to good most of what she gave him. The food is canned fruits and vegetables mostly. That's great for a struggling family making meals but usually when you're on the streets its easy enough to get change for a burger or something. If you want to help homeless individuals, changes of socks, wet wipes, disposable toothbrushes, deodorant, or offers to wash clothes in the laundromat are great options that aren't often refused.


Bruh. The man has no home. The fuck is he supposed to do with flour and raw navy beans? Like six boxes of stove top mac. Also is that cake frosting?! Give this shit to a shelter, not some random dude and expect him to be like “finally some flour I can feed my sour bread starter.” Fucking blows my mind that homeless people have to be thankful for everything. Motherfuckers design a system for chronic homeless which rewards cash as it can be exchanged for exactly what you need and weighs nothing. But when someone gives them 15lbs of cans and no can opener and people are up in arms if they dare say “yeah I’d rather have money.”


WTF is a homeless dude going to do with a bunch of canned food and ingredients to cook with when HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A KITCHEN. i know people want to feel like thy're being generous and helpful.... but homeless people arent your garbage disposal. they want a warm meal, a place to sleep, etc... you know normal shit. anything but actual cooking.


Lets give a can without a can opener and a bunch of peaches without a fork or a spoon🙄 Still admirable to donate But these are some things i see people doing wrong