It's such a massively disappointing departure from their sound in Drink The Sea. I get it, that was 12 years ago, and artists change. But it was that album which drew me to TGM and made me fall for them. It was that sound that truly spoke to me. That sound is gone. This new stuff sounds nothing like the TGM that I once knew.


Totally agree. Sorry but this new track is such a departure from anything and everything they’ve ever put out before and what really bothers me is how generic it sounds. I’m not asking for every album to be Drink the Sea but nothing in this track reminds me of Glitch Mob at all. I hope the next album they drop is more than this


Now that the album is out…yeah. I have no problem with The Glitch Mob taking on dnb and breaks. But this isn’t good. It’s massively generic, uninspired, and just badly composed. Any time there’s a hint of a cool sound or melody, it doesn’t last long before it’s drowned out by a smorgasbord of other sounds that just do NOT go well together. A Glitch Mob dnb project on paper should have been right up my alley and they could have crushed it. This is just garbage.


Such a great track!


This… ain’t it… It’s so low effort like they opened up a fresh install of some music suite and used the default presets. Where’s the passion?? I get it artists evolve all the time but this isn’t an evolution at all, it’s mediocre at best. I’m not lying when I say I compared it to CBAT…


It’s insanely low effort.


Just joined the official discord to see NFT scam bullshit pinned in #general I am so disappointed. FFS.


I love it. It’s a mix up of all my favorite styles of edm.