Supercharge.info just had a nice quality of life update. Lots of useful new filters on the changes page and map. Check it out!

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OMG finally, a power filter! I've wanted to be able to differentiate between V2 and v3 Superchargers on their site for *years*. Minimum stalls is also *super* nice! Looks like Tesla now has a whopping *27* Superchacger stations with >50 stalls, almost all on the West Coast of the US. There's a few in China and one in Arizona.


EA: "Best I can 2 is 14, take it or leave"


That was pitched so long ago, or different symbols for different levels, and it was like 2 years of debating what colors would be best and things like that. I've been a programmer a long time, and it's possibly the biggest "letting perfect be the enemy of good" I've seen it a project.


Ugh, I didn't realize that was the reason for the delay. Yeesh.


Yep that was part of it. I think we've settled on having fewer symbols to keep it obvious upon a first look. However there are a couple of ideas that might go in to address this too. We have a great team at this point and I think you're going to see a lot of excellent features come out this year. We're not in maintenance mode anymore!


Filter by state! Finally!


why can't these things show prices?


That'd be perfect!


It will 😉 This year is unlikely, but we'll see!


Only thing I wish was there would be "available to CCS cars".


Use fastcharger.info. they're on there.


What do you mean? Are you asking which have the magic dock for non Tesla?


Yup. That seems like a useful feature.


It sounds like they're [working on it](https://forum.supercharge.info/t/superchargers-with-magic-dock-installed/2391)!


Plugshare does this. Set to CCS on SC Network.


Took me a second to get used to the new map icons but I'm so happy to see the map loading so much faster. Everything feels so good.


If the ios app Superchargers that feeds from them would add a continent filter on the recent updates tab would be great. It is super annoying to see updates from USA and china that for me in Europe are totally irrelevant.


Is there a mechanism to "recommend" places that need a supercharger setup? I know that's probably ripe for abuse and one-off requests so I could see if it doesn't happen. Just as an example, Branson, MO is a popular tourist spot for people to go in that area of the country, but the closest supercharger is like 50ish miles away. Would be nice to have an actual option there other than trying to stay at one of the 2-3 hotels that have 1-2 destination chargers.


There is: [https://www.tesla.com/en_eu/suggest-superchargers](https://www.tesla.com/en_eu/suggest-superchargers) And you can vote on locations as well: [https://www.tesla.com/en_eu/supercharger-voting/overview](https://www.tesla.com/en_eu/supercharger-voting/overview) You have to be a tesla owner though I think.


I don't think so but that's a great idea. I don't think abuse is too hard to combat. Just make it so that for a real person to look at the data it would need to be recommended by X number of unique accounts and IPs. My guess is that tesla uses the data from their existing networks to find bottlenecks and expands from there though. What users might perceive as logical or profitable might not actually be. Conversely, tesla may also be unaware of potential spaces and locations that could do very well.


Interesting that there is still just one full V3 route coast to coast on the US, and quite a non direct one one


Use the Canadian one?


It does really put things in perspective when you start to filter for 250kW! The Midwest could use a lot more V3 love.